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Shadow of the Giant #2020

Shadow of the Giant Bean s past was a battle just to survive He first appeared on the streets of Rotterdam a tiny child with a mind leagues beyond anyone else He knew he could not survive through strength he used his ta

  • Title: Shadow of the Giant
  • Author: Orson Scott Card
  • ISBN: 9781841492056
  • Page: 313
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Shadow of the Giant By Orson Scott Card, Bean s past was a battle just to survive He first appeared on the streets of Rotterdam, a tiny child with a mind leagues beyond anyone else He knew he could not survive through strength he used his tactical genius to gain acceptance into a children s gang, and then to help make that gang a template for success for all the others He civilized them, and lived to grow oldBean s past was a battle just to survive He first appeared on the streets of Rotterdam, a tiny child with a mind leagues beyond anyone else He knew he could not survive through strength he used his tactical genius to gain acceptance into a children s gang, and then to help make that gang a template for success for all the others He civilized them, and lived to grow older Then he was discovered by the recruiters for the Battle School.

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      313 Orson Scott Card
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    1. 4.0 stars And so we arrive at the finale to the wonderful Shadow series on the heals of the tumultuous events of the previous three books, Ender s Shadow,Shadow of the Hegemon andShadow Puppets For those that have not read the previous installments, there will be some spoilers below as the plot summary alludes to events that have occurred in the previous books However, I will avoid spoilers for this book and will try and be as general as possible in the synopsis This book concludes shortly after [...]

    2. 2.5 stars Oh, jeesh, where do I even begin Okay, well I love Ender s Game and Ender s Shadow No one really annoyed me in those two books I can t speak to the remainder of Ender s series because I got so bored listening to Speaker for the Dead that I set is aside for a bit I ve finished off Bean s series with this one and phew, thank goodness it is over because I don t think I could ve read listened to another one Why do I keep doing it Good question Answer Because I do enjoy OSC s writing when h [...]

    3. Dup dispari ia lui Ahile, ambi ia fo tilor membrii ai armatei lui Ender amenin s nghit i s sf ie P m ntul n lupte f r sf r it Cu un rol mai mult simbolic i f r o putere real , Peter Wiggin, Hegemonul P m ntului, ncearc s i exploateze pu ina influen politic pentru a pune bazele Alian ei Popoarelor Libere i a unifica ntreaga planet sub un singur conduc tor, evit nd astfel r zboiul.Pe cel lalt plan, Bean i mparte pu inul timp r mas ntre Petra, c utarea embrionilor pierdu i i consolidarea puterii lu [...]

    4. March 2010Previously Shadow PuppetsOh, the suspense is killing me Bean is dying He ll be dead soon His body won t stop growing, his heart will give out, and he ll die Eventually Maybe Any day now Whatever.I haven t been impressed with the Shadow Series Ender s Shadow was interesting, I suppose, if you really wanted to know what happened behind the scenes of Ender s Game, but that was about it Bean was slightly interesting, when he was still a tiny child genius one upping all the stupid adults, b [...]

    5. Eh It was ok Not his crown masterpiece.Lots of war games, strategy You get to find out what happens to Bean and Petra and the rest of Ender s Jeesh as all the nations of Earth use the wonder kids to try to tear each other apart Interesting insight on Islam from, um, a Mormon You get to see Peter be Not Such a Bad Guy After All.My problems with it are not much exciting new conceptual stuff like the Speaker for the Dead books It feels like the whole book is denouement Or filler I suppose it s poss [...]

    6. This is the fourth of the Shadow books, and in it, Card picks up the question of what happens to a lot of young people who have never known anything but war, as Ender s Jeesh and other key Battle School graduates take their places among the heads of state It s thoughtfully done, if not carried to great personal depths in every case so much happens in this story that a lot of the political maneuvers simply have to be summed up, and some of the important character development happens in just one o [...]

    7. Adam C Zern offers his thoughts When I completed Shadow Puppets I was as hesitant as I ve ever been to continue reading the Shadow series, which is an extension of the Ender series I felt the book was extremely weak in both story and character It made me feel as if Orson Scott Card was wandering helplessly in the desert of his own imagination and never finding an oasis of meaningful creativity Happily, Shadow of the Giant, the 4th book in the Shadow series, is a solid return to the character dr [...]

