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Conquest Earth #2020

Conquest Earth The third and final volume of the Tarizon Trilogy Previous volumes were Tarizon The Liberator and Tarizon Civil War When a teenager discovers his father is working on a secret government project with

  • Title: Conquest Earth
  • Author: William Manchee
  • ISBN: 9781929976652
  • Page: 422
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Conquest Earth By William Manchee, The third and final volume of the Tarizon Trilogy Previous volumes were Tarizon The Liberator and Tarizon Civil War When a teenager discovers his father is working on a secret government project with aliens from the planet Tarizon, the project is compromised and Peter Turner must accept exile or be killed Volume 1 chronicles Peter Turners abduction and discovery thatThe third and final volume of the Tarizon Trilogy Previous volumes were Tarizon The Liberator and Tarizon Civil War When a teenager discovers his father is working on a secret government project with aliens from the planet Tarizon, the project is compromised and Peter Turner must accept exile or be killed Volume 1 chronicles Peter Turners abduction and discovery that he is perceived to be the long awaited Liberator who is destined to save the planet from the despot, Videl Lai Volume 2 chronicles the long Civil War between the Purists and the Loyalists led by Peter Turner, now called Leek Lanzia.

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      422 William Manchee
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    1 thought on “Conquest Earth

    1. I won this book in a giveaway The book arrived with the first two volumes in MP3 form This review is based on the third book.A few things bothered me about this book First of all, the font kept changing I have never seen that before The book is set in a very small type then suddenly it reverts to a larger and comfortable type Then back to small type A little distracting for the reader.I had difficulty staying interested in the story I found that there were a lot of characters with weird names t [...]

    2. I won this through First Reads Giveaway.Although I never read the first two books in the series, I was still able to catch up on the story line I will say though that some parts needed a bit explaining that I m sure was already explained in the first book So there were a few parts that were hard to figure out what was meant But all in all it was pretty easy to follow Even though I am not usually a fan of sci fi future esc outer space type of books, I really enjoyed this one The author, William [...]

    3. Conquest Earth by William Manchee is typical alien versus human science fiction This book does not disappoint Manchee delivers with kudos Though this is book 3 of a trilogy, it s a brilliant read by itself You easily pick up the thread The characters are real, true to life and the alien mutants are interestingly described The story starts with the end of civil war on Tarizon The Purists are defeated There are still marauding bands striking fear in the populous Chancellor Lorin sets up a detail t [...]

    4. This was the only book of the trilogy that I read, and some of the problems that I have with the book may be a result of this It was not a book that could stand alone without the rest of the trilogy However, my biggest problem with the book was that it really needed a proofreader There was a typo on the dust jacket, and throughout the book there was another typo at least every five to ten pages Also, the font size changed every so often with no discernible reason I found these very distracting A [...]

    5. This book is a hot mess It was published in 2010, and I m wondering if the author prematurely had a bunch of copies printed before it was thoroughly checked for errors meaning he s sitting on a stack of them and wants to give them away versus taking them to the landfill There are numerous formatting issues throughout this book font changes in the middle of a page , missing and improper comma and punctuation usage, inconsistent sentence indentations, misused words, and there are even spelling err [...]

    6. First of all,I really enjoyed the story I received it as give away, That is about all that I can say good about it.The editing left much to be desired In many places there were errors e.g Can you see them Yes I have a good FEW of them The word recognizance was repeated used instead of the correct word reconnaissance e.g aerial recognizance The book is printed in a small font, every now and then there will be a page or two in a larger font.

    7. I m not a big fan of the Science Fiction genre but this book may have just changed my mind I simply loved it.

    8. If you liked The Liberator and hated Civil War like I did, you ll be relieved to find out that Conquest Earth is along the same lines as the first instalment Although the book has a war and military focus like Civil War, it s not the same boring strategies and raids you get epic space battles that I know I felt were lacking in the series I feel like each book in the trilogy could easily be in its own genre s The Liberator was sci fi, YA and fantasy Civil War was a boring military strategist nove [...]

    9. I got this book via a giveaway and it is one of the few science fiction books I have ever read.Against all adversities Leek Lanzai has managed to lead the Loyalist to a victory by defeating the TGA and killing the tyrannical Videl Lai, and also restoring the Supreme Mandate After all this, Leek thought that he might get a well deserved break to spend some time with his family But when the Intergalactic Fleet refuses to surrender Leek is called to commander one the few earth shuttles to warn the [...]

