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Topkapi: The Light of Day #2020

Topkapi The Light of Day Arthur Simpson is a petty thief who is discovered stealing from a hotel room His victim however turns out to be a criminal in a league well above his own and Simpson is blackmailed into smuggling ar

  • Title: Topkapi: The Light of Day
  • Author: Eric Ambler
  • ISBN: 9780755117680
  • Page: 308
  • Format: Paperback
  • Topkapi: The Light of Day By Eric Ambler, Arthur Simpson is a petty thief who is discovered stealing from a hotel room His victim, however, turns out to be a criminal in a league well above his own and Simpson is blackmailed into smuggling arms into Turkey for use in a major jewel robbery The Turkish police, however, discover the arms and he is further blackmailed by them into spying on the gang or rot in a TuArthur Simpson is a petty thief who is discovered stealing from a hotel room His victim, however, turns out to be a criminal in a league well above his own and Simpson is blackmailed into smuggling arms into Turkey for use in a major jewel robbery The Turkish police, however, discover the arms and he is further blackmailed by them into spying on the gang or rot in a Turkish jail However, agreeing to help brings even worse danger.

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    1. I have read 7 or 8 of Eric Ambler s novels, and they all follow the same basic formula a rather na ve amateur protagonist inadvertently gets mixed up with a gang of professional crooks or foreign agents, and somehow with the odds stacked against him has to extricate himself.Arthur, a middle aged, overweight former British public schoolboy, down at heel and rather lacking high morals has ended up working as a jobbing taxi driver in Greece.He tries to swindle an apparently wealthy customer and get [...]

    2. questa parte potete anche saltarla Storia in italiano anche sinonimo di relazione Ecco io a volte ho delle storie con libri, alcune delle nascono proprio dal momento in cui il mio sguardo si posa sulla copertina Il primo incontro stato cos io che faccio una sosta nei sotterranei dell impero del Male la Feltrinelli Duomo e mi imbatto nella nuova edizione Adelphi del romanzo, ben disposta in pi esemplari nella colonna Novit A quel punto ho capito che il romanzo mi sarebbe piaciuto Perch c erano P [...]

    3. Inspiration for the 1964 film TOPKAPI Not as entertaining as the movie, but mercifully free of Melina Mercouri s hideous laughter.

    4. Eric Ambler That s worth five stars by itself The Light of Day 1962 is that rarest of enjoyments, a successful comedic thriller Many writers can do thrillers good, bad, and forgotten, but very few can do a thriller with such an infectious sense of humor Arthur Abdul Simpson, Ambler s roguish anti hero narrator, seems always in over his head, dealing with Turkish authorities no valid passport or with a mysterious group of what The authorities are focused on political revolt while Arthur is focuse [...]

    5. Eric Ambler specialized in plots in which ordinary men fell into extraordinary situations and somehow managed to cope Arthur Abdel Simpson was such a man, although he was anti hero than hero, because he was quite simply a small time crook In _The Light of Day_ he stumbles into or rather is blackmailed into what he at first suspects is some kind of smuggling operation Then he has the misfortune to be apprehended by Turkish Army intelligence and he fears he may unknowingly become involved in a co [...]

    6. This is what your grandma thought was good airplane reading, and she had better taste than you And by now it s also charmingly old fashioned if these criminals had had cell phones, the book would have been over in ten pages.Some people read books also vampires and zombies to get scared but, for me, ordinary people are terrifying enough without supernatural embellishment In this case, Ambler s hero is your average overweight sociopath with no apparent problem with completely trashing people s liv [...]

    7. This book was written by the author Eric Ambler in 1963 Eric Ambler started writing novels in about 1937, and is considered one of the best suspense spy authors of that time The Author is British and the novel takes place in Europe with a definite British flair The movie Topkapi was based on this book The book is very entertaining and the main character Arthur Simpson is very likeable Unlike the super hero s and spies of today he is the most unlikely hero spy of any novel The story is very enter [...]

    8. Eric Ambler s books usually feature an ordinary guy who finds himself trapped in a dangerous situation through no real fault than dumb bad luck This hero, however, was just a bit deserving than most, though he too had some serious bad luck at the beginning of the story His basic dishonesty made him a less sympathetic character than I am used to seeing in this author s works Nonetheless it was a good read, lucid as always and efficiently told.

    9. Arthur Simpson is not quite the typical Ambler narrator protagonist, the respectable yet unremarkable company man caught in a web of international intrigue Simpson is a shady, although hardly smooth, operator, a small time crook in way over his head.Though written long after Ambler s pre war golden age, The Light of Day is one of my favorites, maintaining the same swift pace and tight plotting emblamatic of his best work.

