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The Famous Heroine / The Plumed Bonnet #2020

The Famous Heroine The Plumed Bonnet Beloved New York Times bestselling author Mary Balogh spins two classic stories of Regency England splendid novels of mistaken identity and unmistakable passion where marriage is only the beginning o

  • Title: The Famous Heroine / The Plumed Bonnet
  • Author: Mary Balogh
  • ISBN: 9780440245438
  • Page: 347
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • The Famous Heroine / The Plumed Bonnet By Mary Balogh, Beloved New York Times bestselling author Mary Balogh spins two classic stories of Regency England splendid novels of mistaken identity and unmistakable passion, where marriage is only the beginning of true love THE FAMOUS HEROINE Cora Downes has beauty, spirit, and money, but no breeding Yet when she gains renown for a daring rescue, she finds herself thrust into high sBeloved New York Times bestselling author Mary Balogh spins two classic stories of Regency England splendid novels of mistaken identity and unmistakable passion, where marriage is only the beginning of true loveE FAMOUS HEROINECora Downes has beauty, spirit, and money, but no breeding Yet when she gains renown for a daring rescue, she finds herself thrust into high society Innocent and adrift in a world of beautiful banquets, bejeweled gowns, and snobbish standards, Cora is quickly compromised into a marriage to a frivolous lord whose interests seem to lie elsewhere But could piercingly blue eyed and well mannered Francis Kneller turn out to be the most unexpected love of her life THE PLUMED BONNETAlistair Munro, the Duke of Bridgwater, is looking for love outside the bounds of polite society And that s what he expects to receive when he rescues a seemingly disreputable girl in a colorful bonnet off the side of the road Yet Stephanie Gray, a former governess, has recently come into money and is eager for a proper match with a well born man Sure that he s sullied her name, Alistair offers marriage to make amends And in this unlikely union, Stephanie and Alistair make a welcome discovery that sometimes it s possible to marry first, then fall in love.

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      347 Mary Balogh
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    1. 3.5 stars I grabbed this one from the library in one of my Regency romance brain candy moods It s a twofer, with several characters from the first novel showing up in the second one Both are connected by a theme of oh crap we have scandalized society so we have to get married even though we don t love each other, but the heroines have vastly different personalities In The Famous Heroine, Cora is a wealthy merchant s daughter thrust into high society when her efforts to save a duke s young son fr [...]

    2. 4 stars Historical Regency RomanceThe Famous Heroine is a whimsical, pleasing enough tale, but it s The Plumed Bonnet, a delightful, feel good story that really shines and makes this two in one edition collection worth reading.In The Plumed Bonnet, a starchy duke secretly longing for love and a destitute governess requiring marriage to secure wealth from a recent inheritance find themselves bound by a marriage of convenience What unfolds is a sweet, truly romantic tale of two people who mask the [...]

    3. Happy sighs, happy sighs, happy sighs.What two delicious feel good stories I m always afraid I ll find the traditional regencies boring, because of the lack of steam, but the opposite happened here, I was quite delighted.The Famous Heroine is a bit of a farce, and has a bit of a duck out of the water feel to it But I always love a friends to lovers theme, and Cora and Francis were so utterly, utterly cute together And it s always great to see that the characters are in love, and that it s obvio [...]

    4. 3.5 stars These two stories tie in nicely as sequels to Dark Angel Lord Carew s Bride, re released together in February 2010 Although, for me, Balogh s superior work is found in her longer Slightly series, a few of the Simply books, and perhaps my personal favorite, The Secret Pearl, her shorter Signet Regencies from the 1990s are top of the line in that category and make for a feel good readE FAMOUS HEROINE is the story of Cora Downes, whose family has money but no blue blood She rescues the ne [...]

    5. This book is a reissue of two Mary Baolgh Signet Regency stories from 1996 Early Balogh is not as good as later, but even so these are sweet, enjoyable stories As I understand it, the Dark Angel series no idea what that name is supposed to imply is about four friends who embark upon forced, or nearly forced, marriages to women they don t love, or who don t love them Naturally, they all end up happy In The Famous Heroine, Cora Downes rescues a duke s young nephew from drowning in Bath and is brou [...]

