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Lovers and Beloveds #2020

Lovers and Beloveds A trapped immortal planning escapeA prince who is the keyAnd a secret seductive history captured in a magic bookJust turned Prince Temmin Antremont has finally joined his father s court only to

  • Title: Lovers and Beloveds
  • Author: MeiLin Miranda
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 498
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Lovers and Beloveds By MeiLin Miranda, A trapped immortal planning escapeA prince who is the keyAnd a secret, seductive history, captured in a magic bookJust turned 18, Prince Temmin Antremont has finally joined his father s court, only to walk straight into a power struggle between the secular and the sacred The twin gods of love and sex call Temmin to serve in the Lovers Temple for two years, a calA trapped immortal planning escapeA prince who is the keyAnd a secret, seductive history, captured in a magic bookJust turned 18, Prince Temmin Antremont has finally joined his father s court, only to walk straight into a power struggle between the secular and the sacred The twin gods of love and sex call Temmin to serve in the Lovers Temple for two years, a call made even tempting by the seductive twins who embody the gods.Prophecy suggests that Temmin s entrance into the Temple spells the kingdom s end, and the King will stop at nothing to prevent it But the king s own advisor, a strange immortal called Teacher, comes to Temmin s aid Why And does the kingdom s fate really hinge on one young man s decision Lovers and Beloveds is the first book in the acclaimed Victorianesque fantasy series An Intimate History of the Greater Kingdom, which continues with Son in Sorrow.

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      498 MeiLin Miranda
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    1. Lovers and Beloveds is the coming of age story of Temmin, next in line for the throne of Tremont, intertwined with tales from a Magic Book called An Intimate History of The Greater Kingdom which gave the series its name.This book was first serialized online, and when I started reading that version, I could never get past the first chapters because Temmin annoyed the heck out of me Not that he s a very annoying character, but because he s a very typical spoiled male teenager, and I just don t hav [...]

    2. I will add some fast scattered comments for now and have later and a full FBC review in a week or so which I will c p here.The J Carey comparisons are apt I would say the aptest of several books claiming such Lovers and Beloveds is somewhat explicit but in the same tasteful vein as there and it posits a world where Gods embodiments including the erotic one in dual male female manifestation play an important role in society.The novel starts slow and a bit on the raw side but it picks up conside [...]

    3. A while back an email popped up in my inbox requesting I read Lovers and Beloveds for review I did my usual routine of checking the book out, looking at it s reviews, reading the back page copy, and bits and pieces of text It looked good My initial impression was steampunk erotic fantasy It sounded right up my alley.Then another interesting factoid hit my radar it was groupfunded, a major plus If that term means nothing to you, prepare to learn Groupfunding is a technique where you get a bunch o [...]

    4. If the women were so important, why aren t they in the histories Prince TemminIf George R R Martin s Song of Ice and Fire series captures the gritty realism of medieval history, Lovers and Beloveds reveals the intimate and personal dynamics of power in aristocracies It weaves together a rich multi layered story that explores how sex and power shape history and individual destiny sharing a perspective that s beyond the men, swords, and thrones capital H history that s often seen in fantasy.It fol [...]

    5. Prophecies, magic, curses and Gods Lovers and Beloveds has all the trappings of a strong coming of age fantasy novel It offers an impressive depth and breadth in terms of world building, mixing hints of Victorian aristocracy with Ancient Greek religion to create a compelling, evocative setting But most of all it offers an intimate view into the daily lives of those who have shaped and will shape the Kingdom of Tremont, intertwining the history of Temmin s ancestors with his current experiences a [...]

    6. As a disclaimer, I read Lovers and Beloveds because I know the author through a different context I ve also recently read the first two Fifty Shades novels I won t repeat what other reviewers have said about the story line Instead, I will focus on what this is A coming of age story set in a mildly fantasy mythos that would be targeted to teens, except that most teens probably won t be allowed to read it due to the explicit and excellent sex scenes I say mildly fantasy because it deviates from ou [...]

    7. There is really no proper way to describe this short of Fantastic Sincerely This is easily my most favorite erotic novel now And believe me, I ve read quite a few of them I ll admit that I was really wary of the story when I read the description the description just honestly sounded a little dry I promise, though, it really isn t It s available in tons of formats in different places Here, you can pick it up for Kindle as well as a paperback book The price difference is huge between the two, and [...]

    8. My Opinion This is the first book I read in 2015, and it is the first book I reviewed in 2015 I have a very special reason for that.I know MeiLin Miranda through a mutual obsession we have perfume oil collecting We have both been members on a forum for years and we connected in an author s topic She told me about her book and I had to read it It was even free Then, the life of a bookworm happened, and I wound up leaving it stashed at the bottom of my TBR pile Every time we interacted, I had a re [...]

    9. Temmin is Prince of Tremont and Heir to the throne He has grown up with his mother, the Queen, far from the King s residence in a sheltered environment Now that he is turning eighteen, he must return to court and start his training to one day become the next King.Once there, he meets Issak and Allis Obby, the Embodiments of the God Nerr and Goddess Neya of the Lover s Temple He is infatuated with them and wants to become a Supplicant to the Lover s Temple Not so much out of piety but because he [...]

    10. Temmin has grown up sheltered from the world, living a blissful life in the idyllic countryside at Whithorse Estates with his mother and his faithful servant But all good things must come to an end Tremmin is heir to the Tremontine throne, and must move to the Keep to learn his father s ways and prepare himself for his inevitable future It is at the Keep where Temmin begins to question who he is and who he will become Is he a ruthless ruler, like his father, who will stop at nothing to get what [...]

