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Surviving With Wolves #2020

Surviving With Wolves This book was supposed to be an amazing true survival story of a little girl whose parents were taken to Auschwitz She made her way through the woods of Europe during the WW and was later adopted by

  • Title: Surviving With Wolves
  • Author: Misha Defonseca
  • ISBN: 9780749950613
  • Page: 367
  • Format: None
  • Surviving With Wolves By Misha Defonseca, This book was supposed to be an amazing true survival story of a little girl whose parents were taken to Auschwitz She made her way through the woods of Europe during the WW2 and was later adopted by a family of wolves who took care of her Later she found her way back home but never met her parents again However, it has been revealed that the author Misha Defonseca reaThis book was supposed to be an amazing true survival story of a little girl whose parents were taken to Auschwitz She made her way through the woods of Europe during the WW2 and was later adopted by a family of wolves who took care of her Later she found her way back home but never met her parents again However, it has been revealed that the author Misha Defonseca real name Monique De Wael made up the whole story She was not even Jewish De Wael was brought up Catholic but kept on insisting her story was true up until it was found out to be a fabrication in March 2008.

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    1. The author of this book is a serial liar and fantasist, who made a great deal of money out of her fabrications but is having her butt sued off in court For recent details, check e.g this page.

    2. It s important to remember that the author s parents really were taken away by Nazis when she was a small child and she never saw them again They were members of the Belgian Resistance Catholic, not Jewish and were probably killed in camps before the end of the war Thus her psychological problems are understandable, and she admits to having had therapy For these reasons I m not inclined to label the book a hoax as that implies a conscious effort to make money out of lying The truth is probably [...]

    3. Okay, after Defonseca was recently outed as a fraud, I had to read this for the curiosity factor, and now I must question the I.Q of anyone who read this memoir at the time of its publication and thought it was authentic Yeah, a seven year old sets off on a four year trek across war torn Europe, and is intermittently nurtured by wolves She just happens to slip into the Warsaw ghetto hours before it was liquidated she stabs a Nazi to death she digs a hole for herself in a mass grave and hides ami [...]

    4. For the first half of this book, I was totally caught up in the author s story of surviving the war years in Europe by traveling alone as a small child in search of her parents who had been seized by the Nazis Traipsing alone from Belgium through Germany, Poland and into Russia, surviving on eating leaves, dirt and carrion, and nurtured by wolves who treated her like a pup, I was entranced The horrors of the Holocaust through the eyes of a child was fascinating By the second half of the book, it [...]

    5. Say you meet me at a party and I tell you that when I was 7 years old, I killed a full grown military officer, then ran off and was nurtured by a pack of wolves Would you believe me or begin edging away quietly, keeping the snack table between us at all times Or say I m a healthy looking, articulate young white woman, and I tell you I used to work for the Bloods in L.A a full time gun strapped gangbanger Would you believe me or laugh in my un bruised, orthodontured face If you said you would bel [...]

    6. Nu sunt prea multe de spus Doar o alt carte despre r zboi, de o calitate ndoielnic O poveste par ial fictiv , unele pasaje for ate, scenele ce m au impresionat sunt slab expuse, lipsite de originalitate i i pierd din esen a literar.

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    8. I picked up this book mainly because I appreciate stories of Holocaust survivors and it helped that there was an endorsement by Elie Wiesel on the back cover I didn t know about the controversy surrounding the book, but got suspicious as I began reading about how a seven year old or thereabouts could survive for than a few nights in the woods then winter came along, and I thought no, this is not possible, she would have died of exposure, not to mention that I think that the most natural thing f [...]

    9. I loved this book I found it was a great way to write about WW2 in an original way I read it in French and it was greatly written You felt the pain of Mishka, you understood her feelings, saw the beauty of the wolfs through her eyes I loved reading it because, I have lived in Canada and I often went to the mountains and have always loved wolfs and wilderness so I could easily connect with the little girl I was very disappointed to learn that the book was not a real story because, this little gir [...]

    10. Even if this was fiction it was not a good read but selling this as non fiction, as the true story of a Jewish kid in the holocaust This woman is not a Jew and she spent the war in the comfort of her relatives home.This book should be known for what it is junk and Defonesca is not only a bad writer but also a demented liar.I ve place a little newspaper article about Defonesca inside the copies that we have at the library so that everyone will know what this loon is all about and I suggest that e [...]

    11. I do not care whether there is a true story behind it or not The war was terrible, turning people into beasts Is it not enough that thousands of children were wandering during the war abused and denied by the human pack That the only shelter they could have were holes in the earth and deep deep wilderness where humans could not find them Why do you all care whether it is true or not Were there not millions of children killed and abandoned Aren t there now millions of children starving, denied, a [...]

