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The Punisher MAX, Vol. 8: Widowmaker #2020

The Punisher MAX Vol Widowmaker Five women linked by tragedy and obsession The Punisher killed their husbands put them down like dogs and shattered their lives Now they want payback and they ve hatched the perfect plan to get it

  • Title: The Punisher MAX, Vol. 8: Widowmaker
  • Author: Garth Ennis Lan Medina
  • ISBN: 9780785124542
  • Page: 367
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Punisher MAX, Vol. 8: Widowmaker By Garth Ennis Lan Medina, Five women, linked by tragedy and obsession The Punisher killed their husbands put them down like dogs and shattered their lives Now, they want payback, and they ve hatched the perfect plan to get it To bring the wolf to their door, all they need is bait.Collects Punisher MAX 43 49.

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      367 Garth Ennis Lan Medina
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    1 thought on “The Punisher MAX, Vol. 8: Widowmaker

    1. Great premise, poor execution.I never thought I d say that about one of Garth Ennis Punisher stories, but it seems to apply to Widowmaker What starts as a tale with a tremendous amount of promise turns choppy and somewhat illogical, and while I felt like a sort of catharsis was attempted I didn t feel this was one of Ennis better attempts to humanize Frank.As I said, the premise is intriguing five widows of mafia figures and gangsters eliminated by The Punisher have banded together with the sole [...]

    2. Maybe not the best work Ennis did with the Punisher but it s an interesting take on the violence the Punisher leaves in his wake, the unseen consequences of his actions It invokes the idea of the cycle of violence never ending, that he is creating victims just as much as those who killed his family, but sadly those characters on the receiving end of that violence who have lost loved ones at his hands are a bit too depraved to really make it a worthwhile debate And then the other main character, [...]

    3. Ever wonder what happens to the partners of the criminals Frank Castle punishes Well, some of these widows get together in this book to kill Frank for his antics in Book 1 of this series Meanwhile, a mysterious figure is killing men and on the trail of these femme fatales and a disgraced cop is put into a troubling position One of the best things about this series Garth Ennis has introduced into the Punisher world is that Frank can be a catalyst to a much bigger and interesting story involving [...]

    4. This story arc deals with widows that are left behind by the Punisher s campaign against crime There is racism, child pornography, molested women, cancer victims and school shootings The writer finds time for all of them and it s a sad, gruesome ride to hell.Five widows of men killed by the Punisher band together to take him down They research everything they can find about him They see a pattern in Frank s tendency to respond to damsels in distress, so they lay their trap view spoiler Jenny, an [...]

    5. By this far in the run, the formula has set in and this arc suffers because of it It s fairly paint by the numbers and there isn t anything substantial here at all It reads like filler, which isn t odd considering that Ennis run with the character was coming to a close It isn t terrible, but the characters are stock and bland and the writing doesn t have the flair that earlier stories did.

    6. This is one of my favorite stories because the stars villains are so unexpected Even the twist was well done.

    7. While I like The Punisher, he is not a character I follow regularly The title of this volume caught my eye, and when I read the description, the premise was interesting the widows of men The Punisher has killed in his mission team up to try to take him down Ennis had a good run on The Punisher series, and it shows here These women are not innocent victims they took benefit of their families and spouses fortunes, making them part of the criminal enterprises And yet, for some, there may be some sy [...]

    8. Possibly my least favourite of the Ennis Punisher run so far, the main concept felt hokey and forced and I really didn t like the characters making up the group of widows or the ending for that matter I did like the moments where Castle is meditating on the cumulative effect all the violence he has committed might be having on him but this felt like it wasn t really explored enough I m hoping that the final two collected editions focus on this side of his character Still, another enjoyable read [...]

    9. Very in your face and brutal but it s the Punisher so that s to be expected Not sure why but I found this story super enjoyable Maybe it was all the girls in it I don t know One thing, you almost feel bad for all the Punisher s victims Almost Then you remember they are scum bags and that it s not revenge, it s punishment

    10. This is amazingly written and drawn, the story is well thought out and put together I really respect that the story follows a timeline and does not change to allow things in Once I picked the first issue up I could not put it back down, I had to keep reading This was time well spent and I recommend this series to all comic book fans and non fans.

    11. I m not the biggest Punisher fan, but Mike is, so I end up reading a lot of these The Punisher is an interesting character, and the excellent Punisher Born gives him an amazing backstory, but mostly he s a bit too violent for me That being said, I really enjoyed this story, where he is up against the wives of 4or 5 men he killed An interesting focus on women in such a violent series.

    12. A interesting aside on the Punisher Max journey, but as Castle spends a significant number of pages out of the picture, it feels light Plus his adversaries came across as comedic, which I doubt was the intention.

    13. I liked it surprisingly It gave bit of incite into the mob life that the other titles didn t Well incite into the lives of the women married to the mob I could ve done without some characters, but all in all it works The ending was a bit ehh But I enjoyed it.

    14. time for revenge five widows of the mafiosi the Punisher had killed in Vol 1 come together to plan their revenge on Frank Castle

    15. An excellent graphic novel if you can get past the brutal violence, the vulgar language and the usual mayhem

    16. Well that was interesting Weird but interesting Like most Punisher volumes The concept art at the end was pretty good.

    17. A decent volume It seems like Ennis struggles to draw a narrative that makes the most of Frank s emotions despite his perpetual silence.

    18. Dark and crazy The damage done to the people left behind, who ve been hurt already It was one of the emotional collections in a while Respect it, even if you can t like it.

    19. In a startling surprise ending and completely unlike every other Punisher episode penned by Garth Ennis, almost everybody dies.

    20. For being a Garth Ennis script it s very little graphic violence It s there of course but instead he has focused on the result of revenge and what it does to people Nice one and a keeper.

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