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The True and Outstanding Adventures of the Hunt Sisters: A Novel #2020

The True and Outstanding Adventures of the Hunt Sisters A Novel True and Outstanding Adventures of the Hunt Sisters The by Robinson Elizabeth

  • Title: The True and Outstanding Adventures of the Hunt Sisters: A Novel
  • Author: Elisabeth Robinson
  • ISBN: 9780316735025
  • Page: 302
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The True and Outstanding Adventures of the Hunt Sisters: A Novel By Elisabeth Robinson, True and Outstanding Adventures of the Hunt Sisters, The, by Robinson, Elizabeth

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      302 Elisabeth Robinson
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    1. Onvan The True and Outstanding Adventures of the Hunt Sisters Nevisande Elisabeth Robinson ISBN 316159360 ISBN13 9780316159364 Dar 326 Safhe Saal e Chap 2004

    2. I ve just finished weeping my way through the last few pages of this wonderful book It s a beautiful tale of sisters, of course, but much so of relationships and relating.This novel counterbalances the falseness and fecklessness of Hollywood with the intensely weighted reality of dealing with cancer in small town middle America Even , it blended them into the tapestry of one life, revealing that the frivolity of the one and the despair of the other are intrinsic in every life Through this it de [...]

    3. I was soooo ready for the book to end by the end that I just skimmed through the ending I think what bothered me was how one sided the book was because you had to get the story through letters of one person which is different, to me, than reading a book that s in first person And there were no adventurese title and cover gave me a different impression of what the book is about.

    4. This was about a 3 star er before I hit the midway point, then everything started clicking, and it became one of those books that doesn t leave your sidence it s in letter format, it s easy to grab a page or two here and there This book is so thought provoking a story of two sisters, both of them whose lives are falling apart, but in completely different ways One loses her health, but has loving family intact The other loses her love and her career, while health is intact Both resent the other s [...]

    5. The Hunt sisters couldn t be different Olivia is a Hollywood producer, used to first class amenities and fleeing from any relationship commitment Maddie lives the life Olivia ran from still living near their parents in the small town where they grew up, she is happily married to her high school sweetheart Olivia rages against the obstacles in her path Maddie approaches life with idealism and optimism As the novel opens, Olivia has had one disappointment too many and she is crafting her suicide [...]

    6. I didn t finish this book which hardly ever happens The letters of a woman whose sister is battling cancer and is trying to get a Don Quixote film done she is a director, I think It was boring to me and I lost interest It s very simple writing, as if a woman really did just write a letter and I didn t like her outlook on life.

    7. The True and Outstanding Adventures is a book full of letters, e mails, and even telegrams, written by Olivia Hunt to her friends and family Olivia is a hollywood producer who is recovering from losing her job but also determined to make a movie she has put her heart and soul into Amidst the chaos of the Hollywood life, Olivia learns her younger sister Maddie has leukemia and now Olivia is split between Hollywood and the small midwestern town she comes from Through her correspondence we get a gl [...]

    8. Back there when this was out and causing the stir however big or small that might have been, I m sure it crossed the radar here because as anyone can see my radar is hyper active just look at the numbers on my info here it s insane STILL it never got picked up, taken home, or read in part or in total until now with Rory and the gang and may I say it was a pleasure I loved the letters and e mails and by the backhanded delivery the conversations either in person or via the telephone it s there and [...]

    9. When I first started this, I didn t want to continue and I didn t like the format But I kept going, and what was at first an annoyed start turned into an overwhelmingly, satisfying finish John Green said, Sometimes, you read a book and it fills you with this weird evangelical zeal, and you become convinced that the shattered world will never be put back together unless and until all living humans read the book And then there are books like An Imperial Affliction, which you can t tell people abou [...]

    10. Written as a series of letters to her sister with leukemia, ex boyfriend, Hollywood big wigs, this is a quick read However, the plot and tone were too depressing for me to capture much joy from the book The old adage of not juding a book by its cover definitely applies here

    11. This book changed my perspective on the secrets and struggles of sisterhood It restored my excitement to have two older sisters in my everyday life This fictional novel centers around the lives of sisters Olivia and Maddie Hunt as they make their way through every day life obstacles and as they struggle to uncover the meaning and importance of sisterhood Throughout their whole lives, the sisters have never really been able to find that special connection Olivia, a hotshot Hollywood producer whos [...]

    12. Since I m usually not fond of books written in epistolary form, I wasn t sure if I would like this book or not It was one of those books that, at the beginning, I wasn t sure I would finish, but as I got further into the book I liked it and WARNING SPOILER In some ways, I would have preferred that the author focus less on her activities in the film industry, and on her sister s cancer, but can t articulate my reasons for that It definitely was an accurate portrayal of how helpless one feels a [...]

