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The Day Before #2020

The Day Before One moment can change everything Amber s life is spinning out of control All she wants is to turn up the volume on her iPod until all of the demands of family and friends fade away So she sneaks off t

  • Title: The Day Before
  • Author: Lisa Schroeder
  • ISBN: 9781442417434
  • Page: 328
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The Day Before By Lisa Schroeder, One moment can change everything.Amber s life is spinning out of control All she wants is to turn up the volume on her iPod until all of the demands of family and friends fade away So she sneaks off to the beach to spend a day by herself.Then Amber meets Cade Their attraction is instant, and Amber can tell he s also looking for an escape Together they decide to share aOne moment can change everything.Amber s life is spinning out of control All she wants is to turn up the volume on her iPod until all of the demands of family and friends fade away So she sneaks off to the beach to spend a day by herself.Then Amber meets Cade Their attraction is instant, and Amber can tell he s also looking for an escape Together they decide to share a perfect day no pasts, no fears, no regrets.The time that Amber spends with Cade, the she s drawn to him And the she s troubled by his darkness Because Cade s not just living in the now he s living each moment like it s his last.

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      328 Lisa Schroeder
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    1. sigh Some books are meant to be thought provoking Some are meant to steer up emotionsSome are just meant to be entertaining And some, like this one, are meant to make you smile, and appreciate If you ve read Lisa s books,you know what I m talking about She always creates real characters, Facing difficult moments Beautiful stories, written in verse.So this book is about the important things in lifeThe things that really count The moments that take your breath awayThe things you love that make it [...]

    2. 5 M A G I C A L starsI don t knowhow, I don t knowwhy I picked up this book All I know is after I put it down, I smiled, so widely.My emotions are on a bungee string Up, down Up, down Sometimes all it takes for your whole world to turn around, turn upside down, is a few minutes, sometimes it s a few hours, sometimes a few days, gears can change so suddenly, unexpectedly And other times events span over a day shaping the future that s ahead of us, giving and taking from us That s what this one s [...]

    3. A novel for young adults about a girl named Amber and a boy named Cade and the 24 hours they spend together at the beach before their lives are turned upside down.

    4. This story at least to me felt like reading a beautiful long quote that captured a special moment of someone s life The writing flows effortlessly I always say this but if you think you don t like books written in verse you have to read one by Lisa Schroeder.In the beginning of the book we are presented to Amber who is planning a whole day to herself, before the dreaded next day in which her life will never be the same We don t know what is hanging over Amber s head, but as the reader you certai [...]

    5. 4.5 starsWow, this book really affected me, I m kind of reeling from it at the moment and I owe a huge thanks to Jasprit who sent me the galleygrab newsletter for this To be honest, if it wasn t a galleygrab freebie I doubt I would have ever read this beautiful, moving novel.I was surprised to find it written in verse, my experience generally centred around the novels of Ellen Hopkins is that this can do wonders for a novel or send it sprawling flat on it s face In this case, it worked so so wel [...]

    6. Funny, two hours ago I was ready to go to the bed, and I just wanted some book to read few pages before I fall asleep It looks like this book had other plans for me Here I m Two hours later, and I can say this book took my breath away I always thought that I don t like the books written in verse, but I was wrong Words feel somehow powerful in verse, and then whole story does too One thing while i was reading this book this lyrics was stacked in my head, so I ll share it If I lay hereIf I just [...]

    7. 4.5 stars I don t really have the words to describe what I felt about The day before, other than it was simply beautiful.Fate brings Amber and Cade to meet at the aquarium both characters are dealing with their own problems and just want a day to escape from them However what starts off as a chance meeting ends up providing an unforgettable day for both, the day before their lives will significantly change The day before was written in verse, this was a first for me and I thought that I would fi [...]

    8. Books written in verse have always scared me I created this painful, flowery image of the format for some reason But messing with the traditional story telling way is one of my favorite things to see and come across in this world Soooo.I had to give this style a chance I am so happy I did I can t believe my heart almost missed this experience.The Day Before by Lisa Schroeder is truly a warm, beautiful reading experience that pulled me right in The style and words had my attention with one skip o [...]

