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Atto d'amore #2020

Atto d amore Per le strade di Houston si aggira un moderno Jack lo Squartatore e Marvin Hanson e Joe Clark sono i poliziotti incaricati dell indagine Hanson in particolare un detective nero disgustato dagli omi

  • Title: Atto d'amore
  • Author: Joe R. Lansdale Giancarlo Carlotti
  • ISBN: 9788834710180
  • Page: 385
  • Format: Paperback
  • Atto d'amore By Joe R. Lansdale Giancarlo Carlotti, Per le strade di Houston si aggira un moderno Jack lo Squartatore, e Marvin Hanson e Joe Clark sono i poliziotti incaricati dell indagine Hanson in particolare, un detective nero, disgustato dagli omicidi, dalla loro ripugnante violenza, e si dedica alla caccia con un sentimento di vendetta personale Ma l inchiesta un tuffo nel dolore e nell ambiguit , un itinerarioPer le strade di Houston si aggira un moderno Jack lo Squartatore, e Marvin Hanson e Joe Clark sono i poliziotti incaricati dell indagine Hanson in particolare, un detective nero, disgustato dagli omicidi, dalla loro ripugnante violenza, e si dedica alla caccia con un sentimento di vendetta personale Ma l inchiesta un tuffo nel dolore e nell ambiguit , un itinerario in cui facile perdere la ragione e trasformarsi a propria volta in ci che pi si odia.

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      385 Joe R. Lansdale Giancarlo Carlotti
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    1 thought on “Atto d'amore

    1. I own two different editions of this book 1 The British Kinnell edition published in 1989 and 2 the Subterranean Press edition published in 2012 containing a new introduction by Lansdale and the additional story A Bone Dead Sadness and finally an interview with Mr Lansdale There was also a slipcase edition of this book published earlier by Cemetery Dance in 1992 but did not include the extra story.

    2. Lansdale non sbaglia un colpo Mai Tutti i suoi quattro romanzi da me letti finora hanno soddisfatto pienamente o quasi la mia sete di macabro che cerco in libri del genere, quasi una garanzia di qualit.Stavolta siamo negli anni 60 del Quinto distretto di Houston, dove un moderno Jack lo Squartatore, denominato Il Macellaio e gi solo il soprannome tutto un programma si diverte a fare a pezzi giovani donne di colore il nero Marvin Hanson e il bianco Joe Clark, coppia per me nuova nei romani del te [...]

    3. 3 1 2 stars.A promising debut, rough around the edges but an enjoyable crime fiction serial killer story, of which I measure all such reads vs Red Dragon Silence of the Lambs.Probably not one I would re read again or I would ve given it a higher rating.

    4. In Houston geht ein Serienm rder um Er vergewaltigt und zerst ckelt Frauen, nimmt Teile ihres K rpers mit und i t diese Die Polizei tappt im Dunkeln, die Presse macht ihr die H lle hei und der ermittelnde Detective wird immer tiefer in den Fall hineingezogen, entfremdet sich mehr und mehr seiner Familie und verliert sich schlie lich in wilden Verd chtigungen gegen ber seiner n chsten Umwelt Dadurch kommt er dem T ter jedoch unvermittelt recht nah und so nimmt dieser nun die Familie aufs Korn Ein [...]

    5. Joe Lansdale s first published novel, from 1981, was released in the early days of the serial killer craze that gripped the reading and movie watching public in the 80 s, the zeitgeist that culminated in SILENCE OF THE LAMBS, but kept hobbling along after that until most of us were sick unto death of serial killer stories The story is simple a depraved killer, The Houston Hacker, goes around slicing up women, and a detective, Marvin Hanson, pursues him There are a couple of twists and turns near [...]

    6. Act of Love is Joe R Lansdale s first full length novel, an expeditiously paced crime story that pulls no punches in the gruesome department A young Lansdale finds his voice in this grisly tale about a savage serial killer terrorizing the city of Houston and the hard boiled cop determined to bring him down By any means necessary This novel is a must read for all Lansdale fans, for it shines like the shimmering glint from a knife blade on what is still to come from the master of mojo storytelling [...]

    7. I liked this book better the second time I read it I remember reading it in the early 1990 s after hearing good things about Lansdale s short stories It showed up at a paperback exchange in Issaquah, WA, where I was living at the time I remember thinking it was okay, but not really enjoying it enough I don t think I read any Lansdale until I picked up THE DRIVE IN a few years later.This is Lansdale first published novel, and it s a short, violent, and explicit police procedural about the search [...]

