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Shout! Shout It Out! #2020

Shout Shout It Out Kids are often told to sit still and be quiet But Denise Fleming encourages them to shout shout it out By taking basic learning concepts like numbers letters and colors and putting them on display

  • Title: Shout! Shout It Out!
  • Author: Denise Fleming
  • ISBN: 9780805092370
  • Page: 365
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Shout! Shout It Out! By Denise Fleming, Kids are often told to sit still and be quiet But Denise Fleming encourages them to shout, shout it out By taking basic learning concepts like numbers, letters, and colors and putting them on display, she asks kids to shout out what they know and her readers will be happy to oblige.With bold colors and her unique handmade paper art, Denise Fleming makes learning into aKids are often told to sit still and be quiet But Denise Fleming encourages them to shout, shout it out By taking basic learning concepts like numbers, letters, and colors and putting them on display, she asks kids to shout out what they know and her readers will be happy to oblige.With bold colors and her unique handmade paper art, Denise Fleming makes learning into a game Long time fans and sharp eyed newcomers will be happy to see that Mouse returns on every page, shouting along with the crowd

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      Denise Fleming

    1 thought on “Shout! Shout It Out!

    1. What child doesn t want to use their outside voice inside once in awhile If 2 1 2 3 year olds were our reviewers this book would get all 5 stars Highly recommended by preschool teachers, a fun book that needs attention Ellie s Feb 5 stars

    2. Denise Fleming is a fantastic author who uses minimal words and unique pictures in each of her books She writes for a young age group and the story can be easily read without the words because her pictures tell the story In each book she uses a process called pulp painting for her images Her book Shout Shout it out is no exception to her style The central theme of most of her books is teaching through words and pictures This book, Shout Shout it out follows this theme This book contains numerous [...]

    3. Perennial favorite author Denise Fleming invites young children to shout out what they see in what might be the ultimate participation book In Shout Shout It Out Fleming displays colorful numbers, letters, colors, animals, and means of transportation and calls on children to shout out the things they know The book takes children s natural inclinations to comment and point out familiar things and makes it the center of the experience The small mouse that appears throughout encourages another read [...]

    4. Denise Fleming s mouse is back, and this time he is in the midst of preschoolers who are shouting their ABCs and 123s Great story time selection to help shake out the wiggles Illustrations are Fleming s hallmark pulp painting a paper making technique using colored cotton fiber poured through hand cut stencils Accents were added with patterned paper collage, pastel pencil, china marker, and colored indian inks from the copyright page

    5. Perfect for story hour Don t think so Think this is too noisy for a shhh library Well, then you havn t been to any public library lately And you certainly haven t been to mine Or to one of my story hours This book is PERFECT for getting a group involved in a program And because of the side comments from the characters, you could also easily use it one on one on your lap.Either way, another terrific title from one of my top Too Good To Get A Caldecott authors.

    6. This vibrant picture book is for all our little ones who love to call out what they see as we read Cow Train I know my ABC s Fleming s art is box of crayons bright Nice choice for a loud storytime

    7. A splendid book for youngsters to practice the letters, numbers, colors, and other words they know Bold, bright illustrations go along with the loudness and joy of shouting out the words A clever little mouse appears on every page, adding his own thoughts about each category.

    8. Love the wide open mouths on all the kids in this book love little mouse making lovely little comments You could read this at storytime once through with everybody being super loud, then read it again and only read what Mouse says, very quietly.

    9. This book gets the reader involved in shouting out the words to match pictures many basic concepts like colors, abc, and numbers toddler and up

    10. For an early concept book, this one does its job very nicely It goes over many of the earliest concepts of the literate world in a simple pattern It s very nicely done for the right audience.

    11. Would be a good book for a 4 5 year old pre k or kindergarten class Could use for basic object labeling, counting, and letters.

    12. Assignment Picture Book ProjectPicture Book Soak Book I can t wait to use Recommending Source None requiredReview When kids are proud to share something they know, this book provides them with a fun outlet to shout it out With every turn of the page, Denise Fleming encourages the children to yell out what they know, whether it is numbers, the alphabet, colors, or different objects It s a very fun and interactive approach to reviewing what students have learned.Covering half of the dust jacket, t [...]

    13. 1 Rating 52 A book review from Children s Literature says, From the bright bright bright red cover where a wide wide wide open mouth shouts out the book s title, to Fleming s own wide wide wide open mouth in the author illustrator photo on the back flap, this is an exuberant, enthusiastic, no holds barred, shout out for enthusiasm itself An open mouthed teacher tells her students, Everybody loves to shout So, if you know it, shout it out And then open mouthed children of various races and ethnic [...]

    14. The story is about what the students know This book is a little out of the math box because there are other areas that are also incorporated into this story, but could definitely be used for math in a creative way.The audience for this book is definitely a preschool or younger classroom The students should know these basic numbers, letters, shapes and ect Also, the shouting interaction of the book suits the preschool grade level very well.I would use this book for counting numbers as well as obj [...]

