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L'inconnu du nord #2020

L inconnu du nord La TM A R le de Gotland passe pour la TM un des plus beaux sites sauvages de SuA de Visby son chef lieu est une citA c calme oA chacun se connaA R t et se respecte ForAats plages et collines y sont

  • Title: L'inconnu du nord
  • Author: Anna Jansson Carine Bruy
  • ISBN: 9782253133735
  • Page: 363
  • Format: Paperback
  • L'inconnu du nord By Anna Jansson Carine Bruy, La TM A R le de Gotland passe pour la TM un des plus beaux sites sauvages de SuA de Visby, son chef lieu, est une citA c calme oA chacun se connaA R t et se respecte ForAats, plages et collines y sont autant de refuges pour les hommes et les oiseaux La TM inspecteur Maria Wern y mA ne la TM existence da TM une femme da TM aujourda TM hui, entre deux enfants quaLa TM A R le de Gotland passe pour la TM un des plus beaux sites sauvages de SuA de Visby, son chef lieu, est une citA c calme oA chacun se connaA R t et se respecte ForAats, plages et collines y sont autant de refuges pour les hommes et les oiseaux La TM inspecteur Maria Wern y mA ne la TM existence da TM une femme da TM aujourda TM hui, entre deux enfants qua TM elle adore et un ex mari souvent absent Jusqua TM au jour oA la TM A R le bascule dans la terreur En lisiA re de forAat, un campeur a A c tA c retrouvA c A c gorgA c tandis qua TM A quelques kilomA tres au sud se dA c clenche une A c pidA c mie de fiA vre foudroyante Les malades meurent les uns aprA s les autres, au mAame rythme que les assassinats, qui se multiplient Mais tout cela est il vraiment une coAncidence AidA c e du seul mA c decin qui lutte encore, Maria Wern veut tenir bon et aller au bout de son enquAate A ses risques et pA c rilsa

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      363 Anna Jansson Carine Bruy
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    1. I won this book through a giveaway Thank you very much My rating 2.5The horrible situation of a contagious virus is absolutely the most terrifying thought ever Even terrifying that this could happen and does but in small instances Think of it Everyone is dying Everyone is vulnerable No one is safe This terrifying situation makes a great idea for a book, but this one missed the mark.There were too many characters to keep track There is a contagious virus spreading, people are still going to rest [...]

    2. Strange Bird is an ARC sent by Meryl Zegarek The book is the first in Jansson s series featuring detective Maria Wern to be translated to English Translation by Paul Norlen I m already a great fan of Scandinavian crime novels, and than happy to add a new author to my list.Opening lines Ruben Nilsson stepped into the summer twilight to tap his pipe out against the railing of the porch If he had known how few hours he had left to live, perhaps his priorities would have been different Gotland, Swe [...]

    3. An interesting combination of events First a man who raises pigeons finds a strange bird the strange bird has bird flu And so begins an outbreak of bird flu in GotlandAt the same time the book is about a mystery first, a man who was selling paintings is found murderedThe story goes back and forth between the outbreak of bird flu the search for tamiflu, discovering that this strain is tamiflu resistant, etc won t say it would ruin the storyAnd at the same time, the search for the killer of one a [...]

    4. Den h r boken, eller egentligen filmatiseringen av den, r anledningen till att jag b rjade l sa serien om Maria Wern Det kan l ta konstigt, men epidemier och pandemier har alltid fascinerat mig hur l tt det skulle vara att ta k l p st rre delen av m nskligheten bara f r att m nniskor alltid beter sig korkat i dessa situationer I alla fall i b cker och film L s mer p bokslut 2015 08 fr

    5. This was my second book I read for class this semester and it was really enjoyable It was intriguing and a read that I couldn t put down mainly because it was really addicting and also because I had a deadline for it to be read It dragged a little with one of the storylines though and it was hard to see how the two main storylines connected before the last 10 15 pages which was slightly frustrating to be honest Otherwise not a bad book and I liked the main character so maybe I ll pick up some of [...]

    6. I actually read 2 books in bundle What I found little weird was the books chosen for this bundle they were numbers 5 and 7 in the series And even though you can read these books individually there are some things in the protagonist s life that do change and go on So I did feel that I missed little bit And also the translation of the name from Swedish to Finnish was not so good In the swedish version there is one bird, in Finnish plural birds and it doesn t fit the story.

