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In the Shadow of Swords #2020

In the Shadow of Swords When legendary killer Ciris Sarn ends a life in an empty city plaza with a single dagger thrust little does he know that an insidious game has been triggered by the brutal slaying Turning predator in

  • Title: In the Shadow of Swords
  • Author: Val Gunn
  • ISBN: 9780615232690
  • Page: 382
  • Format: Hardcover
  • In the Shadow of Swords By Val Gunn, When legendary killer Ciris Sarn ends a life in an empty city plaza with a single dagger thrust, little does he know that an insidious game has been triggered by the brutal slaying Turning predator into prey, this part fantasy, part espionage novel races along as it follows the now hunted Sarn across the brilliant white sands and sparkling seas of Mir aj, pursued by the wWhen legendary killer Ciris Sarn ends a life in an empty city plaza with a single dagger thrust, little does he know that an insidious game has been triggered by the brutal slaying Turning predator into prey, this part fantasy, part espionage novel races along as it follows the now hunted Sarn across the brilliant white sands and sparkling seas of Mir aj, pursued by the widow of his latest victim who will stop at nothing for vengeance.
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    • UNLIMITED BOOK ✓ In the Shadow of Swords - by Val Gunn
      382 Val Gunn
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    1. Disclaimer If you read the review and feel there is a spoiler in it, please let me know and I will remove that section Also, if you have any questions, don t hesitate to ask Thank you.In the Shadow of Swords is the first novel in the Tales of Ciris Sarn series by Val Gunn The next book looks to be called A Resonance in ShadowsIn the Shadow of Swords is divided up into three different main plots There is the plot of the assassin Ciris Sarn as he is trying to become removed from his Jinn bound cur [...]

    2. What an entertaining read, definitely worth picking up The book is extremely fast paced, exotic mysterious, and well worded The chapters are very short, something almost unheard of in this genre Refreshing to find it is not set in your typical, copy cat cookie cutter fantasy world that clutters most bookstore shelves.

    3. Repost from drying ink 2011 0 In the Shadow of Swords was definitely an interesting read for me though I enjoyed it, I suspect it s again a somewhat divisive novel I seem to be covering quite a few of these subjectivity is fun this way I ll explain why, but first I should give the author, Val Gunn some credit for setting the book outside the typical pseudo Europe In the Shadow of Swords setting is inspired by the Arab world instead, and it s a refreshing change magic depends on a race of creatur [...]

    4. Most books, regardless of the genre, have the tendency to put me asleep In recent years I ve really become accustomed to reading books with short chapters, whether it is Mary Higgins Clark or Gayle Lynds Either my attention span is limited or I just do not have the time to get through a fifty page chapter, so this is a style that I generally prefer That said, I have read very few fantasy novels that utilize this type of writing technique After trudging through the heavy volumes of George Martin [...]

    5. Assasins on Steroids Val Gunn has created an exciting world in the first book of his series that takes place in the world of Mar aj, a kind of mythical, magical place where danger lurks in every corner and assasins sneak through dark shadows in their quests I enjoyed the rich Middle Eastern atmosphere that Gunn provides His descriptions include the lush scents of jasmine and incense and middle eastern foods inside great walled cities The action spurs the story foreward in this intense thriller w [...]

    6. In the Shadow of Swords is another desert fantasy novel that has been released lately in what seems like a growing trend Gunn s story is based heavily upon Islamic culture and Arabian mythology The setting itself doesn t take place earlier in our own history as it does in Desert of Souls by Howard Jones , but rather on world of Mir aj Readers need to bear in mind that this is a popcorn thriller, beach read kind of book It is laced throughout with gore and profanity, with the action starting up i [...]

    7. Disappointing the world is supposedly exotic but has no depth, the writing is ok in a thrillerish mode, fast enough, but very bland characters, very disjointed plot and all depending on supposedly long going nine centuries or so conspiracies that are based on everyone being dumb and on coincidences the extract that I read and made me try this one gives a very misleading impression of what comes after.The ending redeems a bit the rest with some intriguing developments, but I have no intention of [...]

    8. Great read Mix of espionage and dark fantasy World is unique and modeled on the modern complexities facing the Middle East today Not much in the way of typical fantasy tropes and cliches Very strong prose, fast pace, gruesome violence More like a Robert Ludlum novel than a Robert Jordan Don t expect black and white characterizations, all of them have flaws which is a welcome relief.

    9. In the Shadow of Swords by Val GunnIn the Shadow of Swords is the first book in the Tales of Ciris Sarn series The sequels to In the Shadow of Swords do not have titles at this time Val Gunn has written two other novels, a Civil War thriller titled Six Months to Live and another novel titled A Resonance of Shadows In the Shadow of Swords was released February 2011 and was published by Errant Press.After the assassination of a man named Hiril Alta r by Ciris Sarn, the world of Mir aj may change f [...]

