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Fortune #2020

Fortune Kat doesn t know whether or how to end her six night a week party habit not to mention her unhealthy addiction to meaningless sex Then an accident lands her in the hospital She wakes to find a menage

  • Title: Fortune
  • Author: Annabel Joseph
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 139
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Fortune By Annabel Joseph, Kat doesn t know whether or how to end her six night a week party habit, not to mention her unhealthy addiction to meaningless sex Then an accident lands her in the hospital She wakes to find a menagerie of origami figures and a gorgeous neurosurgeon beside her bed The complexity of the paper creations is nothing compared to the complexity of dark eyed, authoritative RyKat doesn t know whether or how to end her six night a week party habit, not to mention her unhealthy addiction to meaningless sex Then an accident lands her in the hospital She wakes to find a menagerie of origami figures and a gorgeous neurosurgeon beside her bed The complexity of the paper creations is nothing compared to the complexity of dark eyed, authoritative Ryan, who seems determined to give her life some direction Trouble is, Kat s just as determined to resist his efforts to tame her wild side.With persistence, Ryan draws Kat into his world of dominance and submission, where quiet commands and lengths of rope awaken needs and desires she never knew she possessed But Ryan s intimate, erotic shibari sessions frighten Kat as much as they excite her, for each simple knot requires infinite trust and inspires complicated emotions.When a family crisis tests their love and threatens to snap the fragile ties that bind them, will fortune ever smile on this unlikely couple, or will fate tear them apart Reader Advisory For those who subscribe to a the merrier philosophy cough we do cough , this story contains a scintillating m f f m scene.

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      139 Annabel Joseph
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    1 thought on “Fortune

    1. Kat is a skanky slut There is no other description for her Why do I call her a skanky slut Because she specifically goes to clubs to search out for a guy to fuck Meaningless sex She s from a pretty stable family with loving parents and great siblings She wants something else in life though So what does she do She goes for meaningless sex WTH Are there really women like this in real life Um, wait, yeah, I knew a few of them when I worked for a large consulting firm.Anyway, I have no respect for K [...]

    2. Captivating characters in an intoxicating story, BDSM fans will devour this one.Annabel Joseph has written another fabulous tale full of multifaceted characters FORTUNE will grab a hold of you and never let you go The pacing is smooth, the characters riveting, and their struggle rediscovering themselves as they explore a life together left me talking out loud to my Kindle This is one of those special books that are worthy of a reread when I have a pile of books next to me I ve never touched I ve [...]

    3. I loved the concept for this book It was well written, well executedif you like BDSM romance and stories where hero saves heroine from her wicked,, wicked self then you ll probably love it But right about the time the Dom started comparing himself to a modern day Pygmalion and telling the skinny, nicely proportioned, submissive heroine that she couldn t eat a bacon and cheese omelet because they were bad for herat s when I had to put it down It was a little over the top There are relationships l [...]

    4. I remember when I first read the synopsis for this one months ago It sounded like weird psycho drama And I guess it was in some ways, but not the way I was thinking.It was about Family Ekaterina attracted Ryan because of her innate submissiveness but she sealed the deal once he sat at the dinner table with her family You may remember Ryan from Deep in the Woods Dave and Sophie make a return appearance here where he first met him but we found out a lot about him He was successful and driven but [...]

    5. Mmmmmm There s some major hotness in here Loved the story and the heroine Kind of refreshing when the heroine isn t some innocent little flower

    6. Jae s Dark Divas Review of this title What an amazing story After discovering Annabel Joseph s works rather recently, I have gobbled up as many of her stories as I can get Fortune is by far her most thought provoking, sensual masterpiece to date.Fortune is a sequel to Deep in the Woods, although it can be read as a standalone title quite easily Deep in the Woods is where we first met Ryan, the hero of Fortune, and I think Deep in the Woods does give the reader a bit of background personality for [...]

    7. 3.5 Stars.I wish there was some kind of explaining on why Kat behaved the way she did Lots of people need a firm hand but there s no reason to make oneself unhappy for not finding something you don t even know you re looking for.I liked how their relationship started, and how they went from there to a life together Not a easy task, tho It was a bit dark, though they weren t I guess it s just Joseph s writting style I needed my full attention on the book I just wanted to know Kat a bit and the r [...]

    8. I rate this book 2 stars and in a way it pains me to do so because I have loved other books by this author But for me I had real trouble liking the characters and to some extent the story.The story starts with Kat and Ryan meeting in a club Kat is an unhappy and lonely woman and is without any self awareness as to why she is this way Ryan is drawn to Kat and wants to shape her to be in a dominant and submissive relationship He recognises that Kat is a submissive early on but Kat has problems, de [...]

    9. Gave this one 4 starts but it s probably like 4.5 The only reason I couldn t give it 5 was because sometimes Katya s flighty personality pissed me off It irked the hell outta me that she couldn t appreciate that fact that sexy, successful, talented brain surgeon Ryan wants HER despite the fact that she doesn t do much than club hop and slut it up That being said, I still found her likable and really enjoyed the fact that she was inexperienced and new to the scene Ryan was a refreshing characte [...]

