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Torchwood: Lost Souls #2020

Torchwood Lost Souls Torchwood lost two beloved members in the season two finale now they must carry on in this adventure with Doctor Who s Martha Jones The Torchwood team and Martha face danger at CERN the world s large

  • Title: Torchwood: Lost Souls
  • Author: Joseph Lidster John Barrowman Eve Myles Gareth David-Lloyd Freema Agyeman
  • ISBN: 9781405689441
  • Page: 162
  • Format: Audio CD
  • Torchwood: Lost Souls By Joseph Lidster John Barrowman Eve Myles Gareth David-Lloyd Freema Agyeman, Torchwood lost two beloved members in the season two finale now they must carry on in this adventure with Doctor Who s Martha Jones The Torchwood team and Martha face danger at CERN, the world s largest particle physics laboratory, in this special BBC radio episode starring John Barrowman, Eve Myles, Gareth David Lloyd and Freema Agyeman and written by Joseph Lidster.

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      162 Joseph Lidster John Barrowman Eve Myles Gareth David-Lloyd Freema Agyeman
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    1 thought on “Torchwood: Lost Souls

    1. Martha Ambassador of Wales Assistant Jack LOVED THIS.This audiobook is an adventure with Martha and I rather enjoyed it I also liked how they touched on those that the team has lost and how they aren t really dealing with it despite telling everyone their fine and not to worry Again Barrowman s Jack comes out so flat but thankfully everyone else makes up for it Just something so strange for an actor with such energy and charisma shrug The story itself centers around the Large Hedron Collider and [...]

    2. Story 2 stars Set directly after season 2 Jack, Gwen and Ianto are still dealing or not dealing with Owen and Tosh s deaths when Martha asks for their help How they feel is shown in their short chats with her, Martha namely hasn t seen them since their friends funeral I especially liked her conversation with Jack I also liked the tight bonds between the three main characters The story s setting is quite intriguing the Large Hadron Collider in Switzerland But the creature itself I found it slight [...]

    3. This is the first of the Torchwood full cast Radio Dramas set directly after Tosh and Owen s funeral Jack, Ianto, Gwen and Martha go to Switzerland where scientists on the LHC project have disappeared The find one body glowing with unnatural greed radiation with all of his neutrons missing and reach the conclusion that something nasty came through the rift when the Hedron Collider was tested for the first time.Using very real science and the Hedron Collider project as the basis for this one make [...]

    4. I m not usually an audio person, I don t even listen to talk radio, but this was truly entertaining It still kept the good old Torchwood vibe, it was a bit dark, exciting, some sci fi techno babble, it had heart and it made me laugh A great little snippet to see what the team got up to between season 2 and 3 It also showed a lot of the emotions everyone was dealing with after the loss of Tosh and Owen Also the addition of Martha was wonderful, I love her And they mentioned Lisa and showed that I [...]

    5. TITLE Torchwood Lost SoulsWHY I CHOSE THIS BOOK It fits my reading challenge being connected to the book before it First Family Abigail and John Adams by Joseph Ellis through a shared authors first nameREVIEW I am not sure if this audio book is based on an actual episode of Torchwood I have seen the show and do not recall this episide The audio was performed by all the cast and read as if reading off a script It was amusing enough Mainly it just made me long for the show.

    6. 42 WORD REVIEW Having been written and broadcast to coincide with the switching on of the Large Hadron Collider, this radio drama in retrospect seems over focussed on that aspect of the script Likewise the Torchwood team s lingering trauma subsequent to the second series harrowing finale.

    7. What s to say it s Torchwood It s Captain Jack, Gwen and the beautiful Martha Jones Of course I loved it

    8. I enjoyed listening to this I didn t get to listen to the interviews at the end, because I couldn t hear them, but the audio for the story was great.

    9. Educational radio in Torchwood form with an Atheistic subtext, and Lovecraftian overtones all on the taxpayer s dime, that is how you run a great society.

    10. To celebrate the switching on of the CERN Large Hadron Collider LHC in Switzerland Lidster comes up with an aching Torchwood paen that honours the recent deaths of Toshiko and Owen whilst imagining the worst that could happen when the LHC comes online Martha, now working for UNIT, has been called in by a friend to investigate disappearances among the workforce at CERN in Geneva, then her friend disappears and unwilling to bring the entirety of UNIT into a delicate scenario she calls Jack There a [...]

