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The War: An Intimate History, 1941-1945 #2020

The War An Intimate History The audio companion to the magnificent seven part PBS series The individuals featured in this audiobook are not historians or scholars They are ordinary men and women who experienced and helped to win

  • Title: The War: An Intimate History, 1941-1945
  • Author: Geoffrey C. Ward Ken Burns
  • ISBN: 9781415943113
  • Page: 300
  • Format: Audio CD
  • The War: An Intimate History, 1941-1945 By Geoffrey C. Ward Ken Burns, The audio companion to the magnificent seven part PBS series The individuals featured in this audiobook are not historians or scholars They are ordinary men and women who experienced and helped to win the most devastating war in history, in which between 50 to 60 million lives were lost Focusing on the citizens of four towns Luverne, Minnesota Sacramento, California WaThe audio companion to the magnificent seven part PBS series The individuals featured in this audiobook are not historians or scholars They are ordinary men and women who experienced and helped to win the most devastating war in history, in which between 50 to 60 million lives were lost Focusing on the citizens of four towns Luverne, Minnesota Sacramento, California Waterbury, Connecticut Mobile, Alabama The War follows than forty people from 1941 to 1945 Woven largely from their memories, the compelling, unflinching narrative unfolds month by bloody month, with the outcome always in doubt The iconic events are here, but we also move among prisoners of war, defense workers and schoolchildren, and families who struggled simply to stay together An intimate, profoundly affecting chronicle of the war that shaped our world, THE WAR captures the American experience of World War II through the words and deeds, thoughts and feelings of those who made history on the battlefields and on the home front.

    • [MOBI] ☆ The War: An Intimate History, 1941-1945 | BY ↠ Geoffrey C. Ward Ken Burns
      Geoffrey C. Ward Ken Burns

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    1. I haven t actually seen Ken Burns PBS series The War to which this is a companion book The written work survives alone, but it did, at times, feel scattered It s intended to give you a variety of perspectives from everyday people from across the United States, and it does manage to capture a wide range of voices It s a good book three stars is, after all, than half , especially if you re looking for something short and sweeping However, having recently read the likes of Cornelius Ryan s The Las [...]

    2. I listened to the audio version of this book on eight CDs It s abridged, but I wouldn t have known it if it didn t say so on the case This book gave me a very thorough education about World War II, The Big Picture I ve read a lot about the war before, but it was usually about specific areas only This book gave me a clear understanding of what was happening on all the different fronts including the home front It switches back and forth from Europe to the Pacific and a little of Africa , so I was [...]

    3. Wonderfully done informative, sometimes heartbreaking The companion to the Ken Burns video documentary, which is every bit as good as the one he made on the Civil War almost a generation ago As the title indicates, and like that earlier work, this tells the story of the war primarily from the point of view of the ordinary men and women who served in it and their families rather than of the heads of state, generals, and admirals on whom histories have often focused In this case, unlike what was [...]

    4. I can t imagine not giving this book anything less than 5 stars Very moving and informative I didn t want it to end I wanted information, data, a bigger understanding of how this war touched the lives of these servicemen and their families.

    5. This is a book about people It is about the people who saved the world, but also the people and families behind the obvious historical monument.The first line of this book should be I don t know what you thought about those who obligated themselves and sacrificed to save the world but It is books such as this, that grant a view of the humanity behind the history, that should be read and reread by all generations Much of what occurs today is fashioned by those ignorant of the actual contributions [...]

    6. This book blew me away I don t know what your American History classes were like in high school, but by the time June rolled around in my class, we hadn t made it past the Great Depression Blame it on snow days or slow witted students, but I know next to nothing about post 1930s history Thank goodness a work project required me to read this book THE WAR goes far beyond its service as a companion book to Ken Burns s upcoming PBS documentary poring through startling photographs and unforgettable a [...]

    7. Sobering account of World War II and its impact on four American cities towns We current Americans have no comprehension of the duration and suffering our forefathers endured during World War 2 My dad, Bert Crawford, participated in the Battle of the Atlantic, Invasion of North Africa, Invasion of Sicily, and the Invasion of Okinawa His ships were the USS Earle, DD 635 and the USS Vestal, AR 4.

    8. A very good book and gives great individual insight into mens personal war as well as the larger picture Missed the PBS series but it is coming out in CD soon I watched the cD and was glad I read the book first The book has things in it the CD series does not, and the CD goes a bit too fast through such important points and events in history

    9. Decent narrative of the war, interspersed with vignettes to make it interesting personalized But over all, mediocre Abbreviated and very much failed to capture the same feeling, poignancy of the televised series So, I say skip the book and watch the documentary instead.

    10. This is a great book and well done The authors have brought to life a time in history that should never be forgotten The pictures are amazing and the great information gives knowledge to all Whether you lived through war, have family members that have, or are lucky enough not to have done that this book is one to grab.

    11. I listened to the audio book version of this, read by Ken Burns, and as usual, it is well written and comprehensive It was not as good as watching the series, and much as I love Mr Burns and all his works, reading aloud is not necessarily his forte Nonetheless, I did enjoy it.

    12. Over the weekend, I picked up the companion book for Ken Burn s The War, written by Burns and longtime collaborator Geoffrey C Ward The book, along with other companion books, is a literary mirror to the multiple hours long documentaries that Burns is well known for producing and writing The War is a 14 hour long documentary that s to air on PBS starting September 23rd The book is an outstanding and highly detailed look at the Second World War.The War is practically comprehensive Covering an exh [...]

    13. I m not going to write much on this one, mainly because so much has been written about WWII and this book, while extremely well written, and very moving, really provides very little in the way of new information about the conflict Like most mainstream looks at WWII this one does not ignore the scope of the tragedy, recognizing there is no such thing as a good war, but nevertheless views it through the lens of those who believe it was a noble, or necessary war Certainly that is the majority opini [...]