    10. Paradise is under the shadow of swords MohammedWelcome to Mir aj, a new world created by Val Gunn that rivals the classic settings of the 1001 Nights and the stories of Sindbad the Sailor, a paradise of kingdoms with Arabian styled palaces, courtyards with jasmine scented gardens, shrines with minarets, verdant vineyards, bubbling fountains, labyrinthine cities made wealthy by sea commerce and trade caravans that brave the blistering sands of the great desert blasted by the heat of twin suns and [...]

    11. How many others had already been killed When Ciris Sarn, a legendary assassin, murders Hiril Alta r at the behest of Faieer Dassai, he chooses to leave behind the four books that Hiril Alta r was carrying A fateful choice Faieer Dassai badly wants those books Those books, the legendary Books of Promise, are handed to Alta r s widow, Marin by the man who witnessed her husband s murder thus making her a target while she searches for Ciris Sarn seeking vengeance Faieer Dassai believes that the Book [...]

    12. Bound up in a delightfully atmospheric cover, In the Shadow of Swords by Val Gunn is a novel full of atmosphere and complexity Set in a world evocative of the Arabian Nights, there are plots, counter plots, betrayals, unexpected alliances, magic, swords, compulsion and free will all vying for attention The story can be confusing at times, each short chapter like a nugget of information all tangled together with the villain s identity changing and ever in question.A powerful opening scene introdu [...]

    13. I don t have much good to say about this book One of my biggest issues is the author s attempt at cleverness While when setting up a fantasy setting or cultural it s natural to use some terms from that language to distinguish it, to flesh it out However, I resented being sent to Google multiple times in a chapter to translate Arabic words into English so I knew what the heck he was talking about In some cases, the context allows for you to work it out, in other extremely rare cases I saw him do [...]

    14. In the Shadow of Swords Arabian FantasyRating 4 of 5 starsAuthor Val GunnFormat HardcoverPursued by an assassin, Hiril Altair races to stay alive long enough to reach sanctuary and deliver the evidence evidence that will prove the world and their Sultan are not what they had believed Steps from success he encounters the half jinn kingslayer Ciris Sarn whose blade quickly ends Altair s life as well as any chance for the truth to be known Val Gunn s In the Shadow of Swords starts fast immediately [...]

    15. In the Shadow of Swords is a fantasy novel in the vein of the Arabian Nights or perhaps Sinbad, although much through the lens darkly The author, Val Gunn, has crafted a detailed world in Mir ja, and one must imagine that this is a novel that will inspire a series.Ciris Sarn leads a cursed life, which is fitting for the world s most famous assassin He struggles to break free from a cloudy web of plotting that has been his master When the ancient tombs know as, The Books of Promise, are discover [...]

    16. An atypical book for fantasy Most conventions and cliches have been tossed out for something different The setting is almost nothing like I ve read before Very unique world building with proto cultures normally found in the background are given the limelight here Strong female lead and an intriguing cast of characters who each have their own merits and flaws No simple black and white morality, many issues and motives are gray often times taking the lesser of two evils is the only choice The comp [...]

    17. I find it rather annoying to read reviews from critics who don t manage to get at least half way through a book, or in this case an audiobook Gunn s fantasy thriller takes many cliches from the standard and turn them on their heads But you ve got to plant the seeds before you can sow them, so much of what seems standard fare early is not the case by the end This is a very good, unconventional fantasy thriller set in a world far different than that of 90% of fantasy novels currently available The [...]

    18. I got this as part of a SF pack from Iambik it s not anything I would ve picked up otherwise Swords, magic, and palace intrigue, nominally on some distant planet with multiple suns and moons, but for practical purposes in a stereotyped medieval Islamic world I only listened to about half an hour before the flood of clich s became too much.The audio narration is fine The narrator adopts a breathy, close to the mic style, which is appropriate for what s supposed to be edge of the seat mystery and [...]

    19. The killing of Hiril Alta r by legendary assassin results in his being hunted by the victim s widow In the Shadow of Swords is a fantasy novel following Ciris Sarn, in the world of Mir aj After his latest job, he s pursued by Marin Alta r Hiril s widow and finds that he may have set off a massive chain of events that will alter the course of the world forever As the relics of the world emerge and power is tossed about, Sarn must use every trick he has to come off whole, let alone stop the world [...]

    20. Started out strong then went all downhill from there I greatly disliked the extremely short chapters and how they jumped from character to character Short chapters work depending on how the story is written ie James Patterson and all his books , but this method only served to make for a very disjointed reading experience for me Good points are that the summoning system of magic is interesting Basically a good idea, I just think that it was executed poorly.

    21. This book was a treat, full of intrigue and the quest for vengeance Val Gunn provided a lush background for his murderous spies and devious assassins to carry out their deeds In a world of ghuls and other demon spawned beasties, these humans must muddle through for my entertainment And I was indeed mightily entertained In fact, when this book ended, I was tempted to give it another go.

    22. I was very amped up to read this book based on the synopsis and boy was I not disappointed This is a fast action novel from the very first page all the way through You really become tied to the characters and can not wait to turn the page You will find yourself having to stop skipping to the next page to try and find out what is coming up next I give this a you need this book thumbs up.

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