    15. The book SHOUT Shout it out by Denise Fleming seemed busy and confusing to me as the reader While it seemed like an ABC book it also had random spurts of 123 s and other word patterns One of the first things to strike me about the book was that most of the children looked the same but the teacher seemed to be drawn very differently than the children having a difference in her nose and eyes Although the illustrations were bright and popped out to the reader the print varied from small to large an [...]

    16. Shout Shout it out Have a room full of energized children that need to get it out Not afraid of a little screaming Then this is the book for you It covers numbers, letters, colors, and common animals It breaks these concepts into sections, and each section starts with , Shout Shout Shout it out Then the children get to shout out the numbers letters colors animals on the page.Obviously this book is for children who already know these concepts It s a review of what they know than a teaching book [...]

    17. The teacher, school children, and even the mouse in this book encourage readers to Shout Shout it out Beginning with numbers and the alphabet and moving onto colors, animals, and vehicles, this concept book will encourage kids to shout out everything they know.The text of this book was clearly written to be read out loud with the help of children The letters, numbers, colors, etc are printed and drawn in large colorful type and the frequent refrain of, Shout Shout it out is lots of fun to yell o [...]

    18. Shout Shout it out In this book, children are encouraged to shout out what they are thinking and different things like the alphabet or numbers This was a decent book, but it was definitely not my favorite I don t have a true reason why I didn t enjoy it as much as other books, but it just didn t appeal to me like some other children s books have I think it has a good meaning behind it though Many times students are told to sit still and quietly in the classroom all day long and I am a strong bel [...]

    19. Young readers will delight in shouting out the letters of the alphabet, the numbers, colors, animals, modes of transportation as a tiny mouse that appears throughout the pages offers encouragement or sly comments I suspect he ll be appealing to the adult readers who share this read aloud with children than with the children themselves The idea of being proud of what you know is certainly an empowering message, and reading this book with children will result in a rollicking boast fest designed t [...]

    20. Why are children always being told to sit down and be quiet They are learning so much from the world around them, and they just want to share it with everyone Why should adults squelch this excitement Shout Shout It Out encourages students to share what they know Readers will be enthusiastic and it will translate into their daily lives Teachers and parents be careful children are likely to become much vocal about all the knowledge they are gaining Be prepared for their excitement.

    21. Sometimes we need to use our inside voices and sometimes we just have to SHOUT In Denise Fleming s newest book, kids get the chance to show off what they know numbers, letters, colors by SHOUTING them out There are lots of fun games you can play with this book Toddlers can show you how they can count to ten and preschoolers can show you how they can find different letters on the page This is a really great one for toddlers, who have excellent SHOUTING skills This book is just plain fun

    22. Here s a shout out Storytime Perfect Thank you, Denise Fleming This title is interactive from cover to cover incorporating numbers, letters, colors, animals and transportation into one title Brightly illustrated, each page shows a shouting child who is Excellent and attractive storytime choice for preschool pre k kindergarten.dren will ask for it again and again.Update Used this one for storytime today and even though my audience was small, it was well received and the yelling part was very much [...]

    23. Children are encouraged to shout out 1 10, the abc s, colors, animals and vehicles Bright, vivid illustrations will draw children in.I m conflicted about this book I think it would be useful as an at home book Having most of the concepts in one book with no transitions between them seems very confusing.As much as I love shouting in the library I will not be using this book for storytime.

    24. The mouse who appears throughout the book was the saving grace of this text for me The art was not my style, although it s done using something called pulp painting, which sounds really interesting I ll bet my kids would want to learn how she did her work I could see this book being useful during a body break in a primary classroom, or when students are getting squirrely and need a chance to be silly and refocus I could see this being a Geisel award candidate.

    25. Ages 2 6 Children love to show that they know something What better way than a book about shouting what you know I can see kids really enjoying this book in a group setting where they can participate with other children I like this book because it isn t just an ABC, 1 2 3, animal, or color book, but all three in one Then towards the end, there is a section where the children can whisper like mouse Great for vocabulary also A dynamic fun book.

    26. This incredibly simple book appeals to me for two reasons It is highly interactive and it is an education turned to game book Beware, the interaction is SHOUTING no surprise there , but my little guy also loved looking for the mouse on every page including ends and cover Your child will review numbers, the alphabet, colors, and basic words without even suspecting they are in school Even though my kids have outgrown the subject matter they loved the interaction and illustrations.

    27. THIS BOOK IS ADORABLE Ok, why am I shouting Because, the book is called SHOUT and that s what you do as you read ityou shout haha It s a fun book for teachers to use in class during morning meeting as children practice counting, recognizing numbers, the alphabet, colors, animals, and transportation machines Also, the little random mouse is quite funny and I m sure children will enjoy looking for him throughout the pages.

    28. Genre Concept InformationalCopyright Date 2011I really liked this simple book I wanted to use it in my preschool classroom this year but we have a problem with students shouting in the classroom and I didn t want this to add to the issue I was thinking this would be a great book on a warm day to take outside and sit in the grass and read with students It has all the preschool benchmarks letters, number, colors, animals, transportation objects Great book

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