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Mind Storm #2020

Mind Storm The first in an exciting new sci fi series that s being described as Blade Runner meets X Men Two hundred and fifty years after the world was nearly wiped out by nuclear war what s left of society fi

  • Title: Mind Storm
  • Author: K.M. Ruiz
  • ISBN: 9780312673178
  • Page: 378
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Mind Storm By K.M. Ruiz, The first in an exciting new sci fi series that s being described as Blade Runner meets X Men Two hundred and fifty years after the world was nearly wiped out by nuclear war, what s left of society fights over the scraps of the Earth as the rich and powerful plan to ascend in secret to another planet But the deadly new breed of humanity that the rulers have enslaved to prThe first in an exciting new sci fi series that s being described as Blade Runner meets X Men Two hundred and fifty years after the world was nearly wiped out by nuclear war, what s left of society fights over the scraps of the Earth as the rich and powerful plan to ascend in secret to another planet But the deadly new breed of humanity that the rulers have enslaved to protect their interests are about to change everything K.M Ruiz s Mind Storm is the rip roaring tale of Threnody Corwin, a psion with the ability to channel electricity like lightning through anything she touches As a solider slave for the human government, Threnody is recruited by an unknown enemy the scion of Earth s most powerful and supposedly human family, the Serca Syndicate But Lucas Serca is far from human and he intends to make Threnody and her fellow psions meet their destiny, no matter how many people he has to kill to do it Mind Storm is the first of two books chronicling the fight for survival by the psions and other gene trash humans, before they re killed by the racist world government, or left to die on a crumbling Earth.
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    • [KINDLE] ✓ Mind Storm | BY ✓ K.M. Ruiz
      378 K.M. Ruiz
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      Posted by:K.M. Ruiz
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    1 thought on “Mind Storm

    1. I would have liked this book better if there was one likeable character in it Instead practically every character is a ruthless evil monster who kills indiscriminately, graphically and bloodily.In Mind Storm, after a nuclear war, the world is limited to a few enclaves of prosperity controlled by the World Court Psions, specially talented mutants who came into being as a result of the war, are untrusted by humanity, so are rigidly controlled by the World Court The Psions are charged with protecti [...]

    2. The beginning of the book seemed to be a little disconnected jumped right in to the story and had me looking back and rereading to make sure of what was going on and understanding the main characters But the book picked right up and was a very interesting story which I enjoyed, and it kept me in it right to the end The book is the first of two, which left me hanging on and definitely has me looking out for the second book and forward to the conclusion of the story.

    3. Pros lots of psionic action, complex post apocalyptic world, political intrigue Cons little character development, repetitionRoughly 250 years after the nuclear war that destroyed the world, humanity is still picking up the pieces DNA clean humans run the World Court, governments and businesses, while unregistered humans struggle to survive Out of the radiation fallout rose a new race, those with psionic abilities Those the government controls with an implanted kill switch are called the Stryker [...]

    4. The thing is, Mind Storm isn t Threnody s story, like the book jacket claims Instead, Mind Storm is a hugely plot driven story that has a myriad cast of characters, all of whom get a moment in the spotlight, as the POV switches frequently among the cast Only a small portion of the book truly focuses on Threnody, though she is integral to the plot There are, however, several people important to the plot than she or at least, this far into the series , chief among them being Lucas and Aisling, th [...]

    5. I went into this book knowing only that it involved mutants and it was K M Ruiz s debut I don t know if I m unlike most readers, but I didn t give a thought to the quotes on the cover While I can appreciate the endorsements, I don t want to be influenced by another s reading experience I want to go into any book I read with a clean slate and let the author make or break my reading experience with their characters, world, and words And I think that s where a lot of readers get hung up, on the X M [...]

    6. Confession I almost didn t read Mind Storm.I m really picky when it comes to science fiction I don t have the brain to appreciate it Give me aliens and shiny tech and badass weapons, just don t expect me to understand how it all came to be The second an author starts describing tech or going a little too in depth in the science of it all, I go catatonic in self defense.MIND STORM does that because it has to The first part of nine, technically eight because nine is one page long lays a lot of gro [...]

