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To Lie with Lions #2020

To Lie with Lions The sixth volume in the popular The House of Niccolo series this vivid novel of the th century centers on Nicholas vander Poele who in is acclaimed by all the great courts of Europe but who

  • Title: To Lie with Lions
  • Author: Dorothy Dunnett
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 256
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • To Lie with Lions By Dorothy Dunnett, The sixth volume in the popular The House of Niccolo series, this vivid novel of the 15th century centers on Nicholas vander Poele who, in 1471, is acclaimed by all the great courts of Europe, but whose personal life is tumultuous He and his passionate rival his wife embark on a deadly competition for control of their mutual destiny.From the Hardcover edition.

    • [E-Book] ☆ To Lie with Lions | By ☆ Dorothy Dunnett
      256 Dorothy Dunnett
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    1 thought on “To Lie with Lions

    1. In my eyes this series just gets better and better I must admit that I wasn t too taken with the enigma that was Niccolo when I first started this series but he has become a compelling character He s a bit softer in this book, not so cold and unfeeling There are some plot twists that I didn t envisage happening and they keep the tension and interest of the series ratched up as a whole I love the settings, a lot of the action takes place in Iceland The characters are wonderfully depicted and the [...]

    2. Nicholas, having engineered a signal success against his wife and her ex lover, is trying to merge his family into a whole under his own wing His wife wants nothing to do with ending the war between them In the meantime, he has a business to build, and from Scotland he is reaching out to the valuable fishing of Iceland.This Iceland tour is some of the best adventure writing I have ever read Nicholas has youngsters Robin and Katelijne on his ship, and ahead of him in Iceland are two volcanoes bui [...]

    3. While the climax lacked the sheer emotional punch of a certain book in the Lymond series, To Lie with Lions s conclusion is still one calculated to make your jaw drop at the sheer scale of Dunnett s plotting Nicholas might well be on a course to surpass Lymond in magnificent bastardlyness yes, that s now a word Gelis and Nicholas relationship is a startling war of attrition that s as gripping to read about as it is exhausting for them to experience, and I m very glad that I have Caprice and Rond [...]

    4. This book was a vast improvement on its predecessor, and I m not just saying that because it featured my hero Louis XI prominently Unicorn Hunt was kind of a meandering travelogue that didn t really seem to accomplish much in terms of advancing the plot or the characterizationough I felt similarly after reading Disorderly Knights for the first time before I had finished the series, so maybe my opinion of that will change once I ve finished Gemini In any event, the main annoyance of this book, t [...]

    5. I don t care for Dunnett s Nicollo series as much as her Lymond series Nicholas is rather an oaf given to dangerous games, but at last in this fifth book of the series I keep on reading because Dunnett s use of the English language is thrilling I m beginning to see his charms Dunnett is treating him softly I m than half way finished Dec 2, 2011 and this I believe is the least violent of Dunnett s Lymond and Nicollo books a plus for me Her plotting leaves some implausibilities, but one tends to [...]

    6. I thoroughly disliked the book, which was disappointing, especially considering just how much I loved the first few books in this series The feud between Gelis and Niccolo is one of the stupidest I ve ever come across, and the reasons behind it on both their sides felt unconvincing and somewhat repugnant The characterization is also becoming unbelievable with every book, what with Niccolo being a naturally gifted genius in just about every field, including the supernatural, and Gelis ping pongi [...]

    7. Oblique, allusive, the master of showing and not telling, Dunnett is a formidable writer Only occasionally do I understand the machinations of each character, though I love the action and the characterizations I did feel the machinery creaking in this one, though, particularly during the adventure in Iceland, filled with erupting volcanoes, walls of fire and marauding bears but serving to advance the plot only a little The ending is astonishing How will Niccolo recover from betraying everyone he [...]

    8. I own the entire Niccolo series and am currently on the 6th of 8 books, although I have listed all 8 and rated them 5 stars in my profile I LOVE this series The best historical fiction I have ever read These books are so vibrant, featuring vivid, real, and lovable detestable characters, illuminating detail and history, and the whirlwind of a trip around the Western world that was in the 15th century These books transport me, and I love them so much that I am dreading turning the last page of the [...]

    9. Okay The Niccolo series and I are taking a break from our relationship I just can t take it any I am so interested in the relationships that Niccolo has built with the far flung members of his team over the years, and, of course, with his lady friends But I just can t take any of his beyond dysfunctional relationship with Gelis She loves him passionately She hates him passionately I don t understand it, and I am tired of trying to figure it out Another time, perhaps.

    10. This series has yet to fully redeem itself from the end of the fourth book The best part of this book is that the worst part of this series has possibly ended That being the incredibly annoying, boring, aggravating, and stupid feud between Nicholas and Gelis These books are generally enjoyable when not having to trudge through that misery of writing Maybe the final two books will justify the previous two.

    11. Nicholas is one of the most complex characters in fiction There is simply nothing predictable in the plots of these books The historical detail is incredible One cannot read them quickly because of the intricacies but then when one ends you find yourself wanting to immediately start the next one

    12. phew, that was a bit exhausting, especially towards the end It s also somewhat exhausting to both pity and admire the main character He s such a perfect anti hero.

