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Victoria and the Rogue #2020

Victoria and the Rogue Growing up in far off India wealthy young heiress Lady Victoria Arbuthnot was accustomed to handling her own affairs not to mention everyone else s But in her sixteenth year Vicky is unceremoniously

  • Title: Victoria and the Rogue
  • Author: Meg Cabot
  • ISBN: 9780330415187
  • Page: 292
  • Format: Paperback
  • Victoria and the Rogue By Meg Cabot, Growing up in far off India, wealthy young heiress Lady Victoria Arbuthnot was accustomed to handling her own affairs not to mention everyone else s But in her sixteenth year, Vicky is unceremoniously shipped off to London to find a husband.

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      292 Meg Cabot
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    1 thought on “Victoria and the Rogue

    1. Victoria and the Rogue is one of my top favourites because, unusually for Meg Cabot, it s a period setting fun and flirting in the 19th Century Yes please.Victoria is a sassy, independent heroine with an endearing bossy streak Practical to the core, she has no time for female swooning fits, or day dreaming about handsome men Victoria s mission in life is to help people with her sound if often unwanted advice I just had to laugh at how Victoria went around re organising everyone s life for the be [...]

    2. Best YA Romance I have ever read the perfect steppingstone to classic Regency I gave PANTS ON FIRE by Meg Cabot only two stars, but I am proud to give this story a full five or even So strange, this is a Regency novel and yet the heroine, Victoria, is well rounded, assertive, and independent by far than obnoxious Katie in the contemporary PANTS ON FIRE All of Victoria s strong points, her self confidence, courage, and her desire to organize and improve the world around her, are presented wit [...]

    3. This book is exactly what it looks like a charming, funny, quick read with no added depth While Victoria ostensibly has multiple love interests, it s obvious which rogue she ll end up with view spoiler Lord MALFREY come on, we ALL read Harry Potter hide spoiler but for once, I didn t mind at all The whole thing made me laugh La, Victoria thought, very pleased at this turn of events How jolly this is A girl goes to chastise a cook for underdoing the roast, and comes back to the table a bride to b [...]

    4. Apesar de gostar bastante dos livros da autora, n o gostei muito deste, ficou bastante abaixo das minhas expectativas.

    5. I really find this very cute The story is simple and predictable, but it has this spark that will let you ask for what s next We have Victoria, daughter of a Indian duke, who was shipped to England to look for a husband She fell in love at first sight with the handsome Earl of Malfrey Hugo who also confessed his love for her in an instant, but there is this one person who kept on annoying her and that s none other than Captain Jacob Carstairs Based on the synopsis given above from the book you c [...]

    6. Victoria Arbuthnot was just four years old when her parents died while the family was visiting India Since then, she has been raised in India by her uncles, but now that she is sixteen, she has been sent back to England to find a husband On the long sea journey from India to London, Victoria meets Hugo Rothschild, the ninth early of Malfrey, who proposes to her shortly before the journey s end Victoria is thrilled with the proposal But why is Jacob Carstairs, who was also a passenger on the ship [...]

    7. I might like this one than Nicola and the Viscount because of Jacob the other short novel is light and funny but also would never happen to me because of the time period and circumstances While I also probably wouldn t be trying to marry an earl at a super early age, I can understand roguish men and being taken by surprise by feelings Jacob is swoon worthy The popped collar scene between Victoria and Jacob has forever been etched into my mind This novel is a combination of sass and plucky, and [...]

    8. This may have been fluff, but it was lovely fluff About the best written book of this type possible The heroine is so funny, the hero so dashing, and the villain has a villainous mother, just great Aside for Natalie quite a few good kissing scenes

    9. Not aggressively bad, but I did find myself mostly disliking it Probably better suited to tween girls than discriminating adults.

    10. This a teen romance novel, set in the Regency era in England Expect a lot of fluff, a lot of flirting, a lot of naivety, and a lot of cliches Does that make it bad No, because if you re going into this expecting something deeper, you ve picked up the wrong book This is a harmless junk food read, with an unreliable narrator who you either wish to strangle or just shake your head at them and sigh affectionately Victoria is a 16 year old pampered, orphaned heiress, who is just self absorbed enough [...]

    11. Read in one sitting on ebook I liked this title than the Avon True Romance for Teens title I read several years previously that took place in the Wild West This could be because I m older or that it took place in England.Lady Victoria, orphaned daughter of a duke, has lived on an island her entire sixteen years of life, being cared for by her three uncles Victoria is likely to carry an elephant gun than a purse and this alienates her from her family in England Her parents died of cholera when [...]

    12. An old, old, old favourite If I ever feel in the mood to escape back into my childhood I would probably read thismybe Who knows.Remembering back to my Year 9 days this was probably the first time I read a Young Adult Historical Romance It s a good romance novel to recommend for YA without all the 18 literature usually in the mature romances A perfect classic historical romance

    13. I wanted to love this because it s Meg Cabot but I just couldn t I mean I m glad I did eventually read it as I ve wanted to for the past three years The last fifty pages though had me very intrigued though.

