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De leerling #2020

De leerling Boston wordt geteisterd door een reeks schokkende misdaden die eindigen in ontvoering en dood Het patroon suggereert dat er n man aan het werk is seriemoordenaar Warren Hoyt bijgenaamd De Chirurg d

  • Title: De leerling
  • Author: Tess Gerritsen Els Franci-Ekeler
  • ISBN: 9789044312843
  • Page: 467
  • Format: Paperback
  • De leerling By Tess Gerritsen Els Franci-Ekeler, Boston wordt geteisterd door een reeks schokkende misdaden die eindigen in ontvoering en dood Het patroon suggereert dat er n man aan het werk is seriemoordenaar Warren Hoyt, bijgenaamd De Chirurg , die echter onlangs achter de tralies is verdwenen Rechercheur Jane Rizzoli vermoedt dat er een leerling van Hoyt rondwaart, die gebruik maakt van zijn gruwelijke methodenBoston wordt geteisterd door een reeks schokkende misdaden die eindigen in ontvoering en dood Het patroon suggereert dat er n man aan het werk is seriemoordenaar Warren Hoyt, bijgenaamd De Chirurg , die echter onlangs achter de tralies is verdwenen Rechercheur Jane Rizzoli vermoedt dat er een leerling van Hoyt rondwaart, die gebruik maakt van zijn gruwelijke methoden Maar Jane houdt er geen rekening mee dat ze zelf wel eens het doelwit zou kunnen worden Als Hoyt plotseling op vrije voeten komt, voegt hij zich bij zijn mysterieuze bloedbroeder in een nietsontziende vendetta.

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      467 Tess Gerritsen Els Franci-Ekeler
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    1. Is this all we are A necklace of chemicals Where, in the double helix, does the soul lie Medical student or not, you will learn a lot from Tess Gerritsen s books with pure enjoyment If you like your crime medicine strong, this will keep you gripped Rizzoli Isles is the perfect series 4.5 5A series of horrific murders seem disturbingly familiar to Detective Jane Rizzoli They remind her of those committed by a killer known as the Surgeon, who they recently put behind bars.While they re still tryin [...]

    2. Tess Gerritsen Fans Group Link my 2nd readIs Serial killer Warren Hoyt from The Surgeon back book 1 s murderer Hoyt has been locked up for 1 year in Massachusetts Walpole State Prison Det.Rizzoli helped find arrest him The Apprentice murders have a similar technique while he is locked up Hoyt tied victims with duct tape, killed 1 woman at a time left folded nightgowns as his Dominator s sign of control The Apprentice kills couples resemble Hoyt s Dr Yeager first victim tied with duct tape to wat [...]

    3. A new serial killer has come to Boston and Detective Jane Rizzoli is called to the latest crime scene when there are similarities to a former case she worked on which resulted in the capture and arrest of Warren The Surgeon Hoyt Hoyt is now in prison, so these latest murders must be the work of a copycat Then Hoyt escapes and it seems he s now joined forces with this new killer, The Dominator.This book was enjoyable enough, but disappointing as well I was looking forward to reading about The Dom [...]

    4. These books are SO good Well, this is only the second book that I have read in the series but they are so good This one wasn t as good as book one, I think the story was the reason why, but I did give book one 4.5 stars so its not that much of a step down If all crime novels were like this, I would definitely read crime novels I think Gerritsen is a terrific writer and storyteller I highlighted a couple of passages to show how good she is Even before they saw the body, the heard the ominous hum [...]

    5. With the serial killer known as the Surgeon behind bars, Detective Jane Rizzoli can breathe easy and get on with her life Or can she When a murder victim is found with his wife clearly tortured and abducted, there is a chilling signature of the Surgeon s work and perhaps a hint that he is not entirely finished with Jane.A very creepy, thriller which manages to raise the tension to the max without a host of murders An excellent follow up to The Surgeon and an introduction to forensic pathologist [...]

    6. I read this one while traveling it was a perfect plane read Totally gripping and chilling I wouldn t have thought I d be a fan of medical thrillers, but I really enjoy Gerritsen s writing it s addictive and fascinating, with lots of detailed medical references that make the story that much authentic.

