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The Impaler #2020

The Impaler A Killer Without A Conscience The crimes are barbaric The victims are found in desolate rural areas naked and impaled on long wooden stakes There are no clues No DNA evidence Just a message etched o

  • Title: The Impaler
  • Author: Gregory Funaro
  • ISBN: 9780786022137
  • Page: 498
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Impaler By Gregory Funaro, A Killer Without A Conscience.The crimes are barbaric The victims are found in desolate rural areas, naked and impaled on long wooden stakes There are no clues No DNA evidence Just a message, etched over and over again on one broken body I have returned Without Control FBI Agent Sam Markham s last investigation ended with a serial killer s death and Sam s promotioA Killer Without A Conscience.The crimes are barbaric The victims are found in desolate rural areas, naked and impaled on long wooden stakes There are no clues No DNA evidence Just a message, etched over and over again on one broken body I have returned Without Control FBI Agent Sam Markham s last investigation ended with a serial killer s death and Sam s promotion But back then, Sam had luck on his side This time, the murderer s methods are evolving too fast, his bloodlust growing too swiftly This time, no one is safe Without Limits With each mutilated body, new depths to The Impaler s brutality are revealed And as the clues finally slip into place, Sam will discover how easy it is to cross the line from hunter to hunted.

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      498 Gregory Funaro
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    1. Just won this in a giveaway I read Funaro s first book The Sculptor and really liked it Just got this book in and it was signed by the author too The Impaler is the second book from Gregory Funaro and it features FBI agent and profiler Sam Markham It is a truly fast paced but very convoluted novel and there are lots of twists and turns that keep you reading I enjoyed the book but I have to tell you it is gory The killer tortures and literally impales his victims Like Vlad the Impaler Funaro s de [...]

    2. The Impaler could easily have been just another serial killer novel among many The plot, its characters and its villain could have been a simple retread of the same old ground under new regalia After all America knows its favorite human monster very well and his teeth and claws have a gotten a little less fearsome in the last several decades due to overexposure Novels, true crime tales, and police procedurals on network television have thrown him at us like an old skeleton that we just don t jum [...]

    3. SPOILERS I really jumped into this book wanting to really engross myself in the pages, because it takes place in the town I was born and raised However, Gregory Funaro did a better job on his debut book The Sculptor The reason I was not as enchanted with this book like I wanted to be was because the villain was a little too quirky for me Having a psychotic villain is one thing, but one who is constantly hallucinating and going off into different realms after a while caused me to become a little [...]

    4. Funaro s new novel, which is actually a prequel to last year s The Sculptor, once again follows FBI agent Sam Markham as he unravels the mystery behind a series of gruesome murders While most serial killers in fiction strain the reader s credulity to the limits, the killer in this novel who impales his victims on stakes and leaves them on display, similar to Vlad The Impaler is so well defined and developed, which Funaro does with a keen psychological eye, that we not only see the macabre behind [...]

    5. 2 8 11 I liked this book very much The mystery was good the characters were well developed Some expected things happened I don t do spoilers in reviews in the story, but they fit well The ending was quite suspenseful and there were even a couple surprises in the epilogue Overall, I enjoyed it although it contained a bit gore than I care for From the title, I was not surprised at the gore and cannot complain LOL I have added this author s other book to my tbr pile 1 30 11 Going to start this eve [...]

    6. Gregory Funaro is one of the true masters of crime horror fiction question about that The Impaler only cements his reputation as a writer many notches above others in his chosen genre The story, the characters,so chillingly drawn and the pacing.rfect in every sense elevate The Impaler from the standard Horror book into a work of sheer art I challenge anyone to read the first few pages and NOT become glued to Mr Fumaro s impulsively written prose One might keep the lights on at night for a few da [...]

    7. This book is probably hanging out in 3.5 star land like The Sculptor, but since I liked this one quite a bit I ll round up for a change Overall, I feel this was a much stronger book than Sam Markham s first adventure the joys of telling stories out of order, right The entire premise was tighter, and the killer was much well rounded Starting with our protagonist nixing the love story helped Markham s character than I thought it would We got to know him as a person a little before throwing him [...]

    8. The Impaler is the second book by Gregory Funaro and is a prequel of sorts to The Sculptor, which I was privileged to read and review earlier this year I say, prequel merely because it takes place about three years prior to the events of The Sculptor and features FBI agent Sam Markham But otherwise this is very much a stand alone book and the reader does not need to read one to appreciate the other.Wow, what a novel I ve read thrillers of all sorts for over 10 years and have learned to spot the [...]

