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The Grasshopper Trap #2020

The Grasshopper Trap The bestselling author of They Shoot Canoes Don t They is at it again with of his zany spoofs of The Great Outdoors

  • Title: The Grasshopper Trap
  • Author: Patrick F. McManus
  • ISBN: 9780805001112
  • Page: 132
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Grasshopper Trap By Patrick F. McManus, The bestselling author of They Shoot Canoes, Don t They is at it again with of his zany spoofs of The Great Outdoors.

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    1 thought on “The Grasshopper Trap

    1. Third in my collection of four books by Mr McManus, humor columnist for outdoor magazines His pieces are short and pithy and mostly entail being a very incompetent, though enthusiastic, outdoorsman, to the longsuffering chagrin of wife Bun, and with his pals Retch Sweeny and Crazy Eddie Muldoon, mentored by the craggy Rancid Crabtree The stories range from the author s childhood in which he and Crazy Eddie get into situations which unintentionally involve Eddie s father, to adulthood in which ne [...]

    2. This book had me laughing out loud at a few points It is a collection of short stories so I was able to read one or two at a time on my break at work Of course, I think people wondered why I was laughing to myself, but

    3. Another delightful selection of stories about topics in which I have little or no interest huntin , fishin , and outdoor stuff He says nothing about digging for beryl crystals, so I guess it s up to me to write about that Unfortunately, it seems all I can do is relate the bare facts whereas McManus s ability to embroider borders on genius All the regulars are here Rancid Crabtree, Retch Sweeney, and McManus s long suffering wife Bun He even tries on some Hemingway style at least for the first se [...]

    4. My husband and I read this one together too It s a Patrick McManus book Funny to anyone who has experience or interest or family history in the outdoors Someday though I want a Crazy Eddie anthology.

    5. instead of telling about this book s just another funny collection.i m gonna tell you an outdoor story of my own when i was a kid i got dragged out ice fishing with my dad on a butt cold day it was so windy that i started to get dragged across the ice.we weren t in a shack needless to say, my dad still tried to drill a hole and fish by the time he noticed i d been blown a ways away, he d already gotten a hole drilled this made things harder on me since i then had to make an argument about going [...]

    6. It was a breezy read As far as McManus books go this was one of my least favorites I enjoyed Never Sniff a Gift Fish and The Bear in the Attic much Only a few of the stories were gems First Knife was excellent The best stories were in the first 50 pages or so This will not deter me from reading the rest of my McManus collection though They were Grandpa s books and in many of the stories I feel closer to him And just knowing he touched the pages, gives me a content feeling RIP.

    7. If you have a son or you yourself are young at heart, pick this book up It is a wonderful set of stories about a young imaginative boy who grew up in rural America This is almost a modern day Huck Fin without the social commentary Mark Twain added to his writing I laughed so hard at all the characters and stories I promise you that this book is perfect for anyone who loves the outdoors and found themselves doing things their parents may not have always approved of Good innocent humor Dan, this b [...]

    8. I have a signed copy of this book and it enjoys a place of pride in my library McManus is a genius I have been a fan since he was writing the humor column for Outdoor Life Magazine in the 70 s His characters come to life as you find yourself drawn into each new cockamamie conspiracy It feels like it could be you, yourself strapped to the fender of a disintegrating jalopy hurtling down a hill with your eyes bugging out, net in hand Just looking at his books on my shelf makes me smile thinking abo [...]

    9. I read this book when I used to volunteer at the VA hospital where my dad was being treated for his heart condition Several of the vets were vision impaired still waiting to be admitted as legally blind In the meantime, I read this and several of the other books by this author out loud to some of the patients.The stories were pretty short but a lot of fun to read and the guys just loved them.

    10. The Grasshopper trap is a book that is filled with lots of good and comedic short story s each maybe five to ten pages long The short stories are about things that has happened to the author or to his friends Patrick McManus rights amazing books that i quit enjoy this one i fined is the best of his books Its filed with short stories so it is perfected to just site down for an hour or two and read four or five little funny stories.

