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Shadow of the King #2020

Shadow of the King Britain lies uneasily at peace and Arthur Pendragon King of Britain is secure in his stronghold in the heart of the Summer Lands Ever the fighter he defies the advice of his wife Gwenhwyfar to sai

  • Title: Shadow of the King
  • Author: Helen Hollick
  • ISBN: 9780312170004
  • Page: 226
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Shadow of the King By Helen Hollick, Britain lies uneasily at peace, and Arthur Pendragon, King of Britain, is secure in his stronghold in the heart of the Summer Lands Ever the fighter, he defies the advice of his wife Gwenhwyfar to sail for Gaul to defend his territories in Less Britain, leaving his country vulnerable and leaderless When word comes that the Pendragon has fallen in battle, Gwenhwyfar, at CBritain lies uneasily at peace, and Arthur Pendragon, King of Britain, is secure in his stronghold in the heart of the Summer Lands Ever the fighter, he defies the advice of his wife Gwenhwyfar to sail for Gaul to defend his territories in Less Britain, leaving his country vulnerable and leaderless When word comes that the Pendragon has fallen in battle, Gwenhwyfar, at Caer Cadan with their small daughter, faces overthrow by the powerful council headed by Arthur s uncle, who is anxious to reassert Roman ways Also opposed by Arthur s ambitious ex wife, Winifred, keen to advance her own son as the rightful heir, Gwenhwyfar must struggle to carve out a future for herself and her daughter But, unknown to Gwenhwyfar, events abroad mean a far mightier battle for the Pendragon throne and the very future of Britain itself lies ahead.

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    1. The third and final installment of Helen Hollick s Pendragon s Banner Trilogy, Shadow of the King, finds Arthur and Gwen at Caer Caden, their kingdom in Britain Arthur has been king for 11 years and though they are both still grieving over the deaths of their sons, they are basking in the love of their baby daughter.Arthur is sent on a fool s errand to Gaul under the pretext of war, but this turns out to be a ploy to get him away from his kingdom, leaving it vulnerable to invaders Namely, his un [...]

    2. 3.5 starsArthur is planning to go fighting to Gaul for Rome yet all isn t well in his kingdom His uncle Aurelianus Ambrosius wishes to bring back old Roman ways and his son Cedric is starting to become a real problem Discovering treachery in Gaul, Arthur comes to realize he s very close to defeat for the very first time on his career.This is the final book of the trilogy and I ve loved watching Arthur s and Gwenhwyfar s relationship through It wasn t easy marriage but I loved seeing how they man [...]

    3. This book nearly killed my desire to ever read again It was long, dull, and largely uneventful much like life in an abandoned nunnery I m pretty sure Hollick realized this at some point, because the last third of the book felt as though she were simply trying to wrap up the story It went something like this Some minor Characters died Of Arthur s two illegitimate sons, the whiny wimp ran away The crazy wimp tried to kill Arthur in battle several times but couldn t win until Arthur was old Then Ar [...]

    4. I liked this book the best of the three There was a lot suspense than in the first two Arthur is badly wounded in battle in Gaul and is presumed dead, so his family tries to move on This is just the beginning of Arthur s trials and tribulations that lead eventually to the climactic end The characters are either very likeable or so nasty that you want to find a time machine and take them out yourself This series is one of the better Arthurian series I have read Hollick s Arthur is no knight in s [...]

    5. So here I am at the end of the Pendragon series and it s hard to tear myself away There are a few very special books series which you wish would never end, and for me the Pendragon trilogy is one of them As with the first two books, this is notable for its lyrical descriptions, especially the close observation of nature a bird in a hedge, the changing colours of dawn and dusk, the mists around Glastonbury Tor It all conveys a sense of something eery about the British landscape with its standing [...]

    6. This is a great end to a trilogy focussing on the life and times of King Arthur I do like how Helen Hollick writes it s so descriptive and you really can imagine the scenes as they re unfolding, almost like you re there I do love stories about King Arthur anyway, so was bound to like these books I still like the fact that Helen Hollick painted him as a flawed hero rather than a saint I know I will be reading this book and indeed the others in the trilogy again.

    7. Finally finished the trilogy I m actually kinda sad Not only has the trilogy finished, but Arthur the scummy, manwhoring, cruel, bullying immoral bastard also died It s wrong that it makes me sad, but I couldn t help but be somewhat attached to him, faults and all It helped that he was mostly faithful in this book I say mostly, there was the one exception but apart from that he wasn t as repellent as normal The book starts with him taking a foolhardy mission to Gaul and getting stuck there for a [...]

    8. Though it has been a struggle, Arthur and Gwenhwyfar have somehow managed to put their lives back together after the deaths of all three of their sons Their small daughter and sole surviving child, Archfedd, is their joy and the kingdom of Britain their solace and responsibility But they never can seem to agree when it comes to Arthur s decisions about the ruling of it.An urgent summons for assistance from across the sea in Gaul arrives and Arthur, against Gwenhwyfar s pleading, cannot resist th [...]

    9. From My Blog return return Shadow of the King is the third book in Helen Hollick s Pendragon Series, which opens with King Arthur, his wife Gwenhwyfar and their daughter Archfedd living at Caer Caden Arthur is now 33 and has been King of Greater and Lesser Britain for 11 years and while Winifred s second husband, Leofric, has passed away, she continues to remain a threat to Arthur even though they have been legally divorced for 13 years Their son Cerdic has run off to his step father s lands hop [...]

    10. In many ways this third in the Pendragon trilogy was as satisfying as the first two but I had some issues with the writing The author s sentence structure is careless at times and downright confusing at other times A little clarity would have been good I did like the way she used phrases that conjured up history and made it seem like I was right back in the fifth century At other times these seemed to intrude Always there is a decision to be made as to whether the language should be of the peri [...]