    11. At the moment I don t really know how to respond to this book, since I sampled it The sample on Nook was 200 pages and through all those pages I didn t feel pulled into the world The writing was inconsistent and often times not that great, which bothered me far than I thought it would I ve learned if I m going to try to read indie books I m going to have to lower my standards a bit.The premise of this book is still interesting to me, but I felt like it dragged on and continually picked up other [...]

    12. LOVERS AND BELOVEDS reads like a traditional swords and horses fantasy novel in many ways, though there are trains and some other non traditional elements But it s much about politics and religion than technology, and even about consent I would have rated this three stars, Liked It, but it gets the fourth because of the latter.Prince Temmin is kind of a buffoon at the beginning, but he s just turning 18, so that s not surprising Through the book, he explores his family history quite a lot of t [...]

    13. Lovers and Beloveds is amazing It reminds me of Jacqueline Carey s Kushiel Series but at the same time, it is unique in it s own right I instantly fell in love with the world the author created There actually were two stories being told, one from the present and one from the past and they came together perfectly I bought this book a while ago and it caught my attention because of the reviews In so many words, they all practically said the same thing buy this book Now I will say the same BUY THIS [...]

    14. Let me rave and rave and rave about this book It s 4am and I just finished reading It s an amazing and rich and wonderful story, so vivid that I practically could see it in front of my eyes It s a story of coming of age and personal development, of love and duty and fairy tales and understanding what you truly want It touched me, and I can not wait to read what s next I hope Meilin Miranda will be noticed and contracted for many books to come.

    15. I guess I would describe this book as Fantasy Erotica I didn t really know what to expect from this book and the first chapter did have me worried that I wouldn t enjoy it As it turns out, this was a very complex story full of politics, intrigue, religion and lust and I was pleasantly surprised to find that I was really enjoying the story Be prepared for quite a bit of erotica in a number of different forms, as nothiing is taboo in this book.

    16. LOVERS AND BELOVEDS is one of my favorite recent reads Vivid characters, lyrical prose, crisp narrative, a beautifully detailed and richly ornamented world I can t wait for the next one

    17. This is an awesome story set in a fascinatingly different but very real feeling world I can t wait for the next book to come out

    18. Cross posted from Papyrus Independent Author Reviews papyruslebblake 2012 09 15 lovers and beloveds by meilin miranda Temmin is the heir to the throne of Tremont, about to turn 18 and enter into manhood, and is still a virgin That last detail might not seem so important just a small item which might lead to an entertaining coming of age dalliance in an otherwise straightforward fantasy novel filled with kings and queens, intrigue and violence However, in Lovers and Beloveds , Temmin s virginity [...]

    19. It turns out that this author, recommended by friend Bonnie, is someone I have met from our circle of friends I just didn t know her pseudonym This has no effect on my review This is one of those rare books woven with complexities, great writing, competent world building, and a story line that leaves me wanting to read , though this first in a series did have a completed story I didn t realize it when I bought it, but it is also explicit, with very well written sex scenes.I hesitate to call it s [...]

    20. I bought this book because it was recommended over at LiveJournal for something similar to the Kushiel series by Jacqueline Carey I fully admit when it opened up with the main character, Prince Temmin, drunkingly assaulting a girl, I closed it and didn t touch it for months it actually made me feel queasy However, since I recently got a new e reader, I loaded this up and decided to give it another go This is a study of sexual nature, with a fantastical background One of the biggest themes was co [...]

    21. Lovers and Beloved was submitted to me by Miranda for review and I accepted it knowing that it is erotic in nature I said erotic because most part of the book did evolve around the sexual elements but it was not consumed by it It is a fantasy novel which is shockingly realistic in nature which is rare for fantasy books.Lovers and beloved is the first book in a series A quick fact about this book it was solely funded by her readers so that was a big factor why I got intrigued I mean think about i [...]

    22. Firstly, comparisons to Jacqueline Carey s Kushiel series are cosmetic at best there s sex, gods, erotic rituals and prophecies but at least Lovers and Beloveds doesn t read like bad fanfiction unlike a certain author whom for the life of me seems to be incredibly popular in the paranormal romance genre in spite of having blatantly ripped off Anne Bishop and Laurell K Hamilton MeiLin Miranda has actually crafted a well thought out fantasy of love, lust and politics with a hint of steampunk and m [...]

    23. I read this off and on since 2007 as a web serial, but I could never seem to catch up So imagine my surprise 5 years later when the author is running a kickstarter campaign for book two This story is so much cohesive than the web serial I remember reading back then I m blown away by the amazing world building and it s one of my favorite parts of the novel The main character, Temmin, is a bit annoying and naive, but I m interested in seeing him become a great king The author did some considerabl [...]

    24. Wow The first word that came to my mind reading this book and merely a few pages in was courageous The author isn t afraid to tackle the taboo, and it s obvious she s not going for cheap thrills, either I found the themes thoughtful, the world detailed and well illustrated, and the characters delightfully flawed and often descriptively so If you re a bit prudish or close minded, this isn t the book for you if you re not, it s a great example of honest, don t skip the good bits storytelling.

    25. Where do I start This book was amazing, tantalizing, passionate, well written and over all one of the best erotic paranormal romance book I read in a while From the beginning I was pulled into the story and even at the end I wanted This author wrote with such insight and it was shown through the words I loved the prince and his struggle to find his way in life, family, love, magic, and sex I truly loved this book and recommend it.

    26. I think I d give this book 3.5 stars, really It was good, but not exceptional I also thought it was a stand alone, but clearly it is not I enjoyed the world building and the characters, but I didn t feel drawn in the way I d expected Still, if you like fantasy with a strong erotic element, this is the book for you.

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