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I Do! #2020

I Do Caitlin O Conner now and in her senior year of college accepts Josh Miller s proposal for marriage But Caitlin soon discovers there s a lot to getting married than just saying I

  • Title: I Do!
  • Author: Melody Carlson
  • ISBN: 9781590523209
  • Page: 432
  • Format: Paperback
  • I Do! By Melody Carlson, Caitlin O Conner, now 21 and in her senior year of college, accepts Josh Miller s proposal for marriage But Caitlin soon discovers there s a lot to getting married than just saying I

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      432 Melody Carlson
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    1 thought on “I Do!

    1. This is a good wrap up to the Caitlin series, but compared to the other books it felt like that extra spark was missing Either that or it suffered from how long ago I read the first book.It was fun to see wedding planning from her point of view once she accepts Josh s proposal Other issues are raised mostly anorexia and pre marital sex , though not as deeply as readers of the series may expect I feel like I should have positive to say, but by book five it s become pretty standard.On the downsid [...]

    2. WoW This book is just simply AMAZING Out of the whole series, this book and On my Own are my favorites It was kinda sad when I finished this book, and I realized that this is the LAST book I wish Melody Carlson would just right and Caitlin books I loved I Do so much Caitlin and Josh are really PERFECT for each other.

    3. I Do is my go to book for when I m feeling upset Not because I think the storyline is particularly scintillating, but because for me, it was the perfect ending to a series I d followed and loved.The series itself follows Caitlin O Connor and her journey as a teenage Christian girl There are ups and downs and there are times when she questions religion and how she ought to balance her high school and later university life with her faith It s probably important to note that while my mother is very [...]

    4. 3.5 4 stars.I thought this was a really good ending to Caitlin s story She got her happy ending so to speak and the whole book just made me feel happy I really liked the fact that Melody Carlson isn t afraid to discuss things in her book She really showed the emotional toll for everybody involved that having sex outside of marriage can cause I thought she dealt with it tastefully while showing the effects I really like Caitlin as a character and narrator, I think she s relatable I didn t like Jo [...]

    5. Here it is My favorite book in the Caitlin series The last book is about how Josh Miller proposes to Caitlin and of coarse Caitlin says yes Caitlin can t forget that she still has to finish college before the wedding and she has to prepare for the big event too How much stress can Caitlin handle with her mean roommate Elizabeth too In the fifth book her two best friends are out at college too Beanie is in a fashion school and Jenny is going to a bible college and continuing her anorexia problem [...]

    6. After reading the Caitlin series all I want is for my dreamy Josh Miller to be waiting around the corner for me I Do was a perfect ending to an amazing series following the challenges and triumphs of Caitlin s spiritual and emotional journey through life It brings a tear to my eye knowing that I am not able to follow her through her life any but am so happy that she was finally able to get her happily ever after Her trust and faith in the Lord is something I hope to follow through with in my lif [...]

    7. It s a bunch of fluff, but a very nice end to the series However, I know God has a way of making things fall into place experienced it waaaaay too many times to doubt it , but aside from the wedding, Caitlin s life had no real stress and the book just seemed to have no plot No sooner does one thing happen than it gets cleared up I know that s how I would be in real life, but it doesn t make for a really good story Jenny s anorexia seemed to clear up too quickly without any backward steps, Caitli [...]

    8. This book was nothing special It tidied up Caitlin s life She graduated and got married I felt that these books were supposed to give teenagers role models they could live by However, the author made everything in this book simple and just about free and keeps the fairytale ending Weddings cost a lot of money and not everyone has a group of creative family and friends to help As I mentioned in the previous book, as the series comes to an end, the less substance there was in the books I am glad e [...]

    9. YAAAAAAAAAAAAY they finally got married D D D D D D Hey, call me biased, but I think the entire series rocks The way Melody Carlson wrote Caitlin s character makes her seem like a real person all her characters are like that, really It s almost sad to think they don t exist And it was neat sometimes while reading one of the books I d go in my head, Hey, I have that inward struggle too and then something that Caitlin said would get me thinking it was just cool THUMBS UP FOR THE WHOLE SERIES Rea [...]