    6. I give 5 stars based on the following things characters, setting, theme, plot story, and conflict resolution There will be SPOILERS Although come on How much spoilers could there possibly be with a romance book CharactersThe Famous HeroineSo these characters were a little fun I loved their interactions with each other and I loved Cora s genuinely awkward, funny moments Cora was genuine and good and kind and it s about time I read books with a heroine I actually liked She stayed true to herself [...]

    7. Ahh, Mary Balogh How I love you.I am so glad the backlist is being published.The Famous Heroine is Cora Downes, who has her 15 minutes of fame due to a couple of incidents which are much overblown She is lauded for saving the young nephew of a duke from drowning, when in reality the boy knows how to swim and she does not, and they are both helped by Cora s brother Later, she attempts to rescue some small dogs from being trampled by a horse, but the dogs really were never in any real danger In th [...]

    8. Two full length romances These are pure romance stories No bad guys No outragous adventures The pace is correct for the story but may seem slow for some readers But I liked them, that slow slide into love Both had a few sensual sex scenes.These are about how two strangers who meet, show an interest in each other Not and instant attraction and then circumstances throw them into marriage where they learn about emotional and physical intimacy Somewhere along the way, they fall in love.In the first [...]

    9. Duo of Regency RomancesThis book contains two books from the Stanton Downes series The books can be read as standalones even though they are books 5 and 6 in the seriesE FAMOUS HEROINE Cora Downes is the daughter of a wealthy merchant Exuberant and without polish, Cora is too physical for refined society Because she rescued the grandson of a duchess, Cora has been brought to London to find a husband Francis Kneller is nursing a broken heart For years he courted Lady Samantha who ended up marryin [...]

    10. Book 1 THE FAMOUS HEROINE My grade B An old regency by my favorite historical romance author Could a couple be opposite Cora Downes and Francis Kneller took a long time to figure out who each other were The journey, for the reader, was delightful.Book 2 THE PLUMED BONNET My grade B Alistair, Duke of Bridgwater, and Stephanie Grey almost missed each other missed learning who the other person really was They nearly didn t reveal themselves to the other person Their transformation resolution came [...]

    11. This review is for the Plumed Bonnet This is a classic Mary Balogh with a cynical , all about me lord and a naive, but spunky heroine who somehow are able to make it work I liked the book and the plot I loved the beginning when Alistair is all You are a liar but I want you so I ll put up with it until you re so humiliated you sleep with me and Stephanie is innocent and naive and VERY, VERY LUCKY It kind of fell apart in the middle when Stephanie was being prepped by Alistair s family She didn t [...]

    12. Two for one bargain I really should get credit for BOTH books on the reading challenge, but ah well Two of Balogh s older stories in one volume lovely As always, I found her characters human, kind, and funny in sweet and kind ways There is a reason she is my favorite romance author I m glad her older works hold up over time.

    13. 3 5 3 stars BThese two books were enjoyable entries in this series I found it rather frustrating to constantly deal with the big misunderstanding that could have been avoided if people had an honest conversation but it wasn t too destructive I still enjoyed both stories I think Balogh s recent books show a much polished style and less reliance on standard plot elements.

    14. The Famous Heroine was great, with funny, realistic characters, including the main character who falls in love with a man she thinks is homosexual The Plumed Bonnet was not as good, it felt rushed, and the changes of emotion between the main characters love hate confusion seemed random.

    15. I found these two stories just a little disappointing, they did not grab and hold my attention like other books by this author I found myself becoming annoyed with the characters I usually love this authors work I just can not give this one five stars.

    16. Another light hearted story by Mary Balogh that s two now.I will have to say I didn t find The Famous Heroine as funny as the Black Umbrella because it also has one of my pet peeves in it The hero just cannot forget that other woman he loved, even when the one in his arms is his perfect match So, it took me a while to like Francis because he was still mooning over Samantha By the way, Samantha was the heroine from Lord Carew s Bride Both books are connected to the Stapleton Downs stories Just so [...]

