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Mountain Born #2020

Mountain Born Wolves weather a black lamb a trusty dog all are part of Peter s life on a mountain farm Prequel to A Place for Peter Grades

  • Title: Mountain Born
  • Author: Elizabeth Yates Nora S. Unwin
  • ISBN: 9780890847060
  • Page: 223
  • Format: Paperback
  • Mountain Born By Elizabeth Yates Nora S. Unwin, Wolves, weather, a black lamb, a trusty dog all are part of Peter s life on a mountain farm Prequel to A Place for Peter Grades 4 7.

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      223 Elizabeth Yates Nora S. Unwin
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    1 thought on “Mountain Born

    1. I enjoyed this, especially all the authentic information about what a farming shepherd s life is really about Like Ingalls Farmer Boy, about Almanzo s childhood, there s lots of love, hard work, and food, but the emphasis there was horses, not sheep Both families are significantly well off than Laura s, but that s because they didn t keep going west to pioneer like Pa I liked that there were basically two sections the first, as Peter gets just old big enough to be a real helper, and the second, [...]

    2. Oh This book was so beautiful It was a quick, yet rich, read and the perfect antidote to Waugh s Vile Bodies that depressed me so deeply It caused me to stop and meditate on how many wise people I have been privileged to have in my life, just as the young man in this story had around him This is a book about a boy and his lamb but it is also about life and mentoring and the correct way to raise up a child I loved it and am a wee bit sad that it was published in the same year as Johnny Tremain, a [...]

    3. This book is such a simple one, yet such a profound one In a day and age when life is fast paced and so are the best selling books of the day, it is nice to return to a book that is quiet, as one reviewer noted I loved this book for many reasons though This book brings me back to time spent on various farms in Wisconsin, in Florida, in Indiana, as a child, as a married man, as a young father, and as an older father This story describes a boy growing to be a responsible young man as he is guided [...]

    4. I absolutely adored this simple, beautiful story I read it as a bedtime story to my little boys who will never experience being a shepherd firsthand but, thanks to this book, received important life lessons all shepherds must learn Most of the book is religiously neutral, but there s a part in the middle when the strong but silent Benj talks about the only book his family had growing up It s very sweet and talks about the sheep and shepherds in the Bible in such simple terms I was touched If you [...]

    5. This is an extraordinary story, set in the sparsely populated mountains, of growing up and getting to know oneself and of real love for family and those people we would be lucky enough to call true friends I can very much see how this was given a Newbery Honor citation in 1944, though it was certainly bad luck for Mountain Born to have been published contemporaneously with the classic Johnny Tremain I highly recommend this lovely, tender story to anyone who likes books that are infused with wisd [...]

    6. I loved this book for children, well written by Elizabeth Yates, and beautifully illustrated by Nora S Unwin It was about a young boy growing up and learning both the pleasant and difficult aspects of raising sheep The book rang true for me, based on experiences I had visiting my grandfather s farm as a child He had cattle, chickens and often a hog but had previously raised sheep as well.I can certainly see why it was a Newberry honor book in its time.

    7. I liked this very much Very descriptive and conservative Includes allusions to and quotations from Scripture It does end rather abruptly, leaving one with several questions Well deserving of the Newberry Honor it received.

    8. This gentle story of a boy, a lamb, love and loss, is a 1944 Newbery honor book It is a light, delightful read.

    9. This is a simple but very sweet read aloud It is very well written and it is the first time I consistently had my son doing oral, I typed narrations, so that may have had something to do with how we enjoyed it We will remember it so much thanks to having had to stop and process Mountain Born really does make you appreciate the sheep imagery in Scripture than just the classic sermon explanation, sheep are dumb Each character was also endearing

    10. I read this book to my children twenty one years ago when I was homeschooling them This story is still a teriific read to now grandchildren So many discussions came from this story from Biblical to the nitty gritty life of a shepard and his sheep One of my favorite books.

    11. Read aloud for school Although the story itself is lovely and slow and rich, I just had the hardest time reading it aloud None of us really loved it.

    12. A good book I read for school, it was extremely short but cute There s lots of good quotes and wisdom wasn t extremely interesting and it ended off on a bit of a depressing note, however 3.5 stars out of 5.

    13. I had to keep reminding Luke that he had started this book so I was surprised that he told me he gave it a 4 star rating I m happy he enjoyed it The writing is beautiful and rich and there were so many little nuggets of wisdom nestled within its pages wisdom that a momma is always happy to have her son reading Here are a couple of examples There are many things in the world If we care for them all a little we won t feel the hurt too much when we part with one A man must have a care to what he pu [...]

    14. This Newbery honor book takes us back to a simpler time when the days were endless and rife with chores on the farm Peter, a small boy grows into manhood during the turning seasons and as he watches the beloved cosset that he brought back to life, near the end of her days, he is filled with love and contentment knowing that the cycle of life is a magnificent thing to behold Mountain Born is not the typical award winning book that today s young readers would find enjoyable, with its odd use of wo [...]

    15. I read this as a possibility for the second grade class that I read to on Fridays Since I am reading Where the Red Fern Grows to them now, I will not read this one This book is written for younger readers to read alone rather than one to stretch their listening and comprehension skills Oh, there are ideas that I would expand upon if I were reading this to my own children, but not others Also, there is enough death in the book I am currently reading to them, the next book needs to be a little lig [...]

    16. This book is part biography of a sheep and part biography of a boy growing up into a good, kind young man as he takes care of sheep The story is lyrical and calming The conflict is mostly internal and resolved except perhaps the death of the sheep protagonist of ripe, old age at the end You will inadvertently learn a lot about sheep and some about wool I think this book gives a lot of insight into all the biblical references to God as our shepherd Unlike many modern Newberry Honor books, I was [...]

    17. This is a beautifully written book that I had never heard of A Newberry Honor book from the 40 s, it was on my daughter s read aloud list It is a wonderful story I thoroughly enjoyed it I learned a lot about shepherding, which I believe was valuable in understanding better the illustration of Christ as a shepherd The boy s coming of age story on a farm, and the family who guides him, and the sheep he loves was written in such lovely language that you rarely see Well worth reading no matter your [...]

    18. This was a cute little fun book Not much than that though.This is a book about a boy who raises a black lamb that almost died soon after it was born It is about the small and slow, yet somehow exciting, adventures the boy and the sheep, who share a close connection, have together on a small ranch The book starts the day the lamb was born, and it ends the day she died, but it still ends happy in a way.Anyway, not much to say about this book.

    19. I loved The Journeyman by Elizabeth Yates, so I was really looking forward to Mountain Born I think it was written for a younger audience It doesn t have the conflict and drama that it needs to sustain interest Yates writing style is still eloquent and poetic I love the allegorical phrasing, and the depiction of farm life from a young child s perspective It had a great beginning and a great ending, which definitely made up for a slower middle It is a good, quick, and clean read.

    20. Another read aloud with the kids A precious story about a boy and his pet lamb cosset Even though the main character was a boy, my daughter loved this story maybe because she is an animal lover Also, the story brings to life the idea of Jesus as our Shepard especially for city kids that have little to no knowledge about living on a farm and tending animals Again, it was my daughter that put the two thoughts together and commented on it A good book to read together as a family.

    21. Wonderful story I r re ad this book to my six year old daughter We were both enthralled by the simple, yet descript writing It inspired my daughter to ask questions and do research on sheep I loved the coming of age storyline for the main human character, Peter I gave this story five stars because I look forward to reassuring this story with each of my children as they grow.

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