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Search The Dark #2020

Search The Dark The introspective hero of Wings of Fire and A Test of Wills Edgar Award nominee returns in Search the Dark a provocative new mystery by Charles Todd Inspector Ian Rutledge haunted by memories of Wor

  • Title: Search The Dark
  • Author: Charles Todd
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 319
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Search The Dark By Charles Todd, The introspective hero of Wings of Fire and A Test of Wills Edgar Award nominee returns in Search the Dark, a provocative new mystery by Charles Todd Inspector Ian Rutledge, haunted by memories of World War I and the harrowing presence of Hamish, a dead soldier, is a superb characterization of a man whose wounds have made him a stranger in his own land The New YorkThe introspective hero of Wings of Fire and A Test of Wills Edgar Award nominee returns in Search the Dark, a provocative new mystery by Charles Todd Inspector Ian Rutledge, haunted by memories of World War I and the harrowing presence of Hamish, a dead soldier, is a superb characterization of a man whose wounds have made him a stranger in his own land The New York Times Book Review A dead woman and two missing children bring Inspector Rutledge to the lovely Dorset town of Singleton Magna, where the truth lies buried with the dead A tormented veteran whose family died in an enemy bombing is the chief suspect Dubious, Rutledge presses on to find the real killer And when another body is found in the rich Dorset earth, his quest reaches into the secret lives of villagers and Londoners whose privileged positions and private passions give them every reason to thwart him Someone is protecting a murderer And two children are out there, somewhere, in the dark.

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      319 Charles Todd
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    1. Rating 3.5 of fiveWhat on Earth are the murders of some seemingly unrelated women in the Dorset countryside to do with Scotland Yard Well, as always, Ian Rutledge and his internal nemesis Hamish are sent where the Yard thinks they stand the best chance of getting rid of them though the only one they KNOW they re getting rid of is Ian As always, strict instructions are issued for Rutledge to avoid antagonizing the powerful people involved in this case as always, he fails and as always, Rutledge a [...]

    2. What is it that keeps fans reading book after book in a series of detective novels I should know as well as anyone, since I keep going back again and again to the work of Michael Connelly, Karin Slaughter, Henning Mankell, Jacqueline Winspear, James Lee Burke, Cara Black, John Sandford, Tana French, Elizabeth George, Sara Paretsky, and others, embarrassingly too numerous to mention These writers have few things in common other than ingenious plotting and strong writing There is one thing, though [...]

    3. Not the best of this series so far I m taking a break from Inspector Rutledge I found myself really wanting the book to be done with at about the half way mark I guess I m just not that interested in what happens to the Inspector and Hamish, the voice in his head.

    4. Another good novel in the Rutledge series This one wasn t my favorite, but was still a really great mystery.

    5. Wonderful Once again I was totally caught up in another great period murder mystery As an added benefit Charles Todd delved just a bit into the psyche of the soldier home from The Great War.

    6. What I enjoy about reading the Inspector Ian Rutledge novels is that while you re involving yourself in the whodunit Charles Todd has put together, you re also getting a look at an England in the aftermath of the Great War Men like Rutledge who survived the horrors of trench warfare have to pick up the threads of their previous lives and function as best they can Rutledge himself lives with the voice of a soldier he had executed for dereliction of duty criticizing his approach to police work Rut [...]

    7. Another book in the Inspector Rutledge series, Search the Dark, is again set in a small English village In this case, Rutledge is sent to investigate the death of a woman, and to help search for her missing and possibly dead children The local police, who are not terribly welcoming to Rutledge, have arrested a man for the crime But it is not as simple as that, being really pretty twisty The man locked up thought he saw the wife and children he believed dead during the war getting off a train in [...]

    8. Suggested by my cousin Janet, I ve really gotten into the Inspector Ian Rutledge novels I m reading them in chronological order, and this third one in the series, is no less wonderful than first two Rutledge, who s suffering from what we now call PTSD, from being in the trenches during WWI, is attempting, with great difficulty, to recover by doing his previous job, as a homicide detective with Scotland Yard Of course, that job which he feels is the only thing he s really good at or was good at i [...]

    9. Rating 4.5 stars.Somehow the Inspector Rutledge novels turned out to be comfort food so to speak for me something to relax me and yes, I know it s a murder mystery In the third book of the series, after Warwickshire and Cornwall, Superintendent Bowles sees another chance to get Rutledge out of his sight, and as far from London as possible, when a woman is found murdered in Dorset.Ian Rutledge, WWI veteran suffering from what we know today as PTSD post traumatic stress disorder tries to solve ano [...]

    10. World War I has ended or has it For milions of people in England and in the other countries who participated in the senseless slaughter of that war, it will never end Inspector Ian Rutledge is physically healed, but emotionally hanging on by a thread He carries the voice of Hamish MacLeod, a soldier he was forced to execute in France for refusing to obey a direct order, in his head Trying to keep anyone from realizing the extent of his emotional injuries, Rutledge returns to work at Scotland Yar [...]

    11. Our war damaged Inspector is once again sent out by his boss to look into the murder of a woman and her missing children The village police chief, resenting Scotland Yard s intrusion into his territory, believes he s arrested the murderer but Inspector Rutledge appears to harbor doubts In speaking with the prisoner, he discovers another war damaged soul, but the man is horrified and shocked by what he believes he has done and cannot be drawn into speaking at length about his wife and children wi [...]

    12. The third installment of the Ian Rutledge series finds Superintendent Bowles once again finding ways to keep the man with whom he is never comfortable out of the London office Last time he sent him off to Cornwall, this time it is Dorset Rutledge believes that Bowles knows about his war years than anyone else at Scotland Yard His supervisor has never questioned him about his war experience, but he appears wary and unsure of him and Rutledge has begun to feel he will always end up with the assig [...]