    10. This is same author who wrote Deadly Distractions, a legal thriller, which I enjoyed I gave it 4 stars in my review In my opinion, he should stick to that genre and either forget sci fi or educate himself further For some reason, the writing itself is nowhere near as good in this book Perhaps he lost a good editor or decided to give us his first draft I see he s got both a 2010 and a 2012 edition out I think I ve got the 2010 edition This book is aimed at YA, many of whom may be indiscriminating [...]

    11. I won a first reads copy of the audio version Part of my review is based on the story and part on the fact that it was an audio version.The Story Because this is the third book in a trilogy and I had not read the other two, there was a steep learning curve at th begining of the story The Author did a good job of eventually explaing relationships between several of the characters There were some parts though where it would have been helpful to give a little background if this were to stand as an [...]

    12. I won a copy of the first book in this trilogy as a part of the FirstReads program, and foolishly bought the rest of the trilogy before reading the first one Had I read it first, I never would have spent actual money on this But having already thrown said money away, I felt compelled to actually complete the trilogy so I could at least say that I did This third volume was far better than the other two, though, so if you managed to read those you shouldn t hesitate the finish the ride.Leek Lanzia [...]

    13. I won this book in a giveaway, in exchange for a fair and honest review First, let me acknowledge that, yes, there are a few editing problems and the font changing sizes is slightly annoying And that Conquest Earth is a typical alien versus human science fiction Once you get beyond that, however, I really enjoyed the characters and the different alien invaders It took a little time to get to the story, since this is the final book of the Tarizon trilogy, but now that I ve finished it, I think I [...]

    14. After reading Tarizon The Civil War, Vol 2, which I won on the GIVEAWAY, I had to get Vol 1 3 I purchased this one from I managed to purchase vol 1 fron eBay.I have completed Vols 1 The Liberator, 2 Cival War 3 Conquest Earth of the Tarizon Trilogy Magnificent novels William Manchee, I commend you These books were terrific, kept me glued to the book Found it very difficult to put it down once I got started in it Much to my pleasure, I see you have written other novels.I am now into the TARIZON S [...]

    15. 2.5 StarsI hate doing thisI feel bad when I get a book for free, from an author trying to make good and I can t give a higher rating than this But I can t give away goodwill stars either, soThe plot had some interesting ideas There is enough here to build a book on.With that said I shouldn t have started with this one Not really a stand alone.The constant POV changes, time shifts, and a lack of detail letting me know where and when I was in the story had me re reading entire pages just to make s [...]

    16. I won this book from.This is volume 3 of a sci fi, with an already established cast of characters, setting, and alien words Names were hard to tell females from males, but it is readable after a few chapters which brought me up to date DO try to read the first 2 books in this trilogy Leek Lanzia is an earthling who was sent to the planet Tarizon and became their Liberator Now the Tarizon Global Army the bad guys is taking the Intergalactic Fleet, an unimaginable conquering battalion to take over [...]

    17. In the final episode of the Tarizon series, the Purists set off to Earth after a couple of skirmishes There are battles in space, and political machinations on both Tarizon and Earth Both Fleets reach Earth and fighting ensues Who shall prevail A complex narrative pushes the reader deeper in the world of the story with concise descriptions and lively characters This episode has lots of emotion, action, military maneuvers, politics, and drama Compared to prior episodes, without giving too much aw [...]

    18. I won this book through GoodReads first read program.It took me awhile to get to this book since this book is the final book of the Tarizon trilogy I really enjoyed this sci fi trilogy even though I am not a sci fi fan In this final book Leek Lanzia aka Peter Turner is in a race with the Purist party of Tarizon to reach Earth The Purists want to take over Earth and Peter wants to stop them Peter is originally from Earth but ended up on Tarizon saving the planet from the Purists rule Now he must [...]

    19. I got as far as chapter 4 before I had enough What a juvenile book What is with the font size changing for no apparent reason It is like a bunch of kids wrote and published this.Sorry, I do not like leaving a bad review for a first reads book but in this case I must.I feel I must revise my review above.After I put this book down, I started to read Destined by P.C Cast and Kristin Cast Destined is the 8th in a series About halfway through the first chapter it occurred to me that if I had been rea [...]

