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The Match Before Christmas #2020

The Match Before Christmas Candlelight mistletoe gaily wrapped packages beneath a trimmed tree and someone to share it with That s all Barry Richards wants for Christmas Desperate for a traditional holiday he takes drastic

  • Title: The Match Before Christmas
  • Author: Eden Winters
  • ISBN: 9781610401258
  • Page: 171
  • Format: ebook
  • The Match Before Christmas By Eden Winters, Candlelight, mistletoe, gaily wrapped packages beneath a trimmed tree, and someone to share it with That s all Barry Richards wants for Christmas Desperate for a traditional holiday, he takes drastic measures Creating a profile on GetaDate, he hopes to find the perfect man in a matter of weeks One date after another goes sour, while all around him friends are falCandlelight, mistletoe, gaily wrapped packages beneath a trimmed tree, and someone to share it with That s all Barry Richards wants for Christmas Desperate for a traditional holiday, he takes drastic measures Creating a profile on GetaDate, he hopes to find the perfect man in a matter of weeks One date after another goes sour, while all around him friends are falling in love, and Barry starts to lose faith.The first snow falls and the world is filled with seasonal cheer, all except for Barry, for whom time is running out Facing the prospect of a lonely holiday, he tries just once to make The Match Before Christmas.

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    1 thought on “The Match Before Christmas

    1. First up let me say how hilarious this was, it truly was special I loved Barry, the fur boys and the whole bewitching Christmas tale Barry and his disastrous dates were something special and not to be forgotten lol You really have to admire Barry s determination and persistence to find his true love which he finally did with Adam What a heartwarming and joyful romance I highly recommend this

    2. So funny I read both this and Fanning the Flames mostly because I wanted to get some back story on Otis from A Lie I Can Live With but the two books focusing on Barry were so cute that I m really glad that I decided to read them.Barry is guy looking for love He s lonely and he has a lot of love to give so he turns to a dating site The dates he goes on funny and horrible This is a short story, not even 40 pages but it packs a punch I felt so bad for Barry I do love some of the friends that he mee [...]

    3. Desperate to have someone for Christmas this year, Barry Richards creates a profile at GetaDate , hoping that the site s claim to find the most suitable match will gives him a result he wishes Only road to happiness, is never been easy, isn t it Oh, gosh, this is one HILARIOUS short story about finding your true love from the Internet I swear, I m giggling all the way through, reading disaster after disaster that Barry must experience with his dates I feel awful, really, it s not nice to laugh o [...]

    4. If you re looking for something sweet, light and funny you need to read this short I felt bad for Barry, all those horrible dates but blushing I couldn t help laughing, not nice to laugh at someone else s misfortune, thankfully he finds Mr Right in Adam.what a wonderful couple they make very big grin

    5. I really enjoyed this story The main character had quite the bumpy road It was fun trying to figure out what was going to be wrong with each of his dates I have to say that he was a bit too nice with one of them, I would have been out the door immediately with the control freak

    6. I m sure the story has it s flaws but I didn t pay attention.It s a funny, furry and Christmasy little gem Loved it

    7. Barry is just the sweetest thing I ve read in a while, with his two cats Tom I and Tom II He is looking for love and is braving his way through online datingpoor babyhe goes on disastrous date after disastrous date he meets all the bad stereotypes the slut, the psycho, the guys who lies about how he looks, the control freakhe keeps at it and helps his friends find that special someone along the way.Then he finally meets Adam who is also looking for someone special and ready for a commitment.I la [...]

    8. Excellent m m holiday romance about a contractor who joins an online GLBT dating site several months before Christmas, with the hope that he ll meet someone and not be alone well, besides his two black kitties on Christmas Anyone who s ever done the online dating thing will be able to relate to the numerous and discouraging encounters he has before almost giving up on his plan And my kitties are in the dedication

    9. All Barry wants is to share the holiday season with someone A few months before Christmas, he decides to register on a dating website Barry goes on quite a few disastrous dates Some of his dates include but are not limited to , the guy who is married, the guy who wants to know how much money is in the bank and, my personal favorite, the guy who is in a competition to see how many people he can have sex with in a day While he was muddling though the dates Barry was able to be a matchmaker himself [...]

    10. 4.0 StarsBarry Richards wants someone special to spend Christmas with He s a catch in his own right single, smart, funny, tall, trim, good looking, financially sound, and a pet lover What s not to love He subscribes to GetaDate in the hopes of finding a perfect match but one disastrous date after another has Barry losing faith That is until he receives an email from college history professor, Adam Collins The two meet up and decide to take it slow but it seems Barry gets his Christmas wish after [...]

    11. three stars because it was funny and the writing was good other than that it wasn t really romantic or sweet we don t even meet the romantic interest till well over half way into the book and in a short story there just wasn t time for a romance in the few pages left after the love interest is introduced I just never got into the story view spoiler i also hated the sex in the book of the three sex scenes in the book only one was with the love interest and that was just hand jobs so rubbing off o [...]

    12. Awww, poor Barry I was torn between being horrified by his dates and laughing my ass off All worth it in the end D

    13. Looking for a partner later in life, once you ve established yourself professionally, may sound like a good idea while you re doing said establishing The reality, however, as Barry finds out in this hilarious and touching story, can be quite different.Barry decides that he has been alone long enough, and now that he owns a stable company, is financially secure, and his parents and sister are all doing their own thing, he wants a partner of his own Not really being part of the dating pool, and no [...]

