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Where Serpents Sleep #2020

Where Serpents Sleep London The brutal slaughter of eight young prostitutes in a house of refuge near Covent Garden leaves only one survivor and one witness Hero Jarvis reform minded daughter of the Prince Regent s

  • Title: Where Serpents Sleep
  • Author: C.S. Harris
  • ISBN: 9781101212110
  • Page: 154
  • Format: ebook
  • Where Serpents Sleep By C.S. Harris, London, 1812 The brutal slaughter of eight young prostitutes in a house of refuge near Covent Garden leaves only one survivor and one witness Hero Jarvis, reform minded daughter of the Prince Regent s cousin, Lord Jarvis When the Machiavellian powerbroker quashes any official inquiry that might reveal his daughter s unorthodox presence, Hero launches an investigation oLondon, 1812 The brutal slaughter of eight young prostitutes in a house of refuge near Covent Garden leaves only one survivor and one witness Hero Jarvis, reform minded daughter of the Prince Regent s cousin, Lord Jarvis When the Machiavellian powerbroker quashes any official inquiry that might reveal his daughter s unorthodox presence, Hero launches an investigation of her own and turns to Sebastian St Cyr, Viscount Devlin, for help Working in an uneasy alliance, Hero and Sebastian follow a trail of clues leading from the seedy brothels and docksides of London s East End to the Mayfair mansions of a noble family with dark secrets to hide Risking both their lives and their reputations, the two must race against time to stop a killer whose ominous plot threatens to shake the nation to its very core.

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      154 C.S. Harris
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    1 thought on “Where Serpents Sleep

    1. And still this series keeps getting better I really enjoyed this one Sebastian is such a likable character and we start to see a whole other side of Hero too The underground scene is certainly a step in the right direction I like that Sebastian has a whole team of reliable friends behind him now, people he can rely on to help him out Smart people too who are than a match for the baddies I think Sebastian is beginning to discover his strengths now and that he will soon be able to put Kat behind [...]

    2. This series just seems to get better and better Perhaps because Sebastian St Cyr, Lord Devlin has settled into his role as a high society sleuth and investigator of murders and has decided to put aside his wallowing in misery over his ill fated affair with Kat, a Covent Garden actress Perhaps it s because the politics and events of the regency period are so well integrated into the plot to add interest and substance to the crimes committed and those involved Perhaps it s also because of the emer [...]

    3. 4.5 This story was very good, as are they all so far in the series It was much interesting to have Hero Jarvis play a significant role and much interesting with less of Kat Boleyn I enjoy the backdrop and contextual details of the Napoleonic war and the range of postings for military men was surprisingly wide to me anyway I enjoyed the relationship between Sebastian and his great aunt and loved the details in the fashion of the time the turbans with fruit or feathers on in shocking pink for e [...]

    4. The series continues to be a top notch historical suspense with an added bonus of just budding but very promising romance And again, as with other installments, the journey of solving mystery is much enjoyable than the resolution itself I should get used to it by now and not even try to guess the culprit as it s usually not on par with the story.

    5. I skipped books 2 and 3 accidentally to read this, but not really, haha I read the synopses and I really wasn t so into the main characters relationships in 1, and when I saw the description on THIS one, 4, I snapped it up I REALLY LOVED THIS BOOK Why Because of a GREAT female character Hero Jarvis So funny and fresh and just a delight to read about, I found myself wishing she were the lead character over and over, and her interactions with the hero were delightful SOO MUCH BETTER THAN KAT AND S [...]

    6. This is definitely my favorite book in the series so far It once again presents an interesting murder mystery, with origins rooted in the darker aspects of mankind, wrapped up in some political intrigue and all the hallmarks of the regency period in which it all takes place But this series has consistently done that since the first book so what changed with this one What bumped it up to a four star book for me Well, for starters, there was blessedly little of Kat this time around Maybe the autho [...]

