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Blood Secrets #2020

Blood Secrets WHEN ALEXANDRA SABIAN SINKS HER TEETH INTO AN INVESTIGATION SHE DOESN T LET GO Alex allowed a case involving murdered vamps to get personal and is suspended from the Federal Bureau of Preternatural I

  • Title: Blood Secrets
  • Author: Jeannie Holmes
  • ISBN: 9780553592689
  • Page: 407
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Blood Secrets By Jeannie Holmes, WHEN ALEXANDRA SABIAN SINKS HER TEETH INTO AN INVESTIGATION, SHE DOESN T LET GO Alex allowed a case involving murdered vamps to get personal and is suspended from the Federal Bureau of Preternatural Investigation Now she s facing an official inquiry but has a chance to redeem herself The catch She must once again work with Varik Baudelaire, her former mentor and ex fiaWHEN ALEXANDRA SABIAN SINKS HER TEETH INTO AN INVESTIGATION, SHE DOESN T LET GO Alex allowed a case involving murdered vamps to get personal and is suspended from the Federal Bureau of Preternatural Investigation Now she s facing an official inquiry but has a chance to redeem herself The catch She must once again work with Varik Baudelaire, her former mentor and ex fianc , as he spearheads a search for a missing college student But Varik has been keeping secrets from Alex, and his mysterious past is on a collision course with his present.When Alex and Varik discover a carefully handcrafted doll at a crime scene, neither of them can see how close the danger really is or that a killer known as the Dollmaker has made Alex the object of his horrific desire Now the only way out of the Dollmaker s lair is through the twilight realm of the Shadowlands, where all secrets for better or worse will be revealed.

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    1 thought on “Blood Secrets

    1. Review courtesy of All Things Urban FantasyBLOOD SECRETS picks up just weeks after the ending of BLOOD LAW and finds vampire and suspended FBPI Agent Alexandra Sabian trying to figure out a future with the vampire she loved and almost lost her life to when she gets pulled back in to help stop a serial killer with a fondness for redheads who look just like Alex The police procedural aspects in both BLOOD SECRETS and BLOOD LAW before it are top notch The vampire mythology is solid too with several [...]

    2. I have to say that I do like the world she builds in this series and the core plot is compelling, but the repetitive descriptions and profusion of unnecessary possessives were a constant distraction My biggest gripe in both novels is that when your main character spends half the novel unconscious, recovering in hospital, kidnapped and bound, or in some otherworldly dream state, she is not a protagonist she is a victim A protagonist DOES something Varik and Tasha eclipsed Alex in the first novel, [...]

    3. 4.25 stars.There are spoilers in this review but they will be hidden, so if you don t want to find out any secrets about the plot, just don t click on them Blood Secrets picks up a couple of weeks after the events that concluded Blood Law This time around there s another even creepier serial killer on the loose, one that goes back decades, possibly longer, a vampire pimp and a Special Investigator to the Tribunal who has it out for Alex and Varik, who has been retained as an Enforcer in Jefferso [...]

    4. Rating 3.0 Genre Urban Fantasy Review Blood Secrets is the second novel in the Alexandra Sabian series by Jeannie Holmes It follows Blood Law in timeline and story continuation As the story picks up, Alex, who is a vampire, is on suspension from her job as an enforcer with the Federal Bureau of Preternatural Investigation She has also rekindled her romantic link with Varik Baudelaire, the director of Special Ops for the FBPI, vampire, and former fianc.While on suspension awaiting the hearing to [...]

    5. In this, the second installment of her Alexandra Sabian Urban Fantasy series, Jeannie Holmes continues the wild adventures of Alexandra Sabian, an FBPI Enforcer who s one kick azz heroine complete with a heart of gold Whatever the task, Alex has the bravery, determination, and an insurmountable strength of character to go up against anyone and to do whatever it takes in order to get the job done And, make no mistake the adventures Alex experiences in Blood Secrets are most definitely not for the [...]

