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Fortress of Spears #2020

Fortress of Spears The Romans have vanquished the rebel alliance leaving Calgus Lord of the Northern Tribes the prisoner of the chieftains he once led But the new Roman leader will not let them rest He forms an audac

  • Title: Fortress of Spears
  • Author: Anthony Riches
  • ISBN: 9780340920367
  • Page: 257
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Fortress of Spears By Anthony Riches, The Romans have vanquished the rebel alliance, leaving Calgus, Lord of the Northern Tribes, the prisoner of the chieftains he once led.But the new Roman leader will not let them rest He forms an audacious plan to capture Dinpaladyr, the Selgovaes fortress of spears, and return it to the hands of a trusted ally.Marcus Aquila burning for revenge on an enemy army that hasThe Romans have vanquished the rebel alliance, leaving Calgus, Lord of the Northern Tribes, the prisoner of the chieftains he once led.But the new Roman leader will not let them rest He forms an audacious plan to capture Dinpaladyr, the Selgovaes fortress of spears, and return it to the hands of a trusted ally.Marcus Aquila burning for revenge on an enemy army that has killed one of his best friends is part of the select group of infantry chosen to go north with the Petriana cavalry and take the fort before the rebel army can reach it He believes his disguise as Centurion Corvus of the 2nd Tungrians is still holding.But he is just a few days ahead of two of the emperor s agents, sent from Rome to kill him Pitiless assassins who know his real name, and too much about his friends.

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      257 Anthony Riches
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    1 thought on “Fortress of Spears

    1. I ve waited until I finished the third book in this series before posting a review of any of them, and for a particular reason Most of the historical series I ve read consist of a new separate story with each book, often defined by a narrator s pause or some such device Most series are different stories with different themes that build a series.Wile clearly part of a series, Tony s first three Empire books are different To me they follow on so closely and seamlessly that the series so far could [...]

    2. The third of Anthony Riches Empire series, Fortress of Spears was quite clearly written as the ending to a trilogy Maybe it was submitted, they read it, got back to him and said we ll have some of that, thanks D oh If you ve come across the first two in the series, you ll be on very familiar ground here However, whilst again being set on and around the Roman Wall in the north of Britannia province, this one does actually start off back in Rome, with the murder of a Senator by a Corn Officer and [...]

    3. This was better than the rest that in the series in some ways, but in others it was much the same and not living up to the quality that I am sure this series and author could produce I am giving this a Three Stars because while there were some glaring places where this book let itself down, for all of that, it still managed to entertain me in ways that only the best can The Plot Three StarsThis was somewhat forced It is almost as if the author has run out of things to do in Britain a fact backed [...]

    4. This latest and long awaited a whole year Anthonye on speed it up book in the fantastic Empire series of books about our hero Marcus Aquila.Anthony for me has a way of looking at the Roman world that very few other historical authors manage, its a real soldiers view point using language that feels authentic real and when you combine that with the setting along Hadrian s wall and beyond, a location that Anthony walked recently for charity the book just drips with authenticity and originality, whe [...]

    5. This is the third outing for Anthony Riches series about a Roman Centurion Fugitive from Justice based around Hadrian s Wall Like the previous books this is an excellent romp, with some interesting scenarios and storylines The book is well worth reading and I m already looking forward to 4 in the series.So, why only 4 stars The fact that I had the book for 3 weeks before picking it up speaks volumes a Giles Kristian or Sam Barone book would have been started immediately I would rate these books [...]

    6. La premessa assolutamente necessaria che non ho mai eccessivamente adorato 1 le saghe 2 la narrativa storica, in particolare se ambientata prima del Medioevo Quindi non ripeto NON ho grossi termini di paragone.E semplicemente accaduto che mi sia lasciato sedurre da Anthony Riches e dal primo di romanzo di quella che ho poi scoperto essere una saga mi capitato sotto le pupille L onore e la spada, e l ho iniziato con quella scarsa aspettativa leggermente venata da un profumo di tanto mi romper le [...]

    7. The adventure continues It continues to be action packed, moves right along, and does not get boring It does, however, still present the problem of being unrealistic, in that all these people will go to great lengths, risking death and dishonor, to protect one young man Also, it seems unbelievable all these people, of different backgrounds, cultures, and regions, would seem to flock around him It is still a decent read, as I mentioned, it does not get boring.

    8. I am continuing with the series, for the one fault, that our protagonist is a super hero, with comic book like powers continues to be predominant, the background history and the plot adds colour to a part of history I have not investigated fully and give the nod to Riches for it appears that he has done so At least enough to craft a good man s adventure story against that backdrop.Once again the cohort is called on to do duty, and they march forth gathering to them additional misfits that swell [...]

    9. 3rd in the Empire series, FoS continues the story of Marcus Tribulus Corvus, as he is now known The attack on the enemy camp, the final assault meant to drive the tribes back north, has cost the life of Marcus friend and protector, another score to settle with Calgus, who is also responsible for killing his birth father.Tribune Scaurus, the coolest commander a man can wish for and one of the best characters in the series, is tasked by the governor to take a detachment accompanied by Petriana s d [...]

