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The Great Escape #2020

The Great Escape The true account of a daring mass escape from a Nazi prison camp by one of the eight hundred men involved A classic escape story fascinating for its portraits of the organizers of the escape and of

  • Title: The Great Escape
  • Author: Paul Brickhill
  • ISBN: 9780783818160
  • Page: 365
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The Great Escape By Paul Brickhill, The true account of a daring mass escape from a Nazi prison camp, by one of the eight hundred men involved A classic escape story, fascinating for its portraits of the organizers of the escape and of the Germans running the camp.

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      Paul Brickhill

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    1. There is something about the movie The Great Escape It s than just Steve McQueen and James Gardner More than the fact that as you watch the movie, you go, Look, it s James Coburn Look, it s Charles Bronson Look, it s David McCallum Look, it s Hudson Look, it s Attenborough No, the other one It s than that The Great Escape is one of those that you can t help but watch You might have seen two days ago, but hey, it s on again, and who doesn t like that motorcycle scene I ve even watched it when i [...]

    2. Executive Summary The rare case where I probably like the movie better than the book It s a fascinating tale, but I found parts of it rather slow 3.5 Stars.Audiobook Robert Whitfield does a good job with this Nonfiction can be a challenge, because if the subject matter isn t very good, an audio book can sound like a lecture Even during the parts of this book I found slow, I felt that Mr Whitfield did a good job.Full ReviewI ve been on a bit of a classic movie kick the last year or two, so I onl [...]

    3. This is nonfiction and truly a classic It was a great read It was about a prisoner of war camp during WWII The prisoners all worked together on an elaborate escape scheme They all knew that not everyone would be able to make the break, but they contributed to the effort the best they could If this had been fiction, I think the whole experience would have been fleshed out a little But the simple fact that this is nonfiction, makes this even awe inspiring.

    4. I got the audio because it was the daily deal at Audible and I like the narrator, Simon Vance Plus, I enjoyed the film version However, I got distracted and didn t finish listening It started off with a rambling gloss over accounting of other prison escapes.True story behind the WWII movie Narrated by Simon Vance, under the stage name Robert Whitfield.From The Great Escape is an insider s account written by Australian Paul Brickhill of the 1944 mass escape from the German prisoner of war camp St [...]

    5. The movie based on this book is surprisingly accurate, I must say Sure it skews the timeline, simplifies the characters and gives the Americans the glory they, unfortunately, were denied, but still, it s quite good.Oh, the review of this book In just over two hundred pages, Brickhill manages to tell both an engaging, quick paced tale of escape and to also linger for a decent bit on the people who moved the tale forward, on the ways they planned and schemed, how they made compasses and forged pas [...]

    6. Its difficult to believe that its not a work of fiction The book explains in great detail the painstaking efforts taken by the POWs to escape from Stalag Luft III Don t expect Steve McQueen motorcycle chases and James Garner style flybys Hollywood changed the story to make it flamboyant in the 60 s film version of the book But the real story is here, excellently written by Paul Brickhill who himself was a prisoner at the camp You almost wish all the POWs could have escaped The book also covers [...]

    7. Seeing the movie over 20 times and realizing that many in the film were composites of the actual characters, there still some close similarities, especially to Roger Bartlett Bushnell Big X This book was written by a prisoner who was there With that the book truly portrays the true harsh realities of a prison camp life, that is not portrayed in the film From starvation, to cold, fear, etc What these men endured and were able to accomplish was a miracle in and of itself I bow my head to the fifty [...]

    8. A story enthralled me so much when I was a child, it stays with me to this day It was an adventure, a tragedy, a drama, a history lesson, and an inspirational tale And it is all true.On March 24, 1944, The Great Escape happened in the midst of World War II The Nazis had captured various British and Commonwealth Airmen over the course of the war, and they had built an escape proof Prisoner of War camp to house the most troublesome of the lot Stalag Luft III was thought to be the answer to these c [...]

    9. The Great Escape is an interesting artifact of the World War II era.You re probably at least glancingly familiar with this real life account, originally published in the early 50s Author Paul Brickhill, an Australian airman, spent a few years in a German prisoner of war camp, where he abetted one of the most famous prisoner escapes of the war.The Great Escape picks up its story in 1943, when a large number of international POWs including many Brits and Americans were ensconced in a new German PO [...]

    10. I picked this book up at a yard sale a few years ago and thought Wow I didn t even know there was a book I d always seen the movie and just assumed there was no book about the true event I ve always liked the movie since I saw it when I was about ten I think but as soon as I picked this book up and started reading I knew I was going to like it much better and was not mistaken I still think the movie is great but this book tells the story of the prisoners at Stalag Luft III so much better as it i [...]

    11. These men were so ingenious, and their spirit and bravery were fantastic The devices and systems they put in place, using only the most unpromising raw materials, were staggering Perhaps most impressive was their ability to organise even in the face of overwhelming difficulties, and thus to make use of every ounce of potential available to them whether in Klim tins or in the men themselves At the same time, the reader shares the sad wish of those left behind that they hadn t bothered, had stayed [...]