    11. Shortly after Owen and Tosh s funeral, Torchwood receives yet another call from Martha Jones, bringing them this time to the Large Hadron Collider in Switzerland Still reeling from their own losses, they must investigate a string of disappearances deep within science s most controversial particle accelerator But it s weirder still the dead appear to be living in the massive tunnels of the LHC, and when it s switched on, they ll come rushing back.This one off radio episode cashes in on real world [...]

    12. Set Between the Episode Exit Wounds the Radio Play AsylumLost Souls is a BBC Radio 4 audio play featuring the voices of the actors and actresses who portray the characters Captain Jack, Gwen Cooper, Martha Jones, and Ianto Jones This is a fun and emotional episode worthy of the TV series However my opinion is that it could have been better to watch, because of the series fantastic supernatural and alien qualities Martha comes to the Torchwood team and asks for their help with solving the case of [...]

    13. Never listened to a story of Torchwood before but I have watched most of the BBC series Good thing I had, there were several references to an event that happened on the show For the most part, this felt like an episode of the show with no pictures to go with it Having the actors do the voices made the visualization of the characters really easy The story was a basic Torchwood suspence, sci fi, drama It was not one of the greatest stories I have seen of Torchwood, but it was a good distraction fo [...]

    14. We join Torchwood, Jack, Gwen and Ianto going to Switzerland when Dr Martha Jones calls for help Set at the time when CERN activated the large Hadron Collider it s an action tale of alien trying to lure humans into being food and an exploration of the aftermath of the lost of team members Some nice touches, like Ianto s My bike got a bell and Gwen being all action hero Jack s greeting for Martha is getting old but hey, it s Jack.Overall an okay radio play.

    15. Very heavily based on recent events at the CERN institute in Switzerland, but with that familiar Torchwood twist we ve come to love Oh hay, real science to boot Another bridge to Season 3, probably not a good idea to listen to this unless you know what happens at the end of season 2 I loved hearing the entire cast back again, sans, of course, two certain team members lost in the end of season 2 An excellent radio play

    16. An entertaining audiobook, bringing old friends from Torchwood and Dr Who into our car as we drove to Myrtle Beach Plot was okay, but not wildly compelling Takes place between season 1 and 2 of the BBC series and gives some different insight into characters Best bit was the bonus section hearing Russel T Davies and cast talk about the series and Cardiff.

    17. A story that nicely establishes the new 3 person ensemble for Torchwood and addresses the loss they faced in the end of the second season Emotionally effective and pleasantly built, Lost Souls ends up being a tad too straightforward and simple when plot is concerned Still pretty much a must for any TW fan, especially as we have a guest appearance by Martha Jones herself.

    18. Meh, not bad Not as good as watching Torchwood itself, but considering I m out of new TW episodes, it was nice to hear some familiar voices I tried listening to a TW audiobook and it s not for me I prefer these audio dramas where all the characters are voiced by the proper people.

    19. Another brilliant audio drama to fill the Torchwood void There is humor and a little sadness since it takes place after Owen and Tosh s deaths and much daring do as any Torchwood story should have.

    20. While the plot is predictable and straightforward, it s good to hear this Torchwood team together after so many years I felt the show irrevocably jumped the shark with Miracle Day, so even though this isn t very good, I quite enjoyed this trip back in time Plus, Martha Hooray

    21. When I downloaded this from the library I didn t realize it wasn t an actual Audiobook, but apparently a radio drama.It was a good adventure, and they do touch on how a couple people died so there s that.

    22. I ll be totally honest here I m not going to be rational about anything that combines Jack, Ianto, Gwen, and Martha That s just too much awesome for me to feel anything but love, and love is exactly what I feel for this dramatization.

    23. While I m a fan of the show, this performed for radio story with the full cast from Torchwood didn t do all that much for me The story wasn t particularly compelling, and adapting the show to radio while it s normally a medium I enjoy didn t add anything.

    24. It was a great audio drama I felt that it was odd that in the middle of an intense mission, Martha was asking the team intense questions about how they re handling the deaths of their friends It was just a bit odd.

    25. This was just a lot of fun Having the actors play voice their characters always adds authenticity to any audio and this one really felt like a part of Torchwood Definitely worth a listen.

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