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Beyond the Grave #2020

Beyond the Grave A haunting new tale in the Past Midnight seriesI can t move forward with my life until I know my demons are confined to the past Being Charlotte Silver the daughter of famous paranormal investigators

  • Title: Beyond the Grave
  • Author: Mara Purnhagen
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 414
  • Format: Paperback
  • Beyond the Grave By Mara Purnhagen, A haunting new tale in the Past Midnight seriesI can t move forward with my life until I know my demons are confined to the past Being Charlotte Silver, the daughter of famous paranormal investigators, means my life isn t like that of other teenage girls Especially after what happened to my parents Things changed I missed prom and deferred my big college plans BuA haunting new tale in the Past Midnight seriesI can t move forward with my life until I know my demons are confined to the past Being Charlotte Silver, the daughter of famous paranormal investigators, means my life isn t like that of other teenage girls Especially after what happened to my parents Things changed I missed prom and deferred my big college plans But I still have my boyfriend, Noah He s everything I could want if I can figure out what s up with him Suddenly Noah is secretive.I fear it has something to do with what happened to us three months ago The bruise Noah suffered during a paranormal attack has never completely faded Now I ve learned Noah is researching demons And when he disappears, it s up to me to find him before something else does.

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      414 Mara Purnhagen
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    1. The first two books in the Past Midnight series were fun, quick reads that, while I did enjoy, wished had something going for them Something that made them memorable, exciting While this third and final installment in the trilogy may not have blown me away, it still did step up in the awesomeness scale and I think it s safe to say this was my favorite out of all three books This book takes off very soon after the second book, One Hundred Candles, when Charlotte s life was turned upside down, a [...]

    2. Originally posted at gigisconsignmentclosetspoBeyond The Grave by Mara PurnhagenYA Paranormal RomanceE bookAugust 30, 2011Harlequin TeenBeing Charlotte Silver, the daughter of famous paranormal investigators, means my life isn t like that of other teenage girls Especially after what happened to my parents Things changed I missed prom and deferred my big college plans But I still have my boyfriend, Noah He s everything I could want if I can figure out what s up with him Suddenly Noah is secretive [...]

    3. Charlotte just wants to move on with her life, but she can t until she knows that The Watcher is gone for good She s put her life and future on hold in order to try and hold things together in the aftermath of his attack She wants to be there for her father as they cling to hope for her mother s recovery, but things aren t looking good The only thing she can count on is Noah, or so she thought Something is different about him, and she isn t sure what is going on All she knows is that he s sudden [...]

    4. I really liked the first two books in this series, Past Midnight and One Hundred Candles, but this one felt like a mild let down The first book develops the main character, Charlotte, as a member of a family of ghost paranormal investigators, with her mom the believer and her dad the skeptic It worked really well with no actual proof of the supernatural except what she claims to have seen during the climax The second book adds a few wrinkles with an actual possession and her father having to com [...]

    5. I m always sad when a series comes to an end, and this one is no different.Everything is wrapped up neatly leaving you with a feeling of satisfaction and contentment The plot is fast paced, keeping you glued to the pages, and you re always wondering what s going to happen in the next chapter They may not be the most dense of books or the most complex, but they are fun and something to read when you need to sit back and relax Beyond the Grave isn t as scary as its previous two installments, nor i [...]

    6. Originally posted at libriagoThis will be a rather short review because I ve already gushed enough about this series previously When I slip into these books, I lose track of time and get fully immersed in the story.Needless to say, I enjoyed Beyond the Grave, though not quite as much as the first two Still, this is an excellent series and one I heartily recommend If what I heard is correct, this is the final book in the series If I have any influence, I would say Keep on keepin on with the serie [...]

    7. WHY WHY CAN SOMEONE PLEASE TELL ME WHY WE HAVE AN ABUNDANCE OF HEROINES IN SOME SERIOUS DEEP SHIT AND DOESN T FUCKING TELL ANYONE THAT CAN DO A FUCKING THING TO HELP Seriously, this is an epidemic that needs to be stopped Don t write about how much of a strong fighter a heroine is and then have her keep all these life and death secrets OH And when she FINALLY does tell someone, it s nearly fucking too late I get that it makes the action that much action ier or whatever, but it s stupid And makes [...]

    8. This took a weird turn compared to the first two books The idea of view spoiler the Protectors hide spoiler felt so out of place with everything else that had been established The execution in general of the plot was just not well done There were so many parts to the storyline and it never really came together like it should have I m still confused about view spoiler Noah being possessed or not, his dad he hadn t seen in 10 years getting controlled by the watcher, the reason for adding Bliss int [...]