    8. Hmmmmmmmmmmmm Going to have to reiterate my wish that these four books had been combined, heavily pruned, and polished a little, I m afraid I concur with this review on most points the endless geopolitical stuff got very tired early on in this book, and while it was good to see a little on Alai and Virlomi I really liked her story , the whole point of this set of things is Peter s rise, and the constant bogging down of what could have been a really interesting, succinct examination of the power [...]

    9. I couldn t be happier with how this series ended.I feel like this book was just OSC showing off It was as if he were attempting to write a book to show other authors how to develop characters OSC took characters that the reader previously held in high regard and easily made them a villain as well as took previously, unlikeable characters and turned them to into charismatic heroes It was a real treat to see these kids grow up and find out what happens to every story line.While I don t want to giv [...]

    10. Orson Scott Card concludes his shadow series brilliantly in this novel, which details the search for Bean and Petra s missing children and the onset of world peace under the Hegemon s rule Card takes us into the heart of Ender s jeesh and the ambition that drives them At the same time, he makes Peter somewhat likeable as his true motives emerge The novel begins with a Chinese coup led by Hot Soup, resulting in him being crowned Emperor Three key jeesh members now lead countries in rather close [...]

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    12. It s hard to write a review for a book like Shadow of the Giant, because it s really just the last chapter of a much larger story I give 5 stars on this review not only because Giant was a great book by itself, but it also ends the series with the greatness it deserves.Here is the order you should read the Ender books by Orson Scott Card 1 Ender s Game2 Ender s Shadow The same story as Ender s Game, but from Bean s pov 3 Shadow of the Hegemon4 Shadow Puppets5 Shadow of the GiantYou might speak t [...]

    13. I think that, once again, Orson Scott Card has delivered an incredible book to continue the story that started with an undersized street urchin Bean is trying to help Ender s brother Peter unite the world under one government The problem is that his rapidly growing body doesn t have much time before his heart is no longer to bear the strain of gravity on Earth and there is still much work that needs to be done before this happens I chose to read this book because I couldn t get enough of Bean He [...]

    14. You have to tame the horse before you can let it have its head Mazor Rackham p 50 Who are you writing to Whom You foreigners are wrecking the English language I m not speaking English I m speaking Common There s no whom in Common Mrs Wiggin and Bean p 104 Why do you always drink that stuff asked John PaulPeter looked surprised Guarana it s my duty as an American to never drink Coke or Pepsi in a country that has an indigenous soft drink Besides which, I like it It s a stimulant, said Theresa It [...]

    15. This book finishes off the three part story of events unfolding on Earth immediately after Ender and his jeesh destroyed the Buggers The Battle Schoolers came back to Earth and chaos ensued Yet again, I found the political and military wranglings and intrigues very interesting The side plot of Bean and Petra seemed a bit forced and the dramatic swings of character attitudes and emotions just didn t seem altogether realistic to me Character development isn t Card s strong suit The story really pi [...]

    16. I don t even know why I m leaving a review if you re already reading the series, you HAVE to read this one, too and if you re not reading the series yet, you MUST read Ender s Game first, so at no point will this review reach anyone who is trying to decide whether or not to read this book.However, if you ve already read the novel, then a few things may come to mind first, the way Anton, the only openly gay character in the novel, decides to act in order to be a good person Second, the redemption [...]

    17. I thought Peter was portrayed negatively in the beginning of the book and then positively in the 2nd half extremely positively at the end After having the revelation about his parents in a prior book, he seems to be back to his old ways of discounting them.The thing about Bean and Petra with Bean leaving seemed like a re run of an argument that they had in the last book, but Petra never said We already decided this That seemed wrong.Virlomi is definitely a case study in believing your own PR.Int [...]

    18. Reading this book out of order was one of the best mistakes I ve ever made Thinking that it followed directly after Shadow of the Hegemon, I read this one next and skipped Shadow Puppets entirely I can honestly say that doubled my enjoyment of this episode in the saga There was a sense of time passing, of events intervening, and I had to think just a little bit to piece it together And it wasn t until I reached the end that I realized who the book was really about Funny what titles do to your fo [...]

