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The Blessing #2020

The Blessing A hard driving businessman sees love with new eyes when a sweet young widow and her son change his life and his heart forever Wealthy corporate genius Jason Wilding reluctantly takes a break from his

  • Title: The Blessing
  • Author: Jude Deveraux
  • ISBN: 9780671891091
  • Page: 390
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Blessing By Jude Deveraux, A hard driving businessman sees love with new eyes when a sweet young widow and her son change his life and his heart forever Wealthy corporate genius Jason Wilding reluctantly takes a break from his high powered world to visit his hometown of Abernathy, Kentucky As a favor to his physician brother David, he finds himself spending one week as a live in baby sitterA hard driving businessman sees love with new eyes when a sweet young widow and her son change his life and his heart forever Wealthy corporate genius Jason Wilding reluctantly takes a break from his high powered world to visit his hometown of Abernathy, Kentucky As a favor to his physician brother David, he finds himself spending one week as a live in baby sitter in the ramshackle home of Amy Thompkins, who has captured David s heart Courting the whimsical, artistic Amy has been difficult with her adorable but demanding baby, Max, in tow, and Jason s help is just what David needs But stepping into Amy s patched together world has the most remarkable effect on Jason.Amy s joy for life, her love for her son, and her sparkling humor are irresistible and tiny Max adores Jason beyond reason Soon, the enigmatic CEO is thawing And his newfound smile reminds Amy of a Mount Rush monument finally cracking up in the best possible way Their mutual attraction is glowing bright, but what to do about David In this heart warming and unforgettable bestseller, Jude Deveraux celebrates the unexpected paths on the heart s journey toward love, and the eternal bond between mother and child.

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      390 Jude Deveraux
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    1 thought on “The Blessing

    1. Come on people really If you buy a book by Jude Deveraux or Danielle Steel, you know what your going to get so why give it one or two stars This book was really, really good In fact, it was so good, I read it in one sitting.Yes, it s fluff Yes, it s a Cinderella story but it s FICTION It s that kind of book so please be fair I love, love, love Jude Deveraux Her books make me smile, they make me feel good, they make me feel warm and cozy.If you want to read literature read an Oprah book.

    2. Don t go there One of the worst plots ever The H is a multi millionaire and moves in with a widowed mother and her toddler because his younger brother has a crush on her Makes sense He falls in love with her in the course of three days surprise and does all kind of funny things to help her out because she is dirt poor and does not accept charity She finds out about this and vanishes the reason why she is mad because he helped her is still not fully clear to me He hires detectives to find her but [...]

    3. High 2 Low 3 Stars There was nothing really special about this book and you really had to suspend your belief in reality to read it So much of the story was improbable, only to be topped at the end by a 2 1 2 year old bossing people around and turning out to be a spectacular artist The couple repeatedly lied to each other that was hard to stomach But I still rooted for them I m a sucker, I know The story had potential, but the characters needed to stop manipulating each other to realize it I rea [...]

    4. The Blessing bring moments of tenderness and openness that make love possible We are introduced to Jason Wilding, businessman extraordinaire and Amy Thompkins, a vulnerable and needy but prideful young widow They come from completely different worlds, for Jason it is an impersonal but productive world where he is wealthy beyond means yet his life is without substance, without love Amy s world is one of loneliness, where she does not have much in terms of materialism, but she is blessed with love [...]

    5. There s a reason why I can t read novels of this ilk any This is not real life Now really, I do believe that certain novels from the romance genre have their place, and I will admit that I have read many of Ms Deveraux s books, and enjoyed them This one, however, I did not Romance novels are often imbued with a sense of reality, so that the reader thinks hey, this could happen to me too _The Blessing_ is not one of those novels Too much happens too quickly when a wealthy man almost instantly fal [...]

    6. I picked this book up at the used book store and I m kind of glad that I didn t buy it at full price The story started out good and was cute in a lot of places But it seemed to lose steem in the middle I liked the aspect of a man being conned into staying at a womans house to care for her child so that his brother can date her and get her to fall in love with him But the twist is that he starts to fall for the woman and her baby Wanting to solve her problems he buys her things and fixes things b [...]

    7. David Wilding had told his brother, Jason, that their father was dying in order to get him to return to his hometown of Abernathy, Kentucky Jason was an overworked multimillionaire businessman who now resided in New York David was a hometown doctor David told Jason that he had fallen for the widow of the town drunk and drug addict, Amy Thompkins He had told Amy that Jason was his gay cousin who had recently broken up with his boyfriend and he needed a place to stay during Christmas week while hi [...]

    8. Setting small town of Abernathy, Kentucky its streets, businesses, homes, people penthouse business office in New York.Theme falling in love confronting one s own demons gentle humorCharacters Amy Thompkins young widow with an infant had married the town drunk having met him in one of his sober periods , and too prideful to walk away when she realized the truth living in his rundown house, trying to make ends meet while caring for her baby Tried various jobs waitressing, office work, fast food , [...]

    9. Jude Deveraux novels are always a hit and The Blessing is no different You will enjoy it immensely Love that a child is aware than the adults Mom is fearful and the mister is clueless about real life they both learn truth is better than assumption Change is good Although I did find the ending where a 2 and 1 2 year old out paints his mother a little questionable, however, I suppose it is possible.

    10. Good reandEnjoyed like to read romance books all thought you can see the ending coming it was still a good read What I love most is the men all ways has money than God Even though they don t work and spend it like water

    11. At first I wasn t sure I was liking this book since Amy kept refusing help and Jason and David making such a mean like deal It was one book that can be just read as pleasant and mindless, which is nice sometimes to not think what the book will do next or how it will end.