    10. This is the sequel to Deep in the Woods the hero, Ryan, is a secondary character in Deep in the Woods and the H h of Deep in the Woods also make an appearance , and I enjoyed it just a bit It was still short and sweet sweeter than other A Joseph books that I ve read and had an interesting, sexy storyline Again, the super sexy alpha Hero was a sadist, but the bdsm elements of the storyline weren t overly done I m really trying to keep an open mind, but I still just cannot enjoy the sharing aspec [...]

    11. Great BDSM love story Just the right amount of heat The H h work well together as they try to establish their relationship Deals with the old question, when do you know it is love Highly recommend Joseph s work gets better and better Recommend reading Deep in the Woods first as characters from that book reappear in this book Looking forward to the next book.

    12. Finally, a smut book where the girl is neither sweet nor innocent and she doesn t fall deeply head over heels in mere days And that s not to say that the guy isn t a manwhore either, but at least we re not starting from zero in the bedroom with Kat and Ryan He sees something in Kat that he has to own, and over the course of thankfully not days or weeks time, he trains her into submission.

    13. Read like a how to to be in a D s relationship It didn t keep me into the story The characters needed dialogue to show their emotion instead of us just being told what their emotion was.

    14. I really like most of Annabel Joseph s work, including this one It was a good story lots of sex and some interesting push and pull I d recommend it for readers of BDSM.

    15. Fortune is my first daring exploration into the world of m nage I thought it would debase the characters , particularly Katya, since this is leaning into an almost hardcore BDSM type of novel But Annabel Joseph proved me wrong This book was full of surprising sensual aesthetics artistic bondage shibari , character profiling, wonders of origami crafting and the erotic formation of the relationships I was amazed and from the first few pages of it, I was totally floored and sure I would finish it i [...]

    16. Oops I read this one when I should ve read Deep in the Woods first Oh well, such is life No matter it was still wicked hot My first Annabel Joseph Holy God does she know how to write some kink that sizzles off the page What a treat I m sorry I ve deprived myself of her writing thus far.Likes Duh the kinky sex did someone say shibari Done done I will say there s some things that I personally wouldn t be all that jazzed about but it worked for them it was well written The Russian mom, Elena, is a [...]

    17. My oh my, Ryan found our interest in his previous appearance, and he hasn t disappointed in his own book Kat continues to go to clubs 6 nights a week, not to drink, but to pick up random men Ryan has been watching her well before he approaches and they set each other off not in a good way After a rocky start, rocky middle and rocky later, these two are anything but boring together They enjoy a very active sex life, but are at a loss on how to conduct themselves outside of the bedroom This is an [...]

    18. This wasn t my favorite of Annabel Joseph s but I will be honest, I d like to give all of her books five stars purely on the accuracy of her BDSM relationships I enjoyed both Ryan and Kat as characters I would have loved to know of each character and see their story unfold over than one novel The story felt a little cut short for my tastes However, while this story and its characters weren t fleshed out as much as I would have liked, I am always so completely invested in their relationship dyn [...]

    19. Wow.Intense.This did remind me of Mercy in a few ways but I still loved it.Everything was so RealPortrayed logically in a sense i mean.I m not even really a fan of half of the sexual themes that were involved but i still found them quite stimulating anyway BDSM is just a genre i can t get away from because of a few little things although i realy dislike most of it This laid the genre all out.e scenes had perfect detail and the characters were rounded well wasn t until the second half of the book [...]

    20. I loved this book Aannabel JOseph has such a grasp of the emotional connection ikn a D s relationship, especially in an evolving one I think one of the strongest elements in the book is Ryan s personality We see Kat as someon drifting aimless as Club Girl wothout anything to anchor her Ryan senses that at once, and while she is not yet in the lifestyle he klnows sheneed control or she ll self destruct Even her mother, later in the book, comments on that So he provides that structure for her and [...]

    21. This author is a good writer There are only a few authors in this genre that I can feel confident will have a well written story and Annabel Joseph is one of them This is the second book in a sequel it s the story of the friend who visits during Into The Woods This was a good story but the heroine bugged me She dragged out her angst too long It got tiring after a while Still I recommend this for those who enjoy reading BDSM type books Although the BDSM element in this story is pretty tame.

    22. This is one of my favorite books by Annabel Joseph This is a reread again and again I love the emotion between Kat and Ryan so much The symbolism of the origami is beautiful as is the melding of the H h I read this story over and over when I want to immerse myself in a love story.

    23. I liked this Maybe I was getting tired of reading at this point but these characters while complex and sexual didn t really capture my attention like Mis Joseph s other characters May have to reread this to see if it was me or if these characters were as lackluster as I believed.

    24. This is a hot sexy bdsm book It includes shibari and much If you liked the idea or premise of 50 shades of Grey you ll love this It s well written with sexy, fleshed out characters It s over the top hot.

    25. Annabel Joseph has written a fabulous book I loved the character development of Ryan and Kat The scenes were hot Annabel Joseph never dissappoints This is a must read for those that enjoy intense BDSM

    26. Sweet BDSM themed romance with lots of smut Trigger warning features Dom berating controlling sub s food choices WFT is up with this as a theme in D s erotica Is giving your sub an eating disorder part of the training Aside from that, nice, light reading.

    27. This is the second book that I ve read by Annabel Joseph and I can say that I was a lot better than Mercy.

    28. Thought this looked interesting Borrowed it from a fellow Kindle user through BookLending.Definitely different, but in a good way At times I was unable to put the book Kindle down

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