    10. In the third book of the series, I think Anthony Riches has surpassed the previous books with the story and the first two were fantastic The action comes thick, fast and quickly, as soon as you open the book and that s fast and there s little let up throughout in an intriguing story that gets better with each page The bone crunching, blood letting and all out fury of ancient warfare is brought to life so vividly that you almost have to check yourself to make sure you haven t been splashed with b [...]

    11. The story begins very soon after the ending of book 2 in the series and throws you straight back into the action That s one of the things that I think Anthony Riches does brilliantly keeps the momentum and the tension going, and I appreciated that about Fortress of Spears The politics behind the tribal revolt, the consequences of betrayal, and the themes of loyalty and honour once again provid a rich background as the story unfolds We re introduced to a couple of new characters as well, who I as [...]

    12. Serie L impero n 3Lo schema della trama praticamente identico ai precedenti capitoli al nostro amato centurione in incognito sono affidati degli uomini inesperti da addestrare qui sono cavalieri , subisce un lutto, salva e riceve fedelt da un barbaro, assalta forti, qualcuno gli d la caccia, va in battaglia, rapiscono la sua donna, tutti si mobilitano per salvarla, poi c la tranquillit in attesa della nuova avventura.Nonostante questo per una lettura avvincente, il ritmo serrato, gli intrighi te [...]

    13. C2011 FWFTB audacious, Dinpaladyr, ally, disguise, assasins Keen to see how the young fugitive was getting on, this book was a definite on the TBR list.I found this book to be a little gritty than the previous books This did not decrease the enjoyment in any way though.Possible typo on Page 14.The author has explained that as a charity fund raiser for Help for Heroes he walked the wall kitted out in full Roman garb Certainly, this seemed to have led to a really authentic sounding description of [...]

    14. An initially somewhat underwhelming close to Marcus Valeria Aquila s exploits in Britannia which picks up towards the last third to redeem itself Dealing with the last stands of the tribes north of Hadrian s Wall and leading up to the rising up of the Brigantes south of it, this is arguably back on the good form that the opening novel set out.It does suffer from some lazy mistakes due, seemingly, to not having been proofread or at least not by anyone who knew what they were doing there s a numbe [...]

    15. This is the third book in a series which I have been following The characters are well presented and the author has a firm grasp of period detail and the workings of the Roman Army and its auxiliaries, as well as of its Barbarian foes His dialogue seems to fit well with his characters and their circumstances This was not quite up to the standard of the two earlier books in the series I found the writing a little labored, at times, while some of the characters needed a complete introduction Desp [...]

    16. Grr damn you Riches, I wAnted to like this than I did You or me Ok, maybe the time I read it it was maybe me But he, who cares This one felt disjointed and lacking The killing of another supporting character at the start felt irritating than shocking detrimental to the main character so was a bit annoying While the battle scenes were still well written, this was difficult to get into, hence the rating Book four has a bit to prove.

    17. The third book in Antony Riches Empire series of novels which, while better than the last, if I m honest I still found to be pretty slow going, plodding and just not really all that exciting.As before, I could never really connect with any of the characters or with the events described and, as such, just found this to be at times a bit of a tedious read.3 books in and I ve yet to really enjoy the series maybe it s just not for me

    18. Well I m a sucker for this sort of thing, as anyone looking through my list of read books will attest, and this tale of derring do and butchery set in and around Hadrians Wall is a good one The battle scenes are particularly effective, and make up for some of the less well rounded characters, although that might be me, as I haven t actually read the first two books Something I intend to remedy.

    19. Nice carry on from book two, I am really enjoying the characters developing stories and bum out when some are not quite so lucky in some of the battles Getting to understand the authors writing style makes it easy sometimes to predict up coming events but the details of those events are worth reading on for.

    20. Not the best Roman era book ive read, but its worth a read, and i do like Roman books,ive got the next book in the Empire series A good Story with great charracters, and you got to love the modern army sayings and Humor Very Good

    21. This was the best of the 3 so far , not as many characters to weave through , helped that i had time to read this one , and a ending to the fighting in the northern revolt , would make you think it is a trilogy even though i already have the next 4 books in the series.Onto Germania then

    22. I really love this series I absolutly love the characters it seems well researched and is certainly well written Riches is for sure one of the best novelists around at the moment writing about the Romans Very good.

    23. Great bookReally good continuation of the story with some great characters that grow on you Thought this book stood up well with the first two books and looking forward to reading the next book.

    24. Another cracker of a read in this series, looking forward to seeing where the author takes this series next.

    25. For me this is the best book in the series to date, full of fast paced action and well written fight scenes.

    26. The combat scenes are very detailed and I enjoy the interaction between the characters Some things seem to happen rather too quickly for my liking, but it doesn t detract from the overall story.

    27. Starting to get a little repetitive now I m going to read the next one The Leopard Sword to see how it develops further.

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