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Trial by Desire #2020

Trial by Desire She cannot forget the fire he ignited In the three years since her husband left her Lady Kathleen Carhart has managed to forge a fulfilling life for herself But when Ned Carhart unexpectedly returns

  • Title: Trial by Desire
  • Author: Courtney Milan
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 391
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Trial by Desire By Courtney Milan, She cannot forget the fire he ignited In the three years since her husband left her, Lady Kathleen Carhart has managed to forge a fulfilling life for herself But when Ned Carhart unexpectedly returns, she finds her tranquility uprooted and her deepest secrets threatened Though she has no intention of falling for Ned s charms, Kate can no longer deny the desire that stillShe cannot forget the fire he ignited In the three years since her husband left her, Lady Kathleen Carhart has managed to forge a fulfilling life for herself But when Ned Carhart unexpectedly returns, she finds her tranquility uprooted and her deepest secrets threatened Though she has no intention of falling for Ned s charms, Kate can no longer deny the desire that still burns in her heart.Or the promise of his love Ned is determined to regain his wife s trust by using unbridled seduction But just as Kate surrenders to Ned s passion, her carefully guarded past threatens to destroy her Now Kate must place her faith in the only man she s ever loved, and the only one who has ever betrayed her

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    1 thought on “Trial by Desire

    1. DNF at halfway point, just not feeling the romance and not caring about the hero or heroine It was original so I can see why many gave it 5 stars, but for me I just couldn t quit skimming as I wasn t being pulled into the story I really wanted to like it as I so enjoyed her debut, so I will read by this author There was a lot of telling and not as much showing going on too, and while it was done well for me it was just too much narrative.

    2. Ned Carhart left his wife Kate a mere three months after their marriage to go to China at the behest of his cousin to check out what was going on with the British and the Opium situation and to find himself At the point of their marriage Ned considers himself something of a useless fribble with no responsibilities.Kate is stunned and bereft Fast forward three years later and a lot has changed Kate rescues women who are victims of domestic abuse and helps them to leave their husbands and relocate [...]

    3. Rating 5 out of 5.A beautiful story about estranged husband and wife This is one of the few estranged romance stories I have ever read and liked The best part of this romance was that both the heroine and the hero were true to one another throughout their separation It wasn t like other stories where the hero heroine profess to love the other, but then actually proceed to gallivant with other people.

    4. Grade C or weak 3 starsSmoothly written story, a confident heroine who rescues abused women and a hero that battles depression should have been an angsty historical romance so why was it a struggle to maintain interest in this book It felt tedious.The StoryAfter three years abroad, Ned Carhart returns to England and his wife He had left to conquer his inner demons and now has control over the melancholia that nearly destroyed him The fear still lingers that he may sink into the pit of despair so [...]

    5. I was first turned on pun intended to Courtney Milan thanks to Stacey s review of Proof by Seduction Which I also ended up loving and have been eagerly anticipating this sequel for some time now I wasn t sure if Trial by Desire could live up to Proof by Seduction Especially because in Poof by Seduction Ned was kind of a fuck up Sure, I liked him and felt sorry for him but I was wondering how Milan was going to turn Ned into hero material But hero material he turned out to be Ned, determined to p [...]

    6. I was one of the readers of Courtney Milan s debut novel, Proof by Seduction, who finished that book hoping that Ned Carhart, cousin to Gareth Carhart, the Marquess of Blakely, would get his own story Trial by Desire is Ned s story, but Ned is no longer the confused boy of POS he is now a man, tempered by the hard experiences of three years in China He returns to his home and his marriage, determined to uncover the secrets his wife is safeguarding even as he protects his own secret.Trial by Desi [...]

    7. Favorite Quote I don t like to lose control Kate inched her fingers across the coverlet to his free hand His knuckles were heated, even though he d been sitting in the cold Ned, she whispered, let me inside your control We first meet our hero Ned in Proof By Seduction, where we learn he battles many demons, and depression is a big part of his life At the start of Trial by Desire, Ned is not done battling his demons yet After only three short months of marriage to Kathleen Carhart, he feels his c [...]