    9. After devouring the first two books in the Past Midnight series, I couldn t wait to read the third one Because not only did the second leave off with a semi huge cliffhanger but also because there s just so many aspects I adore about this series Luckily, Beyond the Grave was yet another fabulous addition It was actually probably my favorite one so far Beyond the Grave starts off a couple of months after One Hundred Candles left off Charlotte is still reeling with the fact that her Mom is in a co [...]

    10. Rating 3.0 Genre YA Paranormal Review Beyond the Grave Past Midnight 3 takes place four months after the end of One Hundred Candles Past Midnight 2 and thus, I would highly recommend reading that book first before continuing this series.Four Months ago, Charlotte Silver swore off paranormal investigations after her mother Karen was attacked by the Watcher and put in a coma Her father basically lives in Karen s hospital room, and has given up any attempts at continuing his life long work while ha [...]

    11. I received this e ARC courtesy of NetGalley for review.I started reading the Past Midnight series probably earlier this year and totally became addicted Mara Purnhagen writes a terrific series, its dark, edgy, has a nice creep factor and the characters are enjoyable as well Beyond the Grave which might be the last in the series if I m remembering right was fantastic The events of One Hundred Candles was by far the most shocking I ve seen Those events have a key effect on the whole story of Beyon [...]

    12. Beyond the Grave by Mara PurnhagenMy Summary Charlotte Silver s life hasn t been the same since she witnessed her vision the other side and the watcher still thinks she should be punished for it Her parents were paranormal debunkers, that is until they encountered the real thing But that life was put on hold after the watcher almost killed her mother Charlotte was going to community college instead of leaving for school Her Dad, lost and separate, spent all his time at the care facility with her [...]

    13. I m going to have to tone down my geekthusiam while writing this review because quite frankly, I thought this book was awesome It s one of the best in the Past Midnight series so far, in my humble opinion.If you couldn t guess from my earlier statement, I loved this book I loved that it was such a quick easy read Also great was that we get a deeper look into the character of Bliss, someone that many will recognize as the former Queen of Mean that she used to be in some of the previous books We g [...]

    14. Cover I feel that judging a cover of a book, by a small picture on my computer screen just isn t fair Since, I only read Beyond the Grave, in e book form, I don t believe it would be right.Characters In Beyond the Grave, I really liked all of the characters they all seemed real and down to earth There was no mean girl, or jerk Charlotte, the main character, is someone I could easily be friends with Noah, is the biggest sweetheart Bliss, even though her and Charlotte never got along in high schoo [...]

    15. I have to say, out of all of the books in the series, I think I like what looks to be this final piece of the story However, I do feel like the final battle with the Watcher could have been a whole lot bigger than it was, which is why this didn t get a higher rating from me Regardless, Purnhagen definitely did a great job tying up all of the loose ends, and opens the door for another story in this universe Whether she ll be doing in the Past Midnight world has yet to be seen, but I can see wher [...]

    16. When I pick up a book in the Past Midnight series, I have problems putting it down They are such short, fun reads, but are so thrillingly creepy that I have to keep on turning pages even as I am looking over my shoulder Although I didn t enjoy this one as much as I did with the two others before, it was still a satisfying read that had genuine scares Charlotte is still a likeable heroine who is brave, loyal, even if she does suffer occasionally from the ostrich syndrome where she pretends that i [...]

    17. My thoughts I absolutely loved book 1 of this series and book 2 was equally awesome Sorry to say, I was a little disappointed with Beyond the Grave, book 3 I still really enjoyed it but I didn t love it as much as books 1 and 2.The main reason I didn t love Beyond the Grave was the fact that it wasn t really a ghost story any Too much random paranormal elements for my tastes The basics that made books 1 and 2 great were still there the same characters and some of the same types of situations but [...]

    18. For of the review lili lost in a book.cThree months ago a demon like entity attacked Charlotte s family and friends, leaving them all injured Her boyfriend Noah came out of the deal with an unfading bruise that, to this day, reminds Charlotte of the attack, making her feel guilty all over again Charlotte s scar on the palm of her hand is slowly fading And although both her parents were also hurt, her mother got the worst of it Still in a coma from the severe head injury, they moved Charlotte s [...]

    19. My Thoughts Oh gosh I really have enjoyed this series I gave the first book 4 cupcakes, the second book 5 cupcakes, and now the third book 3 cupcakes I just didn t love this one as much as the others We are back with Charlotte and her sticky life After the last book, her mother is still in a coma, her dad s still pining away trying to be there in case she wakes up, Charlotte is trying to figure out what is going on with her boyfriend Noah, and Annalise is away at college Oh, and Noah s mom is pl [...]