    8. Act of Love by Joe R Lansdale digital edition 2014, first published 1981 Act Of Love was Lansdale s first published book and it is a terrific battle between Houston homicide detective Marvin Hanson and his partner and a modern day Jack The Ripper who brutally murders women Marvin becomes obsessed with the hunt and desperately pursues all leads, including those that point to suspects close to him The Hanson character is a very interesting long time homicide detective who is known as Gorilla and t [...]

    9. Un genio del male, un genio dei dialoghi, un genio del thriller Quando leggi Lansdale sai gia che dovrai avere stomaco per arrivare fino in fondo, ma consapevole anche che sarai pi che soddisfatto della lettura.Il ritmo serrato e scorre tutto molto velocemente, ma sia ben inteso, non velocemente che passa in fretta, perch le immagini vivide di ogni situazione raccolte in quelle pagine, saranno veri e propri pugni allo stomaco.La trama non fitta, non complessa non quello il pregio delle opere di [...]

    10. This book was written in the 80s, so there are references that younger readers won t get as in, typewriters lol but all in all I thought it was a great book, because not only does it tell you about one of Hap and Leonard s closest friends Marvin Hanson, but it also tells of two of his toughest cases, and gives you some background on or I should say fleshes out other stories in the Hap and Leonard stories so that s really great The only problem I had was the fact is that it was dated a bit, and t [...]

    11. ACT OF LOVE NRLansdale, Joe R standaloneTelling the tautly plotted story of a modern Jack the Ripper s spree in Houston, Lansdale creates a powerful combination of crime, police work, and social commentary all with an eye for graphic detail Absolutely none of the characters had any redeeming social values I couldn t have cared less about any of them Not for me.

    12. My brain was craving horror, Lansdale had been on my mind for one reason or another probably from digging into the archives of toomuchhorrorfiction, one of my favorite pastimes , and I had this kicking around why not The opening was ferocious Words that come to mind when I read Lansdale unsparing, uncaring, vicious, sardonic Act of Love was his first novel and these traits were already on display, even if his signature voice wasn t fully developed.Overall, I m fond of Lansdale s work I ve mostly [...]

    13. From the first page, this is a very gory, bloody story I love mysteries, but this was a little over the top for me Not for the faint of heart Not of a lot suspects to consider.

    14. Grisly and gut twisingAn intense tale that is very impressive for its sharply drawn characters and punchy dialogue, with clever twists and turns.

    15. Atto d a un bel Thriller.Il primo libro di Lansdale ad entrare nelle grazie di un editore e quindi ad essere pubblicato Quello con cui Joe ha inaugurato la sua carriera di professionista.Atto d a non il miglior libro di Lansdale e non il miglior Thriller scritto sulla faccia della terra ma resta comunque un bel libro, veloce, appassionante, con delle pozze oscure non del tutto usuali per questo genere nel 1980.In alcuni passaggi c un po del vecchio Koontz, come se pezzi di Intensity, La voce del [...]

    16. Normally a lurid cover like this would indicate a very sensationalized story, and it does.But the author is Joe R Lansdale, Who went on to write some really great stuff, Mostly in the horror, Mystery and Western fields I read a few of his books and absolutely love them, Including his book The Bottoms Which was one of the best Suspense crime novels I ve ever read Last month I ordered a bunch of books by him and I can t wait to read that he s written I ve always loved his short stories and I read [...]

    17. This book is from early in Joe Lansdale s career c 1980 But it points the way to many of the themes and structures he revisits in his later writing The basic premise is Jack the Ripper revisited, although this time he is self referentially known as The Houston Hacker And, on the side of all that is good, we have the honest durable black cop, Marvin Hanson But who is the Hacker And why does he know so much about police procedures And whybut now I m in danger of giving too much away a trait that L [...]

    18. Joe R Lansdale uno scrittore prolifico in quasi 30 anni ha pubblicato una trentina di romanzi e qualche centinaio di racconti.Questo il primo romanzo di Joe Lansdale Fu scritto nel 1979 e pubblicato nel 1981 Per la verit , era gi riuscito a farsi pubblicare alcuni racconti, per questo il primo lavoro in cui ha cercato di seguire una propria via questo il romanzo che, pur tra qualche farraginosit , riesce a mostrare l originalit di Lansdale Lansdale, in Atto d a , cerca di sondare la mente del se [...]

