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Não Conte a Ninguém #2020

N o Conte a Ningu m H oito anos enquanto comemoravam o anivers rio de seu primeiro beijo o Dr David Beck e sua esposa Elizabeth sofreram um terr vel ataque Ele foi golpeado e caiu no lago inconsciente Ela foi raptad

  • Title: Não Conte a Ninguém
  • Author: Harlan Coben
  • ISBN: 9788599296516
  • Page: 124
  • Format: Paperback
  • Não Conte a Ninguém By Harlan Coben, H oito anos, enquanto comemoravam o anivers rio de seu primeiro beijo, o Dr David Beck e sua esposa, Elizabeth, sofreram um terr vel ataque Ele foi golpeado e caiu no lago, inconsciente Ela foi raptada e brutalmente assassinada por um serial killer O caso volta tona quando a pol cia encontra dois corpos enterrados perto do local do crime, junto com o taco de beiseboH oito anos, enquanto comemoravam o anivers rio de seu primeiro beijo, o Dr David Beck e sua esposa, Elizabeth, sofreram um terr vel ataque Ele foi golpeado e caiu no lago, inconsciente Ela foi raptada e brutalmente assassinada por um serial killer O caso volta tona quando a pol cia encontra dois corpos enterrados perto do local do crime, junto com o taco de beisebol usado para nocautear David Ao mesmo tempo, o m dico recebe um misterioso e mail, que, aparentemente, s pode ter siso enviado por sua esposa Esses novos fatos fazem ressurgir in meras perguntas sem resposta Como David conseguiu sair do lago Elizabeth est viva E, se estiver, de quem era o corpo enterrado oito anos antes Por que ela demorou tanto para entrar em contato com o marido

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      124 Harlan Coben
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    1 thought on “Não Conte a Ninguém

    1. OH MY LORD Coben delivers again I m always left in awe after reading one of his mysteries and this time I was thrown all over the place This is truly a spine tingling, fast paced, game changing novel It was such a page turner that I stayed up late to finish it, I just had to know what happened This book is awesome It begins with Beck and his wife at the lake for their anniversary The night begins nicely for the couple until Elizabeth s scream pierces the air and Beck is attacked When he wakes he [...]

    2. When a man receives a mysterious email from his deceased wife, he sets out on a quest for answers One of the all time great thrillers.

    3. Dr David Beck and his wife Elizabeth are the kind of couple that is so perfect that most of us would hate them They met when they were little kids and they ve been in love ever since They ve got cute little code phrases like kiss time that marks their first smooch, which they know to the minute, of course So when a super happy couple like this has an anniversary to celebrate, they wouldn t think of doing anything as pedestrian as maybe going out for a nice dinner with a couple of cocktails and t [...]

    4. The sun was now in its death throes, bruising the sky a coiling purple and orange This book is unbelievably awesome First of all, I d like to say that I had avoided reading it for too long until I had a chance to try it, then I couldn t putting it down even I had a lot of work this week Tell No One has a straightforward narration We believed wholeheatedly about what the author tried to tell, but after that, he revealed a distrustful evidence making us reconsider our thought again and again till [...]

    5. Beck and his wife Elizabeth make their annual stop at Lake Charmaine where they carve a notch into a tree where they first kissed years ago Later they swim in the lake and make love Beck stays in the lake while Elizabeth swims ashore Beck then hears a car door slam, he hears Elizabeth scream, and he sees her disappear into the semi darkness of the night When he quickly swims back to shore and climbs onto the dock he is hit a few times with a baseball bat and falls back into the water He is told [...]

    6. I had never read anything by Harlan Coben and had heard he was a good mystery suspense writer I disagree This book was horrible I almost gave it NO stars, BUT, to my own discredit, I WAS sucked in to the plot and kind of wanted to keep reading it However, all along, I noticed the bad writing, the improbable plot twists which never seemed to end, and the completely contrived situations to help set up those plot twists For example, having Dr Beck take care of and befriend a black thug drug dealer [...]

    7. With Coben, it s very hard to review a book without mentioning spoilers If I wrote what I want to write, my review would look like a heavily redacted top secret file So, I will just hit on some key points Coben does it again Very mysterious and entertaining If you like other Coben, you will lime this Sometimes confusing Not to bad, just part of all the twists and turns Coben always throws in Great characters Not too complex, in fact they are basically caricatures, but really fun to see how they [...]

    8. Oh no I ve just rated a Harlan Coben book only three stars I found it hard to give time to this book as it s a busy time of year and a busy household Of course this has nothing to do with the book I liked this one, didn t love it, and only really wanted to see what happened I didn t love the ending, there was so much going on Maybe I had to think too hard I still think he s an amazing writer Can t love them all, huh I really do like his work We all do it If you cross the street to avoid a gang o [...]

    9. I m a fan of Harlan Coben s Myron Bolitar series and decided that I d start this book without reading the synopsis It was selected as the book for group discussion in one of my groups and was highly touted The book was that much exciting because I didn t know what it was about and read the prologue with no clue as to where it was going Here s what I ll say about it so you can have a similar experience if you choose I had a really tough time putting this book down for interruptions sleep, errand [...]

    10. This was my 1st HC novel which made me seek out and read the rest of his books Great suspense and a fast read Highly recommend.

    11. Dr David Beck receives mysterious emails eight years after his long time childhood friend, and wife for six months was taken The 13th ring around a heart with their names in against the tree, was the last time they would celebrate a love that started out just about their first year together in school It was impossible for him to get over the events and move on with his life He had no other choice but to sleuth his way to the truth of what happened that night in the lake when Elizabeth disappeare [...]