    7. I m a big fan of the Rizzoli Isles tv show and with the fall hiatus, I decided to start reading the actual books Full disclosure, I skipped The Surgeon 1 in this series because, honestly, Maura Isles is not in it Sorry Not interested.I can definitely tell you, if you ve watched the tv show, you can jump into this book first without any problems The changes that were made for the tv show are, in my opinion, fairly minor in terms of characters and their relationships to each other for example, Fra [...]

    8. 4.5 Stars Awesome follow up to book 1, The Surgeon Intense doesn t begin to describe The Apprentice This is on the edge of your seat, heart racing, scared to turn the lights off suspense It s been a year since Jane put away the Surgeon Physically, she s healed, but mentally emotionally she s got a long ways to go And now she s called to the scene of a horrific murder in another district one that mimics those perpetrated by the Surgeon Jane s nightmares come rushing back as she is forced to face [...]

    9. This is the second book by Tess Gerritsen that I ve read I must say this was as good or better than The Surgeon.I m addicted to this series and I will be reading all of them.

    10. The Apprentice is the first book I have read of Tess Gerritsen, and I was impressed with the way Tess Gerritsen portrays her characters especially Jane Rizzoli and Detective Korsak I am also impressed that the Rizzoli and Isles TV show does represent the books.Detective Jane Rizzoli is still recovering from her encounter with The Surgeon when couples are starting to die in Boston with the similar characteristic of The Surgeon The readers of The Apprentice will start to wonder if there is a copyc [...]

    11. Evet kadroya sles de kat ld bakal m serinin devam nda bizi ne maceralar bekliyor bu arada gerritsenin bir katili tasvir etmesi, onun beyninin nas l i ledi ini anlatmas falan harika

    12. When I finished reading The Surgeon, I was way too excited to put my hands on the next book of this series and read it Unfortunatelly, I only could do it months later, but I did it well I read The Apprentice in one day and a half This rarely happens I have seen that it s only a sugestion for you to read the series in order I don t think so, though I believe I wouldn t have understood it well if I haven t read The Surgeon first.This second one is basically a sequel for The Surgeon The new crimina [...]

    13. With the continuation of the Surgeons travesty s and the introduction of the Dominator, this book has a lot going for it We get the first sneak peak at Dr Maura Isles, and a continuation of the amazing Jane Rizzoli, badass kickass cop Finished this book with the craving for .

    14. Cerrah daki heyecan ayn ekilde devam ediyor B t n programlar n z iptal edip tamamen kitaba yo unla aca n zdan eminimKendinizi olaylar n i inde hatta o u zaman Rizollinin gergin ruh halinin i inde buluyorsunuz.

    15. This was a random selection for me, I needed a new audiobook for the car, and I needed a book whose title starts with an A for a reading challenge Check Check.I m familiar with this series in the same way that I am familiar with the Kathy Reichs Bones Temperance Brennan series I saw it on TV first So, I automatically have those actors running around in my mind every time I read any of those books.I enjoyed The Apprentice At 90% complete, I started to worry that Gerritsen would make a horrible mi [...]

    16. Thriller The serial killer known as the Surgeon is back to menace Boston Homicide Detective Jane Rizzoli, but Rizzoli is way too stubborn and angry to let him get away with that for long.The first book in this series really pissed me off Its portrayal of rape and gender was completely offensive and the clumsy writing and unsympathetic characters only made the problem worse.Gerritsen corrects some of those mistakes in this book For example, the text does a better job of distinguishing between the [...]

    17. After reading the utterly brilliant first book in Gerritsen s Rizzoli and Isles series, The Surgeon, I couldn t wait a single second to get stuck into the next in the series I hoped it would be every bit as good and it was Infact, as I write this I am half way through 8 in the series never before have I read any single authors books back to back until now.The Apprentice is the moniker given to a new serial killer stalking wealthy couples in Boston, a killer who has a strikingly similar modus op [...]

    18. From my blogMy Review 2 1 2 Not my cup of teaWhat a total let down, I cannot believe this was written by the same author, The Surgeon was almost perfection in my mind, so to get a total boring, what was the point follow up was beyond disappointing This read like a debut, repetition continuously I understand the details needed for those that didn t read The Surgeon but even if you didn t it became insanely unnecessary.There was no mystery to me in this book, so The Surgeon escapes from prison and [...]

