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Hijos del vampiro #2020

Hijos del vampiro Bajo las titilantes l mparas de gas de Viena un hombre observa mientras su hermana con una belleza de porcelana toma a dos amantes a la vez para despu s volcar su pasi n en el m s prohibido acto de

  • Title: Hijos del vampiro
  • Author: Jeanne Kalogridis
  • ISBN: 9788498005769
  • Page: 158
  • Format: Paperback
  • Hijos del vampiro By Jeanne Kalogridis, Bajo las titilantes l mparas de gas de Viena, un hombre observa mientras su hermana, con una belleza de porcelana, toma a dos amantes a la vez para despu s volcar su pasi n en el m s prohibido acto de En las calles de msterdam, a un joven, el amante secreto de su propia cu ada, lo meten precipitadamente en un carruaje para emprender un largo viaje hacia las tinieblas dBajo las titilantes l mparas de gas de Viena, un hombre observa mientras su hermana, con una belleza de porcelana, toma a dos amantes a la vez para despu s volcar su pasi n en el m s prohibido acto de En las calles de msterdam, a un joven, el amante secreto de su propia cu ada, lo meten precipitadamente en un carruaje para emprender un largo viaje hacia las tinieblas durante el cual se reunir con su padre Hay una familia condenada a una vieja maldici n, generaciones enfrentadas las unas a las otras, tab es rotos, y sangre de primog nitos que se bebe de un c liz de plata En su fortaleza de piedra aguarda Vlad el Empalador, mientras su heredero, Arkady, les grita a sus hijos Dejad que la maldici n termine conmigo.

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      Jeanne Kalogridis

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    1. The second book of the The Diaries of the Family Dracul trilogy continues the tale of Vlad Dracul and his descendants that began in book one, Covenant with the Vampire The first couple of chapters take place in the immediate aftermath of that first book 1845 but then the plot takes a 26 year jump forward in time to 1871 where the rest of the novel takes place Most of the same characters return although Vlad s role this time around is much reduced from book one I was happy to see the major additi [...]

    2. It s Dracula and somewhat accurate to the history, but it throws in Elizabeth Bathory at the end of the series which is awesome It s a very good read but I will warn you, it s even a bit angsty and twisted It s the evil Dracula that we re taught about in school or rather, I was It even has Van Helsing, or one of his children it s a good twist of a story.

    3. Debo admitir que tuvo un mejor comienzo que el primero, y que las acciones se desarrollaron de manera mucho m s r pida tambi n Como ya se conoce a los personajes y el problema al que se enfrentan la primera mitad del libro la disfrut mucho, pues ten a mucho contenido.Sin embargo, me ha sucedido igual que con el libro anterior han hecho que los hechos avancen de manera demasiado r pida cerca del final, creando un cl max explosivo, para despu s darnos un desenlace muy lento que ha hecho que se me [...]

    4. The family curse destroys everything and everyone in this story that compares with the original Dracula method of story tellinge diaries of the family This book fulfills the fears and horror of the first book and leaves us eager to read the third book of the trilogy.

    5. Every bit as captivating as the first book The twists left me gasping in surprise I can t wait for the reread

    6. Both a prequel to Bram Stoker s Dracula and a sequel to Kalogridis s own Covenant with the Vampire , this second novel in a projected trilogy suffers by comparison to both Children of the Vampire is a weaker book than the first in the series parts of it drag on and on, especially in the middle It felt mostly like setup for the final book in the trilogy like the author was moving all the characters and plot lines to where they needed to be for the last book.Arkady Tsepesh, the protagonist of Cove [...]

    7. First of all, I should say that since I read Bram s Stocker Dracula s, I become adicted to that book in particular and to the vampire genre in general minus the Twiligth saga obviously So when one day I was in the book store looking for something to read, I found this book on a shelve and read the back to see what was about I didn t know the author, so my curiosity get the better of me when I read at it was a trilogy that filled all the holes in the Dracula book plot, like where those vampiress [...]