    9. Once again, real life interfered with the time usually spent reading, and I had to spend a few weeks out of state for work, with no time left to read or relax I managed to read a couple chapters on the plane there, only to have to re read them on the return flight because I had forgotten what I d read Nevertheless, I had a hell of a time getting through this book, and it wasn t just because I was traveling.First off, this is the second book in a series, with the first book beginning with the mai [...]

    10. The impaled bodies of two male victims are discovered in a cemetery with the cryptic message I have returned on their torsos When the impaled body of a criminal defense attorney is subsequently found, the killer is given the nickname The Impaler, named for Vlad the Impaler, upon whom Bram Stroker s Dracula was based This is the first case for FBI agent Sam Markham since his promotion to Raleigh, North Carolina Markham, still grieving his wife s death, tries not to be distracted by the execution [...]

    11. Dark Edgy Brutal At times graphic and raw in its depictions I thought Chelsea Cain had led the way with brutal characters and writing with her offering of Heart Sick and Gretchen Lowell, but I think Gregory Funaro has one upped her on the brutality scale Still Ms Cain did a better case of laying it out on the page and she did it with style and intrigue The Impaler is a psychotic thriller, but not much of a mystery You always know who did it, and you know pretty much where it s going The ending w [...]

    12. I won this book through the First Read Giveaway on 02 02 2011 and received my copy on 02 07 2011 The Impaler I just don t know where to start I just finished this book and everything is still really fresh The first thing that comes to mind is that it was a good book There were a couple of points I want to hit on The first is that this is a super, SUPER detailed book I really enjoyed the astrological aspect of it My problem was that when I was reading some of these parts, I felt like it could rea [...]

    13. The Impaler is a dark, disturbing and mysterious story about a serial killer who impales his victims If three and one half stars were available, I would have given it to this book Sam Markham is an FBI agent who has been put in charge of tracking down the killer In addition to apprehending the killer, Markham is dealing with the issue of attending the excecution of the man responsible of killing his wife and unborn child eleven years earlier At first, the FBI explore the possibility that the kil [...]

    14. This book could be a Criminal Minds episode it actually features the Quantico BAU or a movie it reminded me of Hannibal FBI Agent Sam Markham is tasked to track down a serial killer dubbed Vlad the Impaler yes, after the historical Vlad Tepes who is impaling his male victims and leaving the bodies some decapitated symbolically placed around Raleigh, South Carolina I really liked this book although I have to say it did get somewhat convoluted in places It s a high concept crime story positively r [...]

    15. There is a serial killer on the loose Someone is killing men and leaving them staked through the body into the ground for all to see and a message written on one of the bodies that says I have returned There is only one man perfect for stopping a serial killer He is FBI Agent Sam Markham Sam stopped The Sculptor, in the first book Though, The Impaler is a different beast of his own Sam has never seen anything like what he has witnessed with this latest victim The deeper Sam investigates, the cle [...]

    16. Another well researched, frightening serial killer mystery from Gregory Funaro Sam Markham appears again as the sadly damaged FBI agent hunting for a serial killer dubbed incorrectly Vlad the Impaler This is a prequel to The Sculptor, so we are actually introduced to Sam as agent, even though we ve met him before.This book gave me nightmares because The Impaler the General, Edmund is a sick, scary man I often wonder about authors who have the imagination to devise such damaged characters Where d [...]

    17. A chilling look inside the mind of an insane murderer, this book employed some fairly gruesome scenes and kept me on the edge of my seat Except for FBI agent Sam Markham, who I already knew would survive, I didn t know how many people the killer would take out, so there were some genuinely surprising deaths and twists The FBI investigation into the killer was also well done, and to the author s credit they should have and did get some things wrong based on false assumptions from the evidence.Tha [...]

    18. Ummmm.ok.tI love Katie Wawak She is a dynomo of a teacher at our school, and she wears amazing shoes Shoes that I only dream of owning and being able to wear She also brightens my day with her big smile and the way she says my named this book was her book club pick, I read it for her, so keep that all in mind.Honestly, this book was kind of confusing I couldn t understand what was going on at times I didn t understand the Prince and Nergal, and Leo Minor, and how it all tied together I kind of g [...]

