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Zombies Don't Cry #2020

Zombies Don t Cry Maddy Swift is just a normal girl a high school junior surviving class with her best friend and hoping the yummy new kid Stamp will ask her out When he finally does her whole life changes Sneaking

  • Title: Zombies Don't Cry
  • Author: Rusty Fischer
  • ISBN: 9781605423821
  • Page: 227
  • Format: Paperback
  • Zombies Don't Cry By Rusty Fischer, Maddy Swift is just a normal girl a high school junior surviving class with her best friend and hoping the yummy new kid, Stamp, will ask her out When he finally does, her whole life changes.Sneaking out to meet Stamp at a party one rainy night, Maddy is struck by lightning After awakening, she feels lucky to be alive Over time, however, Maddy realizes that she s becomeMaddy Swift is just a normal girl a high school junior surviving class with her best friend and hoping the yummy new kid, Stamp, will ask her out When he finally does, her whole life changes.Sneaking out to meet Stamp at a party one rainy night, Maddy is struck by lightning After awakening, she feels lucky to be alive Over time, however, Maddy realizes that she s become the thing she and everyone else fear most the living dead.With no heartbeat and no breath in her lungs, Maddy must learn how to survive as a zombie Turns out there s a lot to it than shuffling around 24 7 growling, Brains Needing an afterlife makeover is only the beginning of her problems As Barracuda Bay High faces zombie Armageddon, Maddy must summon all of her strength to protect what matters most just as soon as she figures out exactly what that is.

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    1 thought on “Zombies Don't Cry

    1. Epic awesomeness Epic.First I have to mention some of the crazy fabulous chapter titles of this book Chapter 6 You Might Be A Zombie If Chapter 10 The Proper Care and Feeding of Zombies Chapter 11 The Zombie Pledge Chapter 17 Jock Blocked Chapter 30 A Pimp Called DeathA Pimp Called Death WIN I mean really It just doesn t get any badass than that okay Maddy Swift is the epitome of freaking spectacular She is delightfully witty and entertaining, she is filled to the brim with raw teenage appeal I [...]

    2. I picked this book up expecting it to be a funny read, with a little bit of horror and romance tossed in What I got was a pretty flat book with a sudden and abrupt turn at the end of the novel And sadly, despite what the subject matter might lead you to expect, there s very little horror in the book at all.First, the good the zombie explanation In this world, zombies are created through electrical currents If you get electrocuted and die, the electrical current can bring you back as a zombie Con [...]

    3. Rusty Fischer is officially my new hero The story he created is simply phenomenal Original and so unbelievably fun to read, it s a MUST HAVE not only for every Zombie fan out there, but for anyone who loves great YA paranormal horror books with amazing sense of humor.Maddy is a super likable character She s or less an ordinary teenage girl, who doesn t wear tons of make up and prefers khaki pants over flashy dresses She might not be the most popular girl in school, but she gets by just fine, ha [...]

    4. Okay, so I open my mailbox and see a review book for Zombies Don t Cry, and I have no idea what to expect I read the first chapter and think, is this author for real Then I keep reading Then I m soon flying through the pages, laughing, talking to myself and the characters, and thoroughly enjoying myself Rusty Fischer is an amazingly talented author His writing style is clean, clear, smart, and fun.Seventeen year old Maddy Swift is an awesome character I easily related to her The thoughts this gi [...]

    5. Ugh I m sorry, but I hated this book It is likely one of the most ridiculous teen novels I have read to date and I work at a library, so I do a ton of reading.The characters depressed me There was no depth to them and not much development occured throughout the course of the story I thought the style of writing fell into J Fic instead of YA Supernatural meaning it was very juvenile to me and belonged downstairs on the lower floor with all the kids books I didn t feel this book really catered to [...]

    6. Che meraviglia questo libro Adoro le storie scritte con ironia, con un linguaggio cos fluente e con trame intriganti perci Gli zombi non piangono stata una lettura super azzeccata per la mia estate.Avevo cominciato a leggere questo libro qualche tempo fa, poi mi ero accorta della sua appartenenza ad una serie interrotta in Italia e lo avevo mollato Non volevo soffrire con un finale che mi avrebbe lasciato tanti dubbi.In preda ad una voglia irrefrenabile di conoscere la storia di Maddy, per , all [...]

    7. Niente respiro Niente battiti del cuore solo un corpo pallido e freddo come ti sentiresti se di colpo ti svegliassi cos Chiediamolo a Maddy, una normale adolescente che la sera dove forse poteva scoppiare l a con il ragazzo nuovo della scuola, un fulmine ha deciso di colpirla.E si, tra tanti posti ha scelto di prendere in pieno proprio lei, al centro della sua testa lasciandole un bel buco , con tanto di contorno di capelli bruciacchiati, difficile da nascondere Maddy si risveglia confusa qualch [...]

    8. I ve been keeping my eyes on this book for quite sometime now and I finally got myself an ARC for a review I was surprised receiving this mail, I was hysterical lol Anyway, I finished this book last Saturday and today I am posting my review regarding to this awesome book Let s start shall we The Plot The storyline obviously related to zombies The first thing will pop into our minds that, it is just another mindless eating humans Actually, this book is way beyond that I usually watched movies, t [...]

