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Good Job, Kanani #2020

Good Job Kanani Kanani enjoys working at her family s new shave ice stand to raise money to protect the Hawaiian monk seal If only she hadn t promised her best friend Celina that she would take surfing lessons with h

  • Title: Good Job, Kanani
  • Author: Lisa Yee
  • ISBN: 9781593698416
  • Page: 213
  • Format: Paperback
  • Good Job, Kanani By Lisa Yee, Kanani enjoys working at her family s new shave ice stand to raise money to protect the Hawaiian monk seal If only she hadn t promised her best friend Celina that she would take surfing lessons with her When the girls friendship starts to unravel, Kanani finds herself spending summer days alone and loney She realizes that her elderly neighbor could use some help and bKanani enjoys working at her family s new shave ice stand to raise money to protect the Hawaiian monk seal If only she hadn t promised her best friend Celina that she would take surfing lessons with her When the girls friendship starts to unravel, Kanani finds herself spending summer days alone and loney She realizes that her elderly neighbor could use some help and begins spending time with her and other elders in need As the annual arts and crafts testival approaches and the big surfing competition nears, Kanani searches for a way to renew her friendship with Celina and finds inspiration in an unexpected place.

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    1. This review is of both books in the Kanani series.Kanani Akina was American Girl s Girl of the Year 2011 Her books, Aloha, Kanani, and Good Job, Kanani are set in Waipuna, in Kauai, Hawaii, where her family owns a shave ice store In the first book, Kanani s cousin, Rachel comes from New York, and the two girls get off to a rocky start because each girl thinks the other is bragging about her city of origin, but ultimately become great friends In the second book, Kanani takes on the job of selling [...]

    2. As Kanani sells shave Ice, she wants to help the endangered species of the Monk seal With the help of the Shave Ice Kart that her Father, Mr Akina made, Kanani and her friend Celina sell on the shores of the beach to make money for buying signs to tell about the monk seals But trouble begins when Celina takes up surfing Even , Celina hangs out with a new girl named Jo Did Celina betray her She isn t able to run the cart by herself, and she needs to raise the money before the Arts craft Fair She [...]

    3. I read both the books this weekend My review is from the viewpoint as mother of a 4.5 DD who isn t ready for the doll, but now I ll know when she s ready for the books These are the first GOTY books I ve read, and I was pleased with them The illustrations are gorgeous.Good Job, Kanani although I liked this book for the overall moral of you can still be friends but have different interests, I felt that character development was off The lesson she learns about empathy in her first book is totally [...]

    4. my book was pretty good it was about a girl named kanani how she lives in hawaii is trying to raise money to protect an animal she comes to friend trouble needs help the author wrote this book pretty well to where i like it its not an easy book i would recommend this book to girls , younger girls though like 6th graders lower because higher grades would think its a little girl book boys would think its too girly this books ending was well because Lisa author made it perfectly clear that her stor [...]

    5. Fun story I was surprised to see view spoiler Kanani quit surfing I would have predicted that she d get good at it eventually It seems like she s just not the natural that her friend is, but she could pick it up without too much trouble if she stuck with it But you can t do everything, and sometimes it is better to quit something that you don t enjoy so you have time for the things you really love Also, good to see how the friends worked things out even though they didn t share the same passions [...]

    6. I read Good Job, Kanani by Lisa Yee This book is about Kanani and her friend Celina It was interesting to see what the girls came up with to raise awareness for the Monk Seals Celina and Kanani are best friends Later in the book the girls have a fight So, later Pika helps Kanani sell shave ice At the end they make enough money to print posters for the awareness This is an inspiring book to everyone I think anyone would enjoy this book Even though it may not be as challenging.

    7. Read this Kanani book and the second Kanani book ALL THE TIME as a little kid LOOVVEEE the Kanani series

    8. It was a bit hard to start out It picked up for me about page 32 or so, and I really liked it after that Without going into spoilers, it was really interesting to read, something not often seen in children s novels view spoiler It was she started spending time with older people, like Tutu Lani and the Lees Loved it Can t remember the last time I saw something like this in a book since Hit the Road by Caroline Cooney hide spoiler

    9. I read this book to see how well American Girl represented Hawaii The overall story was good about friendship, fund raising money for a good cause, helping those around her, and developing her talents Being born and raised in Hawaii, this book seemed a little touristy to me When I showed a bunch of the kids at the elementary school the book and asked, Does she look Hawaiian to you Every single child said, No Interesting huh My children are a quarter Hawaiian, quarter Filipino, 3 8th Japanese, an [...]