    19. The average rating right now on for this book is about 3.5, and I think that s about right, so I just rounded up to four.In Gregory Funaro s thriller The Impaler FBI agents Sam Markham and Andy Schaap are looking for a serial killer One who appears to be copying the methods of the historical Vlad the Impaler, the inspiration for Bram Stoker s Dracula, impaling his victims on wooden stakes As the investigation continues, Sam and Andy learn that not everything is as it seems Funaro puts us in the [...]

    20. I won this book in a First Reads Giveaway Thanks for the signed copy The Impaler is an impeccably researched and well written story We are introduced to a very nasty killer in the prologue who is gradually filled out as a character as the story progresses Gregory Funaro spends a good portion of the book exploring the makeup of this killer, and it is than just the typical nature vs nurture debate found in other books in this genre There are several minor and a few major psychotic breaks in the l [...]

    21. I could NOT put this book down It s thrilling, suspenseful, disturbing, and contains a cast of complex charachters all necessary elements of a great horror novel I will admit I was a little upset when I found out who the killer was so early in the story but that faded fast once I realized why One of my favorite aspects of serial killer murder mysteries is learning how the killer became what he is This book describes that process in great detail and I was hanging on every word I also enjoyed acci [...]

    22. Sam Markham must hunt down a serial killer who likes to leave his victims impaled in a pattern only he can make sense of I picked this book up mainly because I thought, much like the name implies, that the killer was a Vlad the Impaler wannabe, but the story goes much deeper than that, as it turns out the killer is worshipping the obscure god Nergal.A lot of this book is dedicated to the mind of a killer, which I really enjoyed It was an in depth look at how a normal enough boy could grow up to [...]

    23. Excellent thriller, with good pace and suspense The characters are believable, but importantly, the plot is a complex page turner that had me riveted from start to finish The only thing that made me pause was Danny Gibbs death If Claude hadn t known of his significance, why did he die I could make up an explanation on my own, but felt this could have been better handled by the author Also, I m still unsure of the reason behind Claude checking his kids teeth in such a manner, but those two are p [...]

    24. If you like the violent crime related aspects of the X Files, this book is a perfect read for you Sam Markham has the pathos of Mulder although it s the murder of his wife, not the abduction of a sister that s haunting his dreams and the tenacity of Gibbs from NCIS But what makes Funaro different from Mo Hayder the rest of the violent crime paperback writers is his unique background His involvement and enjoyment of theatre was palpable in Cindy Smith s viewpoint kudos for creating a believable [...]

    25. I enjoyed this book, which is why I gave it three and a half stars was not a could not put down or a will read it again right from the start it reminded me of Red Dragon which I loved the middle somewhere it turned towards Silence of the Lambs and then it ended back into the class of Red Dragon is just meI like action on at the very least every other paget much for getting an education while I am being entertainedbut this really was a good bookI do not want to take anything away from the author [...]

    26. i ve never been into the murder detective noval, but i was instantly hooked on this book from the start all the characters were believable and well written the plot was not confusing and did not lose me in a way that would make me lose interast as with some crime novals i felt my self being drawn to edmund lambert and in many ways understood what it was he was trying to achieve and why he thought the way he did the end was a little bit of a let down, it seemed to be building up to something spec [...]

    27. T E R R I F Y I N GI m glad I did win this First Reads giveaway thank you Mr Funaro and The Impaler by Gregory Funaro gets scary on page 1 and I didn t want to put it down once I started reading it What makes this novel so special is the sense of doom that you can feel as you read the words How could you think I d let you get away Gregory Funaro installed fear into me as a reader.I felt the thumping of my heart as I continued reading the horror of impalement The storyline did flow very well I li [...]


    29. I won this book in a giveaway The Impaler is a prequel to Gregory Funaro s book The Sculptor Having not yet read The Sculptor I can say that this book still makes sense on its own and does not need to be read second I had a hard time putting this down Despite all the goriness and torture, I found myself at times beginning to understand the killer I was, of course, reminded of Vlad the Impaler which meshed history with the modern United States in a way I hadn t imagined before This was a great re [...]

    30. I enjoyed this book I read the first of the Sam Markham series, and this one was even better than the first It is always exciting to follow along with the writer as they grow into great authors Although it wasn t what I was expecting I believe this ended up being a prequel to the first , it was enjoyable an I was hooked I did find myself skimming parts, because they were unnecessary, and I also found that this was a slower read than the first, I just can t put my finger on why, as I enjoyed this [...]

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