    11. McManus has read me to sleep since I can remember, repeating the same familiar and ludicrous woodsman tales until my tapes wore out and the cassette player aged beyond repair.A charming collection of stories, full of humor and nostalgia from McManus s boyhood and adulthood though the two don t seem terribly different , I recommend it to any person fond of the outdoors.

    12. I realize I am showing my redneck roots by putting this book on here, but I have to admit I have read every Patrick McManus book Growing up in backwoods Wyoming with 3 older brothers may be my claim to insanity for loving McManus I realize not many women enjoy outdoor humor like these books have to offer, but for some reason these books tickle my tom boy raising.

    13. I am not an outdoorsy person yet, I still found this book to be hilarious The stories involving children are the funniest He has an almost Twain like sense of dry dialogue My brother got it when we were little and one week we heard him laughing in the basement late at night Finally, he read us the stories and we ve been hooked ever since Mean Tents is my favorite in this book.

    14. My favorite McManus book because it has two of my favorite stories The titular Grasshopper Trap, about how Pat, his buddy Crazy Eddie Muldoon, and the cantankerous woodsman Rancid Crabtree set out to catch grasshoppers to use as bait for fishing The other is the first story in the collection, The Skunk Ladder I say no Read the book and prepare to roll on the floor laughing

    15. My best friend in high school and I used to spend hours reading aloud to each other all the short stories and essays by outdoorsman and humorist Patrick McManus We laughed our heads off If you or someone you love is a camper hiker angler hunter liar you ll get a kick out of this book or any of the others by the author.

    16. The was the first of Patrick s books I read I was working as a guide at the time, living in the back country and I thought I d die laughing The tales he tells are out of this world Thus I went and had to find of his works He is a gifted story teller and knows how to relate to the normal, down home reader A must read for pure entertainment purposes.

    17. This was recommended by a co worker who doesn t read much He admitted that he only liked a couple stories in the mix and I have to agree with him I enjoyed the stories about the skunk in the hole, and the titular grasshopper trap Most though I found to be shorts about the stupid things some men tend to do.Meh.

    18. I didn t know who Patrick McManus was when I read this I found quite a bit of the stories funny, though I think I would have liked them in their original format a little than in a book Since I didn t know who McManus was, I found myself reading most of the book in the voice of Red Green, which you will understand as you read these.

    19. This was a FUN lighthearted read It s just a collection of true stories from the author s life written with a LARGE dose of literary license They are mostly outdoor adventure stories and are hilarious If you are looking for something easy to pass the time read this one.

    20. I enjoyed the characters, and their world and hope I get the chance to read the story again and or to read within the series.My Rating System couldn t finish, wouldn t recommend, would recommend, would read again, have read again.

    21. This collection of McManus s stories is nearly as good as some of his others, but it s definitely worth a goodly number of laughs along the way I ve actually read it twice now and enjoyed it both times.

    22. Bedtime stories for kids of all ages I introduced my dad to his first Patrick McManus book while he was recovering from a hernia operation He winced as he read and laughed Maybe I should ve waited.

    23. One of my dads books that made it into my pile during the move It was a fun read I m not an outdoorisy person, but my dad and brother are and they ve done many of the same things McManus talked about.

    24. This is the second book of Mr McManus books that I have read and I honestly cannot stop laughing, quoting from the book and stop talking about it with all of my friends Outdoor humor can be some funny s t.

    25. Very entertaining, short anecdotes about outdoor life Several of these caused me to laugh out loud This is a nice diversion from the usual murder mysteries to which I normally gravitate, and I m sure I ll pick up other McManus offerings along the way.

    26. I would rate this at 2.5 or 3 While it was okay, I did not love it Perhaps if I were an outdoorsman Maybe if I had read it instead of listening to it, my expectations would have been lower and it would have fared better with my rating.

    27. All of Patrick McManus books are great short stories for all ages I read them to the girls when they were little and we would laugh so had that I could hardly read A sports writer that has a great sense for humor Great for all ages.

    28. I found some of it to be funny After a while I figured out that you had to be in the right mind set where you take everything he says to be exaggeration and obfuscation of the truth Then it is really funny Until then, you just kind of read it with a bit of a stoic look on your face.

    29. I m not a short story readerbut I remember my dad would laugh and laugh when he read anything by Patrick McManus They are quite funny

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