    6. Jeannie Holmes s Blood Secrets was freaking incredible I loved it from beginning to end I don t even know where to start on this review, just that it was so awesome and I don t want to spoil it as I gabber Let s give this a try though So things are still intense for Alex after her last case Alex is still trying to figure out what her father was up to before he died Also, she and Varik are still trying to work on their relationship along with readjusting to their reinstated blood bond created by [...]

    7. If you aren t the type to get distracted by statements in the first book being completely negated and can just enjoy the story for the story s sake, then you will enjoy this book However,I am stickler for series sticking to their own rules I am totally torn about rating this book On one hand I genuinely enjoyed reading it and I liked the chracters On the other hand, there are quite a few inconsistencies within the created world that drove me nuts reading it I had to keep telling myself to let th [...]

    8. Finished this book this afternoon I really enjoy this series so far, I can only assume it will be continuing Jeannie Holmes sets this book up very nicely She answers all the outstanding questions from the first book, then leaves new questions, I assume, to be answered in the next book It s very satisfying because, while there are questions you want answers for, at least you re not waiting the whole series to get some of the answers She seems to have a pattern This book follows the same pattern [...]

    9. I absolutely loved this book So much tension and excitement throughout the book If you haven t read it already, go get a copy Alex Sabian is an Enforcer for the Federal Bureau of Preternatural Investigation Or was I should say At the end of the last book she was suspended and a Tribunal is now looking into her case However, when a college student goes missing, her blood bound boyfriend Varik Baudelaire, the Director Enforcer, convinces his boss to reinstate her There is just a major whirlwind fr [...]

    10. random pick Vampires are OUT view spoiler they live on psychic energy from blood with the taste of blood likened to nicotine hide spoiler In this world they have Shadowlands, a transition space between life and death view spoiler People able to travel to Shadowlands are able to go thru the veil.leaving their mortal body in a state of suspension.Alex can enter the SL easily unusual and she can also access the Hall or Records very unusual this is a place where everyone s thoughts and memories are [...]

    11. reviewed by urbanfantasyinvestigations.bloBLOOD SECRETS is book 2 in the Alexandra Sabian Series After the events of book 1 Alex is in trouble and facing an official inquiry Despite that she is reinstated to help solve and hunt down the Dollmaker Jeannie continues the series with the same level of intense situations, action, character development, mystery and suspense that I fell in love with in the BLOOD LAW I ended up enjoying Varik a lot in book 2, he was very protective and felt genuine to [...]

    12. It took me than a year to read this I read about half and then ended up putting it down for about a year Then, two days ago, I picked it up and decided to power through to the end I mainly read YA, but I have quite enjoyed this series so far because of Alex s strong, snarky persona I m still not a full fan of Varik because of their past together and all of his secrets, but he s slowly growing on me The second half gripped me a lot than the first half But, unfortunately, a good amount of books [...]

    13. Picked it up on a whim at the library since I recognized the name and had read the first.Probably about a 3.5 really, but not quite a 4 star I enjoyed it It was a little slow for me to get into and it felt a little chaotic in the beginning too many diverse stories that didn t blend as seamlessly as the author may have hoped but, by the end, I found myself interested in what was next.Problem is that there are only two books listed in the series here with none forthcoming And since this one is a y [...]

    14. I really like this second book I don t remember a lot of things from the first one but we find all the characters here It s a book mixing Urban fantasy and detective stories Alex has become stronger and very determined to find the truth about her father s murder The investigation was very interesting and it was a pleasure to follow Varik and Alex all along the book Therefore, we ll learn a lot of secrets about Varik, a lot of stuff about his past It was a really great book Mon avis completMy eng [...]