    12. The movie adaptation of this book does a great job capturing the spirit, adventure and grim reality of what these men lived through The book does provide detail.

    13. The Great Escape was written some years before the film of the same name was released The author Paul Bricknell was an inmate Stalag Luft III and helped with the famous break out by 76 RAF prisoners of war.As is well known of the 76 escapees 3 made it home to England, 23 were recaptured and infamously 50 were murdered, most shot at the sides of roads after capture and interrogation by the Gestapo on the orders of Adolf Hitler.Paul Bricknell gives a wonderfully detailed account of all the work th [...]

    14. I have grown up with the film and have always admired the bravery of these men who did their best to help win the war even though they were behind enemy lines There were so many involved that until I was able to get further in the book it was difficult to keep people separated But I think that is part of the appeal as well This was an organization so well put together that most of the people in the camp were part of it in one way or another and yet they could never be completely discovered The w [...]

    15. Most every man of my generation who grew up in the US knows the story, thanks to the excellent movie of the same title Compared to the book, which seems very truthful, the movie takes a few liberties the book says nothing about a thrilling chase of an escaped prisoner on a motorcycle, for instance The book is dry compared to a well written novel, but everything in the book actually happened The amazing ingenuity of the prisoners escape preparations is the centerpiece of the story the escape itse [...]

    16. This book was really interesting There were times when it could have been written better, and I found it hard to figure out who was who at the beginning, but it got better later The story was well told, and it was a cool one at that Although it was less about characters and about plot, I was still sad when view spoiler the escapees were shot, especially Bushell hide spoiler The drawings helped me understand well, although the way it was written gave me a good image in my head I have started wat [...]

    17. Wow What an incredible story This fills out the gaps in the movie The escape parts were great but there s not enough personal info It was hard to keep the actors straight There s not enough detail on most of them to make them exist as individuals PB was better on the mechanics of the escape itself They tunneled through almost 200 feet of sand, shored up the tunnel with scrap from the huts, survived cave ins, hid tons of sand, and ran a professional forgery ring Jaw dropping There was also a wild [...]

    18. This is the basis for the fabulously wonderful movie of the same name starring Steve McQueen.n The movie is an all time family favorite and a true story so having seen it many times, I wasn t sure the book could bring enough additional information to keep me interested which, of course, was not a issue at all Filled with numerous additional details, I truly enjoyed discovering depth and details about the bravery and ingenuity of the characters that I have come to love through the years Highly r [...]

    19. I ve seen The Great Escape many times and it remains one of my favorite war movies of all time This book, written by one of the POW s in Stalag Luft III who participated in the events, is the story on which the movie is based It goes into detail than the movie did about the ingenious ways that the prisoners were able to fool the guards and coordinate and prepare for the escape It s a fun read and, if you are a fan of WWII stories, this one is highly recommended even if you have already seen the [...]

    20. Read by Robert Whitfield.History of World War II escape attempts, mainly from one German prison camp for US and British Air Force officers The amount of knowledge and expertize possess by this group of prisoners was stunning and probably a tribute to British schools.The book gives a nuanced view of the Germans, showing kind, thoughtful men as well as the criminal class.

    21. I ve seen this movie multiple times and had no idea it was a book The whole time you are reading this you just keep thinking I can t believe they really did that The soldiers of World War II were incredibly brave and selfless and this was a great reminder of all they did for this country, both seen and unseen.

    22. This is one of those works where the movie and book are equally fantastic The level of ingenuity and team work is inspiring to me The book was surprisingly funny as well It is well worth buying for our family library.

    23. This was a great story I love WWII history, and this was a fun read I also really enjoy the movie, and the book didn t disappoint If you are looking for a European version of Unbreakable this is not it If you are interested in a great historical POW story, this is a good one to read.

    24. Incredible The skills The detail The inventiveness The doggedness The secrecy The patience The thoroughness The setbacks.

    25. Almost too detailed Some of the stories are truly stranger than fiction, you couldn t make this shit up I liked the conversational tone There was one story about a guard who was doing all the right stuff for the prisoners , but then really put his foot in it I found it rather endearing.I want to watch the movie real bad now.

    26. Just a fun read about a true story Many have seen the movie but the devil is in the details and in the book you get a lot of the details of the escape Calling it great is an understatement One detail They made over 200 hundred compasses.Synopsis The book covers the planning, execution and aftermath of what became known as The Great Escape Other escape attempts such as the Wooden Horse are mentioned as well as the postwar hunt for the Gestapo agents who murdered fifty of the escapees on Hitler s [...]

    27. A gripping bittersweet tale of camaraderie in a World War II prisoner of war camp, The Great Escape is a story not to be missed The book itself is written by one of the men Paul Brickhill who took part in the escape operations Brickhill introduces the readers to a number of other men of Luft Stalag III, captors and prisoners His recounting of dialogue between prisoners is often crude, but the story is nonetheless stirring Brickhill makes you feel like you re one of the guys.Under the noses of th [...]

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