    9. 3.75 starsThe Day Before is fast, entertaining and intriguing It reads in less than two hours, but it somehow stays with the reader afterwards and here s why most of all, this book is warm, sweet and completely hopeful While it certainly has it s flaws, I found it completely worth the time you spend on it and the story you get The originality behind the characters was just so refreshing and Lisa Schroeder did a great job with making them quirky, but also not overdoing it too much My main problem [...]

    10. Oftentimeswhen I read a book,I want to savoreach word,each phrase,each page,loving the proseso much,I don t want itto end.

    11. My Thoughts Another awesome book by Schroeder We are introduced to Amber who needs to just have one day by herself She has a new problem in her personal life and she has trouble dealing with it She just doesn t think its fair She goes to the beach and meets Cade Cade is also having a day by himself as well Honestly, I don t want to give any spoilers as to why they are both spending a day by themselves because when its revealed, it really makes you think hard and makes you tear up Its better to f [...]

    12. Teen fiction poetry novella romance Personally I don t care for these novels written in verse poetry is very hard to do well, and a whole novel of mediocre poetry quickly gets tiresome , though they can be easily devoured by reluctant readers I d probably still give them something from Ellen Hopkins instead though, as this title has much less action drama But I did skim ahead to find out what was the deal with these two kids, whose lives will apparently be forever changed on the morrow you d th [...]

    13. I have never read a YA book written in verse before so this was a first for me I tend to be biased towards prose and drama in my English lit studies as well but I thought it would be interesting to give this one a go to see if the choice of medium would be suitable to tell a story and how affecting it would be To be completely honest, I didn t really connect to this book The choice of verse to tell Amber s story wasn t completely successful in my opinion, although there are a few moments where t [...]

    14. Original post at One More PageThis is a bookwritten in verse.My second one.And I thoughtit would be a nice writing exerciseto write a review the same way.The Day Before was about a girl named Amberwho seemed to have ran away to the beachto spend one day for herself.The circumstances were mysterious,and I was kept in the darkfor most of the time.Amber meets Cade.There was attraction.But there was something about Cadethat disturbed Amber Like he had a dark secret.Amber didn t want to destroy their [...]

    15. Verse novels are really tricky for me Either I think them beautiful and haunting Glimpse and Sold , or gimmicky This one kind of straddled the middle I was so routing for Amber in the beginning The writing was beautiful, and her backstory was revealed slowly and delicately Interspersing Amber s musings on the day before , were notes and letters from her family that allow the reader to examine Amber s situation I even liked Cade in the beginning too, when he was just a cute, mysterious boy with a [...]

    16. Once, in the ninth gradeOur assignment wasto create a collageout of old magazines.Lois cut out the words, and then I dreamed and left her poster boardblankexcept for those words.Genius, really.While her project lookedvery creative and artsy,she could now spend her timedoing her nailswriting notes to her boyfriendchewing gum a n d looking out the windowwhile the rest of us worked.BUT Mr Pickettsaw through it He said this is not art.He wanted C O N T E N T This book is like that Weak story Weak ch [...]

    17. I thought this book was so good This is the 1st book i ever read where the characters only knew each other for a couple of hours and fall in love Even though this book was short, i read it in 2 days, it was detailed and i felt like i was feeling the character s emotions and thoughts and feelings It was beautifully written, and i absolutely loved it.

    18. My heart is stil swooning This book is so beautifullywritten.I absolutely adored it, everything about it The plot simple, yet cute and the writing style simply beautiful I SO recommend this book especially to everyone who likes books written in verses it s tragic,but cute.You ll love it,I m sure.

    19. The review was originally published on Clear Eyes, Full Shelves Many timeswhen I read a book, I want to savor each word, each phrase, loving the prose so much, I don t want it to end Other timesthe story pulls me in, and I can hardly read fast enough, the details flying by, some of them lost because all that mattersis making sure the characteris all right when it s over.This dayis like the bestof both kinds of books.I could say the same for Lisa Schroeder s beautiful, moving novel in verse, The [...]

