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Peter Pan In Scarlet #2020

Peter Pan In Scarlet The first ever authorized sequel to J M Barrie s Peter Pan In August the Special Trustees of Great Ormond Street Children s Hospital who hold the copyright in Peter Pan launched a worldwide sea

  • Title: Peter Pan In Scarlet
  • Author: Geraldine McCaughrean
  • ISBN: 9780192726216
  • Page: 223
  • Format: Paperback
  • Peter Pan In Scarlet By Geraldine McCaughrean, The first ever authorized sequel to J M Barrie s Peter Pan In August 2004 the Special Trustees of Great Ormond Street Children s Hospital, who hold the copyright in Peter Pan, launched a worldwide search for a writer to create a sequel to J M Barrie s timeless masterpiece Renowned and multi award winning English author Geraldine McCaughrean won the honor to write thisThe first ever authorized sequel to J M Barrie s Peter Pan In August 2004 the Special Trustees of Great Ormond Street Children s Hospital, who hold the copyright in Peter Pan, launched a worldwide search for a writer to create a sequel to J M Barrie s timeless masterpiece Renowned and multi award winning English author Geraldine McCaughrean won the honor to write this official sequel, Peter Pan in Scarlet Illustrated by Scott M Fischer and set in the 1930s, Peter Pan in Scarlet takes readers flying back to Neverland in an adventure filled with tension, danger, and swashbuckling derring do

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    1 thought on “Peter Pan In Scarlet

    1. Silly Exploitative Badly drawn characters None of the magic of the original That s enough reasons and enough time spent on why I gave this charmless book up.

    2. I hated every page of this book I m a pretty big fan of the JM Barrie characters and stories I ve seen some terrible movies and poor representations before, but this novel took it to a level I could never have ever imagined I m just going to have to act like I never read this book.First, I must say, I respect the Great Ormond Street Hospital I repect that JM Barrie wanted to provide for their amazing work and devotion to children They comissioned an authorized sequel in order to continue Pan s l [...]

    3. Siempre es un placer regresar a Nunca Jam s Nunca ha abandonado su fe sima costumbre de escuchar las conversaciones sin ser visto As que aquello que o steis mientras duraba esta historia no fue el sonido de las p ginas del libro, sino el propio Peter Pan, que lo estaba escuchando todo Si le cont is un cuento, a cambio tal vez os ense e su posesi n m s valiosa el mapa del Pa s de Nunca Jam s.A cambio de una sonrisa, tal vez os ense e, incluso, el Pa s de Nunca Jam s.

    4. This is billed as the first authorized sequel to Peter Pan I have long loved the original and read it many times In addition I had read two Peter Pan Starcatcher books last summer, and though I enjoyed them, was disappointed at not finding either the true Peter Pan character, or a faithful adherence to the details of the original story So I approached this one with hope tempered by scepticism I was pleased to find in this book the true Pan, and a story that stays true to the details of the origi [...]

    5. 3.5 En esta entrega de Peter Pan de Rojo Escarlata las aventuras que viven Peter y sus amigos esta lejos de parecerse a cualquier otra que hayan vivido en el Pa s de Nunca Jam s.La escritura, la manera de narrar de la autora me trae fascinada, con tanta prosa y delicadeza flipo con escrituras como esas y cada uno de los obst culos y escenarios en los que se desenvuelven los ni os est n tan bien definidos y cuidados Sin embargo, y para tristeza m a, no ha sido tan entretenida la lectura como yo e [...]

    6. this was a recommendation from my 6 year old and I so wanted to love it and will lie through my teeth and say I did but it was just dire come back beast quest all is forgiven

    7. Had to check to make sure I wasn t accidentally reading only the one star reviewsople don t seem to like this one as much, but it sure looks interesting 4.5 starsAll those one and two star reviews had me braced for something dreadful But it wasn t.Guys and gals , Peter Pan in Scarlet is not a mistake It is positively magical It has been a few years since I read the original Peter Pan, and what memories I have are rather dim and colored by Peter Pan whacking older Lost Boys It was a strange, beau [...]