    19. 5 5 M KEMMELD.Kitap o kadar ak c ki,ne zaman elime ald m,ne Zaman bitirdim anlayamad m.Yine ok zekice kurgulanm bir kitapt.Tess yine hayal k r kl na u ratmad.Yazar t p bilgisini sonuna kadar kullanm t bu arada kitapta.Ama yine de cerrah kadar rk n ,rahats z edici bir kitap de ildi.Daha ok katilin psikolojik y nleri aktar lm t okuyucuya.Ve bu da benim ok ho uma gitti.Karakterlere daha ok s nd m bu kitapla.Polisiye gerilim seven herkese tavsiye ediyorum.

    20. This review will have spoilers You ve been warned.The only reason I checked this book out of the library is because I watched Rizzoli Isles on TV and I enjoyed it This is not the type of book I normally read This is the second book in the Rizzoli Isles mystery series Rizzoli is a homicide detective who a year before heroically captured the serial killer dubbed The Surgeon She was also nearly his victim, which has left her scarred inside and out The scars start to itch when she s invited to a cri [...]

    21. Another great read by Tess Gerritson Not for the faint hearted Crime scenes are very descriptive and just the way I like it If you like a gutsy crime serial killer read, well I advise you to get stuck into this book If you haven t read book one The Surgeon, I highly advise you start with this book first.

    22. I didn t enjoy this one as much as the first in the series, but that s expected since The Surgeon was a masterpiece If you read the first which hopefully you did this book can get a little repetitive, but there s enough new information and twists that it s still entertaining Gerritsen s writing style is pretty phenomenal and I found Rizzoli to be likable in this book than she had been in The Surgeon so it s a win all around Can t wait to read the next one in the series.

    23. ok ok OK sevdim Kitab n sonunu apayr sevdim, zellikle sonunda Rizzoli nin daha bagajdan kar kmaz adamlar n i ini bitirmesini sevdim zaten kitab n bitmesine ok az sayfa kal nca di er kitaptaki gibi kesmeli bi meli eyler beklemiyordum ama g zel bitti Gecenin 2 sinde bitirince b yle oluyor, sadece wow demek istiyorum.Ayr ca Tess Gerritsen tekrar s yl yorum, CANIMSIN.

    24. Really this was a 2.5 star read I did have a difficult time with the book version of Jane vs the series version The series version is a much engaging character and in this book, Jane was the typical stressed out and damaged female cop with way too many issues The relationship with the FBI agent Dean seemed forced and thrown in The ending seemed over too quick and didn t feel realistic.I ll continue to read a couple in the series and hope this one was just not quite a fit for me.

    25. It s summer again, and a new body s been found just outside of the Boston precinct Korsak calls Rizzoli, believing as she does this has something to do with the Surgeon even though he s behind bars Even though she knows he s behind bars, the way everything is laid out at the crime scene convinces her that he s involved somehow.Too bad no one else believes that Convinced Jane is obsessed with the Surgeon, Special Agent Dean of the FBI tries to get her removed from the case But even when their sta [...]

    26. 4,5 5Fuardan bu kitab al rken standdaki g revli kitaplardaki hikayelerin birbiriyle ba lant l olmad n , s rayla okumasam da bir ey olmayaca n s ylemi ti Asl nda yle de ilmi , yan, tam olarak de il Tamam yepyeni bir olay da oluyor ama ayn zamanda ilk kitaptaki katil geri d n yor ve kitap boyunca ilk kitaptaki olaya da at flar var Yorumun tamam i in kronikokur 201

    27. Wat een gruwelijkheden komen langs, maar ook wel weer lekker makkelijk en vlot te lezen.Jane Rizzoli blijkt een softere kant te hebben, maar voelt zich nog steeds het gekwetste meisje Waar dat nu echt vandaan komt is me nog niet zo duidelijk, al worden er wel wat redenen voor gegeven.We leren Dr Maura Isles in dit verhaal ook kennen, maar heeft nog geen prominente rol.Verder zitten er wat herhalingen in, in de dingen die Rizzoli overkomt en in De Chirurg, de ontsnapte moordenaar.Beetje een cliff [...]

    28. Die Geschichte fand ich sehr gut und spannend, aber ich hatte so meine Probleme mit den Charakteren was aber der Serie zu Grunde liegt da sind sie einfach sehr anders und liebenswerter Auch kam mir Dr Isles noch zu wenig vor, aber das ndert sich ja hoffentlich in den folgenden B nden Band 4 gab s k rzlich als Kindle Deal, also werde ich mir den dritten demn chst auch holen

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