    14. I enjoyed this work in audiobook format This is supposed to be the book accompanying the documentary by Ken Burns on World War Two Ken Burns in the early 90s made a documentary on the Civil War that was really good and here in this work he explains his reluctance to make another film on war given its horrific nature and also to be not put in a box as a war documentary film maker However as he explained in the introduction that changed when he realized that a thousand veterans of World War Two we [...]

    15. My wife s grandfather passed away a couple weeks ago He was 90 years old and served in the Navy during WWII, but until recently the family hadn t known anything about his service When my son interviewed him for a school project he talked about driving landing craft boats loaded with Marines toward beaches under enemy fire His goal was to get them as close to shore as possible so they didn t have to wade through water than necessary giving them a better chance of reaching the beach alive, before [...]

    16. War is Hell.I picked this up at a local library sale mostly because it was a beautiful coffee table type book and my sons are WWII history buffs But as I flipped through it on the way home, I found myself stopping and becoming engrossed in the stories of the individual s experiences through the war, which weave in and out throughout the book After reading 30 or so disjointed pages, I started at the beginning and read it straight through, and read it compulsively when time allowed, sometimes late [...]

    17. Companion book to the excellent Ken Burns documentary The War , about World War 2 My favorite of the Ken Burns series so far, although I m looking forward to his series about Vietnam which is coming out next year 119 of 120 books pledged to read review during 2016

    18. This looks at the war from of the common man standpoint Burns follows several different soldiers from their small towns to the battlefront He tells the war from the viewpoint of places like Mobile, Alabama as well as the front I liked that approach, but the later chapters are mostly just war with very little mention of life at home.This book isn t looking to expose new facts about the war, or tell stories you haven t already read about or seen in movies He leaves out a lot, and just focuses on [...]

    19. An Intimate History, 1941 1945As the subtitle indicates, The War captures the intimate experiences of Americans in WW2.In Waterbury, Connecticut, Mobile, Alabama, Sacramento, California,and Luverne, Minnesota, we re given an overview of both war front and home front.We see the war front in the air, on the sea and on the ground.We re also given the opportunity of witnessing homefront thoughts, feelings and activities.There are snapshots of the war s short term adaptations as well as long term lif [...]

    20. An average or slightly above WWII history Using the oral history techniques of interviews and journals, letters, and even a screenplay or two, the authors create a living memoir of those who were there and fought the war.The summary or encapsulations of the events of WWII in this book are common knowledge type for the most part and don t by themselves shed any new light or add unusual anecdotes There are poignant personal stories and a few incidents brought to light again in this work that make [...]

    21. This book accompanies the Ken Burns documentary series of the same name Much of the text and photographs are directly from the series as well, but the book does go into detail in many aspects than the film series The photographs and narrative show the absolute massive scope of the second world war and the profiles of individual towns and people make it much emotional and relatable When you look at the size and power of the enemy and how much was at stake, you see that the second world war real [...]

    22. This is a wonderful and accessible history of the Second World War I listened to the audio book version twice, just to make sure that I got as much out of the book as I could I certainly learned a great deal of history, but not just facts and dates The authors do an excellent job demonstrating the human element of war children in prison camps, Soldiers and Marines facing various kinds of death, the concentration camps, racism in the US and the services at the time, the general misery and horror [...]

    23. Did you see how many pages this has A kajillion That s why I haven t posted any reviews for a month Plus, I m a little bit lazy This is terrific but sobering close up look at World War II from the American perspective Told by several different people who were soldiers, doctors, medics, girlfriends, family members etc using personal interviews, letters, telegrams, journal entries and A gripping story that takes you from Europe to Africa and the Pacific theater So hard to read and digest the crue [...]

    24. Remarkable book that really helps to humanize personalize the greatest struggle of the 20th Century Includes a broad array of voices from the military and the home front, but it s worth noting that they are all American voices perspectives from the other Allies, occupied nations, or Axis nations The focus, in fact, is on how the war affected people from four American towns, which helps to form some coherent narratives about the home front I ve only seen bits and pieces of the documentary so far, [...]

    25. Based on the Ken Burns PBS documentary of the same name The War is a great book for novices to dip their toe into WWII history If you re looking for a book that covers a particular theater or particular platoon or particular battle then you ll be disappointed The War is clearly an overview of WWII New ground is rarely if ever covered for Ph.D level history buffs, but the book does a fine job of offering a broad sweep of the war s big events And The War really takes off when it reveals the strife [...]

    26. I know many people died as a result of this war Usually you get the numbers all in a lump sum This intimate history of the war was exactly that, up close and personal It staggers the mind to hear of the senseless loss of life and the ruin of it all Whenever I think about war I think of all the lives it cut short, of all the people who still had so much they were capable of In those that died was there someone who could have cured cancer or been a force for great good in another way Then I think [...]

    27. Wow this is emotionally stirring, informative, and powerful I highly recommend it to anyone interested in realizing how truly overwhelming this war felt to those on the ground as they were led by both good and failable leaders While we are currently engaged in war, I am reminded of a saying I hear often among Marines The Marines are at war, America is at the mall We have nothing to compare to the WWII experience within our generation I challenge you to read about the bleak emotional landscape th [...]

    28. This is a companion book to the Ken Burns special by the same name It is full of great pictures It follows the course of the war from the vantage point of a handful of families in the towns of Sacramento, CA, Waterbury, Conn, Mobile, AL, and Luverne, Minn It is not a complete history of the war but it is an intimate portrait, mostly drawn from letters and journals that presents a compelling picture of ferocity and sacrifice from the perspective of regular Americans thrown into the war In the end [...]

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