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The Book of Merlyn #2020

The Book of Merlyn Once upon a time there was a mighty king who inspired a country and its people with his chivalrous deeds From the kingdom of Camelot he forged a civilized nation dedicated to peace and justice enfo

  • Title: The Book of Merlyn
  • Author: T.H. White
  • ISBN: 9780441070152
  • Page: 143
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • The Book of Merlyn By T.H. White, Once upon a time, there was a mighty king who inspired a country and its people with his chivalrous deeds From the kingdom of Camelot, he forged a civilized nation dedicated to peace and justice, enforced by the honorable knights of the Round Table But her could not quell the darkness within man s heart nor his own and deceit and treachery among those he trusted most lOnce upon a time, there was a mighty king who inspired a country and its people with his chivalrous deeds From the kingdom of Camelot, he forged a civilized nation dedicated to peace and justice, enforced by the honorable knights of the Round Table But her could not quell the darkness within man s heart nor his own and deceit and treachery among those he trusted most led to his undoing.Now, a despondent shadow of his former self, ruling a land on the precipice of ruin, King Arthur awaits his fate on the battlefield against his illegitimate son Mordred And in the king s most desperate hour, Merlyn has returned to guide Arthur once , in reclaiming the courage and valor that once made a boy a king and that will now make a king a man.
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    1 thought on “The Book of Merlyn

    1. What s the point The Book of Merlyn, published posthumously, was T.H White s True ending to the otherwise beautiful Once and Future King Having finished Once and Future King just a few days earlier, I was touched by the elegaic, bittersweet note upon which it ended Once and Future King may be the finest fantasy novel ever written, and its final page is consequently one of the loveliest parting sentiments given to its eponymous hero.The Book of Merlyn takes place during the night prior to Arthur [...]

    2. This is a longer version of the last book in the collected The Once and Future King and also includes some material the ant and goose segments that was incorporated into The Sword in the Stone before this was published If you ve read both of those already what this adds is mostly, erm, depression Sorry, Wart Uneasy lies the head that wears a crown and all that.

    3. I must admit some bias associated with this unfortunately short novel Although it is a little weak when trying to read it independently of The Once Future King, when you read it immediately after that greater work it is pure brilliance.White s narrative tone draws you into a deceptive bedtime story world that swiftly moves with old young Arthur through metamorphic juxtapositions than a week s worth of Wild Kingdom, as the fabled sorcerer returns on the night before Arthur s fateful confrontatio [...]

    4. The Book of Merlyn is a bit odd to read, particularly in the omnibus edition, because T.H White cannibalised it for the version of the novels which were published together if I m remembering the publishing history right, anyway It s also not really much of a story just an old Arthur reunited with Merlyn and the animals of his education, trying to puzzle out where things went wrong It s all very political, with references to socialism, communism, capitalism, Karl Marx, anarchism, etc, and trying [...]

    5. I m not going to say a lot about this book because this book was somewhat unnecessary, in my opinion The 4th book was the perfect ending This book seems to rehash many things from the earlier books as well as mentioning how Guinevere went on to live and die in a covent Lancelot lived as a hermit His last miracle to the world releasing a scent of Heaven upon his death Mostly, though this book seemed to be a philosophical look at the recurring theme that might isn t always right as once believed b [...]

    6. Even the Greek definition anthropos, He Who Looks Up, is inaccurate Man seldom looks up above his own height after adolescence Page 53 He knew suddenly that nobody, living upon the remotest, most barren crag in the ocean, could complain of a dull landscape so long as he would lift his eyes In the sky there was a new landscape every minute, in every pool of the sea rocks, a new world He wanted time off, to live Page 99 There is nothing so wonderful as to be out on a spring night in the country bu [...]

    7. The titular end of The Once and Future King This book was refused publication originally Paper rationing during WWII and the anti war tone were probably equally responsible for its refusal It sat, unmolested in T.H White s papers at UT Austin Why Texas ended up getting T.H White s papers is a mystery to me Anyway, it was discovered in the late 70s and published excitedly by University of Texas Press While I loved The Once and Future King, and rather enjoyed The Book of Merlyn, the book is of an [...]