    14. I have to tell you that I laughed out loud so many times reading this story Barry has a really unique voice that is snarky at the same time as being incredibly innocent Every date he went into with blind eyes I wanted to grab him up before he really got himself into a mess I especially loved that he could easily have been portrayed as stupid or immature, but he wasn t He s highly intelligent, but because he had been focused on work, he s almost like a teenager dating for the first time He is als [...]

    15. I returned with the need to write something on this book so here it is I was starting to really feel sorry for Barry He tried like what 7 dates Every one of them was bombing from what I can see although he was able to pair up and match people he came to know, but still remained lonely Getting closer to Christmas I thought the goal he was trying to reach was going to bomb and it was looking rather bleak and hopeless till Adam came along.To be completely honest here, after giving it much debate I [...]

    16. As good the secondtime around as the first I just love how real Barry is I think this could easily become a Christmas traditional read I love the humour and mix ups and the edge of disapointments, but most of all I love Barry The only thing that could improve this is a longer version LOL.

    17. Barry is ready for a out of life He especially wants to have someone to spend his Christmas with, so he decides to fill out a profile for an online dating site The dates are not working out and just when he is about to give up Adam contacts him.From the dating encounters to the yearning Barry felt to connect to that special someone, the story was funny and emotional and I enjoyed it all I admired Barry s determination and his willingness to help his friends find their partners He was open and a [...]

    18. OverallThis was a cute little Christmas story that will ring especially true to all the single people reading it The narrator is funny and a little self pitying but who isn t as he struggles through date after horrendous date on an online dating service The men he meets are outrageous but ring true, and his reaction normally running away as fast as he can is enough to put a smile on your face I think my favorite date was with John, who is oddly the second best thing to come out of the dating ser [...]

    19. The cuteness This story has it.Barry is a guy who s tired of being alone Well, he s not totally alone He s got his cats Tom I and Tom II But Barry needs that romantic kind of love So, what does he do He joins an LGBT dating site, that s what This story is the tale of Barry s dating adventures and what a string of adventures they are.I loved Barry He was so sweet and handled his horrible and hilarious dates well I loved the dating site and how it matched up all of the wrong people I especially lo [...]

    20. I thought this was a cute little short story about Barry, a man who is on a mission to find someone special to spend the holidays with In order to fulfill this agenda, he joins Getadate and loads his profile to hopefully find a match While the matching system sends him many matches , he has to kiss quite a few frogs before he finds his prince I thought it was cute the way Barry made some friends along the way and ended up playing cupid to them A cute short story This probably could have been mad [...]

    21. Very sweet and very funny tale of lonely Barry, who braves an online dating site in order to find someone to spend Christmas, and hopefully his life, with He has to go through seven complete misfires and sets up two different friends with their partners in order to find his guy, but it fun to read.

    22. A light hearted, nice little holiday read Barry joins a dating site and needs to live through some dates which range from one night stand over scary to gruesome until he finds his perfect match with Adam just in time for christmas.

    23. Funny, sweet Christmas story No one wants to be alone on Christmas, but Barry finds the dating road full of potholes trying to find his special guy Really enjoyed it.

    24. I waffled over the rating on this story Is it my first A An A has to be pretty damn impressive right For me an A finds me laying in bed, or zoning out on the commute to work, going over a story in my head, thinking about it, and contemplating the characters And sure enough, after I finished this story and went to bed, I found myself doing just that I chuckled, and winced, at Barry s dating experiences while comfy in my warm flannel sheets.I loved Barry He knew what he wanted, a decent boyfriend [...]

    25. I loved this Christmas finding love story Barry is a very sweet romantic at heart and all he really wants is to find someone to spend Christmas and beyond with Well, someone besides his furboys Tom I and Tom II The traditional routes haven t worked so he caves and joins a dating site He has such high hopes, but tries to keep himself grounded at the same time The first hits he gets aren t too promising and the disastrous dates that follow would be so sad if they weren t so funny Barry does manage [...]

    26. This was a really cute, funny story and probably pretty realistic for what happens with dating sites I absolutely loved Barry and enjoyed seeing what would happen next on his numerous dates My only problem with the story was that Adam wasn t introduced until the end so I never really got to know him as a character or see them as a couple To me, this story was about Barry s adventures in trying to find true love than a romance, but I loved it anyway

    27. Well, if it s been years since you ve dated, this will make you thank your stars And if you re still out there looking, there s plenty in here with which to commiserate And plenty to give you hope A great, fun for the reader not so much for Barry story that was funny and sweet and left me smiling A perfect read for one of those I need a lift days.

    28. The dangers of online dating Barry meets them all.I love the voice of the character through his misadventures, he s easily likeable and the dates had me laughing It s all light hearted fun and the romance at the end is nice.Thrilled to discover there s a sequel and Otis s story available rushing off to purchase

    29. Poor Barry The dude goes on than a handful of awful dates but just doesn t give up trying to find the one to bring home for christmas Cute a bit funny, the story left me with warm fuzzies.

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