    13. As usual, the book was far too long to support the mystery Same ramblings on about things that I already had figured out Same female character that fascinated Ruteledge, just with a different name tacked on at the end Already at the third book, I can figure things out myself It s very well written and deeply centered on Rutledge s thoughts, but that doesn t mean it s very interesting with the mystery and constant going over details that weren t hard to pick up if he actually thought about them.

    14. I like this entry in the series better than the previous.As I ve been reflecting on what I like best about this novel, it really is that the authors seek to address the long term consequences of war and trauma, that affect no only veterans, but their family and acquaintances as well They raise a brokenness that isn t easily fixed or patched over that I think is important to acknowledge.

    15. After some non fiction, it was nice to return to my usual British mystery The Ian Rutledge Scotland Yard detective series, set immediately after WWI, is is one of the best series I ve read and this particular novel held my interest and was a quick read.

    16. Why was it that the mind was so adept at finding its own punishment The Inspector Ian Rutledge mystery series has been available to the public for a few decades now and of course I am only getting around to stumbling across these sets of books It only took a single copy but I am thankful I let my curiosity browse the back shelves one rainy day because I want to read and collect all 19 of them now Here is a distinct collaboration I m happy to recommend that has irresistible settings and descripti [...]

    17. I ve read 4 Inspector Ian Rutledge books previously, and liked them all quite well This book was ok, but a bit on the marginal side so, for a rating Ian Rutledge is a Scotland Yard detective who served in WWI That conflict was not kind to his psyche and he carries in his mind the thoughts and comments of Hamish, a Scottish Corporal he d had to have executed Then too, the love of his life, Jean, jilted him when he came back from the war psychologically damaged But he went back to Scotland Yard, a [...]

    18. The I read Charles Todd the I like them They are slow, meticulous, plodding but brilliant You get a feel for life in England after Wotld War I and how many aspects of daily life were affected in its aftermath So many of the characters in this series of books who went to France to fight have come back changed by PTSD They knew less about it at that time than we know now and attached the label of cowardice to those affected Often murders resulted from the changes Inspector Ian Rutledge suffers f [...]

    19. Once again sent off on a wild goose chase for no reason other than to get out from under Bowles feet, Ian finds himself searching for the children of a murdered woman It seems a cut and dry case, a shellshocked man sees his believed dead family with another man, and in a fit of rage kills his wife But, where are the children As Ian investigates around town, he learns of another woman that recently visited, but has apparently vanished Could the dead woman be Margaret and not Mary Leaving no stone [...]

    20. This is the third book in the Inspector Ian Rutledge series Scotland Yard sends Rutledge to the English countryside to find some children who are missing and can t be found The woman who was thought to be their mother was found dead and the authorities suspect that they may be also The man who has been arrested for the crime is a veteran of World War I who came home with many scars Rutledge isn t convinced that he is the guilty party and sets out to determine what happened to the children and wh [...]

    21. Nothing is as it seems in this book Todd serves up a victim with several possible identities and s choice of suspects, each with a different motive, depending on who the victim turns out to be Complications include Rutledge trying to come to terms with his former fianc s upcoming marriage to someone else and his empathy for the suspects, all of whom suffered in one way or another in the war This one kept me, as well as Inspector Rutledge guessing until the very end He discovers the killer and ju [...]

    22. Inspector Ian Rutledge is an Inspector with Scotland Yard after The Great War WWI He served in the war and suffers from what we now understand is PTSD The plot keeps you turning pages while his character is so human and damaged that you want to cry This is what I call a heavy book one with much psychological meaning and dark characters But, at the end, Rutledge has solved another case and you rejoice with him Excellent research by the authors Charles Todd is a mother son writing team.

    23. As a writer, I can see now where the pressure to turn out the books may have resulted in Charles Todd s tight plotting getting a little away from him.This story kept me reading, but I admit to frustration at how it resolved It felt like a cheat, yet again After such an excellent Wings of Fire still haven t read the first one , this one stretched longer than it should have.Still, the thing I like about these books so much is the insight they provide into the mind of the WWI veteran Those passages [...]

    24. I ve been told by trustworthy people that Ian Rutledge grows on the reader I m not there yet this is the second of the Ian Rutledge mysteries I ll probably try another one This one was confusing with too many characters, and so far, Ian does not look like a great detective He suffers from PTSD from WWI and carries around a voice from Hamish, a soldier that he had to have executed While Hamish can be distracting, I suspect he will become an asset as time goes on since he s really just another par [...]

    25. This is another really wonderful book in the series, although I do get tired of how disrespectful the other constables treat him At least in this book, there were powerful, rich people who could see Rutherford s nemesis for the fool that he was Rutherford encountered several beautiful, intelligent women in this story, which gives me some hope that he can move on from the useless Jean who broke his heart Towards the end of this book, one of the women, Frenchwoman Aurore Wyatt, told him that whoev [...]

    26. Good but not greatBeautiful use of the English language and sensitivity to the complexities of the mental and physical injuries brought home by those who fought in WW I A plot that left the reader wondering until the last pages, and still not as engaging as others this author has written It took too long to get into the book with elongated and somewhat unbelievable rushing to conclusions at the beginning of the book Since we know that we are being set up in the beginning, I don t think it adds a [...]

    27. Another very insightful investigation of small village murders by Inspector Ian Rutledge WWI had long lasting effects on the people who survived it and the Todd books go into it in great detail There are times when I am tempted to skip portions because the investigation seems to go round and round and we never seem to get anywhere but then I just put it down for a bit and when I get back to it, I m glad that I hadn t skipped any.

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