    7. A first novel of a series, with an interesting cast characters and a complex set of abilities Without realizing it was the first of a series, I was hoping to find resolution by the end of the book While there is a certain amount of determination, many ideas and threads are left unwoven to be completed later Who is Aisling What is Threnody s role How are they gonna get away with it all I enjoyed the read, but be prepared for some serious violence, death, and occasional profanity.Looking forward [...]

    8. I saw the sequel to this in my library and was curious The heroine s name is Threnody Corwin that s a hefty name to hang on any protagonist, but especially an SF F protagonist, because of Amber It felt too much like a first novel, and too Action Girl fanservice ish for me to want to read right now.

    9. So I m actually reading the two books together, which I never realized was two books But I finally got through the first, which I think is an achievement.But solid writing, cool world building, and it s without exposition but in a non confusing way It s just really really long to get through But if you stick with it, it feels very satisfying.

    10. Noah s ArkA good first book from Ruiz.Took a little time to figure out all the characters.The Serca familyStrykersWarhoundPsion type and classWorld Courtand who was fighting who.She painted a grim post apocalyptic world and the struggle to survive Where good vs evil, right vs wrong, light vs darkness was not easy to separate.

    11. If there s one word that s overused by reviewers of sci fi oriented fiction it has to be the word accessible, but it s an almost necessary evil for those of us who are scientifically illiterate That said, please don t think I mean to imply that Mind Storm is lacking in complexity because I would include the word accessible in its description many of my favorite books, including Old Man s War, share that quality and I consider it a mark of a good author to take intricate ideas and present them in [...]

    12. In my opinion this book by novelist KM Ruiz is an excellent example of what happens when an author creates a compelling and vivid background, comprehensive and interesting world building, and plenty of action scenes but fails to execute on other fundamentals such as character, drama and the narrative itself.In Mind Storm Ruiz crafts a frightening future vision of global dystopia, enigmatic psion powers and shadowy conspiracies I was immediately drawn to the painstaking details of the alt future [...]

    13. Twenty years after the child prophet Aisling foresaw the future the human mutant psions, Threnody Corwin and her partner Quinton Martinez are dispatched to what remains of Los Angeles, now known as The Slums of the Angels on a suicide mission for failing to obey orders on Corwin s last mission The two are part of the Strykers Syndicate, enslaved solders contracted out on the most dangerous missions.Psions came in various class and strengths, armed with telepathic strengths with the ability to te [...]

    14. There are many really good things about this story the well crafted post apocalyptic world, the super powered psions, the politics, the cover ups, the rich and various conflicts that keep you turning pages But as many other reviewers have already pointed out, there is a critical flaw in how the main character is dealt with and that is, barely at all.Threnody Corwin is described as the main character, but the number of pages where we actually spend time with her are very small The author sets up [...]

    15. Wow This book was beyond expectations I found this book because the sequel was on the Science Fiction Mystery Recommended at the library I thought that looked interesting until I saw there was a book that came before it so sight unseen I borrowed this book.I highly recommend this book to people who like Science Fiction or Post Apocalyptic events It is both and , though the inside jacket does not do a good job of explaining either the plot or the main characters.This is a book about psions who ev [...]

    16. In this post nuclear world, the author creates a new race of people psions whose radiation altered genes give them super human abilities such as telekinesis, telepathy, teleportation, electro kinesis, and even precognition Many of these psions the Strykers Syndicate , including Threnody, have become the willing slaves of pure gene humans The psions even allow devices to be inserted into their heads which will kill them instantly at the order of the human World Court How unlikely is that The auth [...]

    17. When I checked out Mind Storm from the library, I was dismayed by the author s bio, that of an early 20s, slightly goth looking woman, and I almost put the book back I am SO glad I didn t This book is nonstop action and impossible to put down Most impressive, I thought, was the author s ability to build her characters without slowing the action or plot down Also, I am grateful the author didn t try to make a sub plot of romance which she had ample opportunity to if she had wanted to KUDOS Many r [...]

    18. Mind storm is a fast paced future world The world is well developed, and you can really get a sense of what it would be like to live there The story is told in a multi person narrative, which makes it difficult to really connect with the characters I think when authors write this way, they think they are making a suspenseful and complete story line, and while some of that is true, I never connect as well with the characters One other problem I had with this book is that most people are disposa [...]

