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Claire Marvel #2020

Claire Marvel A young man and woman meet love each other and are consumed It s a story as old as romance itself but in this enthralling novel John Burnham Schwartz tells it with heart stopping new immediacy In t

  • Title: Claire Marvel
  • Author: John Burnham Schwartz
  • ISBN: 9780375719158
  • Page: 330
  • Format: Paperback
  • Claire Marvel By John Burnham Schwartz, A young man and woman meet, love each other, and are consumed It s a story as old as romance itself, but in this enthralling novel John Burnham Schwartz tells it with heart stopping new immediacy In the middle of a rainstorm Julian Rose, a self effacing Harvard graduate student, takes refuge beneath a girl s yellow umbrella The girl, the woman, is Claire Marvel, lovely,A young man and woman meet, love each other, and are consumed It s a story as old as romance itself, but in this enthralling novel John Burnham Schwartz tells it with heart stopping new immediacy In the middle of a rainstorm Julian Rose, a self effacing Harvard graduate student, takes refuge beneath a girl s yellow umbrella The girl, the woman, is Claire Marvel, lovely, mercurial, mired in family tragedy She is the last person someone like Julian should fall in love with But he does What ensues is a great and difficult passion strewn with obstacles not least those arising from Claire and Julian s disparate characters And as these young people find and lose each other, then seek each other anew, Schwartz places romantic love within an entire continuum of attachments that require the full reserves of our openness and courage.

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      330 John Burnham Schwartz
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    1 thought on “Claire Marvel

    1. THE BEST love story I ve ever read well actually in a tie with Nicholas Sparks The Notebook Unlike that wonderfully sappy novel, the blueprint for which EVERY SINGLE BOOK he s written since has followed, this one is a heartbreaker from the first meeting of the male and female characters Schwartz s writing style is second to none when bringing you into the lives of his characters None of the characters in this book will you take a liking to If you are like me you will often times yell out loud at [...]

    2. If you are the author, please stop reading Suffice it to say, I don t think you re a bad person or a bad writer, but I did not like this book and was not kind to it Please turn back now.If you re looking for an honest, if ornery, opinion about this book, I say what a waste of time.SPOILERS Claire Marvel is an art student whose father is diagnosed with cancer not long after she meets Julian Rose She goes to France and her father dies She marries someone else Claire has an affair with Julian She g [...]

    3. This is as fine a contemporary tale of blind devotion and betrayal as you ll find at bookstores or in your local library that s where I found it, anyway.Claire Marvel is a great read with a capital G Just writing about it makes me want to read it again, but I can t, at least not right now, because I have to reread another book in preparation for my next review I will however, read a brief passage in an audioclip on this blog, so you can hear John Burnham Schwartz s prose It will make you want to [...]

    4. i got from this book than i d expected at first there was nostalgia to hold onto, of cafe pamplona and casablanca and the fogg where i did meet someone that changed everything yes, this was all very labial, as my boyfriend put it, but i enjoyed living through these moments and recalling these places nonetheless and i even relished schwartz s portrait of the relationship between professors and student, master and slave it almost made up for the time i d felt used, to know this was a tradition bu [...]

    5. A few year s back I read Jonathan Burnham Schwartz s devastating novel Reservation Road and was really impressed So I was really looking forward to reading Claire Marvel The book s opening lines There was before her and now there is after her and that is the difference in my life promised great things but I m not sure Schwartz actually delivers.The book is narrated by Julian Rose, a grad student at Harvard who meets and falls immediately in love with Claire Marvel during a rainstorm The book tra [...]

    6. I didn t necessarily like the story, however I loved Schwartz s writing The character of Claire was a bit too much to believe in, but I found I was rooting for these two crazy kids Another reader s review of the book was Story of an unnecessary love obsession I might have thought that about this book had I not just come off the heels of reading Love in the Time of Cholera, and I found this love story 20 times palatable than that one Forgive me, Mr Marquez

    7. I thought this was a love story but it was of a tragedy It s really a book about not being able to let someone go, even if they have chosen to be with someone else Really, let go and move on

    8. As a person who has studied and lived in and around Harvard Square, I found the dialogue and characters to be unrealistic.

    9. Blah blah blah Had great hopes based on the review of a GR friend that i have never met and I rarely disagree with but this was so average NEXT

    10. I think this was supposed to be some type of love story, but the characters were too stupid to figure out how to be together They made me want to pull my hair out.