    7. WHERE SERPENTS SLEEP Hist Mys Sabastian St Cyr England Regency 1812 ExHarris, C.S aka Candice E Proctor 4th in seriesObsidian, 2008, UK Hardcover ISBN 9780451225122First Sentence The girl stared out the window, one hand sliding up and down her shawl covered arm in a ceaseless, uneasy motion.Hero Jarvis is a reformist working on a theory as to what drives women to prostitution She is also daughter to a cousin of the Prince regent While interviewing one of the women, Rose, who had clearly been a g [...]

    8. You can find this review in English below.Muy interesante el misterio Pero me parece a m que esta autora tiene una peligrosa debilidad por el melodrama de telenovela Veremos qu pasa El misterio suspense es impresionante Me ha tenido ensimismada durante toda la historia No ten a ni idea de c mo iba a acabar Ha sido impresionante Como tambi n es interesante el trabajo que hace la autora para mezclar hechos reales con ficci n Sutil y muy bien hecho.En esta ocasi n es Hero Jarvis, hija de Lord Jarvi [...]

    9. Book four takes place months after the last one, because Sebastian needed time to pickle his liver after the way things ended with Kat I m not throwing stones, because I d turn my liver into a vinegar gherkin too Just not because of the heartache, but because of the wtf ery of the revelation Anyway, I liked this book best so far The mystery was great, Sebastian s still a favourite, and we finally get an amazing female character I had hopes that CS Harris would do something with Hero Jarvis, the [...]

    10. 4.5 Easily as good as the others though I especially enjoyed the enhanced role of Hero Jarvis in this one I did though have a slight deduction for a somewhat confusing mystery that was pretty twisty by the end, and I m not sure still if all the parts came together as well as they could The story starts off on such a strong note with Hero working undercover as a journalist in a brothel in her efforts to try to influence legislation to help prostitutes in London Unbeknownst to her, the young woman [...]

    11. This is the fourth in the series, and definitely my FAVORITE so far The three previous books are definitely worth reading, but there was an atmosphere of darkness hence, St Cyr being labelled troubled and brooding surrounding the books In the fourth book, I feel like St Cyr is finally lightening up a little and finding his sense of humor and Hero Jarvis moves to center stage, which helps immensely St Cyr is trying to live with the pain of the end of his relationship with Kat which I, frankly, am [...]

    12. This was another good one in the murder mystery series The year is 1812 It is harder to solve murders when there is not anything in the way of technology to speed things along Good ole St Cyr is determined to see his way through to the end of a crime, or many crimes as it turned out I like his character and would have enjoyed the book if I had been able to hear of 11 year old Tom, but keeping up with Lord Jarvis s daughter almost made up for it I love the way this one ended and I hope the next [...]

    13. This series just gets better and better While I had an inkling who the murderer was, the ending was still a surprise as it took an unexpected turn Sebastian continues to be a great sleuth as pieces of information are discovered and Hero Jarvis proved a wonderful addition to Sebastian s crime solving team.

    14. It bears repeating that I am thoroughly enjoying this series This one is as good as the others She keeps her writing style tight with no unnecessary babble and long winded conversations which I love So glad I came across this series

    15. Hero Jarvis, reform minded daughter of the Prince Regent s cousin, enlists Sebastian St Cyr s help in investigating the brutal murders of eight prostitutes.Following a trail of clues from London s seedy East End to the Mayfair mansions of a noble family, the two must race against time to stop a killer whose ominous plot threatens to shake the nation to its very core Another beautiful crafted Sebastian St Cyr mystery by C S Harris.If you have never read any of the Sebastian St Cry mysteries, you [...]

    16. 4.5 STARSMy favorite book thus far the last 25% completely blew my mind This series is brilliant I am astounded these books don t get attention It s quickly becoming a favorite series of this genre.

