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The Surprise #2020

The Surprise Sheep carefully charts the growth of his wool coat When it s long enough he rides his moped to buy some red dye and dyes his wool and shaves it off Sheep puts on a sweater and takes the wool to Poodl

  • Title: The Surprise
  • Author: Sylvia van Ommen
  • ISBN: 9781932425857
  • Page: 123
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The Surprise By Sylvia van Ommen, Sheep carefully charts the growth of his wool coat When it s long enough, he rides his moped to buy some red dye and dyes his wool and shaves it off Sheep puts on a sweater and takes the wool to Poodle, who spins it into yarn Back at home, Sheep knits a beautiful red sweater as a surprise present for Giraffe

    • BEST MOBI "☆ The Surprise" || READ (EPUB) ☆
      123 Sylvia van Ommen
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    1 thought on “The Surprise

    1. Wordless picture bookFor toddlers preschoolersThrough illustrations only, Sheep is shown turning her wool into a surprise for a friend.As with many wordless picture books, this is a story that can be easily looked at alone by a pre reader, or read aloud to practice narrative skills Talking about the book as an early literacy tool makes it sound awfully dull, but this is really a fun, colorfully illustrated story about friendship, generosity, and the fiber arts We see Sheep not only measuring, dy [...]

    2. Anyone who likes fiber arts needs to check out this adorable book The smoking poodle at the spinning wheel may not be the most suitable image for kids today, but she is the epitome of lifegoals for me.

    3. The cover illustration of a sheep on a motorbike is a little misleading, but when you open the book up to the title written in red yarn, you know this story is going somewhere crafty The story develops as the sheep weighs himself, decides he s gotten too bulky, and then decides to create a very special surprise for his friend The pictures depict the sheep s journey from fluffy to shorn, and the creation a lovely sweater for his giraffe friend The process of going from sheep to sweater might mean [...]

    4. Take one sheep, one special friend and a top secret project This beautiful book, by Sylvia van Ommen, a Dutch author illustrator tells the story without words It s a theme played out over and over again in crafty blogland and when I saw the book, it made me want to cry If you see it on a shelf near you, pick it up You won t be sorry.

    5. It s a silent love story Sheep drives to a dye store there is a 2 for 1 sale , goes home and dyes herself two tones She shears herself, spins it into yarn, and knits something She packages it and drops it off at Giraffe a perfectly knit fit looong necked sweater Beautiful pictures, no words, only feeling.

    6. I love wordless picture books, and this one is my new favorite I was intially intrigued by trying to figure out what was happening at the beginning skip reading the summary in the book jacket, it ruins the surprise and then I laughed when I found out what the adorable sheep was up to Cute cute cute

    7. Where did the giraffe come from In general, the ongoing thread in my mind was what is the sheep up to now and it was fun just to follow that thread But maybe some small hints about where it was all going would have worked well All that suspense leading to a gift for an arbitrary giraffe felt strange.

    8. This book might not be for everyone, but it certainly one for me I love the movement in the illustrations, the quirkiness and the message A real gem

    9. Hilarious wordless picture book that is incredibly touching Unmistakable friendship theme but I needed to add a little narration for my 2yo to catch some of the jokes All crocheters and knitters will find it delightful

    10. Summary CIP A sheep knits his friend, a giraffe, a surprise gift of a sweater from his own wool REVIEW This sweet wordless book by a Dutch author is a favorite of mine and illustrates the pleasure of giving You are kept guessing till the end about what this sheep is doing as he measures his wool, dyes it red, of course , shears it off, and zooms back and forth on his red vespa busily The art is simple, yet very expressive, and lends itself to discussion and narrative skills such as anticipating [...]

    11. the last page is so adorable, i actually squealedings of note besides this book being adorable e sheep is fixated on being overweight no lie it s mildly disturbing, and possibly a bad influence on impressionable children with developing body issues there s also a poodle working in a sweatshop AND smoking which could be considered subversive, except that it s funny i m embellishing about the sweatshop, the poodle is probably an independant craftsperson do you think poodles smoke camels

    12. A wordless picture book This one is much straightforward than most wordless picture books, most have a lot going on in each illustration this one, on the other hand, doesn t really even have backgrounds in the pictures they re mostly just solid colors But, it is still a cute book about friendship and displays a wonderful example of giving a meaningful, thoughtful, handmade gift to a friend which, in my opinion, are the best kind.

    13. I m usually not a fan of wordless picture books, but this one is delightful Sheep dyes her own wool and shears herself so that she has a gift for a friend The identity of that friend is a wonderful surprise.

    14. A beautifully done wordless picture book about a sheep who uses her wool to knit a sweater for her friend Vibrant pictures walk readers through shearing wool, dying, spinning, knitting, and gifting Love it

    15. The illustrations are so lush and bright and sweet Wow This is a fantastic book I hope Joey and Samuel will latch onto this concept of a story in illustrations and read independently with this book and others like it like A Boy, a Dog, and a Frog.

    16. It s a picture book, but it tells a story The illustrations were very colorful and they told the story very well So times the illustrations do all the talking.

    17. This is one of my favorite books, but I must say, I m not thrilled that the illustrator chose to show the sheep smoking to pass the time Grrrrr Bad decision Sylvia Van Ommen.

    18. kids love this wordless book read it together with them and be sure to have them help you tell the story their guesses about the surprise are fantastic

    19. Who wouldn t love a sheep who rides a scooter Follow the adventures of the sheep as he plans a special surprise for a friend.

    20. A cute, simple, wordless story Not greatly entertaining, but straightforward enough to recommend it for anyone looking for a picture book without words.

    21. Not typically a fan of books with no words, but this was pretty good My kids especially liked my immitation of a mo ped.

    22. This is a book from the Dutch I think it may be appealing to adults than kids, but it s awesome Go find it

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