    7. Really liked this interesting introduction to Maria Wern, a Swedish policewoman An excellent book that makes you think I have already ordered no 2 in the series, which seems to be the last one to have been translated into English Come on, publishers, we need The books were popular enough to have been made into a television series Highly recommended, especially for Scandi lovers.

    8. Strange Bird by Anna Jansson, set in Sweden on the island of Gotland, is Book One of the fourteen books in the Maria Wern series, translated into English by Paul Norlen available September 17, 2013 Something deadly has landed on Gotland Ruben Nilsson raises homing pigeons and has been preparing for an upcoming race when he discovers that a new pigeon has flown into his dovecote, a sturdy, light brown speckled bird with a white head A truly powerful bird, although a bit worn out after the flight [...]

    9. L avant derni re s lection du Livre de poche 2010, nous plonge dans la litt rature su doise Un style de polar, qui existait d j avant Mill nium, mais qui pullule sur les rayons depuis le succ s de Stieg Larsson Ce n est pas pour me d plaire J ai d couvert la Su de avec le feu crivain succ s et c est toujours assez plaisant de refaire un tour dans le grand nord accompagn de K tbullar, bord de mon lit en kit En d but d ann e, j avais d j pris mon billet vers la Su de avec Celui qu on ne voit pas A [...]

    10. As I have been reading books by Swedish writers and enjoying them, I was happy to find this author This book and author got a lot of accolades for a wonderfully written book and mystery I must be missing something, because by the time I got to page 127, I felt that everything could ve been said in about 15 pages I found it extremely slow going and was disappointed in the characters It felt like time was spent telling the life story of the dead characters then the ones living There were so many [...]

    11. Pigeon fancier Ruben Nilsson finds the strange bird of the title and takes it into his dovecote, unleashing a pandemic that threatens inhabitants of the Swedish island province of Gotland.As the ailing Ruben is spreading the mysterious disease to his friends and neighbors, police discover the body of a murdered man on an abandoned farm The victim is a foreigner with no identity papers An empty birdcage in the victim s car is the first clue to the source of the killing flu.Detective Inspector Mar [...]

    12. Unfortunately, I found this one kind of boring It s about an outbreak of bird flu on the island of Gotland An old dude with racing pigeons finds a strange bird with his flock Next thing we know, everyone s yelling about the lack of vaccines and Tamiflu and the medical system in Sweden If you enjoyed the movie Contagion, you might like this book, too I thought Contagion was kinda boring as well, and I m not sure why Give me a book about the Black Plague, and I m happy as a clam.Maybe it s the flu [...]

    13. I am disappointed with this novel Set in Gotland, the story itself is a little unbelievable In fact, the whole book is a mishmash of threads of stories that are difficult to follow A lack of good editing Perhaps My experience with every chapter was like I was dumped into the middle of something and the threads were consistently unattached No transitions Ever The connections between characters got lost in a swamp of names The presence of corporate corruption, while easy to believe in itself, seem [...]

    14. For me, Strange Bird by the Swedish author, Anna Jansson, is about the unfolding of a pandemic than a mystery, although it is this too Jansson is very good at creating the dotse pigeon that is taken into the dovecote, the neighbor camp cook who finds the dead pigeon owner, the infected child at the soccer campd creating the characters and stories to connect them She is also good at identifying the failings of government and medical facilities when dealing with the outbreak of bird flu and the s [...]

    15. Strange Bird by Anna Jansson Another Nordic mystery that I thoroughly enjoyed This one takes place on Gotland Island, small and country rural Bird flu was the disease and it came by way of an infected bird Then the sicknesses and the deaths really started to happen and people just went wild One s demands and priorities are a bit different when survival of you and your family is the immediate issue It s well written and well translated and held my attention, a part of the Detective Maria Wren ser [...]

    16. Anna Jansson has written multiple mysteries and children s books but only two of the mysteries have been translated from Swedish into English This first, Strange Bird, deals with a case of bird flu and the victims, nurses, doctors, police, and assorted families affected on the island of Gotland The opening is compelling and there is an echo of it in the conclusion Things bogged down a bit for me in the middle, perhaps because if too many characters to keep track of, or too much medical informati [...]