    13. This book is worth the read for the Iceland sections alone, which is complete page turning marvel I mean Iceland in the 1400s With volcanoes about to blow and polar bears and Kathi being amazing, and well It s wonderful That said, I enjoyed this Niccolo book less that my favorite, Scales of Gold, because I got fed up with Nicholas and Gelis s childish feud I did come to understand their strange contest as a sort of personal version of capitalism It showed how competition poisons human interactio [...]

    14. This is the 6th book of the Niccolo series and these books really must be read in order After the shock ending of The Unicorn Hunt The House of Niccolo , Nicholas is forging a relationship with his son, as well as drawing Gelis, his estranged wife back to him though the terms of the relationship are a mystery to all their friends.Drawn to Scotland, Nicholas makes himself indispensable at the young Scottish court, but his machinations there are as opaque even to his colleagues as his relationship [...]

    15. I think I have Dunnett addiction fatigue She is very skilled at cliffhangers which resolve the primary episode of the book but leave the most important questions about the main characters unresolved Normally I rate her books higher I think but this one had a lot of divining I signed on to read historical fiction, not fantasy and a plot that didn t really make much sense until the end On the plus side, as far as I recall only one major character from the series dies, and that person is someone I [...]

    16. Our feline like hero has once again shed another of his nine lives, though I think given the miscreants against him, he lost one and a half lives Two and a half lives left after six books two books to go I ll review the complete series when I m done.15th century Europe and The Levant.The stars show four, but I d like to call it four and a half stars Lots of characters and places to get straight.Onto book seven Caprice and Rondo

    17. Despite the fact that it ends on a sad note, the sixth book of the House of Niccolo was a happier book than the previous one in the series Nicholas regains a lot of his personal and professional equilibrium at the beginning of the book, which gives him the ability to conduct his affairs with control, daring, and finesse It was much enjoyable to read One of the highlights of the novel is a magnificent adventure that takes place in Iceland and involves piracy and two erupting volcanos There are [...]

    18. I did not like the previous book so much that I kept delaying reading this one But I loved this one very much, indeed, the best one of the series so far for me I loved that the story was dynamic and kept me hooked throughout, I even liked the settting and events in Iceland I now like Nicholas very much other than his gift of divining and especially him as a father I don t like Gelis so much mainly because I find her motivations often unconvincing.I ll take a quick break and then will start on bo [...]

    19. c1995 This book was just depressing If you are looking for an eventual happy ending this is not the series for you Plans within schemes within plots I had a hard job making sense of everything and eventually despite having read the prior 5 books I ended up not liking either Nicholas or Gelis Because of that, I feel somewhat cheated This is a bit of a chunkster as well at 626 pages But a family tree is a salad of many herbs.

    20. Oh, Niccolooh, Geliswhy, why I don t even know if I like this series, but I m six books and a gazillion pages into it, and have only two books and a thousand or so pages left No, of course, I like this series, but as with the Lymond Chronicles, these books are complicated, dense, and full of twists and turnsd sometimes, I have no idea what s going on And I m not quite as in love with Niccolo as I was with Lymond But, doesn t the first one always win your heart

    21. 4.5 i feel guilty not giving this 5 stars since i really do love Dunnett s writing, but i just haven t been finding Nicholas riveting this time around possibly i find the books less opaque and thus less mysterious and compelling now i m older i m sure i didn t get the gay implications when reading the earlier books as a teenager please god this doesn t happen when i reread Lymond it s terribly sad when you grow out of favourite writers.

    22. Nicholas and his band of friends and business partners again fail to disappoint Dorothy Dunnett s plotting skills are amazing as she sends Nicholas through political and social events of Scotland in 1471 that leave your head spinning His trip to Iceland, accompanied by young Robin of Berecrofts and Katelijne Sersanders, and coming face to face with vicious pirates and spouting volcanoes, left me breathless with anxiety and unable to put my book down.

    23. The story was 626 pages of names I couldn t pronounce, and phrases in several Non English forms However, as a set of tapes made the 31 1 4 hour read do able The two prime characters wasted at least five years of their lives I shot 30 hours for a tale that I wish had been a short story as the tale wasn t bad It felt like work.

    24. The book starts with a husband kidnapping his two year old son from his wife after his wife hid the child from his father Certainly not a love story The war between the parents is silly Although the book travels over a few years and many countries, the characters are just not very likable,resulting in an unsatisfactory read.

    25. This is a re read for me Originally it was one of my least favorite of the series but this time around the section in Iceland as well as the final revelations and discoveries were far vivid and deep Hard to decide between 4 and 5 stars going with 5, still not my favorite of her books but the experience of reading it was remarkable.

    26. So I finished this late last night, although I was still exhausted from my recent vacation But Niccol was in Iceland so I couldn t stop reading And then that ending, nothing could ve prepared me for it This was the best yet, but I still have to read the last two books so I might change my mind.

    27. perseverence pays off by the end of this book I m once again hooked on the seroes and I want to read the next one I m even begining to have patience with the charceters and like them a little again.

    28. This volume finds Niccolo working on a thousand little plans, adventuring in spurts, looking out for his beloved young son and finally winding up the destructive competition with his wife But at what cost

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