    10. Kanani has a well known struggle regarding friendship Kanani and her best friend Celina love each other and enjoy doing things together but they also have different interests Kanani wants to protect the monk seal and Celina is passionate about surfing Kanani feels replaced and unsupported when Celina starts surfing with Jo instead of helping her raise money for posters that would tell people how they can protect the monk seals While Kanani works through her lonely feelings she gains wisdom from [...]

    11. Just finished reading this book today I m finally up to date on my reviews Yipee Okay, so book 2 Not as good as book 1 I didn t find as much of the Hawaiian charm that I loved so much from the first book And I didn t really like the friendship struggle between Kanani and Celina American Girl books don t usually havethatmuch separation between friends in their books I thought that Kannani s fear of surfing was a bit unrealistic because she hadn t really tried very hard in the first place As I rea [...]

    12. I liked that Kanani was thinking about her friends before anything else, and that she was helping out an endangered species the monk seals I liked that because I think that your friends are important and that when you are trying to save an endangered species, you are helping out others I think Jo was the most interesting character because she loves to surf However, when she isn t surfing, she is always trying to help out friends She also has a few secrets, like her dad is a famous artist, she is [...]

    13. Pretty good story Kanani makes a deal with her father to run their shave ice cart during the summer and she can get.50 from each cone she sells to make posters to put up around town to spread awareness about the monk seals At first she thinks it s fun working with her friend Celina, but Celina is much interested in surfing Kanani isn t good at surfing and would rather work at the shave ice cart They have a fight and Celina makes a new surfing friend, Jo, and Kanani finds an unexpected ally for [...]

    14. It was a very good story but i sort of had a been there done that feeling it did keep me entertained to read in half an hour though I just sort of felt that this is what happened in the last book.i mean they had the whole rachel thing and now theres a whole celina thing Im sorry, i just felt like this was done already the 1st book was very intertaining to read, But theres a BUNCH Of stories on feeling left out and it clearly dissapointed me Its still a good book though and i would still reccomen [...]

    15. The second book to the Hawaiian American Girl, this time Kanani is learning about friendship and growing up What will happen when Kanani s best friend, Celina starts enjoying surfing and starts making surfing friends, while Kanani enjoys selling shaved ice cones to raise money for the endangered monk seals When your best friend and you suddenly develop different interests and hobbies will you stay friends or grow apart Simple stories but they make you remember you childhood and what is was like [...]

    16. I liked this book WAY then Aloha Kanani It was probably my most favorite American Girl Book of all time One thing I didn t really like that much, is that there was WAY too much drama that kind of got in the way of the story I really enjoyed the book, don t get me wrong, but I was just not really liking the drama altogether Overall, I LOVED this book please, whenever you can PICK UP THIS BOOK and Aloha Kanani

    17. 9 21 2011 In a small town in hawaii a girl is trying to raise mony for the rare monk seal Kanani and her family sells shaved ice so she decided to sell it on the beach Before her cousin came to town a month ago she promised her best friend that she would surf with her When she forgot she wanted to help the hawiin monk seals She meat up a couple of weeks after they started selling and lost her pup it ran to ceila her best friend They get into a big fight and havent talked in weeks.

    18. Kananai really wants to help the Monk seal foundation by making posters but it cost 300 dollars How will she make the money Her dad makes a deal with her she and her best friend will sell shave ice and 50c from every cone will go to the foundation she has to do it with her friend and be done when school starts Her best friend is super instrestested in surfing and it is all she does she also finds a new friend Is Kananai getting replaced Will she reach her goal

    19. More shave ice, yum I think my favorite part of the book is showing girls they, too, can make a difference The real life stories in the back were also great but the dad only giving 50 cents per ice to the cause seemed cheap I mean, he had zero labor and very little in materials that irritated me.

    20. Kanani is busy with a project to help out seals, but her best friend can t seem to get enough of surfing I liked how this book handled the problem of growing apart from your best friend And really loved how the outgoing Kanani managed to find a way to enrich the lives of those around her She s a great role model

    21. Kanani was working at the shave ice stand with Calina her friend One day jo came she like to surf like Calina Kanani felt sad she wasn t good at surfing one day Calina didn t come her dad said two people then pika showed up he said he ll apply for the job.

    22. its about Kanani is a shaved ice seller in Hawaii and she doesn t like surfing,but when she and her friend Celina lose their friendship it starts to get lonely so Kanani has to find a way to get their friendship back together.

    23. The kids and I finished reading this book tonight I m going to miss Kanani and her island adventures I wish there were Kanani books, but she s one of the available for only one year dolls, so she only gets two books Aloha, Kanani, it was fun

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