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The Queen of Second Place #2020

The Queen of Second Place Cassie Howard believes that every human being on earth is born with one special talent Unfortunately hers is taking second place No matter how hard she tries she s always second best in school in l

  • Title: The Queen of Second Place
  • Author: Laura Peyton Roberts
  • ISBN: 9780440238713
  • Page: 299
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • The Queen of Second Place By Laura Peyton Roberts, Cassie Howard believes that every human being on earth is born with one special talent Unfortunately, hers is taking second place No matter how hard she tries, she s always second best in school, in life, and especially in love.When Cassie discovers new boy in town Kevin Matthews, she wants him on sight But so does Sterling Carter, a ridiculously beautiful preppyCassie Howard believes that every human being on earth is born with one special talent Unfortunately, hers is taking second place No matter how hard she tries, she s always second best in school, in life, and especially in love.When Cassie discovers new boy in town Kevin Matthews, she wants him on sight But so does Sterling Carter, a ridiculously beautiful preppy princess and Cassie s enemy since freshman year Sterling is the kind of girl who always gets it all, and Cassie isn t Is there any point even trying when the first fifteen years of Cassie s life have proven she s doomed to fail Can the Queen of Second Place ever truly win With fresh determination and the support of friends whose not so glorious talents range from parking cars to whistling, Cassie sets out to capture Kevin s heart and make herself first at last Let s just be clear on one thing this wasn t about the dance It was never about the dance But now Sterling had me If Kevin didn t ask me to the formal, I was going to look like the world s biggest loser Worse, if he asked her, I was going to be the world s biggest loser I m pretty much used to coming in second, but coming in second to Sterling Carter is than any human being should be asked to bear I promised myself I wouldn t let that happen A girl has to draw the line somewhere Suspenseful and often witty, this book makes losing by a hair seem almost fun Publishers Weekly Roberts clearly takes the crown for this witty and inventive offering School Library Journal Light and funny Booklist The Queen of Second Place hits a home run San Diego Union TribuneA New York Public Library Book for the Teen Age

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      299 Laura Peyton Roberts
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    1 thought on “The Queen of Second Place

    1. Its really good actually inspired of making my own book like this fiction but realistic at the same time

    2. Reviewed by Me for TeensReadTooThere s just something about reading stories that you can relate to that make them a joy to read As someone who grew up feeling like her own version of THE QUEEN OF SECOND PLACE, relating to Cassie Howard was easy She s pretty, she has friends, she s been on a date or two, she gets good grades etc etc etc But for Cassie, being a second bester isn t good enough She s looking for A List status, for the admiration of her peers and, maybe importantly, for her own self [...]

    3. This was one of those kid walks into my classroom and says read this books Since the first one of these was a Percy Jackson, which led me to happiness, I m making it a policy to do what they say Unless it s Goosebumps, probably As I told said kid, I found the narrator pretty ditzy at first, but otherwise this was pretty entertaining YA It didn t 100% go where I expected, and the characters didn t get exactly what they wanted OR exactly what they secretly wanted and hadn t realized until the reve [...]

    4. The title is what caught my attention about this book The Queen of Second Place Isn t that how we all feel sometimes I loved Cassie s idea about everyone having their own talent, most not so glamorous, like always choosing the longest line, or getting the best parking place The ending, with all the positive uses of seemingly useless talents, was very clever and cute It may not be the best book, but it s definitely worth reading.

    5. This book was so funny I liked her writing style It was absolultely written for teens, but I thought it was entertaining It s about a girl who always comes in second place something I can identify with at times and she decides that she s done with it when her and a popular girl start competing over the new kid in school s attention I enjoyed it, but I m still deciding if I will read the next one.

    6. This book is very nice I loved the book It s about this girl who always gets second best in everything This girl name Cassie says that everyone has their own talents Which is right and everyone does have their own talent.

    7. horrible, I m sorry but this book made me want to pull out all my hairs and boil my eyeballs

    8. The plot was interesting and a little cliche but it was really good I found this book quite funny in some places and I loved how there was a really bad antagonist in the story I really like books with people you just love to hate I thought the book was continuous but it was also a little too jam packed with a lot of things going on Contradiction It s great how there s a sequel to this book because it s a great story although I think if the author wanted to, this book could have stood alone on it [...]

    9. Cassie sees herself as the Second Place Queen, it seems no matter how hard she tries, she always manages to land back into that faithful and familiar spot of second place Cassie doesn t let it bother her though, not until she sees Kevin Matthews walk into her English class Everything would be perfect, except that Sterling Carter thinks that she is entitled to him Is Cassie going to let Sterling get her way again I really thought this was a funny book for the first two chapters, but then it lost [...]