    19. I had to rate this book highly, if for no other reason than it moved me emotionally It may be cheesy, but if cheese can get a normally callous guy like me to make water come out of my face, then it has to count for something.This book dived deeply into the emotional world of loving and losing, which I was frankly unprepared for I m used to happy endings.Other than that, it focused a lot on a large set of characters which were all quite interesting It was fun trying to work out the motives of al [...]

    20. This is the last book in the series, but there are enough loose ends left to continue the story I loved all of the political intrigue in this book The battle school grads went from being all good guys, united against the evil Achilles, to real humans whose flaws led them to make mistakes Bean s storyline was especially moving, as we see how he has grown fom child to adult We also find out exactly why Peter was not accepted into battle school There was a purpose all along and he lived up to it be [...]

    21. Finally finished with all the Ender s Books I made the mistake of reading Ender in Exile before reading Shadow of the Giant Don t make that mistake A good portion of Shadow of the Giant is summarized in Ender in Exile Even knowing a lot of the storyline I enjoyed this book It is really slow in places There is so much strategy, politics and war games that didn t hold my interest as much as the relationship did This book actually made me cry near the end I don t cry very easily especially while re [...]

    22. I just finished reading this book This is the second book i read that had me tearing up, Thank you Mr Card for this story I don t know if there are plans for a next book but i really hope there is, I want to know what happens to Bean I first read Ender s Game in middle school it was the best thing I had ever read at the time About 9 years later i see it in Barnes and Noble and remembered how much i liked the book and i was surprised how much i remembered the story, I bought it read it again and [...]

    23. Wow Card is the master at spinning a tale of political intrigue, inter personal relations and conquering the world He beautifully wrapped up the combined story of Bean, Petra, Peter, Suri, Alai, etc and sent them each to their own destinies.That being said, however, I still want to know what happened with the stories that he sent out into the great unknown Oh yes indeed Overall, I enjoyed the Shadow series than the Ender series Probably because they continued the stories of characters that I al [...]

    24. This was an almost completely satisfying conclusion for the Shadow series I just wish that girl, Randi, would have gotten smacked around a bit.But I really enjoyed that this addition to the series had of the war games than the last Shadow of the Hegemon and Shadow of the Giant are my favourites of the Shadow series for that reason I also enjoyed having some sort of conclusion for all of the other characters, such as Alai Especially Peter I really enjoyed his character Being a very different kin [...]

    25. This final installment of the Shadow series does indeed deliver all that was promised Peter the Hegemon unites the nations of Earth under a single government as foretold in the final pages of Ender s Game Earth politics may not sound like a fascinating subject for a science fiction novel and, let me assure you, it s not Much of the story is delivered via dialogue between the main characters which may sound interesting to fans of George V Higgins and El Leonard Unfortunately, Higgins or Leonard d [...]

    26. This absolutely made up for Shadow Puppets This is Peter s story And Bean s And Petra s And Alai s And Virlomi s And Han Tzu s And even Vlad s and Suri s And you know what OSC has finally spoken for them And I know them, and care for them And it isn t even about Ender any In my review of Shadow Puppets, I declared that the jeesh members were only interesting to us in that they were related still to Ender In a way, in Shadow of the Giant, it was another Wiggin that they revolved around these char [...]

    27. Way too much battle and strategy talk and not enough action There were whole chapters taken up by one long conversation It s been a really long time since I read the previous books, but I think there was enough backstory to help me remember what happened I just can t bring myself to care about any of these characters They were just there, teenagers leading armies, having babies, and running the world It s easy to forget how young all these characters are, when you ve distanced yourself a bit fro [...]

    28. Shadow of the Giant may seem a bit lackluster for the most part, but it s definitely a novel that improves when considered in retrospect This is because, until you get to the ending, you won t be able to fully appreciate the full extent of Card s intricate plotting and richly textured thematic development The power of the last few chapters really sneaks up on you, and I particularly enjoyed the book s bittersweet denouement.

    29. What a step down The basic story is good, when it focuses on the central characters When it branches off to the others, it falls apart The ridiculous attacks on Islam combined with the weird stereotypes of Russians, Indians, Asiansetty much everyone It s less racist than Conan I guess.Disappointing end, but I guess better than no end

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