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Why Sinatra Matters #2020

Why Sinatra Matters In this unique homage to an American icon journalist and award winning author Pete Hamill evokes the essence of Sinatra examining his art and his legend from the inside as only a friend of many year

  • Title: Why Sinatra Matters
  • Author: Pete Hamill
  • ISBN: 9780316347969
  • Page: 238
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Why Sinatra Matters By Pete Hamill, In this unique homage to an American icon, journalist and award winning author Pete Hamill evokes the essence of Sinatra examining his art and his legend from the inside, as only a friend of many years could do Shaped by Prohibition, the Depression, and war, Francis Albert Sinatra became the troubadour of urban loneliness With his songs, he enabled millions of others toIn this unique homage to an American icon, journalist and award winning author Pete Hamill evokes the essence of Sinatra examining his art and his legend from the inside, as only a friend of many years could do Shaped by Prohibition, the Depression, and war, Francis Albert Sinatra became the troubadour of urban loneliness With his songs, he enabled millions of others to tell their own stories, providing an entire generation with a sense of tradition and pride belonging distinctly to them.

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      238 Pete Hamill
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    1 thought on “Why Sinatra Matters

    1. From the outset, the author states that he knew Sinatra personally and that this relationship would colour the tone of this book This jettisoning of any attempt at impartiality immediately makes a mockery of the book s title The fact that Hamill is a huge fan of Sinatra s body of work doesn t help The author believes his subject to be important for personal reasons, so any attempt to prove Sinatra s importance to anybody else is for all intents and purposes doomed to fail from the start.This bei [...]

    2. This works as a eulogy or paean, but you get very little of the title s promise.It has a strong beginning You see how the immigrant experience, being an only child with two busy parents in a neighborhood of big families and the influence of the World War II shaped him, but none of this shows why he matters.There is one paragraph on how his songs of tender and tough defined a new model for American masculinity p 97 , but this is not developed.There is some biographical info here, the only new ite [...]

    3. This was a wonderful book, for a die hard Sinatra fan like me Anyone who has an interest in either music or history of the Prohibition Depression Jazz eras, or insight into immigration to the United States from Europe in the late 1800s early 1900s would also enjoy it It s not a biography in the classic sense, but rather the personal recollections of someone who knew and liked him I especially enjoyed the section toward the end of the book where the author analyzes Sinatra s music as a singer mys [...]

    4. A slender volume telling the story of Frank Sinatra and why he was important not only to music but also to the flow of American culture and life There are lots of other books about Frank, but this would be a good place to start The songs from In the Wee Small Hours said that in spite of loss, abandonment, defeat you could get through the night And Saturday night is the loneliest night of the week.

    5. The opening, exquisitely written chapter makes it worth it, as Hamill recalls an evening at Frank s table in an after midnight gathering at a bar, when Frank raised the question Fitzgerald or Hemingway And offered his answer I also appreciated the carefully chosen epigraphs for each section.

    6. Let me first say that I love Sinatra and I don t know much about history With that said, I loved reading about his life through the perspective of Pete Hamill He writes in a way that focuses on the romance of FS s life The challenge of an Italian singer coming out of the depression and as an American that was not able to serve but wished he could, even if only to prove to the other men in his generation that he was one of them Or as FS might say, dem The struggle of a man in love with the night [...]

    7. I don t recall anything I read about this book the first time so I had to reread it With a title like, Why Sinatra Matters I had to recall what Pete Hamill had to say So I took the book off the shelf and read it again I m so glad I did Especially during the 100th anniversary of his birth Its amazing that Hamill could fit so much history into this little book only 180 pages in a small format Hamill discusses Sinatra s grandparents and parents during their immigrant years and the discriminatory tr [...]

    8. I ll first write out what I liked about the book I liked the history It was a bit of a in depth history lesson told by people who were there Mr Hamill tries to explain through historical reasons why Frank Sinatra was the way he was Why he was angry, why he was connected to the mob at one point, and so on and so on.Now, what I did not like about the book and what ruined it for me really was that Mr Hamill placed Frank Sinatra on such a high pedestal He wrote about him in such a way that made him [...]

    9. This was the second time i read Pete Hamill s tribute to Sinatra In the decade since my first reading, age has enhanced my appreciation for the people and events of my life I grew up in the 50 s and 60 s and Sinatra was in his comeback I fondly remember the Sinatra s music, acting, and comedy buts with Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Jr and Joey Bishop during the Rat Pack era Hamill s book gave me a great insight into the early life and career of Old Blue Eyes.Hamill writes from his personal associatio [...]

    10. This book should be in the library of any Sinatraphile Not gossipy in the sense, not a white coat s assessment of Sinatra s psyche A portrait of a man alone had it all, lose it, and gaining it with massive success revenge Pure class Good with Tennessee Whiskey and LPs Columbia, Capitol, Reprise, or bootlegs I read this when I was college 08 FEB 14, 2014 There s a heartbreak Instead of shotgun kill or jumping off Sta Cruz Bridge Manila , I chose insomniac reading and listened to a cassette tape F [...]