    12. The story is a bit far fetched a 3 year old painting genius Not quite up to Deveraux standards, but easy enough to read Mostly clean one very minor love scene.

    13. Love this uplifting storyAmy and Max are in need Jason loves to fix things and people Jason s brother throws the three together We are the winners as the story unfokds.

    14. I ve written some pretty cynical things lately about romances I ve complained about the formulaic nature of them and the tiresome predictability This book is no less predictable or formulaic, and yet I found a certain charm in it that made me want to recommend it here There s something just a bit reminiscent of the well beloved and often told story of John Alden, Miles Standish and Priscilla Mullins In Longfellow s famous poem recounting that experience, it is John who speaks to Priscilla in beh [...]

    15. This was an easy, interesting read I found myself instantly sucked into the story and wanting to know about the characters and their lives If you re looking for something to take your mind off of stress and real life, this book is definitely for you.

    16. A feel good Cinderella story Not one of her best work but still an enjoyable read Sometimes you just want something easy, feel good and uncomplicated to read The blessing was just that.

    17. THE BLESSING Indeed This novel has been a blessing to me Not only did it gives you the feeling of home and family, or the beautiful people herein, or the love that never faltered, but most especially, with the fact that it portrays the real roles of mothers Oh how lovely mothers really are How noble, brave, and beautiful mommies are They won t let anyone or anything hurt their child They will do anything literally anything just for them That was the one thing that I loved about the story Yes It [...]

    18. I have loved everything by Jude Deveraux, until now This was a love story between a millionaire and a extremely poor widow with a baby I felt that the millionaire fell in love with the kid and not the mother I usually read books straight through but this was painful I felt that the hero was to be pitied the entire book His love interest had him working as her nanny and thought he was gay His brother lied to get him to town, then lied to get him to help trick the widow, then used the hero s staff [...]

    19. The Blessing was written by a great author, so it stands to reason it would lean towards being a great read I enjoyed the book Jude Deveraux was writing a story almost every poor girl with an illegitimate baby dreams Rescue by the illusive rich man What I liked most was that she gave Amy a backbone and initiative If I had to have a second favored like, I would say it would be Jason s determination and change of direction.There was, however, a worst part of the story, which wasn t too terrible ev [...]

    20. Part of my Mother s Day 2016 read a thon afternoon, and a pretty good addition I m certain I read this before, years ago, so it was clearly pretty memorable, as I recognized it right away and could recall it clearly I like the leads and the story, though it gets a bit silly in places i.e the sheer amounts of extravagant waste perpetrated throughout, midnight flights from no real threat, the child prodigy nonsense at the end, etc The rampant and totally unnecessary lying got a bit much, as well, [...]

    21. Amy Tompkins and her six month old son Max live a quiet and humble life in a small Kentucky town Left by an abusive boyfriend she doesn t welcome the attention of the local doctor Amy brushes off David s interest because she doesn t have time to date as a single mom Desperate David begs his wealthy older brother Jason to come act as Max s gay nanny for a week so Amy is free to date Amy and Jason become great friends and soon they are in a relationship than she is with David What was great about [...]

    22. Although the basis for this story is extremely farfetched, it is still a fairly entertaining, albeit, light read Small town Kentucky doctor David Wilding convinces his wealthy New York businessman brother Jason to pose as his cousin that needs a place to stay for a week as he recovers from a recently ended relationship David has his heart set on Amy, the poor town widow with a six month old baby however, he can never get Amy to leave her child long enough for him to court her, thus his plan to m [...]

    23. This book was an extremely easy read, taking just a couple of hours to get through It set as the main couple Jason and Amy, and two people with differences would be hard to find Most of the story is unbelievable and predictable Scenes were recounted later instead of presented in the book, which made reading it complicated The secondary characters were poorly portrayed, to the point where their actions seemed illogical It felt like Deveraux was told to cut 100 pages out of the book, and with it [...]

    24. This isn t a story a normally read, but I found it to be delightful Amy Tompkins is the kind of woman that we need of She s down on her luck, but she won t accept welfare nor will she be accepting charity I remember a time when this was the normal Now this is a scarcity Brothers David and Jason kind of bulldoze their way into her life I found it mildly amusing This is a white knight saves the damsel in distress story However, in this case, the damsel is doing her damnest to do it on her own Thi [...]

    25. Listened to The Blessingby Jude Deveraux Jason and Amy must search their hearts and face difficult truths about themselves before they can find a way to mesh their lives and love Set in a small town in Kentucky during the Christmas season, The Blessing is a story filled with unforgettable characters and heartwarming romance, a blessing for readers regardless of the season I give this book 4 stars and an 8 This book had some funny scenes in it and some good romance, it was the ending that I gave [...]

    26. Jason Wilding, a multimillionaire is tricked into taking care of a woman and her little son by his brother, David He moves into a ramshackle house with Amy and Max He agrees to do this because his brother is in love with Amy but never gets any time alone with her and needs a babysitter to help out Jason soon finds himself loving the little boy and trying to help Amy improve her life He falls in love with her too and then the trouble starts A quick fun read but some of it isn t too plausible.

    27. An interesting book about a widowed young woman with a very difficult baby boy Dr David wanted his rich brother to pose as a man who had just broken up with his boyfriend with no place to stay He was hoping that Amy would take him in and that would give her a babysitter so Dr David could date this lovely woman Unfortunately, the tables turned on Dr David and his brother, Jason, fell in love with her The story of how these two factors finally got together is a very interesting story.

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