    10. I just can t quite figure out my strange fascination with Christian YA books, when I really do have a lot of philosophical issues with them I actually did find this one to be better than I expected I really prefer this series to Christy Miller This series is much realistic The s word sex, gasp is mentioned, and people actually have it in this series I also find this series less preachy and judgy than Christy I also appreciated the simple, inexpensive wedding, which was still full of neat touche [...]

    11. This was probably my favorite Caitlin book It was fun to read about her wedding planning and think about what I d like about my wedding I also thought the discussion questions at the end were actually great More about applying the concepts in the book to your own life, rather than did you understand the plot kind of books.I think I should have read the Choloe series in between some of the Caitlin books, but oh well I ll check out Choloe next, and then Kim.

    12. I can t believe I m finished with these book Seriously these books have gotten me through SOOOOOO much in life I seriously cried as I read the last part in the book It was sooo cool to follow this journey with Catlin I ve learned so much from these books I couldn t thank Melody Carlson enough Can t wait to start another series

    13. 3.5I love this book Don t get me wrong I love Caitlin s point of view, and all the subjects that happened throughout it.Why did I give it 3.5 stars I don t like how book 4 was when she was a freshman in college than BAM In this one, she was a senior I don t get why Melody would do that it just made me feel like she was rushing the end of Caitlin s story which isn t exactly true since she shows up in the other girl s books.

    14. I like this book because it sanctifies the beauties and qualities of a marriage with God as the center When I was younger I looked down on marriage because my parent s relationship, although intact, was not a fairytale and it was not perfect no one is perfect and all relationships take work especially something as intimate as marriage I enjoyed reading this book because it reassured to me that marriage can be rewarding just as it can be work.

    15. I thought it was good, but I didn t like that they author skipped a few years of her college and the start of Josh s job at the start of the book I liked hearing about all the wedding planning and stuff about the dresses they all sounded really pretty Overall if was fine, and not great but fine.

    16. This book was really good I thought that Melody Carlson did an amazing job with this book I love how Melody shows that God provides and that she dosnt shy away from the real problems people face on a daily basis I love how she shows people that God is the way the truth and the light and will always provide Truly touched me

    17. What a cute last story in this series The girl who has wanted to marry this guy for the last four books finally gets engaged and it goes thru the trials of planning a wedding She lives the whole wedding in God s hands and it turns out even better than she expected She saves a ton of money and gets alot of help from her friends and family What a great story about the things that God can do.

    18. Up to this point, I had enjoyed reading the diary of Caitlin O Connorbut this finale ended the series with a whimper Not much excitement, and the ending is nothing surprising It s sad that such a good series would finish with this kind of travesty It almost makes me wish I hadn t bothered with this series.

    19. Great little encouraging book I liked how her faith grows in each book though I do wonder if she ll ever get together with Josh I think she does, I mean the last book is called I Do Which sound like a wedding title to me _ I like the college theme, I m in college now and It was interesting to read.

    20. Chloe gets married to Josh One book after rejecting his Covenant Ring proposal because he was like a weed in her heart Let me guess she friendzones him at the altar after feeling a barrier between her and God coming up again Honestly, it s what I d expect.

    21. I enjoy Caitlin s testimony a lot She was so lost and kinda shallow when she was only a freshman in high school But after she met God, she kept trusting God and putting things on the alter I want to live like that way I will keep reading Melody Carlson s book

    22. Again I just love Melody Carlson The diary series are so entertaining to read, and while Caitlin wasn t the best character she was REALLY preachy I still really liked these.I was glad this was the last one, though.

    23. Well to be honest this book was a bit boring compared to the others in the series But I have to admit I feel rather bad that it was the last one I wish I could keep reading caitlin s diaries for all my life because it does help me to grow spiritually closer to God.

    24. This wasn t my first choice of book, it s not a book I would normally read I enjoyed it than I figured I would The book did teach me things, lots of things, it would be better if it were a book i normally read.

    25. I like this one It s a nice ending to the series Although, she finds a ton of amazing deals when wedding planning, which i think is giving me unrealistic expectations when it comes to wedding budgets But all in all cute book and cute series.

    26. I really like this book It taught me a lot in this series I reccomend this series to a girl in 6th and up.

    27. this was a good book even if i don t even need to think about getting married, it was still cool wish that they would make another one

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