    11. Wow Pete Hamill is an amazing writer I felt like I was back in Brooklyn, drinking in an old man s bar with the stink of old scotch in the air I had a marvelous though brief encounter with Sinatra He was kind, generous and scary And his eyes were so blue Hamill took me on a brief journey through Jersey to Italy and back to Jersey, and Las Vegas I learned quite a bit about the Italian American story, a topic I never appreciated before I highly recommend this book A fast and oh so pleasurable read. [...]

    12. History, the story of an era and that of a very interesting man told by n brilliant writer just the thing for the making of another reading experience to make my life happy No doubt about it, I love the writing of Pete Hamill and I can t believe the joy of getting to know what Sinatra and life was like in the 1900 s Of course our author is the expert on NYC, and here he colours the picture of the apple with the hues of music and the celebrities of the day.

    13. Not only a history of one of the great singers of our time, but also some fascinating heritage information about Italian immigrants in NYC and NJ All around fascinating

    14. It s a very quick and easy read, but also a bit of an oddity It s a hybrid of psychological study biographical vignette but primarily focused on the early 20th century It s not a book that will give you in any way a complete understanding of Frank Sinatra, but it certainly provides some unique insights Its best feature is an examination of the fight by indomitable immigrants against bigotry prejudicemething that seems to be coming full circle in the Donald Trump era.

    15. If you really want the reason why Sinatra matters, you won t really find it in this book, until the author s last memory of Sinatra on the final page and it was pretty underwhelming I appreciated that it wasn t an accounting of Sinatra s wives or celebrity gossip, but a good general framing of the world Sinatra entered before he forever altered his piece of it Unless you already know why Sinatra matters, or have a favorite album or song, you probably won t enjoy this book For unabashed superfans [...]

    16. The first 30 pages of this book captured the essence of Sinatra than some of the other 300 page biographies out there, and the portrait of him drinking and swapping stories with his cronies in the smoky wee small hours, with the obligatory juke box playing in the corner, was an utter joy and set the tone perfectly Hamill actually spent time with Sinatra, in after hour saloons, riding in the back of cabs, and the snippets of conversation he remembers imbues the book with the indomitable personal [...]

    17. In many ways this is a fine remembrance But it focuses so heavily on the milieu in which Sinatra grew up, and the impact of all these prejudices and traditions, that one might assume that Frank Sinatra himself played only a minimal role in what he eventually became, the finest male vocalist the nation has ever had What is almost absent here is the way Sinatra consciously shaped his life, employing his own independent will and genius, making choices that led to greatness This trendy environmental [...]

    18. Pete Hamill and Frank Sinatra make a great pair As a sometime singer, I have learned, like Frank said and Pete tells us, that your instrument is not so much your voice as it is the microphone I learned from this book that Frank kind of invented the album the idea of a long, connected musical experience I already knew, but enjoyed reading about, the brilliance of Nelson Riddle If anything I ve said here so made you feel a pang, you should read this book.

    19. There are insightful moments e.g the first chapter at P J Clarke s and Hamill s analysis of the Sinatra Riddle collaboration , but otherwise, my interest in Sinatra was not nearly sated by this thin volume Hamill draws from both research and personal interviews, primarily from the 70 s If you re a die hard Sinatra fan, read it however, Gay Talese s Frank Sinatra Has a Cold is the must read profile.

    20. Loved it Pete Hamill is a great author and did a fantastic job of bringing to Sinatra to life I really enjoyed learning about the influence of immigrants on the music industry and further how Italian and Irish immigrants united American people through their song I never knew the difference between Sinatra s WWII tunes and Bill Cosby s WWII tunes.

    21. Loved this book When I reviewed this book for my Book Club Members, they were so taken with the way Pete Hamill portrayed the subject that they elected to add it to our Book Club Monthly list for February.

    22. Well written although kinda slight essay on Sinatra s early life and recording career up to his initial work with Nelson Riddle Never really does justice to the thesis as to Why Sinatra Matters but still pretty enjoyable.

    23. I love listening to Frank Sinatra This book gives a balanced view of one of the most iconic entertainers of all time.

    24. Loved this little book About Sinatra, but also Italian Americans of that generation Hamill knew Sinatra which was a nice touch.

    25. Loved it Reminiscing brought me back to my childhood and made me remember what shaped memy parents, brothers and sisters Found it special

    26. An immensely satisfying, if short, appraisal of Frank Sinatra s importance as a celebrity and musician Hamill, who knew Sinatra, traces the singer s roots as the son of Italian immigrants in Hoboken, New Jersey, whose childhood during the 20s coincided with a period of intense anti Italian discrimination Along with the New York City mayor Fiorello LaGuardia and the baseball star Joe DiMaggio, Sinatra was responsible for making the Italian American community fully a part of the fabric of the coun [...]

    27. I m not a huge Sinatra fan and listen to him only around Christmas time Obviously, he does have an important place in American culture and in music overall I mostly wanted to read this book because I like Pete Hamill and his writing style, and because I like biographies The book was ok, not great And if someone asked me now why Sinatra matters, I still wouldn t be able to answer that any other way than I would have before reading the book He matters the same way any other icon does, his style wa [...]

    28. I read this to learn about Pete Hamill whose writing I appreciate and now that includes this book Very interesting story, particularly because it s about Frank Sinatra, first generation son of immigrant parents.

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