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Carry On, Mr. Bowditch #2020

Carry On Mr Bowditch The story of a boy who had the persistence to master navigation in the days when men sailed by log lead and lookout and who authored The American Practical Navigator the sailor s Bible Illustratio

  • Title: Carry On, Mr. Bowditch
  • Author: Jean Lee Latham John O'Hara Cosgrave II
  • ISBN: 9780395068816
  • Page: 387
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Carry On, Mr. Bowditch By Jean Lee Latham John O'Hara Cosgrave II, The story of a boy who had the persistence to master navigation in the days when men sailed by log, lead, and lookout, and who authored The American Practical Navigator, the sailor s Bible Illustrations, rich in detail, by John O Hara Cosgrave II add authenticity and value School Library Journal, starred review

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      387 Jean Lee Latham John O'Hara Cosgrave II
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    1 thought on “Carry On, Mr. Bowditch

    1. I was somewhat surprised when I first learned about this biography that had managed the rare for a non fiction book feat of winning the Newbery Medal, but after reading this very special narrative bio, I would lend my wholehearted support to the committee s decision The absolutely enthralling story of Nat Bowditch bursts at the seams with starkly real emotion So often along the path down which the reader is led, the steps are devastatingly heartbreaking, and to see what terrible ordeals Nat Bowd [...]

    2. I wrote this for school in the format of a five paragraph essay Some books start out good, but just fade away towards the end Carry On, Mr Bowditch by Jean Lee Latham is one of those books This novel, first published in 1955, is about Nathaniel Bowditch, a mathematician, navigator, linguistic specialist, and all around scholar of the early nineteenth century By looking at the characters, plot, and historical accuracy, we can determine if Carry On, Mr Bowditch is a worthwhile read.This book featu [...]

    3. I read this book for school, I believe, and I have reread it several times I always loved Nat, from the small boy to his married years I thought the sailors with whom he sailed were amusing several times I loved his thinking, but I didn t agree with his infatuation with math There are several things I would like to mention, but they would contain spoilers So, I ll just end by saying that I didn t like the way everyone seemed to die This is a very appropriate book for almost all ages, and I with [...]

    4. I was really surprised by this book.The main character is such a great example of hard work and self learning I was amazed at what he was able to accomplish on his own, but searching out and learning what he wanted needed to He has a lot of bad luck along the way, but also a lot of people who truly love this humble, industrious man, people who do their best to help him along.The author did an excellent job developing the characters and moving the action along.My husband just finished reading thi [...]

    5. My favorite juvenile fiction work ever, this book tells the inspirational story of a bright young boy who seems to have all his dreams dashed as he grows up But by sailing by the ash breeze and pursuing his intellectual passions whenever he has a spare moment, he becomes one of the most famous marine navigation experts of all time and saves countless lives as a result of his work No better book can be given to a young person who shows real intellectual potential, especially in math and science.

    6. Loved it I was supposed to be listening while I worked found a computer read version onlinen t recommend that as the most aesthetically pleasing way to consume , but I didn t get much done because I was too gripped by the story Listened all the way through in one sitting.

    7. Carry on, Mr Bowditch is a remarkable true story of perseverance in the face of adversity, and a testimony to the fact that hard work and diligence pays off Things didn t go exactly how Nathaniel Bowditch might have planned for himself from the time he was a little boy, but they went exactly the way Providence had designed Had some of the misfortunes that he endured early in life not happened, he would have most certainly not have been apprenticed as he was, and thus would have not been around t [...]

    8. This book is the verification that self education is very effective and as viable as any university ed Nathaniel Bowditch was a indentured servant apprentice accountant at the age of 12 after his mother and grandmother died His mathematical ed was so advanced that he needed no training in accounting in the boat supply warehouse He worked in the chandlery for 9 years.In that time, he taught himself Latin so he could read Newton s Principia , French to be an interpreter at the conclusion of his ap [...]

    9. I enjoyed reading this book SO MUCH It was a wonderful read for both parent and child I admire how self motivated Nathaniel was He did not give in to despair or adversity He survived and then thrived through his self education This was an incredibly inspiring book I am happy to have this classic on my shelves I enjoyed all the characters My favorite part of the book is when Mr Bowditch begins teaching his fellow shipmates how to do complicated mathematics and navigation My favorite quote from th [...]

    10. So, I m ashamed to say when I picked up this book that I had no clue that Nathaniel Bowditch was a real person I had selected the book for history for homeschooling because I d read rave reviews about it But I d assumed that it was simply a historical fiction, much like Johnny Tremain Now, though, I m interested in learning about Mr Bowditch s life after his first voyage as captain.The book is well written, in a style that will be easy for children to grasp and learn from I enjoyed the personal [...]

    11. There is a chapter called Sailing by Ash Wind and it sums up the moral of the story for me The explanation is that when the ship is dead in the water with no wind for the sails to catch, you have to use the oars which were made of ash wood as well as throw your anchor out and pull the boat to it and repeat until you are finally able to regain the wind.Nathanial Bowditch is an intelligent boy surrounded by hardship yet overcomes by determination and hard work He perseveres and becomes a part of m [...]