    19. Act of geniusA sure fire five star cracker Gory, full of compassion, grit, honesty, police detail Perfect writing which drags you in and makes you care for all the characters, even the minor ones Even better, when the murderer is named, the tension is just racked up to screaming point Will he get away with it With a writer like Lansdale you can t be sure Lansdale is the kind of master craftsman who trailblazes and shows others how to do it.or try to Can t recommend it enough A masterclass In plo [...]

    20. Vent anni fa si apriva la drammatica e spettacolare stagione dei serial killer Una nuova specie, un mutante sociale Un prodotto della nostra civilt , un uomo moderno, capace di sopravvivere nella nostra insensibile societ tecnologica Cos scrive Joe R Lansdale in Atto d a , l opera con cui esordisce nel 1981, una potente miscela di giallo, noir e commento sociale, un romanzo importante come afferma Andrew Vachss nell introduzione, che anticipa e contiene tutti i libri e i film che verranno dopo, [...]

    21. Quando sviluppi il culto di un autore e il mio per Lansdale , appunto, culto , le opere prime possono metterti in serio imbarazzo Vale poco Non vale abbastanza Poteva fare meglio.Per quanto fondato su premesse surreali non si pu mai giudicare il prima alla luce del dopo , il confronto diventa inevitabile e approda a esiti scontati Atto d a non un romanzo perfetto c qualcosa di meccanico nei dialoghi e di posticcio nei caratteri S intravede, tuttavia, anche una grandissima forza narrativa oltre u [...]

    22. Not exactly sure how I feel about Mr Lansdale s debut novel, but one thing for sure it s a page turner I read it in a single day, which is rare for me I think the last book I can remember reading in a single sitting was Jurassic Park Lansdale knows how to turn a phrase and keep the reader glued to the page, even in the midst of some seriously twisted gore and I have a pretty strong stomach when it comes to such in both literature and film script after letting the book sit in my gullet for a few [...]

    23. Questo il primo romanzo di Lansdale, scritto all inizio degli anni 80 Lo spunto per la trama gli venuto leggendo una tesina universitaria della moglie, laureanda in criminologia.Chi conosce a fondo Lansdale si render conto che questa sua prima opera risente molto delle raffinatezze stilistiche cui l autore ha abituato i suoi lettore nel corso degli anni.Atto d a un romanzo acerbo, sotto molti aspetti, ma allo stesso tempo genuino La storia credibile, anche nei punti in cui i personaggi sono cost [...]

    24. Originally published in 1981, Joe R Lansdale s Act of Love is a serial killer thriller A year before Thomas Harris s Red Dragon took us into the mind of a sadistic serial killer, Lansdale was doing it, giving us chapters in the point of view of a necrophiliac, sadistic, misogynist cannibal as he terrorizes the city of Houston, Texas.Act of Love is set in the 1980s and follows the murders committed by the Houston Hacker The Hacker was given his name by a local tabloid, and he is corresponding wit [...]

    25. Il primo lavoro di Lansdale un romanzo tagliato con l accetta, tirato al punto giusto e potente di uno stile diretto che non ammette repliche.E un giallo per stomaci forti, che non gira intorno ma va dritto al punto Qui i cattivi sono CATTIVI senza mezze misure e Lansdale gli rende merito con delle descrizione da pelle d oca, crude, come se fossero vere.Certo la trama non originale, e ci sono delle pecche qua e la come per esempio l ambientazione, non troppo approfondita ma che stile 4 stellette [...]

    26. Act of Love Joe R Lansdale s first full length novel deals with a vicious serial killer and the homicide detective who desperately hunts him Detective Marvin Hanson soon finds his family in danger when the killer goes after them I read many Lansdale books and all of them are what one would call hard hitting and this one his first is truly that and of course like all his books it takes place in Texas A good read indeed.

    27. Primo romanzo di Lansdale,esordio del 1981, ripescato dopo l enorme successo dello scrittore in Italia Un insolita ambientazione metropolitana e una trama forse ancora grossolana che si fa riscattare dalla crudezza e della velocit di questo thriller.Lansdale scrisse questo romanzo sull onda della rabbia provata a causa di un eccessiva attenzione dei media nei confronti dei serial killer a fronte un quasi totale disinteresse nei confronti delle vittime.

    28. 3.5 5.0Noir ish splatterpunk I enjoyed this much than I thought I would While at times the writing was a bit stilted the bad guy was fairly easy to predict for fans of the genre, the mystery was still solid and the MC was actually quite well rounded.The main negative comes in the short story that was tacked on in my edition There was no real resemblance to the character that had been developed in the novel only the names were really the same.

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