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Tower of Treasure #2020

Tower of Treasure As an acrobat in a traveling circus year old orphan Dessa Redd flies through the air with ease Still she is weighed down by troubling memories But when her ragtag circus troupe pulls into the cit

  • Title: Tower of Treasure
  • Author: Scott Chantler
  • ISBN: 9781554534159
  • Page: 427
  • Format: Paperback
  • Tower of Treasure By Scott Chantler, As an acrobat in a traveling circus, 14 year old orphan Dessa Redd flies through the air with ease Still, she is weighed down by troubling memories But when her ragtag circus troupe pulls into the city of Kingsbridge, Dessa feels a tickle of hope Maybe here in the royal city she will finally find her twin brother or the mysterious man who snatched him away when theyAs an acrobat in a traveling circus, 14 year old orphan Dessa Redd flies through the air with ease Still, she is weighed down by troubling memories But when her ragtag circus troupe pulls into the city of Kingsbridge, Dessa feels a tickle of hope Maybe here in the royal city she will finally find her twin brother or the mysterious man who snatched him away when they were just children.Meanwhile, Topper, the circus juggler, recruits Dessa and the circus strongman, Fisk, for the job of robbing the royal treasury Hungry and desperate, both agree, setting off a series of adventures that will take the three thieves from one end of the world to the other in search of Dessa s long lost brother Scott Chantler s fast paced story will engage readers while his bold lined art with richly detailed backgrounds is a tribute to classic comic books.

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      427 Scott Chantler
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    1 thought on “Tower of Treasure

    1. Big hit with the 6 and 8 year old, who are eagerly waiting for me to pick up the next two volumes for them Edited to add that the entire series as been very popular with the 6, 8, 11, and even the 15 year old.

    2. As a teenage devotee of Dungeon and Dragons, I have to say I was pretty instantly charmed by this first book in the Three Thieves series It s largely setting the table for what s the come, but in a medievalish kingdom, we meet a teenage orphan acrobat and her two nonhuman companions one ettin, one goblinlike dude , who arrive the capital city of Kingsbridge as part of a travelling circus Soon enough, they are trying to break into the queen s treasure tower in an extended sequence rich in detail [...]

    3. One Sentence Review This was awesome, so my sole objection is that it didn t tie up any loose ends and instead leaves the reader on edge by the end.

    4. This was awesome I really felt dragged into the story and I couldn t escape My only problem is it was to short I want .

    5. Featuring a spunky, independent, and brave young lady as the main character, this graphic novel is sure to entertain young readers The narrative is engaging and the ending leaves the reader wanting to know Luckily, there are several books out in the Three Thieves series, so our curiosity will be satisfied as soon as we can get the next books at our local library We all really enjoyed this book.

    6. I saw this series at our library and picked it up Both me and my 10 year old son enjoy middle grade fantasy graphic novels so this looked interesting It ended up being a well done and entertaining fantasy graphic novel.The characters are decently developed and Dessa has a lot of history that is presented in this novel Dessa was fun to read about and full of determination to find her brother She is helped along by a couple of goofy non human characters named Topper and Fisk There is a lot of acti [...]

    7. I liked the Captain character but it felt like the art was rather lazy in some scenes e.g duplication scenes with different speech bubbles for no reason I do want to read though.

    8. Royal intrigue, mysterious inventors, betrayal and friendship in a fantasy setting This book, I like itOTHER.

    9. Good plot line, interesting characters, and colourful art quite excellent, in fact Great graphic novel for kids especially, and adults too.

    10. Pretty good Read it on the strong recommendation of a 9 year old, who loved it Good pace, good art, interesting story, decent characters Suffers from a common problem in these kinds of books, a few frames that aren t drawn well enough to clearly delineate some complicated action, resulting in a little confusion about what s happening in the physical space Made me want to read the next one, though After a trip to the library, books 2 5 are waiting at home

    11. This was a fun beginning to a longer story Three people with varying talents attempt to rob a monarch It s got funny and tense moments The drawing is toonish but it did not detract from the narrative for me The characters are interesting and have obvious differences making their conversations amusing and funny at times A really enjoyable start to a series This would be fine for kids ages 9 12.