    20. 4.5 5 4 5 or 4.5 5 Powerful and beautiful, raw and heartfelt This book reads like a dream.Told in verse, THE DAY BEFORE is about two teenagers who by some twist of fate, meet on the day before the end of their lives Both seek refuge at the beach, and they are JUST what the other needs, just for todayWhat I usually have problems with with verse novels is connecting with characters But considering there are, essentially, only two characters of focus throughout the whole book, it was very easy to u [...]

    21. 7 days That s how long I had to read The Day Before before I sent it off to the next person 1 day That s how long it took me to read it Really, it s THAT good I had to know what happened next Then, due to a crazy random winter storm in Houston, I ended up keeping the book a little bit longer What did I do Reread it of course, only this time, slowly I enjoyed Lisa s beautiful, poetic writing and felt the emotions behind the words I actually got teary eyed a few times.This story is about a girl na [...]

    22. Just one day That s what two teens need is one day to forget their current dilemma at the moment while at the beach.After the books I read recently, its nice to read one that makes you forgot what you read last.This one was really good, has its adorable moments, jelly beans, guess the movie between the two which I liked, and closure Oh and let s add character development to the mix.A quick verse read but still good if you re looking for a summer read.

    23. Just an example I had to share it, it s so true Many timeswhen I read a book,I want to savoreach word,each phrase,each page,loving the proseso much,I don t want itto end Other timesthe story pulls me in,and I can hardlyread fast enough,the details flying by,some of them lostbecause all that mattersis making surethe characteris all rightwhen it s over.

    24. can i just say i loved this book with all my heart it was awesome so authentic the way its written the style of the author that i absolutely loved it made me felt so much.

    25. When I first heard, about a year or so ago, that there were whole novels written in verse, my reaction Say whaaat They re probably just written in ways that make them read like poems Yeah, that s it.Then I read some Ellen Hopkins books samples on and found out that yep, WHOLE novels, every single word of the book, were written through poems or accurately, verse.Color me utterly flabbergasted.So the idiot that I am, I was convinced I d hate those sort of books, mainly due to the fact that most o [...]

    26. It s like the silence that follows the beautiful song Or the darkness that follows the glitter in the air He knew what to do to make it better As I walk toward the door, I take a deep breath I know what to do to make it better As he embraced me, I will try to embrace this day that follows the day before this verse is just so pretty and such a treat to the eyes as well as the ears The Day Before written by Lisa Schroeder is a beauty in each and every , not only is the plot unique but the idea of [...]

    27. Have you ever read a few books by a certain author and decided the authors writing style and work just wasn t for you Well, The Day Before is one of those books where I am glad I didn t give up on the author Lisa Schroeders word isn t bad by any means I just didn t connect to most of her characters and her books seemed very plain This book was full of such raw emotion that it is hard to NOT like it It is told in the span of one day, pretty much, and in this one day the two main characters go thr [...]

    28. Hrm Perhaps with this book what I will do is start of with what I liked about the book I hate having to give negative reviews, and I am not entirely negative about this book Simply put there was aspects I loved about it, and aspects I really didn t like and didn t connect with But I am going to be as fair and constructive as possible.There is absolute no dispute that Lisa Schroeder is a wonderful writer I will admit I don t like prose and I don t have a lot of time for poetry But she won me over [...]

    29. I ve always loved Schroeder s writing If you ve read her book s you know how beautiful it is It s written in verse but it has so much emotional impact on the characters part The characters are so full of emotion, in the beginning I was trying to figure out exactly what was going on with Amber We get little glimpse of it from the letters her birth parents send Amber is put in a tough spot dealing with her real parents the ones who raised her and her birth parents fighting for custody Amber feels [...]

    30. This book is so heart wrenching At first when I began to read it, I was confused You were immediately dumped into the characters shoes, feeling hostile As I kept reading, Ms Schroeder began to unravel secrets little by little, making me finish this book in a mer amount of hours I simply adore it The plot is simply fantastic At times, I do get disappointed when the reader is dumped in the middle of what the character is going through and you have to read and to figure out what is going on In th [...]

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