    8. A beautiful story with a surprisingly well working mixture of action, aspects of an thriller and well done, if not perfect, characterization Lady Kathleen Kate Carhart hasn t seen her husband in three years, when he, after only three months of being married, went on an abrupt diplomatic visit to China Said husband, Ned, comes back to find that his wife hasn t been a meek and silent resident of his country estate, but has some, lets say curious, projects going on I must applaud Courtney Milan for [...]

    9. I will never ever stop being impressed by Courtney Milan s novels, mostly because not only are they the most helplessly and honestly heartfelt and romantic stories ever, they have such a PROFOUND sense of social justice to them the plots are intelligent and they mean something and I always want to stand up and cheer and then maybe read a book or two about Victorian legal reform once they re over God damn, she s my favourite author, and this book was great.

    10. Cute I liked the heroine It dragged on a little, but I ll definitely read of Milan s work in the future.

    11. Gah I wanted this to be a better book It s really only just three stars for me I think the problem stems from Milan trying to do to much She should ve stepped back and taken one character element away Ned is suffering with depression which was a little flippantly dealt with in itself but CM is probably brave for even going there in an historical and fears losing control He fears that control will be lost in sexual encounters with his wife He doesn t want her to see his weakness so he sort of pus [...]

    12. Well, what an interesting book I read the Kindle enhanced version which gave the book a whole other dimension The author lets you tap on symbols that take you to explanations and even audio where she and, in one, her husband talk about the book It was actually fascinating to ponder the author s aim, her struggle to get an HR novel with a manic depressive hero AND domestic violence not the H here published and her own very critical opinion of this, the second book she has ever written I found it [...]

    13. I originally read Trial by Desire in June of 2011, but I decided to re read it in audiobook form and return to the book because I really enjoyed it Lady Kate and Ned were both wonderful characters to get to know in the mix of events I loved the opening of the novel where the two are reunited after quite some time apart It takes place after the events of Proof of Seduction where Ned returns from his travels as a mature gentleman, though left unspoken he still has his own internal battles to figh [...]

    14. We met Ned Carhart in CM s Proof of Seduction and frankly I loved Ned He was young and sweet The glove with the teeth mark scene is still one of the funniest to me But this story picks up about 3 months after PoS and Ned has married Kate Ned though feels that he needs to grow up before he can deserve Kate, so he takes off for Chinar 3 years When our Ned comes back he is a changed man, he has filled out those broad shoulders and cheek bones Kate however, isn t impressed she has 3 years of hurt an [...]

    15. This one is about Ned, who played a significant role in Proof by Seduction He compromised Lady Kathleen Ware, trying to set her up with Blakely, and thus ended up marrying her himself Ned was too young and hadn t come to grips with what we now call bipolar disorder, so he went to the Far East to investigate incidents leading to the First Opium War.When Ned comes home three years later, he finally gets to know his wife and the strong woman that is hidden underneath the frippery Since she was 16, [...]

    16. My review contains spoilers and they re mostly my thoughts as I went with the bookI was hoping against hope that Ned s book would turn out to be something amazing but came out with a lot of disappointments The writing was good but there were lack of humorous moments I so enjoyed in Proof by Seduction I couldn t connect with the characters, wasn t really interested in Ned s monologues on his dark despair because I thought he was just wasting time and really got frustrated how he kept on pushing K [...]

    17. Actual Rating 4.5 StarsI can t decide how I feel about this book On the one hand, I really, really loved Kate, a lot On the other hand, the main conflicts in this romance self revelation historical were kind of frustrating It really wasn t until the second half of the book that things started picking up a little bit.And I can t believe that I actually found myself annoyed with Jenny s behavior after all the things she d been through in the first book I hadn t expected the snobbish dismissals she [...]

    18. Well, this did NOT live up to the first book, NOT IN THE LEAST It was okay But nowhere near to the first book, because it just didn t pack the feels, ya know The romance was fine, the characters were fine, the plot with Kate helping abused women was really cool, but nothing seemed to live to its full potential IDEK, man, this just let me down big time I actually scrolled through various parts, because I was bored BORED ON A COURTNEY MILAN STORY NOOOOOO THAT broke my heart a lot than anything ba [...]