    8. I m not sure I agree with all the conclusions the author seems to come to, but this is a fabulous book T.H White was brilliant and self aware, I think, if troubled His arguments, if they are in fact his personal arguments, make sense if you keep in mind this was written in the midst of WWII.The book is heavy on animal parables, like the first in this series, The Sword in the Stone Although The Book of Merlyn was not published in the author s lifetime, the stories of the ants and the geese made t [...]

    9. The Book of Merlyn is a bit of a disappointment in some ways Parts of it, for a start, were cannibalised for The Sword in the Stone, in the collected edition, and so they ve lost their freshness and originality when read again here For another thing, the whole book is basically a philosophical treatise on the possibilities of the prevention of war It goes on and on in a rather didactic fashion, and one could skip whole chunks of Merlyn s dialogue in particular without losing out on story.Still, [...]

    10. I have four chapters left of this book and it is terrible I don t understand a darn thing about it No plot at all, Arthur is a communist ant and then a peaceful goose I m only a kid though and havent read once and future king Thats why its so confusing probably Advice to British Literature students dont choose this book for a project, BIG mistake Finished It and it was terrible just like I found out four chapters before the end

    11. The cheek of the human race, Merlyn exclaimed, is something to knock you footless Begin with the unthinkable universe narrow down to the minute sun inside it pass to the satellite of the sun which we are pleased to call the Earth glance at the myriad algae, or whatever the things are called, of the sea, and at the uncountable microbes, going backwards to a minus infinity, which populate ourselves Drop an eye on those quarter million other species I have mentioned, and upon the unmentionable expa [...]

    12. Es un libro peque o en el que se muestra como es la raza humana desde el punto de vista de los animales.Not que a varias personas les pareci aburrido o piensan que no tiene tanto sentido No soy muy afecta a los temas pol ticos pero me agrad est perspectiva, si fuera m s extenso el libro probablemente me resultar a cansado leerlo, en mi caso no fue as.Me pareci conciso y me hizo reflexionar sobre c mo es el hombre como especie, las motivaciones que tenemos y que hacen que la historia se repita, l [...]

    13. Simple but beautiful book I came to this after reading Kazuo Ishiguro s The Buried Giant, which takes up Merlyn s question, How do you end war Ishiguro made me want to go back to the source one of them, anyway White offers no answers, but who does

    14. The Book of Merlyn is White s initially unpublished conclusion to his masterpiece The Once and Future King In this book, Merlyn takes the aged King, on the eve of his battle with Mordred, to the Badger s cave, where Nimu left the negromancer The animals, with Merlyn as their spokesman, present to the King an argument proposing that Homo sapiens be renamed Homo ferox It is, no doubt, White s obvious venting of spleen against violence that kept this book from initial publication and continues to e [...]

    15. Every five years or so, I find a book I think is so important, I buy a second copy One to mark up or to loan or both and one just for the joy of owning Yes, I said it, some books are here just for the joy of owning them, of having them around and this is one of those books When I do find these important books that I need two copies of, they are not often fiction I love this one not for the style of writing which is often rough and some passages are taken verbatim from The Once and Future King I [...]

    16. This is a wandering philosophical addendum than a book It is White adding an exclamation point and a flourish to his work, making clear just how much of a mess he thinks modern man at mid 20th century has made of the world I don t blame him for his outlook at that juncture, but his way of communicating it is not compelling There is very little action that makes the reader want to join the narrator on these little asidesCOND READING To my critical self, as quoted above, the other four volumes a [...]

    17. I hate to do this normally I love T H White But Merlyn was merely an excuse to rant about war and politics and the over all nastiness of humanity No action whatsoever, only rant, rant, rant I did like the idea that geese are anarchists but the rest was tiresome.

    18. An odd little sequel to The Once and Future King Written in the run up to WWII, this is extremely political much so than TOAFK, which was pretty political to begin with.

    19. The Book of Merlyn is overall, a good ending to the pentalogy of The Once and Future King This is despite the fact that 90% of the book is a discussion about war and politics, which forces White to limit the progression of the Arthurian Legend Despite this, the book is still interesting It has parallels with the works of other English authors, namely Lewis Carroll and George Orwell It also uses two interesting themes present in movies to close out the book the Final Goodbye and the Hero s Return [...]