    17. Three stars is fairly generous.Having read the Slightly series, I can see now how M Balogh used earlier stories to try out different character types and then recycle them The Famous Heiress Cora is an accident prone, big hearted, big boned, exuberant daughter of a merchant gasp , and therefore Not The Thing She s sponsored in London by the widowed Duchess of Bridgwater, and Lord Francis Kneller, the charming, kind and dandy ish friend of the Duke of Bridgwater the duchess s son , agrees to first [...]

    18. stato molto istruttivo affiancare la lettura di un complesso romanzo dell ottocento inglese con quella di quattro historical romance usa e getta senza voler offendere Mary Balogh, una delle migliori scrittrici del genere dei nostri giorni Da una parte, l essenzialit della trama, capace tuttavia di emozionare grazie alla precisa evocazione di ambienti, stati d animo, personaggi, con la loro parte di sofferenze e incomprensioni dall altra, la bizzarria dei protagonisti e la leggerezza e l improbab [...]

    19. This was another 2 in 1 book that I read where my personal star rating differed vastly on the stories within.The Famous Heroine I d give this 2 3 stars Well written but the heroine didn t have a brain She was always rushing in with zero forethought and never once actually needed to help rescue the person she felt needed saving The Plumed Bonnet I d give this 5 stars So well written and I just couldn t put it down just the heroine s depth of silent emotion had me all choked up I felt the couple s [...]

    20. It was OK and A LOT of boring I skimmed through 50% of the book to get toActual talk and interactionThe first book was better than secondThe 2nd was just a page of interaction followed by 10 pages of skipping boring stuff to get to another page of interaction

    21. Sweet, touching, and funI enjoyed these characters immensely Both had such fascinating internal lives, guilt, longing, dreams, anger, love, kindness, nobility, etc There was very little external action, but the thoughts and dreams made for a wonderful story.

    22. SlowI didn t hate it I wouldn t recommend it either Very slow In fact it was borderline dreary But Balogh s always hit or miss me.

    23. Now, obviously not the best book s ever written, but what a sweet fun read for what it is True love and all.

    24. Historical English society romance in a double volume Books 3 and 4 in the series of friends THE FAMOUS HEROINELow born but rich merchant woman has to marry a high born titled man with the married then finds love plot line.Cora Downes has been socially adopted by the Duchess of Bridgwater after she saves her grandson by jumping into water and almost drowning, but now the Duchess has a plan to lance Cora into ton society and find a good gentleman to marry Since Cora comes from a very rich, but me [...]

    25. Ignore the Dark Angel part Don t know what that means I read this out of order, having read a short story about Edgar, Cora s brother first I didn t like that story but was intrigued by mentions of his sister s story Cora is an educated, well brought up young woman whose father is a business man Of course that is always looked down upon in these novels She saved the nephew of a duke from drowning and as a result is brought to London by the Duchess of Bridgewater to meet an eligible man Perhaps a [...]

    26. Author Mary BaloghThe Famous Heroine First published 1996The Plumed Bonnet First published 1996Combined Edition First published 2011Length 495 pagesSetting London and regoins Regency.Sex Only a couple of times Fade to black First time ordinary, unsatisfactory for h in both books.Includes Excerpt from The Proposalby Mary BaloghMy review ofThe Famous Heroine can be found review showMy review ofThe Plumed Bonnet can be found review showStapleton Downes series The Ideal Wife Miles Ripley, Earl of Se [...]

    27. This book contained two separate stories previously published separately, both based on one of the characters making assumptions about the other based on the clothes they were wearing They also involved the hero compromising the heroine and having to offer marriage as a result.The Famous Heroine 3.5 stars This story was very cute with the heroine being under a very interesting misapprehension about the hero that I ve never seen in romance And it was the kind of thing you cannot ask a person so t [...]

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