    20. Cemetries are like Quiet peaceful islands slipped inside the forgotten corners of every busy city As the night creeps on and being October the month of scares , I figured I would turn from Historical Fiction to a Supernatural Teen Fiction , bringing out Ghosts and Possessions.Beyond the Grave by Mara Purnhagen is Book 3 in the Past Midnight Series , a series that focuses on the Silver family and their ghostly antics If you are a fan of Ghost Whisperer and Supernatural , then this is the series f [...]

    21. This was the seconnd book that I have read in this series I would love to read the others It stands alone, but does mention things from the other books.The book starts with Charoltte saying, I never should have sent my boyfriend to the electric chair Noah is strapped to a electric chair at Southern Penitentiary They are are vidio taping at the closed prison to finsh the DVD for thier work.Mr Pate is the prison historian says it is not hard to sit in the chair So they hooked him up but he could n [...]

    22. It s been a while since I read book 2 but I had no problem falling back into Charlotte s world This book was a little slower than the previous books but I felt like it matched the wait and see mentality that the entire Silver family was forced to take after Charlotte s mother was injured and left in a coma You know, slower isn t quite right It was languid It unfurled in bits and pieces It gave me the feeling you get when something momentous happens and the world is rushing by you while you re st [...]

    23. The third and final addition to this series, and a fairly good read although not my favourite book of the trilogy I found myself being frustrated sometimes with Charlotte s inability to see what was going on in front of her The book has a few twists and turns, but I had guessed them all before they happened and was just waiting for our heroine to catch up The ending does wrap everything up nicely though.The story starts shortly after One Hundred Candles left off, and there is a novella Haunting [...]

    24. I have to say that I found the first book in this series to be ok and the second book really piqued my interest in the series with the curveball that happened in the end see my reviews in the archives I was a little apprehensive about the plot of this installment Spoilers The second book doesn t end well with Charlotte s mom having sustained a severe head injury I felt like this book could be a major growing part for the characters or it would be really depressing with the loss of such a vital p [...]

    25. I wish I can say that I liked this book , but I didn t I have been following this series from the very beginning And while the first two books I enjoyed immensely, I felt like this book did nothing but repeat itself Another haunting, dealing with drama with friends, and boyfriend drama I was hoping that I get different element in this book I still love the paranormal aspect to it but of course wanted something new added as well.What I liked most about this book are the characters The main char [...]

    26. My Opinion This story was quite a ride From her mother being hospitalized to her boyfriend suddenly becoming violent,Charlotte is on one big roller coaster She loves her mother and is trying to do everything in her power to get her mother out of the coma she suffered from in the attack that happened to the family No one has quite recovered There is not much communication with her father so she relies mostly on her other family members for support along with her boyfriend,Noah As it turns out,Noa [...]

    27. YAY I love you Netgalley More reviews can be found at my blog Nomalicious ReadsI was beyond excited when I saw Beyond the Grave on Netgalley, and very happy that I was lucky enough to be accepted to read it since I ve been eagerly waiting for this third installment in Mara Purnhagen s Past Midnight series I never should have sent my boyfriend to the electric chair Is the very first line that had my mouth opening in shock thinking what the and then eagerly flipping the pages to find out what was [...]

    28. This was a great ending to a sometimes scary and often fun series.Charlotte s mother is still in a coma because of what happened at the end of One Hundred Candles Her dad spends most of his time in the hospital, her sister is away at college and Charlotte is trying to hold everything together by going to a community college close to home Not to mention that the mum of her boyfriend is about to get married to Shane, a guy who works for her parents and is like part of the family Confused already I [...]

    29. Oh my How do I even start When last we left Charlotte Silver, her mom was in a coma and the Watcher had been subdued.As you dive into Beyond the Grave, there is immediate intrigue with the mysterious Michael and Noah s never healing bruise As Charlotte starts her first semester at college, her mom is still in a coma and has until January before the doctors say they will need to discuss other options.Charlotte and Shane try to keep the family business together while her dad spends every waking mo [...]

    30. As you can read from the paragraph above, the book explodes in the first page I began reading and I was panicking about the situation Charlotte had found herself in Seriously, an electric chair The story is told in first person, so you get to experience everything just as Charlotte does, which really works for this series There is a quite a twist at the end, which really pulls the rug from under you I will be honest and say it was a bit slow going to begin with, but it is definitely worth carryi [...]

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