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Oscar's Soul (Original Free Edition) #2020

Oscar s Soul Original Free Edition This is the old unedited version of this story that was available free for a while It has since been contracted to Amber Quill Press won t let me remove it so here it is in all it s original st dra

  • Title: Oscar's Soul (Original Free Edition)
  • Author: Missy Welsh
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 420
  • Format: ebook
  • Oscar's Soul (Original Free Edition) By Missy Welsh, This is the old, unedited version of this story that was available free for a while It has since been contracted to Amber Quill Press won t let me remove it, so here it is in all it s original 1st draft ness.

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      420 Missy Welsh
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      Posted by:Missy Welsh
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    1 thought on “Oscar's Soul (Original Free Edition)

    1. This review can be found at Brief Encounters Reviews.This little short, which was apparently offered as a freebie at some point, is told in a breezy style as if the narrator, in this case Satan, is addressing the reader directly and recounting his story I m sure there s an official name for that Satan is just doing his job, he s a regular guy, and he s sent to pick up Oscar, a young man whose father sold his son s soul for success It s not big deal, the usual job, however he s instantly smitten [...]

    2. This delightful, totally irreverent story about the devil himself finding eternal love in a somewhat unexpected way is sure to raise as many eyebrows as it is to cause cases of uproarious laughter and endless amusement For me, this is a great piece of writing not just because the of the tongue in cheek humor with which the devil himself relates this tale, but because the concept behind it actually makes a scary amount of sense Well, at least for someone who doesn t take church teaching any churc [...]

    3. Very nice little short about Satan falling in love I loved Welsh s viewpoint on God and the devil, and I really liked the little twist towards the end A little less fluff and it would have been perfect 3,5 stars

    4. Wickedly funny free short paranormal m m romance about the devil collecting a soul and realizing he s fallen in love.

    5. The 12 years of Catholic school in me went humar the end, then the old nuns shut up LOL That was a really cool and clever ending g

    6. Very original story I liked the writing and characters Would love to see this turned into a full length novel.

    7. Grammar Forget all u know about the Bible, this is the real story Of how Satan and Jesus yeah the one and only fell in love with each other and become lovers with God Blessing, after a little angst Michael finds out who Oscar really is when he tries to get his soul to heaven since it shouldnt be in Hell and thanks to this also God understands what happened and takes Oscar back to Heaven.Satan or Stan, like Oscar calls him, will pray God to give him back his lover and he will decide to fade into [...]

    8. A very lovely story about Satan who falls in love with a gentle soul Oscar is 21 year old young man, whose soul is being traded by his own father Unlike any other human in 21st century, whose soul have lived at least a dozen times, Oscar s soul is new and untouched Then we find out with A VERY SMART twist in the end about who Oscar really is Missy Welsh has a penchant for endearing characters in her short stories, that s for sure.

    9. Very nice short story about Satan and his lover Not going to say anything because I don t want to give it away, but it s a cute free read.

    10. Very interestingI never read anything like it But I Loved it just the same

    11. I give this 3 1 2 stars.It s a quick little free read The devil falling in love with Oscar Or so it seemed Can t say any without giving it away Nice little quickie P

    12. Cute The twist at the end was interesting The only thing that I would have liked was for it to be a little less mushy, but besides that an entertaining read.

    13. Very interesting character choices I suppose the religious extremists must hate Missy I thought it was a good read, though.

    14. LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVED this irreverent story And the twist Perfection This story could have easily been to sappy sweet, but the humor and the slight darkness kept it just right.

    15. So after reading a couple of cryptic reviews, curiosity did get the better of me, and, strong suspicion in hand, I took a peek at this one view spoiler The identity of Oscar coming as no surprise, I have to say, as someone who was raised very Catholic, it doesn t bother me, or shock me What other figure could have prompted such a reaction from some reviewers But there s a loooong tradition of Bible based fic, and any pairing you could come up with has absolutely been written before, countless ti [...]

    16. His name is Oscar and he s so beautiful Would you have thought that those are words coming out of Satan s mouth Yeah, me neither.A man makes a pact with a demon perpetual success in exchange for his firstborn s soul His own father s greed finds Oscar in the most unlikely place hell meeting the most unlikely of all individuals Satan However, Satan doesn t feel like hurting him or extracting some sort of punishment on Oscar, rather he finds himself wondering what love is and what he can do to make [...]

    17. I LOVED this short story about Satan falling in love with a man whose soul was sold by his father years ago When Satan collects, and takes Oscar to hell, he falls for the him and decides to keep him instead of sending him back It was beautifully written, hot and smexy And of course, there is a HUGE twist and reveal at the end that will make you giggle with glee.

    18. Well, well, well What a little twist it had in the middle there I was thoroughly surprised, completely didn t see that one coming This little short story was a master piece I actually cried a little bit

    19. The only reason I gave this book 4 stars was because I found the font very difficult to read at times Otherwise I would have give it 5 stars It was wonderfully written and I really enjoyed this book

    20. I really liked this book and it was a really good read for me based on the fact that the story really intrigued me and I found it rather interesting Definitely one of the memorable books that I ve read.

    21. Loved that Satan was just the VP of a division, not the head of a company And Oscar had such a sweetness, not what you expect Satan to fall for but they really end up being perfect for each other.Highly recommended

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