    19. An intelligent, complex and mature romance that keeps the heart pounds of those ridiculous but ravenously readable bodice rippers, but removes the rage incensing disempowerment, ignorance, and approved assholery.This historical novel, set mid 19th century England, features concerns that, while not in any way new to humans, have a modern vocabulary Issues sensitively crafted within include depression, suicidal feelings, obsessive compulsion, domestic violence, women s rights, borderline personali [...]

    20. Proving yourself doesn t mean you need to kill dragons so I m really happy about how the hero and damsel in distress part of the novel was handled.

    21. I think I should make a new shelf mental illness doesn t work like that Or perhaps disability doesn t work like that.This entire review is one long content warning.Since the first book, Milan has been hinting at Ned s inner darkness, and toward the end of this book, Ned finally confesses the darkness is bouts of extreme depression Since it s the 1800s, Ned doesn t have a clinical term for it Some reviewers have suggested bipolar disorder Ned hates this about himself he constantly refers to it as [...]

    22. I like the idea of a romance featuring an already married couple, and the fact that the heroine runs a sort of underground railroad for abused women is even better But what this book really focuses on is trust The two need to learn to trust each other with their secrets, their vulnerabilities, and their needs, and they need to learn to lean on each other, which is especially difficult for Ned He thinks asking for help is showing weakness He also has a mental illness, which makes him think that i [...]

    23. i really, really liked the first half of this book, but was kind of lukewarm on the second half the characters were pretty great, though overall, i did really like it and i m excited to read other books by courtney milan

    24. Three years ago, Ned and Kate were forced into a marriage of convenience Shortly afterward, Ned left to travel halfway around the world Now he has returned to England, intending to prove to his wife that he has grown beyond the awkward youth she married But as far as Kate is concerned, he showed his true colors when he abandoned her, a desertion that inspired the cruelties and vicious gossip of high society Kate herself has a secret she s been smuggling battered wives away from their husbands, a [...]

    25. 4 4.5 stars.Ned Carhart, after a 3 year long sort of self exile to China, returns home to England to a less than warm welcome from his disillusioned wife Lady Kate Carhart Theirs was a marriage of convenience, yet rooted in an undeniable attraction That is until Ned decided to up and leave Kate a few months after their wedding in order to prove himself useful something he s never felt to be and protect her from the darkness that creeps up in moments when control evades him Unfortunately Kate isn [...]

    26. Reading Log Day 1I started reading this afternoon and I m hooked I would be reading still but I had to come here and share my first impressions with you Lady Kate Carhart will be a fun character to get to know She has spunk, secrets, and a caring heart I have a feeling that she will be giving me many smiles and bursts of laughter throughout her story Ned, her husband, thinks he has grown up in the three years he has been gone LOL I can tell he has a lot to learn yet about what his wife wants and [...]

    27. Quite disappointing I d been saving this book, so I could savour it whenever I felt like I needed to read a really good romance novel After the last couple of months, it felt like it was time Trial by Desire is a sequel to Proof by Seduction and although the couple set up is much believable than in its prequel, the romance itself isn t A scandal forced Ned and Kate to marry, but it was clear that both of them Ned at least needed to grow up in leaps and bounds for them to earn their believable h [...]

    28. The hero in this story, Ned Carhart, struggles with bipolar disorder That s new It isn t often you come across a romance hero that has to deal with and come to terms with being truly helpless and powerless in this case brought down even low by his depressive episodes Of course being the hero, he strives and does rise above it, but the author managed a nice balance in showing just how desperately difficult it was for someone like him to do so without stripping him of the qualities that make a ro [...]

    29. Lady Kate and Ned are found in a compromising position and are required to marry in order to save face However three months into the marriage Ned decides he must go on a mission to China which leaves his new wife in a scandalous position Three years pass and both Kate and Ned are quite aware of how little they know of one another Thus the story begins on how they find their way to happiness.I really liked Kate she had quite a bit of spunk as well as practicality Ned was also an interesting chara [...]

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