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Edith Cavell #2020

Edith Cavell Edith Cavell was born on th December daughter of the vicar of Swardeston in Norfolk and shot in Brussels on th October by the Gestapo for sheltering British and French soldiers and help

  • Title: Edith Cavell
  • Author: Diana Souhami
  • ISBN: 9781849163590
  • Page: 124
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Edith Cavell By Diana Souhami, Edith Cavell was born on 4th December 1865, daughter of the vicar of Swardeston in Norfolk, and shot in Brussels on 12th October 1915 by the Gestapo for sheltering British and French soldiers and helping them escape over the Belgian border Following a traditional village childhood in 19th century England, Edith worked as a governess in the UK and abroad, before training aEdith Cavell was born on 4th December 1865, daughter of the vicar of Swardeston in Norfolk, and shot in Brussels on 12th October 1915 by the Gestapo for sheltering British and French soldiers and helping them escape over the Belgian border Following a traditional village childhood in 19th century England, Edith worked as a governess in the UK and abroad, before training as a nurse in London in 1895 To Edith, nursing was a duty, a vocation, but above all a service By 1907, she had travelled most of Europe and become matron of her own hospital in Belgium, where, under her leadership, a ramshackle hospital with few staff and little organization became a model nursing school When war broke out, Edith helped soldiers to escape the war by giving them jobs in her hospital, finding clothing and organizing safe passage into Holland In all, she assisted over two hundred men When her secret work was discovered, Edith was put on trial and sentenced to death by firing squad She uttered only 130 words in her defence A devout Christian, the evening before her death, she asked to be remembered as a nurse, not a hero or a martyr, and prayed to be fit for heaven When news of Edith s death reached Britain, army recruitment doubled After the war, Edith s body was retuned to the UK by train and every station through which the coffin passed was crowded with mourners Diana Souhami brings one of the Great War s finest heroes to life in this biography of a hardworking, courageous and independent woman.

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    1 thought on “Edith Cavell

    1. 4.5 stars A fascinating and inspiring biography of the famous nurse, Edith Cavell I picked this up on a whim while browsing the WWI WWII history section at the library and I m glad I did I didn t know much about Ms Cavell aside from the most common facts before I read this, but I ve since learned that she lived a remarkable life in serving God, people and country.I loved the writing style it almost had a journalism type feel to it I also liked how the author included a lot of detail on the men a [...]

    2. I had no idea who this woman was, or anything about her story, which is approaching one hundred years old Over the past few years I have been a volunteer for a charity run radio station, that broadcasts to the local hospital as well as on the medium wave at 1350kHz The station is called Radio Cavell.Perhaps a couple of years back, maybe on the BBC s Radio 4, I caught a brief interview with the author, Diana Souhami, possibly around the time of this books publication in 2010 By chance, I found th [...]

    3. Anything by Diana Souhami is an inspiring read I have enjoyed all her books so far and am eagerly awaiting the next.

    4. Edith Cavell Nurse, Martyr, Heroine by Diana Souhami4.5 stars rounded 4 because of a lack of objectivity Between November 1914 and July 1915 Edith Cavell assisted numerous soldiers known as lost children out of German occupied Belgium during WWI She didn t begin as a resistance work though She came of age when the nursing industry was vastly changing, gaining respect At one time it was looked upon as little better than slavery However, Edith Cavell was inspired by the work Florence Nightingale p [...]

    5. Loved this book and the history of the girl behind the woman and the sensationalism of her murder I believe in her care and concern for all and her biggest problem was the inability to lie.

    6. Edith Cavell s was a story which impressed me as a young child before I had the faintest notion of becoming a nurse myself, so I was pleased to receive this biography as a gift.However, it was merely an OK read and I was keen to get to the end I realised that although I read and enjoy biography it has probably all been autobiography.I felt that Souhami tries to tell how good and devout Cavell was rather than show and thus was unconvincing which could be very unfair I was also unhappy with the wa [...]

    7. I wasn t able to change the tag from to read to currently reading as this book was so absorbing I couldn t put it down I finished it this morning at 8.04am having started since just before 5am the author writes in short crisp sentances but conveys in them than can be imagined Miss Cavell comes to life on these pages, a good woman lived her life by her strong Christian principles, who made nursing a respectable profession in Belgium, who set up the first nursing schools in that country and who b [...]

    8. Didn t read this as deeply as it deserved because I was really just wanting to hit the highlights of Edith Cavell s life in WW1 as a nurse and a supposed spy because her name came up a few times in Kristen Hannah s book Nightingale as the character Isabelle s heroine She really wasn t a spy in the normal definition of a spy she was a nurse who just wanted to help people and in doing that, nursing and getting soldiers back over the border to safe places, she became what they called a spy and was [...]

    9. VERY, very detailed bio almost to the point of tedium you can gloss over some of the text and still not lose any of the story but in the grand scheme of things serves to show you the complete injustice around Edith Cavell s death She was indeed a role model Would she do it again She would have Unfortunately these kinds of things happen in war The manner of her questioning, trial, sentencing and execution were inexcusable but the bullies were in the end beaten.

    10. Edith Cavell is such an amazing figure and so little known, both for her brilliance at managing others and her stomach for work that almost no women had fully faced before This book is well worth reading for the education it provides about one of the most prominent women during the First World War Occasionally it flags or could provide analysis, but overall it is a fine introduction to Cavell s remarkable life.

    11. I m in two minds about this book It was very interesting, and clearly well researched I think the main problem is with the sheer unknowability of Edith Cavell herself As Souhami makes clear through the book Cavell s manner was off putting and did her no favours in her life Unfortunately it also does her no favours in this biography.

    12. What a gripping read Firstly the account of what life was like in a small norfolk village a hundred years agoThen onto how the sheltered daughter of a vicar could through her sense of rightness and duty become drawn into helping allies escape to safety

    13. As an American I had not heard of Edith Cavell However, I kept running across her name in books I was reading and came across this book Well written, riveting and I was so impressed with this woman s moral compass She certainly made the ultimate sacrifice in the Great War.

    14. An excellent well researched book on Edith Cavell.The conclusions seemed wrong to me as there was a war onand what she did certainly deserved the death penalty.And the glorification after was to my mind disturbing andwell well overdone.

    15. Great book, that includes the early life of Edith Cavell, her links to Norwich and the banking construction industries Later, it made me think of survival in difficult times and with little resources.

    16. The editor of this book should be sacked as there are so many irrelevant paragraphs and side stories of other people in it If the editor had done a proper job, the book would be at least a 100 pages shorter and concise.

    17. If you like biography this is good I came away with a clear picture what who she was, but I still finds bits of the story inexplicable.

    18. Inspiring life,how disappointed she would have been with how her execution was politicised and her simple tenets of faith ignored.

    19. Was interested in the nursing history Parts of book very dry, letters and legal papers from 1900s England Glad I read it Edith was a British nurse executed by the Germans in 1915 for war crimes.

    20. Well researched, detailed biography including photos Have a much better grasp of the details and culture of the times during her life.

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