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JavaScript Patterns #2020

JavaScript Patterns What s the best approach for developing an application with JavaScript This book helps you answer that question with numerous JavaScript coding patterns and best practices If you re an experienced dev

  • Title: JavaScript Patterns
  • Author: Stoyan Stefanov
  • ISBN: 9780596806750
  • Page: 352
  • Format: Paperback
  • JavaScript Patterns By Stoyan Stefanov, What s the best approach for developing an application with JavaScript This book helps you answer that question with numerous JavaScript coding patterns and best practices If you re an experienced developer looking to solve problems related to objects, functions, inheritance, and other language specific categories, the abstractions and code templates in this guide are idWhat s the best approach for developing an application with JavaScript This book helps you answer that question with numerous JavaScript coding patterns and best practices If you re an experienced developer looking to solve problems related to objects, functions, inheritance, and other language specific categories, the abstractions and code templates in this guide are ideal whether you re writing a client side, server side, or desktop application with JavaScript.Written by JavaScript expert Stoyan Stefanov Senior Yahoo Technical and architect of YSlow 2.0, the web page performance optimization tool JavaScript Patterns includes practical advice for implementing each pattern discussed, along with several hands on examples You ll also learn about anti patterns common programming approaches that cause problems than they solve.Explore useful habits for writing high quality JavaScript code, such as avoiding globals, using single var declarations, and Learn why literal notation patterns are simpler alternatives to constructor functionsDiscover different ways to define a function in JavaScriptCreate objects that go beyond the basic patterns of using object literals and constructor functionsLearn the options available for code reuse and inheritance in JavaScriptStudy sample JavaScript approaches to common design patterns such as Singleton, Factory, Decorator, and Examine patterns that apply specifically to the client side browser environment

    • [E-Book] ↠ JavaScript Patterns | BY Ã Stoyan Stefanov
      Stoyan Stefanov

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    1. If you re a JavaScript developer, you would be wise to have this on your bookshelf nestled nicely between JavaScript The Good Parts and High Performance JavaScript The three make a nice little troika.And read them in that order The Good Parts, Patterns, and then High Performance.Here s why What Stefanov gives us with this book is effectively an overview of best practices for JavaScript development, going over the benefits and gotchas of certain important language features, and translating those [...]

    2. So far I m a little disappointed that practices like write sensible comments and indent properly are really listed as patterns, especially when the book claims to be targeted to professional devs But I ve still got a bunch of pages to go through.UPDATE Finished now The title does not lie the book is full of patterns There is a focus on organizational patterns object creation, inhheritance Of these, there is a large variety of variants mostly presented in an evolutionary chain the leads to increa [...]

    3. This is a good book and most people who work with Javascript should spend at least a couple hours going through it But there is a caveat it is old.This book was published in 2010, and there are many things that are talked about, which we really don t have to worry about any In this book, there are many IIFE examples that are no longer needed in the world of ES2015 and beyond i.e ESNEXT.In any case, you need to read through this book in a smart manner Don t force yourself to go through absolutely [...]

    4. Only a small part of JavaScript Patterns is about design patterns Much pages are spent on best practices and the deployment story While these parts are very useful, they may not be what you are looking for The Singleton pattern is a one example I like to pick to illustrate some of the problems with the book In books about design patterns for other languages like Ruby that doesn t have the concept of a Singleton, the explanation of the pattern is simply Not supported here In his book Stoyan Stef [...]

    5. Este livro me proporcionou maiores conhecimentos de padr es de projeto Singleton, Factory, Iterator, Decorator, Strategy, Fa ade, Proxy, Mediator, Observer , performance javascript entre outros, como pude aprender tamb m o que s o anti padr es O livro cita exemplos primeiramente como n o fazer e como fazer anti padr o e padr o , bastante objetivo Recomendo todos desenvolvedores.

    6. Some of the author s suggestions about how to handle loading of JS are getting quite dated, but the discussion of design patterns is still worth buying this book.

    7. Do not re invent the wheel Patterns are a cornerstone of systems design and this book shows how they can be applied I would like to see data access patterns added, especially now that HTML5 is so wide spread But that does not take away from the good set of patterns described here.

    8. Let me start by presenting my credentials in the field I have two decades of programming experience in different object oriented languages, mainly in platform and SQL Most of the time I deal with client server applications in Windows environment Over last couple of years I started increasingly dabbling with HTML5 and JavaScript, a challenge which I admit freely is not very enjoyable to me mostly due to JavaScript s chaotic nature in my opinion at least.When I reached for this particular volume, [...]

    9. JavaScript Patterns was the first book that made me feel like I really GOT JavaScript I ve come away with a much greater appreciation for the language than I used to have, and I feel much comfortable with the idiotmatic usage of the language.The book, written by a Senior Yahoo programmer, is than just a here is how to do the XYZ Design Pattern from the GOF book in JS though it has quite a bit of that at the end It s really a book about patterns that have evolved out of JavaScript s usage these [...]