    13. By the time I was 19 my grandmother had broken her neck and was told that she would never walk again, she did I sat in an ICU unit while the doctor told us that my dad would not make it through the night, he did only to bravely face a horrible disease for 30 years I sat on my mom s lap hearing that my sister may not be coming home from Children s Hospital ICU , but she did for 17 years There were many times that I learned that illness is a part of life It is something that you fight and have a [...]

    14. This book is obviously probably one of the American best seller, since I noticed it on the bookstores in Canada and USA It was off course the front cover that made me notice it And it was definitely worth all the prize on the back cover The book deals with Hollywood and terminal illness cancer , and these subjects are obviously quite different from each other, but they are actually quite okay in the same book, in this book Olivia Hunt is producing her first movie at the same time as her sister i [...]

    15. I really wanted to like this book, having received it as a gift from someone who knows the author personally and with whom I share the drama of much of the story s themes sisterhood, close relative with cancer But I have to say overall I was disappointed The writing itself is better than I expected from a book of its type chick lit but sometimes even that is hard to believe coming from the voice of a Hollywood movie producer But ok, i guess it s possible But really, does it all have to be in her [...]

    16. This book throws you a little because it s not really focused on two sistersOlivia does 99% of the writing from her viewpoint as she covers what s going on with her sister, what s going on in her own career, and what s going on in her love life.In any book that takes a long look at someone suffering from leukemia, one difficulty is to avoid things becoming maudlin or too melancholy Congratulations to Ms Robinson for avoiding these pitfalls brilliantly She threw in offsetting humor or just ordina [...]

    17. I chose this as my companion on a tortuous international flight, and it was perfect for the confined uncomfortable space Not making too demands on the reader, the novel is a collection of letters the protagonist pens to all the significant people in her life during a stressful period The writing was easy and entertaining in an intelligent way unlike many fun reads out there There are all kinds of pokes at Hollywood and even an interesting connection to Don Quixote woven in.The best part for me i [...]

    18. 4 A lot to love about this one I love epistolary novels, Hollywood novels, sister stuff, and I m always going to be drawn to sibling with cancer plot lines It does stretch the limits of the format a little, in that she writes very very detailed letters I like to just let this kind of novel do its thing, and can accept that you ll miss some details when it s all in letters But I absolutely loved the main character, loved the choices she made in her relationships, loved her even with her flaws, wo [...]

    19. I don t know what made me pick up this book maybe the sentimentality of sisterhoodbut I really liked it and read it almost straight through in one evening I couldn t put it down, which surprised me because I normally do not like stories written entirely in letters It resonates deeply for those who have sisters, and I laughed and cried along with Olivia I was surprised to learn that the story was based on the author s experiences with her own sister.

    20. Grabbed this book at a yard sale randomly I brought it to read on the plane because the letter format seemed like good, easy plane reading It was really pretty good and the letter writing format really worked I would think it would be hard to engage a full story with the letters of a single person, but I got engrossed very quickly I read the whole thing in two days and found myself embarrassed to be wiping away tears on an airplane.

    21. Letter format women s fiction realistic memoir style book about sister dying of cancer It was okay I learned a lot about producing a movie but in the state of mind i m in I just wasn t effected by the sadness of the sister Written well and I would recommend it I hope the author has another book out, as it said she was writing an second novel but I haven t seen it yet.

    22. I just read this book Loved it The entire book is in letters, and they are only the letters the main character herself writes She struggles with the death of her sister, her alcoholic family, and the choice between her career and a relationship I read it in one sitting.

    23. There were things I liked about this book Olivia s letters the entire book was in her letters were witty and funny and heartbreaking at times The love and relationship between the sisters was very touching Had the book been 30% shorter it might have worked for me, but as it was, I was sick of hearing her go on and on about her boyfriend, and tiresome trials of the movie making, her girlfriend s trouble conceiving etc Although Olivia s letter were entertaining, I don t think the book really worke [...]

    24. I was attracted to this book because of the tile, since I enjoy time with my sisters The title is a misnomer, though it does fit into the story line The narrative style, letters to and from the older sister Olivia, lends itself to fits and starts , which seems to me a good description of the film making process in which Olivia is involved The glimpses of the relationships between Olivia and her correspondents were interesting, but were disappointing because glimpses don t satisfy Overall it was [...]

    25. This is one of the rare books that s written entirely in letter format I understand some people dislike this style, but I found this easy to read and enjoyable It s an interesting glimpse into the life of someone deep in the Hollywood culture and also routed in family in the Midwest I m not sure the story will stick with me long term, but it was a good read I think there s enough of interest to make for some lively book club discussions.

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