    9. Recensione completa qui leggendariamente 2Ho cominciato a leggere Gli zombie non piangono perch 1 avevo davvero voglia di qualcosa di diverso, di una lettura fresca, allegra, lontana dai generi che leggo ultimamente 2 la copertina del libro mi fa letteralmente impazzire anche se io ho l ebook vabb , dettagli P e 3 volevo constatare quanto realmente fosse carino questo romanzo che stanno praticamente leggendo tutti ed elogiando Ebbene, non ne ho sbagliata una Gli zombi non piangono davvero un lib [...]

    10. KurzbeschreibungDurch einen Blitzschlag wird Maddie zum Zombie Gut, dass auch Zombies lieben k nnen Weniger gut, dass es auch b se Zombies gibt, gegen die ein Kampf entbrenntIn der verschlafenen Kleinstadt Barracuda Bay f hrt Maddy Swift ein ganz normales Teenagerleben sie mogelt sich zusammen mit ihrer besten Freundin so durch die Highschool und hofft, dass sich ihr neuer Mitsch ler, der gut aussehende Stamp, einmal mit ihr verabredet Als er das dann endlich tut, ndert sich auf einen Schlag ihr [...]

    11. AL MOMENTO TI BATTE IL CUORE NO Neanche un po PROVVISAMENTE HAI UN ISPIEGABILE, IRRESISTIBILE VOGLIA DI MANGIARE CERVELLI Mmm, non saprei ma ora che mi ci fate pensare effettivamente SI Assolutamente SITENZIONE Le risposte che hai fornito suggeriscono che POTRESTI essere uno zombi.E questo il modo in cui Maddy Swift scopre di essere una morta vivente o meglio una non morta Maddy una studentessa di liceo abbastanza imbranata che ha sempre vissuto all ombra della sua migliore amica Hazel perci qua [...]

    12. Originally posted at handsandhome 2011 08 zoI don t know what took me so long to jump on the Zombie bandwagon but have I ever been missing out Not only have I been missing out on this fantastic sub genre, but I have been missing out on Rusty Fischer s hilariously quirky and engaging writing style I truly did not expect that a book about zombies would make me laugh as hard as it did while at the same time pulling at my emotions The thing about Zombies Don t Cry that really connected me to the nov [...]

    13. OK, so this book was pretty much fa reaking awesome Now, I ll be totally honest zombies Not so much my fave paranormal creature But this book the story, the characters, the dialog I don t know which one I liked Zombies Don t Cry was so much fun to read, and I m really glad I decided to pick this one up as my first ever zombie themed book Maddy Swift is just your typical high school girl She s not popular, but she s not an outcast, she s not gorgeous, but she s not ugly just an average chick, wh [...]

    14. A fantastic Young Adult paranormal thriller that sends Goosebumps down your spine, as you are thrust into a world of living dead This outstanding book is the most exciting read that I have encountered this year, which with its own originality and distinctiveness it takes this genre to new heights I am so impressed by Rusty Fischer, who s accomplished and wonderfully descriptive writing really captured my imagination, taking it on the most electrifying ride that was both atmospheric and spine chi [...]

    15. Recensione Questo uno di quei libri talmente imbarazzanti da farti urlare perch ho gli occhi Davvero, se non avessi esaurito da tempo le mie lacrime su libri altrettanto penosi, a questo punto starei piangendo sangue Gli zombi non piagono per anche il paraGNormal romance che aspettavo da tempo quello che dopo i vampiri, dopo gli angeli, dopo i demoni, dopo le puzzole s vabb avete capito Quello che avrebbe coinvolto gli zombie Zombie adolescenti, per essere precisi.Perch si sa, qualcuno in alto d [...]

    16. Non ho letto tantissimo sugli zombie, solo Warm bodies, quindi quando ho preso in mano, la versione ebook di gli zombi non piangono , non sapevo cosa aspettarmi.Avevo letto tantissime recensioni, a proposito di questo libro, tutte o quasi, positive Quindi ho iniziato questa storia con grande curiosit e aspettative.Maddy una ragazza normalissima, che frequenta il liceo, forseun p imbranata, e che si presa una cotta per Stamp il nuovo arrivato.Finalmente Stamp, la invita ad una festa, ma non arriv [...]

    17. I had wanted to read this book for so long, since the author did a guest post on my old blog a long time ago I love zombie books and this one sounded really different At the time though, this wasn t being published in the UK so I ve had a really long wait for this one Zombies Don t Cry is told from main character Maddy s point of view, beginning with a short chapter which is set after the events which happen in the rest of the book Maddie is your average teenage girl trying to get through high s [...]