    8. Diaries of the Family Dracul 2 Children of the Vampire, by Jeanne KalogridisA sequel to Covenant with the Vampire, Children of the Vampire continues the Dracula prequel with diaries by Arkady, Zsuzsanna, and two new characters Stefan and Bram Van Helsing Because Vlad broke the covenant he made with the Devil in the first book, he still owes the soul of the eldest son to purchase his continued immortality Now that Arkady is a vampire, Vlad must find Stefan, Arkady s son who was spirited away from [...]

    9. This book was the sequel to Covenant with the vampire, and like the first, it was very engaging It picks up where the last book leaves off with the main character still trying to protect his family from Dracula What is interesting about this book is that it introducees Abraham Van Helsing, which makes for very interesting reading when we discover his connection to Dracula You begin to sympathize with him very much for the things that he must face alone in order to save his family, just as the ma [...]

    10. Arkady has been turned vampire and lives to end the existence of his uncle Vlad and his sister, Zsuzsanna His son, Stefan and his wife, Mary have successfully escaped Vlad and Arkady is desperate to find and protect them Thinking Arkady dead, Mary has married Jan Van Helsing and adopted a child Bram It takes 26 years for Arkady to finally find them and then all hell breaks loose Stefan is enthralled and kidnapped by Zsuzsanna and his brother Bram is ensnared by Arkady to help rescue him Thus beg [...]

    11. Oh se or bendito C mo sufr con esta segunda entrega de Los Diarios de la Familia Dr cula Fue totalmente toda una torrente de emociones, desde las m s f ciles de digerir hasta las m s complicadas de entender Empieza desde la lucha interna de Kasha por romper la maldici n y tratar de no sucumbir al xtasis de dejarse llevar por la pasi n que sus instintos le despiertan Y entonces qu pasa despu s BAM No te dejes embelesar por la belleza de eso seres inmortales porque puedes caer bajo sus embrujos, t [...]

    12. segunda parte de la historia de la familia Dracul.En este tomo se narran los varios intentos de acabar con Vlad El Empalador y nos muestra la parte m s cruel de este Se deshace de la parte sensual,er tica y con atisbos de sentimientos para presentarnos a Vlad El Empalador, cruel, retorcido y con aires de grandeza.El libro est bastante bien hasta que la escritora se l a un poco historias de auras, magia,poderes especiales, que no s muy bien qu tiene que en esta historia.Otro punto es entiendo por [...]

    13. The 2nd book in The Diaries of the Family Dracul series, Children of the Vampire picks up the pace of where we were previously left and continues with the same hauntingly beautiful narrative as before Along with new characters, there are also new elements that cross into the fantasy genre, which in a world of vampires, really isn t a stretch The characters are still vivid and alive, not just stock caricatures You care for them and what happens to them Gone are the romanticized versions of Count [...]

    14. Me ha gustado much simo m s este libro que el primero, sobre todo porque ya se empieza a vislumbrar la relaci n que hay entre los personajes de esta historia con los que vendr n despu s en Dr cula de Bram Stoker.Me ha llamado la atenci n sobre todo Van Helsing No me imaginaba la aparici n que este personaje iba a tener en la historia, pero me ha gustado mucho, y sobre todo como ha cogido el testigo del anterior protagonista.Lo nico que no me termina de llenar son los finales de las novelas Toda [...]

    15. Continuing along with the Diaries of the Family Dracul, this is the second book in the series We find ourselves following now Mary, who has married the doctor Jan Van Helsing and is raising two boys Abraham and Stefan When Arkady comes to warn his son of the Covenant, things start to go wrong.To tell you anything about this novel feels really kind of spoiler ish so I m just going to say that the twist is one that you probably won t see coming I enjoy twists like that Out of the whole series, I t [...]