    11. The last book in the trilogy tells of the last few years of Arthur s reign It starts off with him leaving Britain to defend his land in France, but double crosses and miscommunications create chaos on both sides of the channel With no male heir with Gwynhafwr, but a number of illegitimate sons, grandsons, ex wives and lovers, enemies and even friends all clamouring for a piece of his kingdom when he s gone, nothing can stay quiet and calm for long.Sadly, I think this is the weakest book of the t [...]

    12. I am so completely and thoroughly obsessed with this author right now As you all know I am an Arthurian Legend obsessed nut, so I was so thrilled to get this book for review SOOO thrilled Shadow of the King is a the third book in the Pendragon s Banner Trilogy, and the copy I have is the reprint of this trilogy.This whole trilogy is just beautiful, amazing, wonderful, and I could go on and on but you get the idea I love how the author turns King Arthur into a man and then the King of legend It s [...]

    13. I really did love this series Books that force research and leave a reader wanting to know truths about the history behind the characters inspire me It might be a while, but I will dive into of Hollick s books, as this series has stirred my interests of British history beyond my normal Yorkshire and Batley interests I think I said it before, but taking out the fantasy around King Arthur but leaving the bits of facts that have popped up in history are intriguing Arthur s round table and an infa [...]

    14. This was an awesome book to end the trilogy It was a little slow at first when Arthur was still in Gaul with Morgaine, and it seemed like it took half the books for Gwenhwyfar to find him This was also the time that Gwenhwyfar was involved with Bedwyr who I assume was suppose to be the Lancelot character in this book Merdraut Mordred , the son of Arthur and Morgaine who was suppose to be his half sister was not the evil son as portrayed in other Arthur stories, but was a character to be pitied s [...]

    15. There are many things to say about this book, this last of three in a great series The tests of loyalty and fidelity both passed and failed, the weaving and unraveling of the tapestries of deceit and treachery, and the love hate relationships between many of the main playersl are worth mentioning and exploring There is certainly no surprise ending in any tale of Arthur, yet what I will say about this story that will tell you the depth of distinction between it and every other Arthurian work I ha [...]

    16. Peace has fallen over King Arthur and his men King Arthur, in his restlessness, hopes for another battle He gets his wish when he heads to Gaul but he soon realizes that he was drawn in by false pretenses King Arthur will finally have the chance to achieve the goal that life has set for him Will he win or will the battles of the past prove fruitless I have always loved stories about King Arthur I was really impressed with Helen s descriptions and plot twists I must admit that is one of my favori [...]

    17. What can I say about Helen Hollick s books that I haven t said before She has truly made me a fan of King Arthur and I want to learn about him and that time period As in the second book, much of this material was new to me It is not a book for light reading no pun intended as it weighs in at 672 pages Helen Hollick really brings King Arthur s story to life and shows him with all his faults and imperfections as well as his strengths and great romances Even though this book is the final in the se [...]

    18. Unfamiliar with this author, I find the plot predictable but enjoyable Hollick s style of writing is plain and concise It reminds me of books written in the first half of the 1900 s where authors encouraged readers to use their imaginations to complete each scene The chapters are short Is this a young adult book No matter, the story is interesting The names of the characters are unusual, Latin, so the reader has to pay attention to keep the sequence of events in order It is an enjoyable story to [...]

    19. I ve dedicated an enormous amount of time on this trilogy and I m sad to say, I just can t finish it I had to push myself to finish the second one and hoped the third one might move faster but I m bogged down in details of planning wars and trying to keep up with so many characters My single complaint with the Game of Thrones series was the number of characters to manage, and this trilogy felt similar.I think there is a great story to be finished here and maybe I will come back to it sometime Bu [...]

    20. The final book as the series is about as strong as the second though very different in terms of story structure, first separating the main characters from one another and then galloping the timeline ahead by years rather than months I didn t mind I was glad to know the end of Arthur and Gwenhwyfar s story And the most powerful moment of the whole series, for me, comes about 1 3 of the way through, so I gave this entry props for that All in all, a satisfying end to the story.

    21. The last in the trilogy, I found it to be the best There s a sense of fate drawing the characters to their respective destinies, especially as Arthur, Gwenhwyfar, and their contemporaries, age Their world will end along with them, and the reader is left to wonder of what could have been Though the book ends just shy of Arthur s death, which saved the reader from that tragedy, I would have loved for it to go on just a little longer, just long enough to know Gwenhwyfar s future.

    22. Terrible The writing meandered too much and honestly as it was the book could have easily been condensed into one or two novels instead I had some high hopes for it at first, but it just dragged as the trilogy went on Rather disappointed because I had been looking forward to reading this for quite a while.

    23. I much prefer this flawed, yet endearing version of Author I don t need Merlin and Lancelot this is indeed a great way for Author to be brought to life Sadly, after reading all 3 books i admit i miss Author and his gang what a great set of characters I enjoyed this and will recommend to others.

    24. What a fantastic finish to this trilogy Helen Hollick has done a wonderful job of weaving the web that is Arthur s story I am a person who grew up with Arthur through The Once and Future King the story of Merlin entwined with the King I love this trilogy so much that I didn t even miss Merlin Read this

    25. I was only loaned 1 and 3 of the series, so have not read the second It felt like the last few years were skipped through a tad rapidly I liked that the Merlin stuff was skipped, but the books still feel a little limited both by the writing and the characters.

    26. Another fiction centered around King Arthur and Camelot, yet this novel part of a trilogy is ambitious, compelling, well written, and allows Gwenhwyfar to be a real heroine.

    27. This trilogy was not my favorite King Arthur interpretation It was very confusing at times and seemed to just go on and on, developing minor characters I was glad to finish the final book.

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