    20. I really had to think on how to write a review without giving away and ruining it for others That being said I gave the book a rating of 4.5 and thoroughly enjoyed it The tyranny of men and the fate of earth in some one else s hands to save us is an exciting adventure First you have the twist and turns of democratic hoops and constant depth of outmaneuvering others for control then add the patience it took to implement the earth s demise in depth, even detailed out enough it s not really so far [...]

    21. I won this book on Started off a little slow but picked up and was a rollercoaster ride from then on A science fiction military thriller that takes place on two planets.Leek Lanzia, aka Peter Turner whose home planet is Earth, is called back to service on Tarizon when it is discovered that the evil Purists, who are hidding on a moon orbiting Tarizon, are planning to fly to Earth and conquer it After Earth s conquest they plan to re attack Tarizon Leek has to find a way to beat them to Earth, war [...]

    22. I was surprised to receive this book as a give away from GoodReads First Reads I didn t remember requesting it, as being the 3rd book in a series, I usually don t It was a little difficult at first sorting out the people and what was going on, since I had not read the first two books However, once I got it sorted out, I really enjoyed reading it I had expected it to be a war story and was pleasantly surprised to find it was a humanities story instead It kept my interest well.The author has a ver [...]

    23. I was given this book through a giveaway, in exchange for a fair and unbiased review, that being said, here s my review Great science fiction for young to adult readers I have not read book or two of the series, but I found myself not getting lost because it I am going to ask my library to get book 1 and 2 of the series, and also look into Manchee s Stan Turner series This has everything you want in a sci fi story aliens, mutants, war and just plan fun Gets your imagination going.

    24. I enjoyed this story, but there were a lot of open ended situations that did not get wrapped up towards the end of this story A follow on story would not answer these questions as they needed to be covered during this story This was a good sci fi adventure, but too holes as to what happened in certain events weakened the overall story line I won this through First reads giveaway program What an awesome program Thank you to William Manchee for placing his work in this giveaway program I enjoyed l [...]

    25. I received the trilogy from my winning I will be starting with the first book Tarizon, the Liberator, Volume 1 Will review each book as I finish them, since this one is the third, I will get to it soon Great ending to the series Again, Leek Peter and the team of Loyalists go after the Purists as they go after Earth Lots of fighting and interesting weapons I liked the parts where the Turner family participates in overthrowing the plot to take over our government All is well in the end and both pl [...]

    26. This was the first in the trilogy that I had the pleasure of reading, as I d won it on an online book giveaway on I will deff will be purchasing the first two novels to see how it all went down The characters are well written which is very rare The dialogue was nice and clean, and there were some great conversations between certain characters I especially enjoy stories where the character is taken from his natural environment and thrust into a new world All in all, it was amazing Highly recommen [...]

    27. This was a very fun, action packed sci fi thriller I didn t read book one or two, so I was worried that I would be lost, but I wasn t from page one it grabbed me and didn t let up it was a page turner It was kind of weird how the font kept changing, and there is still some spelling errors but it didn t distract from an incredible read.Aliens and mutants and I would reccomend this book to anyone who loves sci fi like I do I am so happy to have won this one I can t wait to read books one and two

    28. I won a free copy of this book in a contest I do recommend reading the first two books before starting with this book Unless you are okay with many of your questions being answered halfway into the story You have Leek, who was from earth, tasked with helping the planet Tarizon Becoming a hero, the book then starts with Leek having to return back to Earth to save it before it is too late There are a couple of pages where the font size is larger but other then that I found the story enjoyable.

    29. I won this as a goodread giveaway Yes, I realize that there are editing problems and the font changing sizes is annoying On the other hand I liked the characters and the different species I liked the fact that they are coming to earth to save it from alien invaders and aliens that have taken gotten high ranking positions in the government and industry I think I ll hunt down the first two volumes.

    30. I received this as a part of First Reads program I found it a bit difficult to understand in the beginning because I have not read the first two books The characters seemed well developed, and the aliens were described very well, but I had a hard time getting into it Every time I started to get into the story there would be a flashback from a different perspective which would take me out the the story Maybe if I read the first two books I might change my rating.

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