    16. I accidently read this out of order, this is a sequel to Covenant with the Vampire.The story is about Vlad Dracula , he makes a deal with the devil to remain immomrtal and he needs the soul of each first born son of every generation to remain immortal Arkady has been turned into a vampire, making his wife, Mary murder him and go into hiding with their new born son, Stefan Thinking hs is dead, she marries Jan Van Helsing and adopts a boy named Bram Arkady finally finds them, but is trying to keep [...]

    17. Ho preferito di gran lunga il primo questo seguito sembra decisamente raffazzonato, frettoloso e molto meno accurato rispetto a quello che l ha preceduto e che mi aveva piacevolmente colpita Del tutto mancanti i particolari storici folkloristici che rendevano la prima parte della Saga non solo un prequel ben fatto e ben composto del classico di Stoker, ma anche una storia con della profondit Molto fastidiose anche le scene che dovrebbero essere erotiche fine a s stesse e senza collegamenti evide [...]

    18. I could barely force myself to finish the first entry, and now I could hardly get to the end of this book fast enough The first book, I think, was simply to set the stage and provide a historical background Now that the reader is up to speed, Kalogridis is free to gallop along with the action The characters are a lot sympathetic this time around, probably because there are than just Vlad, Zsuzanna, Mary, and Arkady.

    19. Un vrai r gal pour tous les fans de Dracula Il s agit ici d une pr quel du Dracula de Bram Stoker, nous comptant les d boires malheureux d un membre de la famille Tepes, revenant s installer au ch teau familial situ dans les Carpates, avec sa femme, sans ce douter de l h ritage maudit que poss de sa famille Une trilogie vraiment bien crite, romantique, myst rieuse et qui reprend extr mement bien le mythe de Dracula.

    20. If you are looking for a true vampire tale with lots of gothic trappings rather than angsty vampires in love , this trilogy is for you In the second of the series, we learn that father was made vampire while saving his son Fast forward to when son is now a family man himself and completely unaware of his family history, only to be found by his malevolent aunt Bram s life completely changes as a result Lots of chills and thrills This is not a tale with a happy ending.

    21. None of these glowy vampires We re dealing with Count Vlad and family here Part two is as good as part one How about that for an origin story for Dr Van Helsing, eh Romance always goes well with vampire stories, but this is less romance and about love through sacrifice On to the third book

    22. This was the 2nd book in the series and it was very entertaining A little slow in the beginning and a little predictable in a couple of parts but when I reached the forest section that was THE best part of the book for me Definately worth reading and looking forward to the last one in the trilogy

    23. I really enjoyed the first book in this series and the second one started of on a good note Halfway through it kinda switched styles and introduced things like auras and secret cults I had to force myself to finish it I don t think I m going to read the next one.

    24. I am really enjoying this series Kalogridis is a good writer and you can picture exactly what she is describing It is also very interesting how she is weaving her series in with Bram Stoker s Dracula, which adds a whole nother level for me.

    25. Not as good as the first one I don t think I m going to read the third The twists were too coincidental to be enjoyable, and it was really just a bridge book to get to the third and final, I think Stop at number 1 and you ll be just fine.

    26. I wasn t very happy with this book It moved slow and it had to many character shifts The book kept shifting perspectives which started to bug me after a while The story line was kind of boring and predictable Plus the story line kept going of on strange tangents Anyway, I didn t like it.

    27. This has to be one of my favorite drac series by far Highly recommend And yes, sorry Ms Rice, I enjoyed much better than your seriesbut I still love your seriesis just holds a bit I don t give away spoilers for fear of being attackedjust read and enjoy

    28. A most excellent prequel to Bram Stoker s Dracula, and an engaging sequel to Covenant With the Vampire, this second book in The Diaries of The Family Dracul trilogy, does not disappoint with it s vivid and gripping story, and strong, well thought out, and endearing characters.

    29. a fantastic sequel to the first book this is a great backstory for Dracula and has a major twist that I didn t see coming i love what she came up with and can t wait to see how this all ends another must read for vampire fans.

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