    18. chiara2000 2012 11 Gli zombi non piangono il primo volume di una duologia dedicata agli zombi scritta da Rusty Fisher.Questo il mio primo libro sugli zombi quindi ero abbastanza curiosa di leggere questo libro con una creatura paranormale di cui non ho mai letto niente.Eppure dal titolo, dalla trama e dalla copertina non avevo capito che era cos divertente Mi piaciuto molto il prologo E da l che mi sono incuriosita continuandolo a leggere.La storia narra di questa ragazza, Maddy, un p sfigata ch [...]

    19. This ended up a fabulous read The characters were great, the writing was awesome and the story line was intriguing I wasn t exactly sure what to expect I m not a huge zombie fan, but it s mostly just because of the ideas of zombies I haven t read many zombie books and I ve actually enjoyed all that I have So far.I thought this was going to be a sort of ridiculous funny And it was But it got pretty serious, far serious then I ever expected It all worked together, but it wasn t what I would guess [...]

    20. Rusty has presented us with a real stiff of a story, creating a tale in which you aren t sure if you should laugh uncontrollably or take pity on the main character You have good humor and seriousness combined Putting that combination into one book isn t easy Rusty has came out with remarkable talent and left me wanting to read of his work Maddy is just like you and me Normal Yet, in her Home Ec class people seem to be dying Quite weird Maddy s best friend Hazel thinks it s cursed Why else would [...]

    21. Wow I Love This Book You need to drop everything and read it right now Fischer is a very talented writer and I loved his zombie explanations He s taken this genre and really made it come alive no pun intended Most zombie books are about killing off zombies, but Fischer has created a novel in which the reader obtains an up front view of what it is like to be a zombie, and this was a very refreshing look at such a popular genre I feel like in movies, and books, we never really get the token bad gu [...]

    22. My Review ZOMBIES DON T CRY was the first zombie novel that I have ever read Yes, I did just say that Honestly, the thought of zombies kind of creep me out They re not pretty undead like vampires, and they don t have hot looking abs like shapeshifters They are not heroes to me They are the things that you kill At least, that s what I thought until I read this book Rusty Fischer made me like zombies, because his have heart and humor, and most of all, they don t eat brains Well, they do, but not s [...]

    23. Dopo averlo adocchiato in libreria i miei amici hanno pensato bene di regalarmi questo libro.Sinceramente mi aspettavo che facesse pi ridere Non che la storia sia brutta, sia chiaro, solo che mi aspettavo qualcosa di un po diverso Maddy fa abbastanza ridere, ma non mi sono affezionata pi di tanto a lei Mi dispiace per lo Stampo come chiamo io Stamp , ma preferisco di gran lunga Dane Hazel non la sopporto proprio e alla fine mi dispiaciuto per Chloe.

    24. The cover is totallywell, not right The cover makes it seem so serious and dark and Twilightly, the book is so NOT It was hilarious I m pretty sure that if I wasn t in school while I was reading this, that I would have literally been on the ground rolling around and laughing Yeah That good.

    25. Hands down this was the best zombie book ever There was never a dull moment, and it even had be laugh a couple of times I hope to see a sequel

    26. Powell sZombies Don t BlogMaddy Swift is just your average high school junior Good grades, but not too brainy Preppy, but not obnoxiously so And definitely not buying this whole Cursed Home Ec Class theory her best friend s pushing on her Sure, three deaths in three months is tragic, but her dad s the coroner and all of them were ruled accidental End Of Story.Besides, who can worry about curses when there s a new transfer to drool over Stamp Crosby is currently the most sought after guy in the s [...]

    27. TRAMA Maddy Swift una studentessa normalissima e un po imbranata, frequenta il liceo della tranquilla cittadina di Barracuda Bay e ha una cotta per il nuovo ragazzo della scuola La sera in cui Stamp finalmente la invita a una festa anche quella in cui la sua vita cambier per sempre Perch il suo primo fantastico appuntamento Non esattamente Quando Maddy, tutta agghindata, esce di casa, fuori piove a dirotto Non trova la strada per raggiungere la festa e proprio quando crede di essere arrivata a d [...]

    28. Gli Anziani Lui e Chloe sorridono Trovi tutto qui dentro mi spiega Dane facendo scivolare sul tavolo il libro verde Do una rapida occhiata al titolo Guida alla cura e al nutrimento degli zombie, 24esima edizione.Grandioso I compiti per casa non mancano mai, nemmeno se sei uno zombie.Madison Emily Swift, Maddy, un adolescente normale, con una vita normale, con una sfiga che si aggira nella normalit e con un hobby non del tutto normale ricalcare le lapidi delle tombe non si annovera di certo tra g [...]

    29. AL MOMENTO TI BATTE IL CUORE NO Neanche un po PROVVISAMENTE HAI UN INSPIEGABILE, IRRESISTIBILE VOGLIA DI MANGIARE CERVELLI Mmm, non saprei ma ora che mi ci fate pensare effettivamente S.Assolutamente S TENZIONE Le risposte che hai fornito suggeriscono che POTRESTI essere uno zombi Madison Emily Swift una normalissima adolescente americana che trascorre le sue giornate in compagnia della sua migliore amica Hazel Forse perch un p troppo imbranata, Maddy non ama le luci della ribalta come la sua am [...]

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