    12. A fantastic mystery adventure that somehow reminds me of Bone even though there s no real similarities to plot or art A girl is seeking her lost brother and mother, but gets embroiled in a scheme to rob the Queen s treasury She and her partners are caught, locked up, and sentenced to die, but not before she sees the man responsible for her family s break up Swashbuckling escapes ensue, and she s off to find where this mystery man has taken her brother.

    13. This is book 1 in a graphic series that will be perfect for Amulet readers who are growing up Acrobat Dessa, along with strongman Fisk and juggler Topper, work for pennies in a traveling circus, but dream of riches They put their skills to the test breaking into the queen s tower, but are caught and end up on the run I can t wait to read what happens next.

    14. Great juvenile graphic novel It s an exciting fun read that has Davey hooked I m always looking for something that will engage him enough to choose reading over other activities This book did it Fortunately there are 7 in the series and he s reading the second now I enjoyed it a lot too

    15. I would love to read this book to a future grandchild My kids are young women who are still too young to even think about wanting children, but when they do, I will definitely recommend it to them Nice size, love the drawings, and the text is easy to read as the type is clear and well defined.

    16. Adventure Intrigue Familial bonds Heists Fugitives Friendship Quick read, probably best for 6 12ish years old But I enjoyed it Plot s solid, and I like the characters Would like to know about Captain Drake But that s probably because I m an adult.

    17. A fun book that any fan of Bone will likely enjoy I m eager to see where the story goes in the later volumes.

    18. The paneling is great It captures the action adventure really capably The story itself is thin, but insubstantial.

    19. A great first entry of the series Plot threads are set up, characters are well defined and the art is consistent and doesn t miss a beat.

    20. Really 3.5 stars It s definitely the start to a series, leaving many loose ends I ll certainly be reading the next one

    21. Read this alongside my daughter though I had to catch up when she dared to read ahead while I was putting her brother to bed Plucky Dessa, an acrobat in a traveling circus, is forever wondering what happened to her brother and who it was that set her house afire and killed her mother to get him With a strongman and a pickpocket as her sidekicks, Dessa is determined to follow the lead she discovers The one thing I don t especially like is the fact that the ending left you completely hanging I fel [...]

    22. This is a good adventure story that is an interesting beginning to a series It introduces the main character plus her two side kicks It also leaves just enough mystery that you have to continue reading to find out what happens next, and where does their adventure take them And do the find the bad guy

    23. Reason for Reading This is a Cybils 10 nominee and required reading for me as a graphic novels panelist.This is a cute adventure story filled with excitement and derring do Dessa Redd is an acrobat in a traveling circus but she has a past she vividly remembers As a little child her mother and father disappeared while she and her brother hid under the house, when all of a sudden one of the king s guards broke through the floors and scooped up her little brother exclaiming he d found him Orphaned [...]

    24. Ah, finally another graphic novel that I enjoyed I was beginning to think there weren t any left I was NOT impressed by Tower of Treasure s cover, and when Linda recommended it, I put it off to the side But I m really glad I picked it up Although it s the start of a series, it s a good start to a solid series.It plays a LOT like Aladdin except with a young woman A young woman who has been wronged by a mysterious man he kidnapped her twin brother and killed their mother is part of a traveling cir [...]

    25. Tower of Treasure is a fun fantasy, adventure book filled with interesting characters and tense situations I found that I quite enjoyed this graphic novel and wanted to read once I finished the book I really liked all three of the main characters, although I am not quite sure what a two headed ettin is, and was really hoping that they could successfully steal some money from that nasty old queen Boy, is she ever a piece of work.The pace of the story is quick and the storyline had quite a few tw [...]

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