    14. Faziam tempos que eu queria ter uma experi ncia com romance de poca, e come ar logo com Meg Cabot n o foi s muito gostoso como tamb m me fez ver todo um novo lado de uma das minhas autoras favoritas e que eu simplesmente n o conhecia.Mesmo sendo narrado em terceira pessoa, em uma linguagem mais rebuscada e em um s culo totalmente diferente, imposs vel n o reconhecer todo o estilo da Meg em cada par grafo Ao mesmo tempo que s o pomposos, os di logos s o fluidos e cheios do humor caracter stico da [...]

    15. This is the first Meg s historical fiction novel that I read and I LOVED it I m really surprised how fun and fast this read was

    16. This is the perfect book for a rainy day Light and fluffy, a book to cosy up with I also really liked the style of writing each sentence drew me in and I became so consumed in the story, I started to feel the emotions Victoria was feeling I m sure I was pulling some funny faces when she was so frustrated and annoyed with Jacob Carstairs, as I started to get just as wound up, despite the fact that I thought he was hilarious.I loved the character of Victoria She was so much fun and not the charact [...]

    17. I ve found that I really like Meg Cabot s venture into this style of teen romance True, it is fluff, but fluff in the style of Jane Austen I love the period perspectives and how the stories are just feel good love stories Completely predictable, yet highly enjoyable I hope Meg Cabot writes a few .Victoria is an orphan who was raised by three uncles in India She s a busybody who feels she must improve all those around her Tired of her interfering ways, her uncles ship her off to England to live w [...]

    18. MEG CABOT AND ROMANCE REQUIREMENTVictoria has grown up with her uncles in India But now she is moving to England so that she can find a husband On the boat over to England she meets Hugo, who proposes before they reach land Victoria is crazy about Hugo and can t wait until they are married However, another young man, Jacob, keeps popping into her affairs When Jacob reveals that Hugo is only marrying Victoria for her money and that Hugo has a pretty disgraceful past, Victoria breaks off their eng [...]

    19. I was pleasantly suprised by this book I bought it for a couple of dollars at a book store in Myrtle Beach while on vacation I had read her Princess Diaries series and really enjoyed them I thought this book was similar in style and setting Boy was I wrong But happy I was wrong I LOVE regencies and this book is a regency Its tells the store of Lady Victoria, an heiress, who travels back from India to London to live with her aunt uncles and cousins She meets two different men on the voyage The ca [...]

    20. Cabot writes stories about well meaning, determined, independent heroines overcoming life s obstacles with spirit and finding love, during lots of flirting, with someone that challenges them In other words, fluffy stories But sometimes it s nice to read a fluffy HEA story, and Cabot never disappoints From her fluff has quality and apparently Cabot can apply that quality to historical stories about the perils of coming out in English society after leaving British India in search of a husband as w [...]

    21. A cute love story in the same vein as Heyer s The Grand Sophie There s no depth or subtlety to this story, but it was refreshingly free of the misunderstandings that usually tear the love interests apart Oh the agony In fact, Victoria not only knows that her considerable wealth plays a part in her fiance s proposal, but thinks it absolutely right that it would be Even better, she s well informed about love affairs in general and is far from shocked when her fianc is called a rogue but instead, a [...]

    22. Ohhhhhhhhhh it got my attention TOTALLY Victoria is just like the girl i m super cool, ready for action and a warmhearted person.her life grabs the readers attention that how she continuously compare her life in India and her new life in England it s hilarious it s a story which tell us about how Victoria makes stupid mistakes just to show her anger to other s especially Jacob Carstairs , where she is unaware of the relationship between them and the story revolves how event s happen where she co [...]

    23. UGH 2 or 3 stars I don t hate it At times I wanted to smack Victoria around BUT I think that s precisely the point I did like the kissing bits because well I miss kissing.I suppose it was what it was and that s not what I normally read It s a little sugary sweet simplistic for my tastes But the audio was pleasant and I spent a lot of time shouting at Victoria which does make me look a bit crazy when I m driving So yeah we ll go with 2.5 which I round up to 3 because that s what my math teachers [...]

    24. I wasn t expecting anything deep or thought provoking when I went into read this book which was probably why I enjoyed it so much It was the sort of story you could imagine listening to as a bed time story rogues, dukes, the good looking hero, scandal, etc It was fantastically far fetched A fluff piece to be read in a light hearted mood.

    25. I read a different addition, the one with Victoria sitting on a bench w9ith a pink dress and blue silhouetted figures against varying shades of blue that make up the background This book first sparked my interest in the Victorian period I loved it, I just read it again like I have done many times over the years to enjoy the plot.

    26. I don t want to give it 1 starI did not like it but loathed and hated it It was sooooooooooo stupid.So it s about a girl who agrees to marry a guy in order to get the other guy jealous.alizes she does wrong rushes to the 2nd one realizes she is in love with him.expected to marry himTADA the END

    27. Not quite a fluff piece More like dryer lint Blah, formulaic and utterly clich , but then again, this is a Regency romance for a target audience of 14 year olds I like most of Meg Cabot s books, but I think I ll skip the other mini regency book she did, if this is any indication of what it will be like.

    28. These books are silly There s no denying it But they do have the appeal of historical romances which I totally get without the embarrassing sexy bits So that s a plus I think I enjoyed Nicola and the Viscount , but it s pretty close.

    29. I was taken by surprise and absolutely loved this book It s a good thing I didn t see the cover before I did, otherwise I wouldn t have read it It was fun, light, lovely, fluffy and I enjoyed every second of it.

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