    10. Winner of the 1963 Edgar Award for best novel this is an enjoyable crime espionage vehicle typical of the era, crooks with scruples, the beautiful but unobtainable beauty, a the luckless hero at the wrong place at the wrong time This is a lot less dark than le Carre during this period, all in all a enjoyable read of a byegone age.

    11. Fatally, I read the first half of this book in good time and then set it aside Several weeks passed and by the time I picked it up and concluded it, the thrill to paraphrase the late great B B King had gone Perhaps that s why I vastly preferred the Athens to Istanbul segment of the book, in which the deracinated, louche, boarding school educated failure an identity uncomfortably close to this reader realizes just what kind of a pickle he s gotten himself into The second half, with its collection [...]

    12. I saw the film Topkapi a number of years ago, so I don t remember it in too much detail I can say that Peter Ustinov was a lot younger than the novel s first person narrator, that the aim of Harper and his co conspirators is kept much of a secret in the novel than in the film, and that, while the two tell much the same story, they re paced very differently the first three quarters of the book is only the first half of the film, with the last quarter of the book spread over the second half I don [...]

    13. Entertaining, but a departure from the film Topkapi that is one of my favorites of all time although to be accurate I should say that the film was a departure from the novel as the novel was the inspiration for the film The general idea is the same, but I feel that the film expanded and improved the story, which is almost never the case usually I prefer novel over film Bottom line, I enjoyed the read, but don t expect this to be a screenplay of the film A fun and easy read though.

    14. The spy thriller part of this book is a bit of a let down compared to the other Ambler novels I ve read, but this book managed to make me laugh out loud several times The protagonist is a cad, but just the right amount of charm and britishness to keep us continually on his side I have never seen the movie Topkapi, which was based on this book, but I will search it out now.

    15. Ganz gute Idee, die Hauptperson, Arthur Simpson, ein kleiner Gauner sein zu lassen, aber leider wird denn doch keine spannende Geschichte erz hlt Aus der Serie ber hmte Autoren und nichts dahinter 5 10

    16. Quite funny I found this in an used book store in Paris and carried it around in my purse snatching time to read it on the Metro and in the Jardin Luxembourg The main character is quite funny and there is a recurring scene with an angry Cypriot cook and an Austrian that made me laugh and laugh.

    17. A fast paced spy novel which doesn t involve deep thinking and which, nonetheless, makes an excellent summer read.

    18. Ok funClever different style fun and light duty pink panther esque with a theatrical story line and and a rather pathetic anti hero as protagonist.

    19. In need of a change from all the translated fiction I ve been reading lately, I turned to Eric Ambler s 1962 crime caper, The Light of Day also published as Topkapi A good decision as it proved to be hugely enjoyable, just what I was looking for at the time.The novel is narrated by Arthur Abdel Simpson, a small time thief who makes a living by hustling tourists on their arrival at Athens airport As the story opens, Simpson is recounting the tale of how he got mixed up with Harper, a man who turn [...]

    20. There is no getting away from it this is an old fashioned book The style is dated and the vocabulary and indeed the prose are quite simply old fashioned Having said that if anyone were to begin reading it without knowing that they must have bought it with their eyes closed I found it quirky because of the style but the characters really did become very visible as I read on The story is a real ripping yarn and there is an undertone of genuine anger and nastiness on the part of the narrator He is [...]

    21. Told in the first person by the character of Arthur A Simpson and follows his dealings with Mr Harper Simpson first spotted Harper as he arrived at Athens airport and manages to provide his services as a driver during Harper s stay When Harper catches Simpson in the act of stealing his traveller s cheques, Harper blackmails him into driving a car across the border into Turkey Simpson realises that he is probably smuggling something, but a search of the car finds nothing he realises that Harper s [...]

    22. A criminal political thriller set in Greece and Turkey, the novel the basis for the film Topkapi The main character, Arthur Simpson, is a weary, street smart jack of all trades, domiciled in Greece who moon lights as a driver guide for tourists Simpson has a checkered past, his Egyptian passport born in Cairo having been revoked, but he s managed to keep his British passport his father was a British military officer who served in northern Africa Simpson snags tourist Harper to squire around town [...]

    23. The first of what will be many of Ambler s books that I will read It s told from th point of view of an English Egyptian living in Athens After being caught trying to steal travelers checks, something he had done successfully in the past, he is forced into driving a car to Istanbul Our hero has a unique outlook on the world and seems overly savvy in some circumstances and completely bumbling in others My favorite is when he doesn t see a need to use the the earpiece for a radio transmission as h [...]

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