    19. This was like a cross between the new TV show Alphas and a typical dystopian novel Be warned right off, there s a lot of use of the F bomb in odd places which broke up the prose for me But whatever, as long as you know.This book was a little confusing So many different people with different names and different statuses and yet I still couldn t keep them all straight The one off putting thing for me was the changing of P.O.V because I had a hard time transitioning from each story But they do come [...]

    20. A captivating tale of a dystopian future where rogue mutants and scavenger humans fight to save humanity from being enslaved by a mutant syndicate and corrupt world government In the aftermath of the Border Wars, nuclear contamination created human mutants, or psions, who can engage in psychic warfare Psions are either enslaved by the human world government to work as Strykers yes, with a y , or captured by the Serca Syndicate to work as Warhounds The book definitely picks up speed fairly quickl [...]

    21. This book was the first book I was ever sent to review, so it holds quite a soft spot for me At first I Was a little iffy about it because science fiction is not really my thing, I had put it off for a while because I had other books to read When I finally got down to it I thought why did I wait so long Usually when I read science fiction I m lost, I get so confused with all the science of it and it loses my attention real fast Thankfully this book wasn t like that and I was able to read through [...]

    22. I had high hopes for this book Ooh, just like X Men in book form , I thought I was somewhat disappointed Parts of it are very creative and well thought out, but the premise of all these superhumans being enslaved and marginalized while at the same time quietly considering themselves superior I found hard to rationalize The politics of the book just doesn t make sense to me The quasi romantic but continually sterile relationships in the book were confusing, too okay, I wondered, are these charact [...]

    23. There are a lot of strengths in this novel but also some weaknesses that make this good but not great The post apocalyptic world is intriguing, there is political strife and conflict that adds to the story, and the types of powers that are present show up in new enough ways to be interesting The world building is well done here but this is a very complex world and it takes most of the book to figure out where all the pieces are in play and what the playing field looks like The character building [...]

    24. Earth has been shattered by nuclear war and the worldwide government that has risen from the ashes wants to start over but at a very heavy price They only intend to save the purest genetics by escaping to Mars An unlikely group of allies has other plans but the cost to achieve their plans will be paid in blood and pain They have psionic powers on their side with everything from teleportation to empathic abilities to achieve their goals While I would like some deeper character development in some [...]

    25. There s lots of things wrong with this novel The most important is that there is no protagonist Plently of interchangable and unlikable characters, but there s no one to tell the story There s no emotion It has no heart You re immediately plopped down into a bit confusing world and it looks like we re introduced to a protagonist named Threnody but she then disappears for most of the novel It s an ugly, bitter future distopia filled with ugly, bitter psions and humans I read about 190 pages and h [...]

    26. A YA Adult Sci fi book, set in the post apocalyptic future of about 250 years, it s about a world lead by a strictly controlled world court, and a few powerful syndicates After the bombs dropped some genetic code was altered, allowing for psions, a group of people with powers, like telekinesis, empathy, telepathy, pyrokinesis, etc There are two groups at odds with each other, and one rogue psion, who might be the most powerful of all Part of a set I believe Very entertaining, and she had some gr [...]

    27. This was action packed the entire book Based generations after a WWIII nuclear type event, the people are seperated by clean vs mutated DNA, the latter having various psy abilities Numerous political intrigues really keep you guessing, who s good who s evilybe they re all a shade of grayd rooting for the survival of the protagonist Thoughtfully written will look for the next in the series.

    28. Plot driven book about psions with tremendous powers doing whatever it takes to save what those who will remain behind after the government decrees that pure humans will move to Mars Interesting plotline but like others say, it s hard to get behind any one character This is the first book in a series but there are a lot of unresolved plot elements at the end Not all the pieces are in place for the main plot at this point.

    29. Very good potential Too much dialogue in the first part which made me feel like I was listening to my teenage kids talking about video games where I usually give up and go do something else When the style switches to of the narrative then the book is hard to put down and just when it gets good, it ends I HATE LOOSE endings when the book cannot stand alone as a complete story Makes one feel used and manipulated, that IS what this book is about

    30. This book was fascinating Two disgraced Strykers psion agents sworn to protect pure humans travel to join two other psions to track down a rogue psion They all get than they bargained for and the ravaged Earth after catastrophic wars and natural disasters is the background for a politically financially charged battle for survival Threnody, Lucas, Quinton, Jason, Kerr, Matron, Samantha, Kristen, Jin Li all great characters.

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