    15. Although I did enjoy this book, I wasn t quite as into it as I was with the first book I did like the interaction between Alex and Varik, I though the mystery that Alex s mom Emily was hiding was somewhat interesting although a bit predictable after awhile , and the baddie they were chasing was pretty insane I didn t really like the whole Tasha storyline and I kept wishing someone would kill her off Also, some parts about the tribunal were a little boring to me and there was an overall slowness [...]

    16. 3.5 5So far I am enjoying this series I like the mythology behind the vampires being out and about and I like that the author blends paranormal with procedural There were parts of this book that dragged and that I found really uninteresting, most notably the time spent in the Hall of Records and in the in between I think it has a name but I can t remember I like Alex and Varik and I think that they make a very dynamic team both personally and professionally Although the entire book was pretty go [...]

    17. Blood Secrets is book 2 in the series but the author did a good job of weaving the events of book 1 with little interruption to the story This book had quite a bit going in the plot and changed POVs a lot as well While the plot was interesting and I enjoyed the book, as I read it I cared about what happened to the main character, I found that by the end of it I had little desire to read the next book which is unusual for me as I love series But on a good note, it reminded me a little of the TV s [...]

    18. Unfortunately it s been too long since I ve read this to give it a really thoughtful review It was better than the previous book, but I d still give it a 3.5 5 Better world building with an intriguing place known as the Hall of Records There were some really gritty, disturbing scenes that would certainly put off some but gave me of a sense just how depraved some monsters can be I liked the book would recommend it to those who like paranormal with a harder edge.

    19. I got tired real fast with Alex She wants to be with Varik yet she still has issues with him for his past actions and holds them against him It also seems like most of the characters are hiding very big secrets that you know are bound to come out and destroy them and all those around them Alex seems to be at the center of most of these, but Tasha is coming in a close second.With Alex s brain being all muddled it will be interesting what happens next.

    20. The beginning was tough for me but let me tell you after the beginning this book sure picked up and I found myself not able to put the book down, it sure was a page turner I wanted to know what Alex and Varik were going to do next, and WOW the ending holy freaking cow then ending did not see that one coming

    21. Much, much sex and vulgarity than her first book Mind you, I dont mind some of that, but it seemed to detract from the story Unless that was the goal, which obviously I don t know for certain But I am still impressed that she can write novels And i was certainly motivated to finish the story and find out what happened Good job Jeannie

    22. Spoilers I am still in the midst of this book but am finding it difficult to find any of the characters very likable The characters do not always act with regularityah well I will keep my fingers crossed that things will improve as I go along It could be that I really do not like how unkind the characters that are supposed to like one another are to each other.

    23. Very good the ending was pleasantly unsettling Ms Holmes did a fantastic job setting up the next book Also, I liked that we became privy to secrets of in Alex s past that she still is not aware of.

    24. A stronger plot than Blood Law but still fairly flimsy as plots go I think the writing is definitely improving too But the characterisation needs a lot work to make this a convincing or compelling read I almost enjoyed this, but will not be reading any further in the series.

    25. I got this as an ARC Enjoyed this book tremendously Thought that the conflict was interesting the suspense and action made this book outstanding for me You do need to read the first book to totally appreciate this book though

    26. Just as good if not better then the first one the characters develop beautifully and the story was suspensful and exciting as ever I will buy every book Jeannie puts out, in this series and any other book she writes Check this book out you won t be sorry you did

    27. This book totally blew me away All the King s Horses and all the King s men, will be needed to put the next part of this story together again LOLJeannie Holmes you are truly a Master of your Craft.

    28. LOVED LOVED LOVED this book What a GREAT series The first book was great and the second book was AWESOME I love the story, I love teh characters and can t wait until the next book Holmes hit a home run in my book with this series Happy Reading

    29. Murders and mayham were good and get intrest to read book to end, but otherwise book is not very good and I would not anyone to read it, world is full of better books and this book don t give even one reason why one should read it.

    30. I like how this author doesn t focus mainly on the protagonist and relies on other characters to pull the plot forward I look forward to reading her next work.

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