    11. This was a simply story told with enthralling details and all too real emotion It was a lot to digest than I had expected, and that s a good thing I wasn t sure about the writing style early on as it seemed flowery than necessary at times, but as the story went on I rather enjoyed the artistic quality of the book and came across some very beautiful passages.

    12. Beautifully written A story for anyone who has ever been in love and then foolishly let life overcomplicate it Expect to spend some time fondly revisiting your own doomed romances.

    13. The writer s ability to see in your mind what he describes in words is amazing He does than turn a phrase he colors it and hands it to you I loved this book and want

    14. Ik beleefde mooie uurtjes met Claire Marvel , een roman van de Amerikaanse schrijver John Burnham Schwartz uit 2002.Het verhaalTwee jonge mensen, de politicoloog Julian Rose en de kunsthistorica Claire Marvel ontmoeten elkaar bij toeval in de stromende regen biedt zij hem een plekje onder haar paraplu aan Al snel worden de twee vrienden Ze hebben beiden een bijzondere relatie met hun vader De vader van Julian is door zijn vrouw verlaten en hangt sindsdien een beetje rond, terwijl hij wanhopig pr [...]

    15. I was frustrated by this book, but it was so well written that I kept reading There are some situations in life that just don t make sense, some things we do or do not do that go against all reason and logic, and yet that is how it goes I cannot for the life of me truly understand how these two do not end up together, yet I know this is sometimes how it goes In the end I guess he needed closure, needed to be free to let her go and he was able to achieve that Not all stories have happy endings, b [...]

    16. This was possibly the best book recommended to me by GoodReads to date I don t usually enjoy anything labeled under the Romance genre but every once in awhile I find an author that can convey an intelligent message that makes it worthwhile reading I believe this came to me under Literary Fiction In Claire Marvel, Schwartz shows how truly complex human emotions can be choices made, inexplicable mistakes mple maybe, but definitely life changing Each sentence in this beautifully crafted novel reson [...]

    17. Here s the thing if I am going to read a book that is devoted to a man s pining for a woman I need to like the woman and hopefully the man I didn t care for either Claire Marvel or her swain whose name I ve already forgotten Oops This aforementioned man AKA the narrator did eventually marry a woman named Laura, and after a mere few pages of knowing her, I cared about and loved her than anyone else in the book If this story had been about Laura, I m sure I would have liked it a lot .

    18. This is my favorite book, and has been since the first time I read it maybe 7 or 8 years ago The characters are well developed, and the plot is as rich as it is wonderfully frustrating Each time I read this book once every year or two , I attach a different meaning to it, as I find a different way to relate to the characters, primarily Claire.The language is beautiful without being esoteric, although in order to enjoy the full experience of the novel, your vocabulary should be fairly advanced.

    19. I read this at the recommendation of my aunt I don t know what I was expecting exactly maybe a typical, cookie cutter type of novel love story, but I was suprised by what I found The only phrase that really comes to mind is haunting prose This is definitely a book to re read every now then one of those books that each time you read it you are going to get something different, something , out of it.

    20. This is a well written and carefully crafted novel I enjoyed with nostalgia the Harvard Square setting and visits to so many of my grad school haunts I just didn t like Claire Marvel, the character I m generally irked when men write about mysterious, unattainable, gorgeous, passionate, unreliable women who snare and then trample on the hearts of ordinary, mortal men Isn t it really just about sex, and basking in her rarified glow

    21. I m still not quite sure if I love or hate the ending But this is definitely a book you would want to read again, if only to savor Schwartz s prose The story is quite depressing I went through it with a lump in my throat, and with a deep desire to shake both Julian Rose and Claire Marvel but it s beautifully written.

    22. This is an achingly beautiful love story infused with the tragedy that all love seems to carry with it like a shadow Yet the beauty shines through and, despite the ache, the gift of love and intense sense of connection buoys you up The ebb and flow of this book was like riding a wave with striking depth and detail yet without lingering too long on any one wave as to miss the overall flow.

    23. A simple but haunting love story I thought this was a great novel I m not always a fan of things written in the first person particularly love stories, but I think that Burnham Schwartz did a great job of illuminating Julian s love and awe, and respect for Claire It was a swift read, though I really wanted to linger on a lot of the descriptive passages.

    24. this book definitely grew on me the writing style was completely different from the book i had just finished reading the paris wife so it took a good 50 75 pages to switch gears once i did, i enjoyed every chapter fact i enjoyed it so much i talked myself out of cleaning house earlier today dusting can waitbut the end of this story can t

    25. This was an excellent book and the author really painted a pictureI got a lot out of this book then i thought i would.

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