    10. A grab bag of practices and techniques for JavaScript development for the core language and some browser specific concerns The Essentials, Literals and Constructors, Functions, Object Creation Patterns, and Code Reuse Patterns chapters mostly rehash material from JavaScript The Good Parts The author provides additional exposition on the concepts but doesn t introduce much new material The Design Patterns chapter includes some good examples of JavaScript implementations but accurately points out [...]

    11. This book covers a lot of different patterns, and is a useful tour Even experienced programmers will likely learn patterns they haven t seen before The author s commentary is thoughtful and helps the reader evaluate pros and cons, though I think the author is not sufficiently critical of weaker techniques Many of them are fine for small programs but don t scale well for larger ones i.e are not very maintainable or extensible or automatically checkable.The bigger problem is that, like JavaScript [...]

    12. Crucial source for JS developersJS Patterns is a well thought out and executed resource that introduces and explains many common, helpful patterns that modern day web and app developers will find invaluable Stefanov clearly explains the reasoning behind each pattern, common problems they solve, as well as usage examples and source code This book is legendary among the JS community, and it s not hard to see why I only wish this were updated I would love to see some ES6 implementations, and there [...]

    13. Good JS design patterns book.Before Addy Osmani s JS Design Patterns book, this book was my go to choice.The reason why I give it a 4 5 is that it s not as accessible as Addy Osmani s.It starts as an uphill battle for newer JS developers looking into design patterns and some concepts are harder to get than in the later book.Still a solid design patterns resource and definitely a go to choice for people that are experienced.

    14. Nicely written book Though, I would not consider programming JavaScript using practices and patterns from OOP I find it as an overkill implementing Object Oriented patters in a language which was designed as an event driven, and does not support the concept of classes Moreover, I would consider this as an anti pattern, as it introduces a lot of misconception and non intuitive constructs.Overall, it brought some interesting points about JS, though a lot of them are not useful.

    15. A good compliment to Crockford s book if a little less opinionated, and less entertaining as a consequence Having been convinced by Crockford that Javascript is a different, functional language it is a bit surprising to then have Stefanov use a lot of space to show how to bend Javascript to mimic the traditional class based OOP model The remainder is good and the patterns implementations useful but for the Singleton pattern which, for many, is now regarded as an anti pattern.

    16. In depth review of patterns you ll need or encounter while writing JavaScript code All patterns are clearly explained so that you understand their reason for existence as well as how to apply them yourself It s rather dry though, and expects a moderate familiarity with JavaScript so it should not be the first book you read when learning JavaScript.

    17. The book introduces common solutions of problems that come into the view of every javascript developer starting from the code style and ending with realization of some OOP patterns Information is not outdated and JS patterns will be a good choice if you do not need another language syntax description but want to figure out, how it works in the real world.

    18. I wish i remembered parts of this Redefining constructors during their construction to only do setup work once sounds handy Preloading js for other pages is something i need to think about doing Mainly though this book is about what not to do, would probably want to refer to this again repeatedly while working to really internalize the lessons.

    19. Quite comprehensive, but mindnumbingly boring There are better intros to good JavaScript see Test Driven JavaScript by Johansen , and there are few patterns besides best practices The last bit has some good performance tips on preloading and lazy loading Otherwise a definite waste of your time if you know your way around closures, ES5, and basic design patterns Nothing new.

    20. This book will help you explore the hidden secrets of JavaSript, along with letting light on the design patterns defined by the Gang of Four Note One is only qualified to read this book if one has read JavaScript The Good Parts atleast 2 times, meaning concepts should be clear before reading it It simply takes you to higher level than you where before reading it.

    21. If you ever come from a different programming language into the world of modern Javascript, this book is a lifesaver as it introduces you to a number of patterns and common sense conventions that have sprouted over the years as Javascript evolved into the powerful if messy and difficult to modularize language it is today.

    22. A solid introduction to a variety of best practices in JavaScript While the theoretical aspects are interesting singleton implementation isn t really relevant , the book could ve been even concise without them.

    23. Very good book to understand JS It targets the novice programmer who already knows the syntax and basic programming It has quite a few good tips and tricks but it doesn t dive into enough details about patterns for my taste The object creation patterns are the gem of this book.

    24. Useful for a deeper understanding of some core JavaScript patterns If you ve used JavaScript before you probably know some of the information in the book, but the deeper understanding is useful even for the concepts you are already aware of.

    25. A tad bit old now, but still very relevant.If you re coming over from another language this is an excellent book to read, it should help break the Classical shackles you may be wearing so you re free to adopt a prototypal way of thinking.

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