    20. Sylvia Townsend Warner, in her preface The Story of the Book, does an excellent job of putting into context both this final volume of THE ONCE FUTURE KING and the entire Arthur legend, as interpreted by T.H White She quotes extensively from his notes and his letters In December of 1940, as WWII rages, White writes to his former Cambridge tutor I am going to add a new 5th volume, in which Arthur rejoins Merlyn underground it turns out to be the badger s sett of Vol I and the animals come back aga [...]

    21. Too easily overlooked and very underrated, T.H White s The Book of Merlyn is the keystone and fitting conclusion to the Once and Future King collection Published posthumously, The Book of Merlyn serves as the resounding epilogue to first four books the Round Table is no , the kingdom is well nigh collapsed, and the once innocent and naive young Wart is now an aged, broken, decrepid King Arthur, waiting alone in his tent, fully expecting to die in the next morning s battle To this defeated figure [...]

    22. Intended as the final part of The Once and Future King, this tale of King Arthur and his wizardly tutor wasn t published until 1977, after White s death Arthur, now old and faced with Mordred s rebellion, is taken by Merlyn to pay a visit to a council of animals These include Archimedes the owl and the philosophical badger who played a role in Arthur s education I ve always liked White s version of Merlyn, a brilliant old man who is somewhat absent minded due to his living backwards in time On t [...]

    23. I originally picked up a paperback edition of this addition to T.H White s The Once and Future King while in Oslo, Norway during the summer after seminary graduation I read it, leaving the copy behind for Mother, then found a used hardcover edition when back in Chicago and read it for a second time.The text of The Book of Merlyn, while set at the occasion of Arthur s dying, is substantially an expansion of the training he previously received from the sorcerer in the art of kingship Indeed, Merly [...]

    24. For me, this was a disappointing follow up to The Once and Future King Most of the book is a conversation between King Arthur, Merlyn, and a council of animals regarding the pros and cons of various types of government and the nature of man and beast Although it is considered the fifth and final part of the story, it is not at all like the first four parts For a good portion of the book I felt like White was using the authoritative aura of Merlyn to advance his own ideas on government, and that [...]

    25. Mordred and Arthur are about to go to war Merlyn brings Arthur back to his cave to meet with his animal friends and they hold council There is a great deal of philosophy and politics and Arthur needs to get used to the idea of possibly dying This was a great ending to the series My one complaint I could have done without Arthur s pity party about women, given the lack of freedom, of a child and of an occupation that Guinevere needs to live with He was even warned in previous books about the affa [...]

    26. Comienza donde termina Camelot The Once and Future King Mayormente este libro es una ltima reuni n de Arturo con Merlin junto con otros animales, algunos ya conocidos, en donde discuten b sicamente en si fue correcta la forma en que Merlin ense sobre la vida a Arturo cuando ste era Verruga El comentario del editor creo que ayuda bastante cuando leemos los di logos de Merlin, ya que yo, por lo menos, quer a juzgarlo constantemente quien tiene una postura en contra de la raza humana, porque nos cu [...]

    27. A wonderful book I just love Merlyn I enjoyed this than I enjoyed the first four books of the Once and Future King I overall enjoyed the Once and Future King but I felt the stories were drawn out With the book of Merlyn you get to see the nature of King Arthur and see who he has become Much of this is lacking in the Once and Future King The book of Merlyn is a great quick read full of fantasy, values, and insight on the affects of the decisions people make A book to be enjoyed by all

    28. White had wanted this book to be published as part of Once and Future King OTFK , to bring the quintet full circle his editor refused As a result he stole some parts for OTFK, especially the ant and goose segments, while also leaving them in Book of Merlyn This makes Book repetitive, overly pedantic, and plodding from my point of view , as Merlyn continues to explore the Human Problem, war, and species specialization, in much of the same way that he may have taught His last chapter, though, was [...]

    29. This book is terrible It was a manuscript left by the author after he died and they never should have released it It is a manifesto about the authors feelings about war and only vaguely disguised as a book about Arthur The author did some of that in the previous books but it was part of the story I knew about the self righteousness before I started the book but I enjoyed the previous books so much I thought I would finish the series I wish I had saved my time.

    30. The author, T.H White, titles this book The Once and Future King because he is one of those who believe that the story of King Arthur is filled with esoteric meaning and that Arthur will one day return Many Celtics and other mystery religions believe this or similar events I found the author s interpretation of the story of the Holy Grail to be intriguing This is not a fast read, being from an older generation, but it is an experience.

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