    12. First sentence Nat lay very still in the dark, trying to stay awake until his big brother, Hab, went to sleep.Premise plot Based on history, Latham chronicles the coming of age of Nat Bowditch The book opens during the Revolutionary war and is set in Salem His childhood was not easy With the economy being what it was, with risks high, no matter how hard the family worked, the odds were against their success One by one the boys had to drop out of school to work with their father in a struggle to [...]

    13. I can t believe I m giving this five stars, but I am I have to.What a surprising, entertaining, funny, and smart story Nathaniel Bowditch was an amazing guy How do I know this, you say Well, he and, okay, the author actually made me interested in math And one of my favorite parts of this book is how Nat a determined to learn things and b fiercely insisted on teaching people the things he learned I also loved how he taught himself things instead of moping that he couldn t go to school.As for othe [...]

    14. This book reminded me about how I felt about reading Johnny Tremain as a kid I loved that book then and I loved this one now I think it would have been fun to read them back to back Both books cover similar time periods, are written at similar reading levels and have similar main characters I loved the example that the main character sets for self educating I loved the example he set for the value of hard work and discipline I also love the women of the story and their quirky insight

    15. Listening to the audio in the car.b 1 19 16Wonderful book Loved learning all the nautical lingo and the way that Nat taught himself other languages by using the bible.b 2 8 16 Definitely a book to read listen to again and again.

    16. What a pleasant surprise to finish this page turning adventure biography I didn t expect to love it as I was previewing it for a potential family read a loud Not only did I learn much about sailing and navigation, but I found myself immersed in Nat s adventures as if he were my friend.

    17. I have read this book a couple times before, but it s still one of my favorite books I love the characters, plot, and everything in it Also, if any writer wants to know how to use swear words without actually using them, this is a good example to look at.

    18. I love the story of Nat Bowditch He had nothing but tests and trials during his early life but he turned them into a great wealth of knowledge with he used to build up other people and save countless lives.

    19. simple story and writing style, but i loved it and he was a REAL guy i didn t know that as i was reading also, this particular cover makes him look hot i was picturing someone a little less studly.

    20. Jim Weiss warm, smooth style of narrating kept us company through severals audiobooks growing up The one I ve come back to most over the years is his audiobook edition of Carry On, Mr Bowditch It s a children s classic that I look forward to reading to my own kids a tale of the sea, of love and family and a young man who persevered through incredible odds after the death of his educational dream, his siblings, and his first love.While that sounds sobering, it s actually an upbeat tale full of ed [...]

    21. This Newbery surprised me First, I didn t realize it was a biography until I was well into the story I had never encountered the book or its subject, Nathaniel Bowditch, when I was young, when I was a mom of school aged daughters, and not even as a teacher One of the likely reasons long ago was that it was only a boys book Boys, ships, adventure, and math none would have attracted me to Mr Bowditch in the 1950 s Somehow, I missed it in later years, too.I am very pleased, however, to finally not [...]

    22. I never heard of Nathaniel Bowditch before reading this wonderful book Written for middle school age students, I still enjoyed it greatly as an adult reader Bowditch lived in Revolutionary times, had to leave school at age 10, and served for many years as an indentured apprentice During this time, in his own study time in the evenings, he taught himself Latin and advanced mathematics including calculus read Isaac Newton s book in Latin learned French and learned navigation At 21, he began going [...]

    23. Reread in 2017 for the Childhood Favorites book club meeting I loved this book as a child and reread it many times, so it was interesting to go back to it after many years I still enjoyed the story and was impressed by the determination and perseverance of Nat Bowditch A main focus of the story is that life is not always smooth and rarely takes the direction you think, or hope, but that hard work and helping others pays off This is shown rather than told, so the plot is never too too preachy and [...]

    24. This book is a wealth of information Math, Science, Geography, Astronomy and History are all wrapped up in a wonderful and gripping story My daughter loved this book and we have enjoyed reading it together Sometimes when an author tries to write on a broad range of subject matter they create a convoluted mess, covering a lot, but teaching nothing Jean Lee Latham has struck gold with this book however, touching on multiple subjects in a natural way that flows smoothly throughout story Repeatedly [...]

    25. If you aren t a sailor, you might have to look up a few terms and it might make this book hard to get into But once you are past that, the story of this amazing man sucks you in He is self taught since he is apprenticed and is not able to go to school, but that doesn t stop him from learning everything about anything he is interested in He goes on to be an expert in his own field and betters the lives of not only himself, but all that he comes in contact with A great story of perseverance and ha [...]

    26. A wonderful and inspiring book Well written and engaging, this presents an historical figure in a way that can connect with young readers There is plenty of history, plenty of seafaring, a lot of education, and even some romance.I listened to some of the audio version by Jim Weiss I disliked the sneering tone that he had not sure if this is his natural voice or if it was a conscious decision made for narrating this book If the latter, it was not a good choice.

    27. This is a biography of Nathaniel Bowditch written as historical fiction A unique idea that was well done Only covers the first half of his life But, the most interesting half A good read for younger people.

    28. I read this for school I think it s a great book It has some very important life lessons in itI get why they rewarded this book I definitely need to read this book again 5 stars

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