    10. This book had me hooked on the first page The main character Cassie has an obsession with talents She dutifully believes everyone has a true talent Her brother s bothering talent, her mother s arguing talent, her best friend s whistling talent, and of course her talent being the queen of second place Cassie has fell short into second place all her life especially to Sterling Carter or as she calls her fourteen karat carter the prima Donna of her high school Cassie finds herself longing for her m [...]

    11. I loved this good book because it told me a lot of feelings of the main character.For example when Sterling took Kevin Cassie s boy friend Cassie showed anger,sadness, and other feelings Also this books is good because when Cassie was really angry she showed it to them without worrying that she was going to get in trouble But when she does Cassie showes sadness and hides in the back of the bowling place So I thought she was sneaky and doesn t show her sadness to anyone even her best friend.So I [...]

    12. This book is such a fun, real, delightful, unexpected, root for the heroine swoon over the hero type story, and I loved it to pieces It hit all my emotional buttons in a lighthearted way that made it easy to relate to the main character The author really did a good job creating a coherent, fleshed out cast of characters, from Cassie s family to her friend group to the queen bees of the school A surprising, light, feel good read for any occasion matter how many years you may be out of high school [...]

    13. I tried to like this book I read it three times okay, because there was nothing else to do , and I wanted it to be worth my while and it was, probably I didn t necessarily love it, but that didn t mean it was a waste of time I could relate to Cassie a lot, although I didn t like what she did Kevin wasn t interesting, and Sterling, well she was such a stereotypical character, she bored me to tears.It was okay I wouldn t recommend anyone to read it immediately, but it was okay.

    14. It was a great book It is about a girl, Cassie, falling in love with this boy, Kevin bBut then the popular girl, who is drooled over, Sterling Carter Soc, as in future SOCiolite , steals Kevin from Cassie Sterling and Kevin become boyfriend and girlfriend and Cassie becomes jealous In the end Kevin and Cassie are a couple yadda yadda and all that sappy love romance stuff.

    15. 324 Cassie always comes in second place With guys, competitions, her grades are often B s, good but come in second to A s BUt now there is a new boy, Kevin, who she adores Cassie is determined not to come in second to ultimate popular girl, who she calls Fourteen Carat, again But she ends up making a big fool of herself, and getting alot of detention, and bothering her friends It turns out that winning isn t all that easy after all Magda Golczynski

    16. This book was really fun to read It was about a high school girl, Cassie, who is always the second best in everything school, life, and love Recently, the most popular girl in school, Sterling Carter, is being ahead of Cassie in every way Cassie is used to being second, but now she and Sterling both want Kevin Matthew, a really hot guy at school Cassie fight for her love, and read the book to find out what happens

    17. I love this book because although it really doesnt have a great message about anything besides lying, I can identify with her Not that there s a guy out that I think I m in love with and some rhymes with witch is trying to take him, but I have plenty rhymes with witches in my life no names will be revealed and plenty of guys that I have liked which I am not afraid to admit.

    18. This is a 2008 Sequoyah winner, so I had very high expectations The plot is well developed, and the high school characters are definitely believable, but the story is weak Written for 8 10 graders, I think this book is entertaining, but forgetful It is easily teachable, but there would be nothing educational to gain I would recommend this book to a student, but I would not teach it.

    19. A very funny book that teenage girls can definitely relate to We all get crushes and most of us tend to do stupid and embarrassing things when we do I know I do It s a good book and I love the writing style I really liked the ending of it.

    20. I enjoyed The Queen of Second Place I thought Cassie was an interesting character and I did feel empathy for her I do feel that she went overboard at times, but it seemed to work out in her favor in the long run.

    21. This is a great book that is realistic fiction It s a great book that is about a girl, that wants this boy She tries every she can but makes a fool of her self When she finally becomes herself again she realizes that it s better to be herself than somebody else.

    22. Cute, clean teen book Has a good message about the importance of not losing your head over a crush you might have Cassie was really annoying in the first part but it shows what she learns from the experience.

    23. Know your strength If you have to be second place, aim really high Second place of really high is better than second place in the mud.Fun story.

    24. Its totally sad, but Cassie did the right thing But I could never do that To find out what I m talking about, READ THE BOOK.

    25. loved the main character, but felt like the secondary characters were rather one dimensional can t wait to see what happens in the second book

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