    12. Although I find the historical backdrop fascinating, truth be told, I read this book because the Boston Globe ran an article on Feb 29th about how the author made the whole thing up Truly, it was boring, like a really, really bad tale of what it MIGHT have been like boston ae books articl

    13. I though it was good at first, but later when I learned that it wasn t based on real events my likeness for this book lessened Hence my two stars However, the stories events were startling and highly diminitive.

    14. This was an amazing story, until I found out it was completely fabricated I think is was sometime in 2008 that it was discovered to be completely false Real nice A made up holocaust story that was advertised as truth.

    15. Impresionant i cutremur toare O carte care te provoac s crezi n speran i mai ales s nu i pui limite.

    16. It is a pleasant read, but very clearly fictional I think it is rude that the author tried to paint a picture of the horrific things people had to go trough in the war, claimed that she lived it while all the time she was safe and sound It would have been different if she was honest from the start and come out that it was a fictional story.

    17. Ook al wist ik dat het waargebeurde verhaal niet echt waargebeurd is toch kon het verhaal mij niet boeien Uitgelezen maar zeker niet mijn schrijfstijl

    18. At one lecture, a woman said to me, You re not a holocaust survivor You didn t live in the camps Hers was just one voice among others It shouldn t have upset me as it did, but I was annoyed with myself for telling the world a story that wasn t universally accepted, just because it wasn t like everyone else s I was different, as always Surviving with wolves is indeed unique, a story different from any other one you might have read It takes place during the war and the reader sees through Jewish e [...]

    19. Offert par Laurent, St Valentin 2008.____________________________4e de couverture Bruxelles, 1941 Misha a sept ans, elle est juive Cach e dans une famille catholique, elle est si malheureuse qu elle s enfuit vers l est, l o , croit elle, elle retrouvera ses parents qui ont t d port s.Avec pour seul guide une boussole, Misha fait plus de 3300 kilom tres pied, traversant la Belgique, l Allemagne, la Pologne, l Ukraine Elle supporte le froid et la faim Elle vole pour se nourrir, pour se v tir.Toujo [...]

    20. In dit waargebeurde verhaal worden we door de zevenjarige Misha meegenomen op haar wonderbaarlijke avonturen door de wouden van Belgi , Duitsland, Polen Oekra ne, en verder Aan het begin van WO II worden haar ouders, die joden zijn, gedeporteerd en zij vlucht weg uit haar pleeggezin met maar n ding voor ogen haar moeder terugvinden, die in het oosten zou zijn Ze moet overleven op voedsel dat ze steelt uit boerderijen, vlees van karkassen, wormen, planten, bladeren, en grotendeels haar eigen wils [...]

    21. O ksi ce i autorce dowiedzia am si z artyku u, kt ry przerabia am na studiach, dotycz cego wybranych historycznych oszust w takich jak Enric Marco czy Jerzy Kosi ski My la am, e po ujawnieniu prawdy dotycz cej powie ci Prze y z wilkami przejd do porz dku dziennego nad faktem, e jest to fikcja i dam si porwa akcji Niestety, wiedz c, e to wszystko by o wymy lone, a przez wiele lat podawane do publicznej wiadomo ci jako wydarzenia autentyczne, nie mog am przebole faktu, e autorka na ka dym kroku pr [...]

    22. I read this book before finding out that it was made up I thought it was incredible Realizing it was all a lie shocked me I did not know what to think at first Fictional WW II novels are being written all the time and it is nothing wrong with making up a story about that time which could be true What bothers me is the lie The author selling this as her own experience, although it was not, casts a bad light on the book It would be all right if the author just presented it as her work of fiction.N [...]

    23. Susilapsi kertoo seitsenvuotiaasta Mishasta, joka toisen maailmansodan juutalaisvainoissa menetti perheens ja l hti etsim n heit id st Matka taittui jalan Nelj n vuoden aikana tytt k veli Belgiasta Neuvostoliittoon ja takaisinkin el en l hinn varastamalla ruokaa ja kun varastettavaa ei ollut, sy m ll raatoja, puun kuorta ja matoja Koko matkan aikana Misha ei juuri ollut tekemisiss ihmisten kanssa H n jopa eli muutamissa susiperheiss El insuhteista muodostuikin h nelle ihmissuhteita luotettavampi [...]

    24. I received this book back in my wolfaboo phase, when I was 13 years old I was too busy being caught up in my jealousy of someone being so easily accepted by a pack of wolves that I didn t really notice how implausible the plot was I also didn t think that it was my place to doubt the stories of Holocaust survivors, so I couldn t just say I didn t like it.When I recently discovered that it was all a coax, it came as a relief I was allowed to dislike this book The plot is unrealistically overridde [...]

    25. This is so powerful I read it maybe younger than I should have, but then, I claim to be indiscriminant about ages, so I shouldn t say that It is a fictional it was supposed to be true, but then someone uncovered that the author lied story about a young girl in the holocaust who runs from her foster family after over hearing that they were going to hand her over to the Germans she is a Jew Her parents were taken by the Germans, so being the young girl that she was, she went to look for them This [...]

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