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Bread Matters: The state of modern bread and a definitive guide to baking your own #2020

Bread Matters The state of modern bread and a definitive guide to baking your own Bread Matters

  • Title: Bread Matters: The state of modern bread and a definitive guide to baking your own
  • Author: Andrew Whitley
  • ISBN: 9780007203741
  • Page: 205
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Bread Matters: The state of modern bread and a definitive guide to baking your own By Andrew Whitley, Bread Matters

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      Andrew Whitley

    1 thought on “Bread Matters: The state of modern bread and a definitive guide to baking your own

    1. In another review, Teresa said, Who really needs another cookbook, at least in this group And I agreed But I got Bread Matters out of the library anyway to take a look Once past the first few pages of almost rabid speculation about what may or may not be added or subtracted to grains it reads like a political campaign , I saw that the book was full of very sound advice on bread making as well as explaining why most commercially made bread is such a spectacular failure I particularly like the fol [...]

    2. When I was a kid my sister and I baked all the time That is we baked when weren t running all over Kingdom Come We were latch key children being raised by a single mother It was the 60s and 70s in small town California and it was safe to run all over K.C with abandon, without worry When we were old enough to care for ourselves my mother gave us house keys which we wore around our necks next to our skate keys on those metal ball chains like soldiers use to wear their dog tags Running all over K.C [...]

    3. This is a must read book for anyone who makes, or is thinking of making, their own bread or who wants to know why they should think about it, if they are not already As a novice breadmaker I found it inspirational and very helpful, although it is written very much from the point of view of the professional baker, not the occasional baker in a domestic kitchen But it does cut through a lot of the nonsense one reads about baking, with practical advice on how to go about it and how to fix it, if th [...]

    4. Just loved this book, I won t use any other bread recipes now No fancy ingredients, flour, salt, yeast and water Making bread this way the only problem was deciding which ones to make I have so many favourites.

    5. This book is, Part manifesto, part manual The author, Andrew Whitley, started the Village Bakery in Melmerby, England in 1976 in a day when making whole wheat bread did not go over real well but Whitley persevered.Whitley gives you the tools you need to take control of baking your own bread He begins with the ingredients used in commercially baked breads and explains their reason for being and their problems for being For example Reducing Agent L cysteine hydrochloride E920 Cysteine is a natural [...]

    6. I had originally ordered this book as it was referenced in a book about celiac s disease and gluten sensitivity The context of the reference seemed to indicate that this book would get into details on old versus new wheats, sourdough impact on gluten, etc Therefore my first impression of the book was one of disappointment, because it reads as of a subjective primer than an objective, in depth research paper Once I got over my expectations, however, I found this book entertaining, educational, i [...]

    7. I am so happy with this book it is unbelievable I feel like it was written just for me I have been baking my own bread no bread maker for years now it has always been hit or miss I always wonder what I did wrong or right for that matter I bake a loaf of bread or two a week Some very lovely, others not so Why does my bread turn out this way This book comes to the rescue I cannot believe how much information is packed in First the author starts out by explaining exactly why we should all each and [...]

    8. I am setting this as finished because I have, technically, read all of it However, I am going to buy a copy because I don t think recipe books are ever something you actually finish reading Alas, the world of book logging tends to not leave a space for such unusualities Whitley is a very good, concise writer about both the importance of understanding what is in bread, and how to make your own I came to this conclusion about halfway through when I read a set of instructions for a sourdough starte [...]

    9. Quirky, unconventional Most of the times in a good way in the introduction sections , sometimes in a bad way I can t seem to get a grip on the simple sourdough production calculations at 200% hydratation, sometimes the recipes require simply too much effort to recalculate correctly Andrew does have a sense of humor I highly appreciate in these kinds of books though But it s not always consistent either put the dough in a warm place for example is something he hates when he encounters a recipe in [...]

    10. This is not a recipe book as such though there are a few The first half of the book is devoted to explaining how bread is made, the science behind it and lamenting the state of much of the bread sold and eaten in Britain today The second half has a few basic recipes which talk you through the process easily and simply You can easily amend the basic guides to make your bread interesting after all most loaves are just a variation on a theme This book is well written interesting and once you know [...]

    11. Easy sourdough recipesThis book is made up of a lengthy essay on the state of British commercial bread making Chorley wood process and presents some very good arguments for making your own bread Then the various ingredients are discussed For me the most interesting part is about sourdough, this has to be the most simple way to make a rye starter I have come across, you just need organic stoneground rye flour and water, no other ingredients needed The only negative is there are no pictures of the [...]

    12. I like Whitley s take on teaching bread making His recipes are simple and work I ve been experimenting with his levain recipes and formulas and have found them fairly easy to understand and use I think for an intro to home baking this might be my preferred go to book I really love the way he dispels a lot of myths of baking down to creating a chart of myths and their ancillary realities Fun read and good guide.

    13. Wasn t sure if I needed another bread book, but who really needs another cookbook, at least in this group Glad I got it though The author is very opinionated, and while I agree with some of his thoughts, there are also quite a few with which I disagree That aside, the bread collection is interesting and unusual, and the directions for creating, maintaining, and reviving sourdough starters are excellent.

    14. A wonderfully straight forward book which really begins to tackle the reasoning behind what we do when we bake bread Reading it and baking from it has really begun to spark my interest in the microbiology and biochemistry at work and I ll certainly be following up this book with some technical reads soon.

    15. This is not so much a cook book as a treatise on bread A surprisingly scientifically rigorous look at the whole process of bread making from someone who has centred his whole life around baking I shouldn t really be reviewing it as I haven t actually tried any of its recipes, but I am really looking forward to trying

    16. really insightful treatise on bread, not sure how well I ll be able to apply it though The recipes had a bit of a Russian theme so I m excited to try making the bread supposedly first baked the night of the battle of Borodino

    17. This is THE book for me about breadmaking Nothing fancy schmancy, just solid baker knowledge and experience And recipes that make sense and don t read like a chemistry lesson I ve been eating bread from his company, the Village Bakery, for years.

    18. A really good look at the modern baking industry, and what the use of additives and mass produced baking has done to our health and our concept of bread.

    19. This book put it all together for me with recipes that work for someone that is still a beginner.

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