    17. I don t think the clunkiness of the novel can solely be blamed on the translator This is trying to be a medical thriller starring a police detective, but the medical mystery is pretty ridiculous and the detective doesn t do any police work during the course of the novel The reveal of the villain is completely laughable The pacing is terrible there are long stretches of internal monologue with various characters, which don t really reveal anything interesting about their personality This is the f [...]

    18. Very good mystery, set in an interesting locale, from my POV, that is I m American from New England this story is set in Gotland, an island in Sweden The characters are diverse and interesting, easy to tell apart, with few stock characters to be seen The story had me engrossed and intrigued from the very start and the ending didn t see it coming Enjoyed the book very much and was interested to see a TV series has been made from this series, which I will definitely have to look for.

    19. This series is fast becoming one of my faves Jansson s writing is strong I like the characters and this was a very well written mystery I read a later book in the series first, so coming to it out of order was a little weird, but this is suspenseful and scary.One thing I m a bit squeamish about birds, especially dead birds And this book is full of dead birds So that part was kind of gross, though the image is creepy and their use is very creative.If you like mysteries, Nordic or not, this is wor [...]

    20. A very quick read I read it today I was quite intrigued at first with a pandemic but then I started losing interest with the romance Once Maria and Jonathan started their flirtation, the flow of the novel was broken and the story got flatter If my child was in that situation, my loins would take quite a back seat The ending was a bit predictable, however it was an enjoyable read I would try another book by this author.

    21. A pigeon lands on Gotland Island carrying a strange virus that kills one resident and spreads quickly, causing a widespread panic Also, Detective Inspector Wern investigates must investigate a murder while her son is being quarantined.With these two plots, the story is an interesting one and the characters are well developed and the story flows Personally, I don t know if I have a problem with translations but found this book to be okay, just not riveting.

    22. It should get 4 stars for the original premise underlying the events, and should get 2 stars for the disorganized to my mind presentation As another reviewer has noted, there is just a mish mash of many threads, no transitions So, on average I ll grant it 3 stars She also misses the opportunity to develop the character, history and landscape of Gotland, the island where the events occur.

    23. This one didn t work for me Its an odd mix of mystery and also a Contagion like outbreak I wasn t interested in the bird flu stuff, I couldn t follow all the characters, and the abrupt relationships and emotions of the characters seemed to come from nowhere I ve liked some of Jansson s other books, but I wouldn t recommend this one.

    24. I gave this two stars because there is a good mystery in here somewhere It s just obscured by all the bird flu talk, multiple voices and disjointed plotlines I didn t actually finish it even though I had just a chapter or two left I realized I just didn t care about any of the characters They could have all died from bird flu and no one would have noticed.

    25. Anna Jansson did a good job of building up her characters and how they fit into her story It worked out to the smallest detail which was intriguing, you kept going back in the story to see the different details pan out Only sorry for Maria Wern in that she got nothing.

    26. This is an incredibly uneven crime novel In many ways it is social commentary than mystery, and the two are not terribly well integrated or even well differentiated Though the storyline here is creative, it isn t all that engaging, especially since it is easy to predict from very early on how it will all play out in the end, that is whodunit and why.

    27. Publishes in US in September 2013 A Maria Wern crime novel I ve seen all the Wern films on MHz and just loved them Looking forward to finally reading one of the books This story is full of tension, although it unfolds slowly Jansson just keeps tightening the bolt and you just keep waiting for disaster to strike

    28. N h, t m ei ollut paras Janssonin kirjoista ja ajallisestikin kirja tekee oudon hypyn, vaikka olen lukenut n m ihan oikeassa j rjestyksess Marian ja Kristerin avioero ohitetaan muutamalla lauseella ja se siit Juoni ei my sk n ollut kovin kiinnostava ja koko kirja oli kirjoitettu jotenkin k k mmin kuin ennen Toivottavasti seuraavat osat ovat parempia.

    29. The mystery in this book was secondary to the bird flu scare pandemic I m still not sure why so much time was spent on a relatively minor weird character I found it interesting will read her other book that has been translated into English.

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