    12. Another 5 star readMan I ve been lucky lately A friend who first turned me on to Harlan Coben recommended this as her favorite of his Tell No One was another page turner for mespense, turns, twists with humor, drama, and the unexpected Loved the cast of characters who were anything but one dimensional I was totally sucked into this book and bummed when I had to get back to the real world Highly recommended

    13. This is not Coben s best perhaps one of his subcontracted works, Still, I kept reading because I didn t really know what was going on and there was enough sustained tension.

    14. 4.95 stars So good And I will explain my ridiculous rating too I don t think I ve ever read a book that left me guessing so much Literally to the last page Any book that can stump me like that is a winner in my book It was so full of suspense and twists and turns, one of the best thrillers I ve read It would make a great movie too I just can t believe no one fact checked the historical reference to the architect Stanford White Not a spoiler Its inaccuracy bothered me a little bit and that s why [...]

    15. As a mystery thriller,Tell No One delivers nonstop from start to the end Right from the impactful start, there is never a dull moment in the story The protagonist, Beck and the rest of characters along with a string of bad guys are mostly well written Coben keeps the story fast paced while introducing new twists turns at regular intervals that keeps you hooked right till the end like a good thriller should.What I really didn t like was the climax During the long winded final act, the story intro [...]

    16. This is an absolutely first for me I read this book in one sitting Literally I started it after dinner and DID NOT put the book down 4 1 2 hours and 339 pages later, I finished the book Talk about a page turner All that being said, why only 3 stars The truth is, I m not entirely sure how I feel about this book It s a thriller loads of suspense and plot twists bucket loads of plot twists Normally I love that, but this had so much, by the end it was almost getting to be too much Another sticking p [...]

    17. Holy hell, this was the craziest rollercoaster ride of a read I ve EVER been on I had somehow never heard of this author before and now I want to read every book he s published From the get go this book grabbed me and I actually felt like I was on the fastest rollercoaster ever and wasn t able to get off I couldn t put this book down and it stressed me out to no end but in the best way possible There were so many twists and turns and I basically just held on and read as quickly as possible to fi [...]

    18. Holy % This book completely blew me away, one twist after another I can certainly understand why it got such a buzz when it was released For those who haven t read Harlan Coben yet, I think that Tell No One is a good one to start out with Each page and chapter of the book just keep you guessing up until the very end.One thing I like about Harlan Coben is his books aren t really bloody, gory or overly graphic like some other mystery writers, just full of nail biting suspense Some nights this book [...]

    19. I think I shortchanged myself with this one In the sense that I listened to this audio and found out too far in that it was the abridged version Noooo Siiiiiggghh.I thought about exchanging it for the book but I was too invested already and honestly I just couldn t stop listening But that s the way it is with me and Harlan Coben books Once you re in, you re in Dr David Beck was married to the love of his life, Elizabeth, when she was taken right in front of him and later killed by the serial kil [...]

    20. Tell No One opens with an intense scene that evokes countless questions, and the first chunk of the novel requires you to piece together the plot A murder from eight years ago, a pair of hitmen who kill without remorse, a narrator with a secretWhat happened Who are these people, and why are they going to such extreme lengths There was plenty of anticipation and intrigue to keep us turning pages Beyond the mystery elements, my wife and I liked how the author included detailed backstories for even [...]

    21. For Dr David Beck, the loss was shattering And every day for the past eight years, he has relived the horror of what happened Everyone tells him it s time to move on, to forget the past once and for all But for David Beck, there can be no closure A message has appeared on his computer, a phrase only he and his dead wife know Suddenly Beck is taunted with the impossible that somewhere, somehow, Elizabeth is alive.Seriously, Harlan Coben is a talented mystery and thriller writer He knows how to tw [...]

    22. Se este livro fosse comida seria um bitoque.O bife razoavelmente tenro, embora com alguns nervos e gorduras, enredo funcional, mas sem originalidade O ovo est perfeitamente estrelado, com a parte branca bem passada e a amarela cremosa para molhar o p o, bom equil brio entre descri es e di logos As batatas, embora um pouco oleosas, est o douradinhas, personagens ins pidas mas bem comportadas Esperava mais deste cozinheiro, cujo Desaparecido Para Sempre considerei um prato de alta cozinha

    23. Wow This book grabbed me from the very beginning I almost gave it 5 stars It s ALMOST that good but I got a little lost here and there so that s why it s not quite 5 stars Great reading Harlan Coben does it again.

    24. One star as I managed to finish this.Coben s books seem popular, so I thought I d give it a try, in the never ending search for nice thrillers and detectives.Dr David Beck tries to figure out what happened 8 years ago, when his wife and love from his childhood was killed Or was she I read it to the end, but at some point there came a strong feeling of BS Now let me try to get a few hiccups why computer surveillance This was supposedly happening with dial up and in 2001 or earlier So not possible [...]

    25. I m quitting this with less than 40 pages to go I just do not CARE how they re going to best the bad guy I hate Coben s writing style HATE it I hate the way his characters act pseudo clever and the way they re purposely evasive so the conversations have to go on longer than necessary The plot wasn t even very interesting I m still counting this as read The only reason I picked it up was for a challenge I can t believe I made it this far.

    26. This was okay Not great.Also, the narrator sighed all the time, like he couldn t stand being there, or reading the book.

    27. This was a real page turner I just felt so let down at the end It was likel this build up and it could ve been beautifulbut it was just short of perfection That s my take, anyhow.

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