    8. Apakah setelah dewasa kita harus kehilangan sisi kanak kanak kita Apakah setelah dewasa kita tidak boleh tertawa terbahak bahak, berlarian kesana kemari, jahil dan iseng ngerjain temen, berpura pura menjadi seseorang Apakah setelah dewasa kita harus selalu disibukkan dengan pekerjaan, angka angka tagihan, anak, pasangan, keluhan keluhan orang lain Kalau ya, susah sekali jadi orang dewasa.Berlarian sedikit, ngambek, iseng, dibilang kekanak kanakan.Lalu apa iya dewasa itu berarti banyak masalah Ja [...]

    9. Here is just one of the juicie points I love about this book A character in the book offers to serve Peter Your butler, perhaps Your valet Your serving man When asked what he should be called, he says, My mother gave me the name Crichton, but like most things a mother gives, it is not worth the having And he tells them to call him something else.Well, Barrie wrote a play, The Admirable Crichton, about a butler named Crichton who works for a wealthy family He and his employers are all shipwrecked [...]

    10. To be honest, I was pretty bored for the first half of this, but the last half was quite good, especially the last few chapters or so Of course, I m biased in favor of the original, but I did like how this author incorporated a similar style to Barrie s in her writing, as well as how she implemented various plot devices like the Great War in the background Speaking of which, MICHAEL MY HEART.

    11. 2 10 This one was just too childish for me to get on with I gave up after 80 pages , probably OK for the very young but not one I would choose to read to my own children.

    12. Es bueno recordar a los maravillosos personajes y volver a la historia de J.M Barrie, pero en verdad esto esta hecho totalmente con los pies, carente de sentido e incoherente Es totalmente un fanfiction.

    13. Hook is Back No, I m not referring to Tootles line in the film Hook , though that film is a wonderful sequel to Peter Pan I m talking about the book Peter Pan in Scarlet by Geraldine McCaughrean.I love pirate stories and Peter Pan is undeniably a pirate story Though ultimately tragic, it has all the elements of a swashbuckling tale pirates, of course, swordfights, kidnapping, intrigue, faeries and one hungry crocodile In the end, of course, Peter chooses to stay young forever and that choice ult [...]

    14. Initial Response GOODNESS That was INTENSE.In August 2004 the Special Trustees of Great Ormond Street Children s Hospital, who hold the copyright in Peter Pan, launched a worldwide search for a writer to create a sequel to J M Barrie s timeless masterpiece Renowned and multi award winning English author Geraldine McCaughrean won the honor to write this official sequel, Peter Pan in Scarlet Illustrated by Scott M Fischer and set in the 1930s, Peter Pan in Scarlet takes readers flying back to Neve [...]

    15. Peter Pan in Scarlet didn t appeal to me as much as I hoped, despite a nice narration done by Tim Curry in the audiobook version The story takes quite some time building to a point of interest, unlike the original J.M Barrie works It seemed that many, including Peter Pan himself, acted distinctly out of character, save for perhaps the last third of the novel, which actually kept and held my attention all the way until the end However, the buildup to that point took a long time, and while I think [...]

    16. Setelah membaca kedua kalinya penasaran sama komplennya Nielam nih , akhirnya aku berhasil mendapatkan soul nya buku ini Fantasi Geraldine McCaughrean ternyata sangat luar biasa, terutama dalam alur cerita yang lucu dan sangat tidak realistishihihiAku sendiri belum pernah baca karya asli Mr Barrie himself, tapi kalau film2 tentang Peter Pannya sendiri sudah sering menontonnya, mulai dari versi kartunnya, Peter Pan the movie sampai Hook Bahkan dalam Finding Neverland, aku sempat menangis sesenggu [...]

    17. Interesting story If you wish you can stay as a child forever, think about it again Even children have their own problems But that won t keep their rights in shadows, a right to possess imaginations and live it up So Wendy and the Lost boys must return to Neverland, as something surely happened in the dreamland Pan has changed alot, he is not himself The Ravelling man is turned out to be their old foe.What an adventure You can t just read it, you ought to enter the Neverland and hike through the [...]

    18. This is the official sequel to Peter Pan and I was really looking forward to it However, I found it rather lacking in excitement and and I know this sounds odd, given that the original was fantasy too far fetched It was very slow and I didn t think she d captured the essence of the lost boys at all.I loved Barrie s writing style and the humour in Peter Pan this book didn t have much humour at all, although the opening line was funny so I thought it would be amusing than it was.It was darker tha [...]