    17. Wow I stayed up way too late to finish this one off It s eight months after the devastating discoveries in the the third entry Why Mermaids Sing and Sebastian has been lost in drink and dangerous games of chance in an effort to forget the painful truth that has separated him from his love Kat Boleyn when Hero Jarvis seeks him out to investigate the deaths of group of prostitutes at a refuge run by the Quakers.Their deaths are blamed on a fire but Hero knows that it was murder having just escaped [...]

    18. This is my favourite book in the series so far Once again we are thrown into Regency England complete with another mind blowing murder mystery.I totally loved how the author flawlessly blended history into the plot Though at times, it was confusing, in the end it was all cleared up pretty wellAlong with the regular cast of Tom the tiger, Paul Gibson,Henrey Lovejoy,Mr.Jarvis,Earl Hendon,once again, we get to see Sabastian St Cyr,Viscount Devlin do what he does bestOnly this time he has a or less [...]

    19. So often as a book series continues on, the latter additions suffer in quality.Gladly that is not the case with this series Each book is as strong as the one before it, and all are fantastic reads.Sebastian remains one of the strongest, most compelling fictional male characters I ve come across in quite some time.I was thrilled to see that Hero Jarvis got to take center stage in this book I ve wanted to hear from her since she was first introduced, and she didn t disappoint I love the chemistry [...]

    20. The five stars are for Hero Jarvis, whose name really fits the bill I liked Kat well enough, but Hero really impressed the pants off me I love her strength and determination as much as I love her imperiously stiff upper lip I read her as a character with the bearing of an queen and the buttoned up appearance of a librarian, and that is a fascinating combination If female characters had the stuff Hero Jarvis is made of, we d be wading through a lot less crap.I know that Kat is the great love of [...]

    21. Hero She s truly delightful I was really into seeing too of her and her father s relationship in this book also.

    22. I don t always review individual books in a mystery series after the first book, unless one book particularly stands out This is one of them The Sebastian St Cyr mysteries series is set in Regency England but instead of using the frothy tone of most books set during that time period, this series exposes the reader to the dark side of the period.The reason this particular book stands out and I m still working my way slowly through the series is because of the development of the relationship if yo [...]

    23. only mildly enjoyed the first few books in this series When I expressed this, fans of the series on the GR board told me that Hero s character who plays a prominent role in this installment is a great addition to the cast and turned it around for them Considering this, though I had said I would read the series no further, I decided to give this one a shot They were right.In this installment, Sebastian comes to the aid of Hero, his enemy s daughter, who is investigating the death of prostitutes k [...]

    24. Borrowed from Open Library.Where Serpents Sleep is the fourth book in the Sebastian St Cyr series After the dramatic discovery of the previous novel, Sebastian has been isolating himself, not caring about anything and without involving himself in any occupation However, when Hero Jarvis unexpectedly asks him for help, he gets involved in another case.I was looking forward to this book because it s the first where Hero Jarvis has a prominent role, but unfortunately it wasn t as good as I was exp [...]

    25. Of the four I ve read in this series, this my favorite Based in late 18th Century England, the author provides mystery and intrigue, violence, and historical perspective of the period Warning, to know the characters, the reader should start with book 1.

    26. Note There are necessarily spoilers for previous books in this series.Background This is the fourth book in the historical crime fiction series set in Regency England, this one in 1812, and featuring Sebastian St Cyr, the twenty nine year old Viscount Devlin In the first book, he was suspected of a murder he did not commit, and had to become something of a Sherlock Holmes to find the real murderer to save his own skin.In subsequent books, he was consulted on murders that involved the nobility, b [...]

    27. Where Serpents Sleep5 Stars Warning This review contains minor spoilers for the first three books During her visit to a local house sheltering former prostitutes, Hero Jarvis is witness to a horrific crime Dissuaded from investigating by her father, the powerful force behind the Regent, Hero seeks the aid of Sebastian St Cyr, who has no difficulty sticking his aristocratic nose into matters that do not concern him As Sebastian and Hero begin to unravel the sordid details behind the deaths at the [...]

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