    19. I wonder if it s just me or the magic of Peter Pan is lost when you grow up I actually don t know what it was, that made me not fall in love with this book Maybe it was due to the fact that this book was written by a different author and several decades later Maybe it was due to the fact that I m not really the target audience Or maybe it was due to the fact that I picked it up at a slightly wrong time for me Although, I found myself thinking that I quite enjoyed the story as a whole.I know I m [...]

    20. This book gets a lot of hate for some reason I don t know why I really enjoyed this book and I can rightfully say that , after having read it, it is a proper sequel to the beloved story of our childhoodHowever this story is a bit darker than the original since the author tries to show how adults lose their inocence and imagination as they step into adulthood, and how corruption can affect a kind and gentle hero as Peter Pan

    21. La segunda parte de Peter Pan, me ha gustado mucho, aunque en algunas ocasiones algo pesado El Pa s de la Maravillas es un sitio al que siempre quieres volver, pero en esta ocasi n el Pa s de las Maravillas est muy cambiado, y algo malo est ocurriendo porque los sue os se est n escapando, con lo cu l, los ni os ya adultos tienen que volver para ver que ocurre, y encuentran a un Peter Pan muy cambiado.Proximamente rese a en loslibrosdemartamartiti

    22. This book was a pretty big disappointment As a big Peter Pan JM Barrie fan, I don t believe that Geraldine McCaughrean truly undertsood the magic and the characters of the original Peter Pan The idea of adults becoming young again by simply putting on their children s clothes was just ridiculous Pretty much all the characters personalities were changed too.Peter would have never acted in the way that he did in this book He was whiny and kind of a coward I understand that Neverland had kind of lo [...]

    23. Peter Pan in Scarlet is a tour de force of creative use of the English language author Geraldine McCaughrean is masterful in painting vivid imagery to describe Neverland, using unfamiliar and even made up words to invoke a sense of wonder in her conjured surroundings For me, however, that s where the magic ended Although to some degree consistent with the plot, Peter Pan was WAY out of character as I remember him, and was mostly an unsympathetic jerk throughout the story Perhaps it was because I [...]

    24. Well, really, between 2 and 3 stars I had such hope, at the beginning, because it was starting so well and dealt so neatly with the problems of getting the Darlings back, and I love the Lost Boys, who have real personalities hered then, about halfway along I got bored and shocked that this opportunity to free Neverland from racism and sexism wasn t taken, and the mythology went catawumpus even the mythology created just within this book itself and bitter references to WWI were just dropped in an [...]

    25. I can t think of a worse way to end Peter Pan It wasn t even worth the 7 hours of time I spent reading it The whole book was a whirlwind of poorly developed conflicts and mishaps until you get to right around the middle and the author attempts to write a terrible plot twist that most can expect from chapters back It wasn t the fact that it was expected that made it bad It was the fact that the details weren t thought out and it just shouldn t have been an idea in the first place After that the b [...]

    26. I listened to this on audio book with my family Overall, this book is pretty good The reader is pretty good as well That being said, considering this is an official sequel to the original Classic, I expected a little Maybe I ve just forgotten how Peter Pan reads, but there were so many parts in this book that just made NO sense Also, The reader was an older man with a really deep voice, so most of the voices sounded off Almost all the characters are young, so hearing them as oldish sounding peo [...]

    27. Bethany and I read through this authorized sequel to Peter Pan While we enjoyed the Dave Barry Pan series, it pales in comparison to this one This one is full of creativity, silliness, and absolutely stunning use of language The executors of the J.M Barrie estate chose well While this is an excellent sequel to Pan, let me warn you This is not written in the same tenor as the original While it certainly copies much of the off the wall silliness, this is a much, much darker book It is not gruesome [...]

    28. This is the official SEQUEL TO PETER PAN The rights of the novel Peter Pan were given to a hospital by the author, so all proceeds of the novel would go to the hospital A few years ago, the hospital had a contest for writing a sequel to the already cherished story Geraldine McCaughrean won that contest, and this is her thrilling sequel that she has produced Please consider reading it or reading it to other children you know I must say, I think all ages should read this to find out a bit about Pe [...]

    29. Life is too short to spend on bad books Tim Curry tried his hardest to sell this to me, but I had to give up at 50% This book is ridiculous Absolutely ridiculous Instead of making a unique story with new characters it turns adults into children It revives James Hook It turns a lost boy into a girl just cause It kills off Michael There are SO many better ways they could have gone If you re looking for a good sequel to Peter Pan, read Peter and the Starcatchers That series captures the magic of Pe [...]

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